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Thanks...I start training on Monday. :) NM

Posted By: Chickadee on 2006-02-08
In Reply to: You will love TransHealth. I have been there about 9 months. - THer


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I start w/ Keystrokes Monday after
7 1/2 years with MQ, and am way excited to have ONE account, to be no longer drowning in the cesspool!!  Anyone thinking about MQ, better keep thinking.  Better yet, start RUNNING the other way, fast.  
I am glad to see this post as I start with them Monday!
Maybe they didn't call her/him for a reason. They called me on Monday and I start tomorrow! sm
I know a lot of people who work there and love it, and that says more than the Q. I gave notice to my PS at MQ 3 weeks ago to start at another company but they did not get back to me after repeated calls. KS sent an email, called me and I start in the morning. They already set up my computer today. I am glad I made the move.

With the attitude of the OP, they probably tossed her resume into a compost heap!
Thank you, start training this
Friday and am looking forward to a productive relationship.
I start training on Radnet tomorrow
and after looking at the instructions I am a little concerned about the platform. Is it as hard as it looks? Any info in regards to the learning curve would be greatly appreciated.
Any other new Webmedx hires? I start training (sm)

in about a week.  Am really excited and nervous. I realize no company is perfect, but this one seems to  have so many of the things I am looking for. 

I start training with Webmedx next week...sm
Like you, I know there is no perfect company, but they do seem pretty darned close.
I am glad to hear that, I start training with them tomorrow.
Will start training next week... any input on what to expect?
It's Monday. Everyone plays catch up on Monday. Give 'em
Ever thought of a home health care aide? Usually paid training and start work right away. Can work
Their training schedule kind of got backed up and so far the only training..(sm)
I've had is one short Bayscribe session. But I extended my 2 week notice at Medquist and I have until July 17 now to get some training in at MDI and do some reports to get familiar with the platforms. I'm looking forward to it! 
I can't say enough about their training team. Excellent training!
The people at Medware are all just great. I wish I would have joined the Medware family sooner! They are very flexible and caring!
do you mean company training or med transcription itself training?
TransHealth has some that start the next month after you start work. nm
what training? no training for me, first day they Tried to give me 2 ESL....
they did not come up first. An hour of training is not really training.
Every other Monday.
Believe it or not, Monday it will be there!
That's okay! LOL it *is* Monday!
Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I didn't have a choice in quitting my other job, work was just gone, so that's just added to the stress. I considered looking for another PT position to tide me over, but then Murphy's Law might dictate I had waaay too much to do and/or get confused with two sets of rules and platforms. I might have to, though, if I can't get work soon.

I startnew job Monday.
Today, I still do not have any work. My CSC center said sent a bulk email for MTs out of work to call the office and other centers will have work. WELL!!! that is enough for me and I have accepted my new job and start Monday.
Well, I am an Ex-Transcender as of Monday. sm

I was disillusioned as you.  I am an acute care MT with 20+ years of experience and it just was not for me.   Although, I have to tell you that the production management team were awesome to work with up front; however, I didn't like the behind the scenes action like changing my worktypes without telling me, as well as consistently running out of acute care work.  

For example, if you  work primarily on er reports and the discharge summaries are behind, they will just take the er dictations out of your queue and you will discharge summaries for a week straight, and they don't even bother to tell you, hey the ds are backed up and we put some in your queue.   There is nothing wrong with keeping the account in TAT, but give us, the MTs, the respect of telling us. 

Also, the ES accounts are a total rip-off.  Taking 20 and 30% off the line count is a totally stealing from us MTs.  Personally, I had a huge problem with it once I saw that it amounted to $500 out of one paycheck.   That really sucked bigtime!

Let me ask you - if you are an acute care MT and was given boring clinic work or doctor letters to do all day every day, would you be happy when you were hired for "basic 4 acute care work".

These are just a few major reasons why I am gone.

Good luck to those who have stayed and I hope you are happy.  To each his/her own!

If you started on Monday you are probably still on
full QA and that would explain the reason for low workload.  I have been with them for 7 years so I can attest to their integrity and consistency.  However, please feel free to e-mail and let me know what account you are working, as I know one account asks you to assign how many minutes you want per day and the other is an open pool, as I would prefer not to discuss specific accounts in an open forum.
My my new days is now Monday, so
I was off yesterday. It's not a bad day to have off since work is so often low on Mondays. And now my start time isn't until 11:00 on Tuesday, so hopefully it will have built up now that it's time to work.

Wow - that was weird. Let me know if you can read this note. I kept typing all the words right the first time, as if I had a stroke or something! Hope not!
Webmedx does, every other Monday, DD. sm
Never late, always accurate.
Sorry, DUH, I get it now, sorry to be so slow, it's Monday! Nm
I get mine on Monday. (nm)
I got mine Monday by Fed-Ex-nm
Interview Monday sm

Would be interested in hearing what their expectations, platform, etc. are if you would be willing to share.  My biggest question, obviously, is pay as I do not want to take a cut in this..but that is something I will find out Monday.  Just curious about general info on the company.   When did you interview?  The recruiter said my e-mails were bouncing back to him undeliverable so maybe it is on their end??


Not yet but hopefully soon. Wonder if anyone we will hear anything before Monday when the new HR
person starts. 
Sunday and Monday

I'm not on the schedule with any of them on Sunday, Monday I only work for one of them. I took the third job because it's a specialty I like and want to do more of. I'm trying to decide which direction to go in  - certainly don't want to work this much indefinitely.

Sorry, Monday morning
I could not find any posts on this company.
March 17, then every other Monday after that
I would say Monday should be the telling SM
day.  If there is no pay and no indication of when you'll be paid, I'd get out of there FAST and also post the name of the company.  They've had plenty of time to correct their supposed **error*** cough...with the payroll company.
no work for a Monday--- never
happens where I work! I was wanting to have Sundays and Mondays off, but we have a lot of work leftover from the weekend!
I wish that people who get into this profession would understand that hospitals operate 24/7/365. My daughter is a registered nurse and does not demand a m-F schedule and YES she does have children. You got into this profession because of having kids at home and wanting to be a stay at home mommy. Well, 30 years of experience under my belt and most of the companies that I have spoken with allow me to work the hours that I want to work because of the fact that in general, I put in 12 hour days and even work weekends and dont take a day off unless I need to, due to illness or whatever and also, due to the fact that if I do have an emergency, I let someone know in advance and just not refuse to work
I have an interview Monday, 700/day sm

I'm not really thrilled about having to work a weekend day, but I need to supplement my FT job.

Payday is Monday and that is when I sm
anticipate being paid. My check is always there on Monday, never sooner. You are lucky your bank floats it sooner. Most banks don't.
Monday was very slow because of it
being the end of the pay period. Yesterday and today only out of work about 15 minutes.
You may want to call and ask them directly on Monday...
but I believe it depends on the way you were hired. If you are an hourly employee, your PTO would be paid at that rate. If you are production based, your PTO rate is paid at your average production over a period of three months. You must maintain a minimum line count though. Rochelle would know better.
I got mine today (Monday). nm
Yes, tomorrow is payday at TT, every other Monday. nm
....and I have a phone interview Monday!
That was fast!!!
Thanks! They are calling me to talk to me on Monday! SM
I'm very excited! I'm looking to move from Keystrokes to MDI, or at least drop down to part-time at Keystrokes and be full-time with MDI since they seem so great, and the recruiter was very, very nice! What type of platform do they use? Do you have to submit a time sheet at the end of the pay period?
The intranet will be down until Monday morning. sm
The upgrade pulled the system down but it will be back up by Monday morning.
Could it possibly have anything to do with being a HOLIDAY on Monday? nm
Monday-Friday, First Shift?
Does anyone know of companies that have accounts with Monday to Friday, first shift positions? Personal obligations do not allow me to work weekends or evenings and so many companies want this. If I could do it I would, but it is not possible, and they all seem to want weekends and second or third shifts. I really need to find something. Any help greatly appreciated.
And the first thing Monday morning sm
the coffers are empty and you spend considerable time flexing your hours.
I am hoping for Friday but it could be Monday. sm
The pay period just ended yesterday. With over 400 employees it might be difficult to get it all done by Friday but I sure am crossing my fingers!
I did. I would contact them. I started my new account Monday. sm
I have talked to several others that have either gotten a schedule change or a new account or different hours, so I would make sure that they received your email.
Pay due Monday, I get by direct deposit on Friday. sm
Partly company, where most get on Saturday via direct deposit.  I just happen to have a very friendly bank who posts the minute the get it and 1 a.m. on Friday.  So sorry.  We all need to get our pay on time.