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Thanks for the replies! I did forget to mention also...sm

Posted By: Desperate on 2009-02-10
In Reply to: I would ask, you deserve it. sm - MTmom

We get no other production incentives, differentials, or bonuses whatsoever. So since what you type is what you basically get, .08 just didn't seem high enough for that monster of an account!

Thanks again!

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Wow. I'll forget them, then. Thanks all for replies!

A rule I have learned to follow is to never apply to places that constantly have an ad in the paper to hire!  I had never seen such a big ad for transcriptionists before, though. Oh well, I guess I'll just wait out MQ and see what happens. 

My friend's goats are always getting their heads stuck in the fence trying to get to the greener grass.  My luck would probably be the same, lol.


Don't forget the other 42% they don't mention! nm
Don't forget to mention that Archaic system
Rude QA and management, as well as the QA scoring system that controls how much you make!!!!
Forget it
This is not a good situation. Line counts should be verifiable at any given time.
Here's what I always forget to ask...(sm)
I almost always forget to ask if they pay for spaces and ADT info. Luckily, I've never run into a company that didn't. Also, ask about scheduling and hours. You'd be surprised how many companies still try to treat ICs like employees, demanding set schedules even though that's not legal. I always try to remember to ask about holidays - so far everywhere I've worked it's been the policy that if it falls on your regular day, you work it at regular pay. Most companies I've know DO require you to say which days you'll be working, and I do that because I know they have to make sure they have coverage, but I draw the line at telling them WHEN I'll work on those days. Ask if you can work as much as you want or if they have a maximum. One place I worked wanted everyone to do 1500 lines a day, no more and no less. That was weird, but I guess it worked for them. Find out any hidden fees like software licensing, foot pedal if you don't have the right one, etc. Good luck to you! I was an employee for years but now, after finding a good match for me as an IC, I wouldn't do it any other way.
don't forget
the trips to india and the generation of 2.45 million pieces of email
And don't forget
One of the MTs on here posted not too long ago about being given a backup account but, even with the limit of 5 reports per day while on QA, there wasn't sufficient work for her to TRAIN on that account, much less TRANSCRIBE on it.

To the poster who inquired if things had picked up after the 32 MTs supposedly went to their respective accounts, the answer is NO. Nothing changed, still little to no work on many accounts.

Very, very frustrating all the way around, and creating a financial nightmare for many of us.

I suspect it is time to part ways with MDI. If they cannot respect me and their other dedicated MTs enough to let us know what is going on, then I'm afraid I cannot give the respect I normally give all of my employers.

As light as the work is apparently throughout many accounts, I doubt they'll even notice if I disappear.

What a disheartening way to end a previously-enjoyable relationship.

I wish those of you who can afford to try to stick this out well.

For those of you who cannot afford to sit back and wait for things to improve, I guess we'll all jump ship together.
Do you forget?
I still have a dog in this hunt.  Maybe you should go and stew some more tomatoes or at least stir them. 
Thanks both of you for your replies!

Thanks for your replies....
Thanks guys, I've always kept at it and then kept at it some more.  I maintain my 98% to 100% accuracy, and I do increase my line count weekly, its only by a 100 to 200 lines a week tho and still not doing the line count they want.  But, I'll keep at it some more and take your suggestions to heart.  I do love being an MT, I don't care what anyone says.  When you live in a small town and have to drive an hour to get decent pay, until you subtract gas, clothing and lunches, I'd much rather be here in my office, working at it on a day to day basis and not have to deal with office politics.  I'll figure it out somehow.  
Thanks for your replies. nm
Thanks for the replies! nm
Thanks for your replies -

 I am leaning toward Webmedx.  They offer fantastic benefits.  It's true, the starting pay for ERs is not great, but with the incentive plan and evening/weekend differential - yeah, not bad.  They offer a 12-hour window for getting work done (on some accounts). 

 Now, the question is, are the ESLs okay, bad, simply terrible, or just flat out unbelievable?!!!! 

Thanks for the replies! nm
Thanks for the replies!! nm
Thank you for your replies.
I am going to have a phone interview later today with the recruiter, so I'll see what she has to say.

If I decide to go with Spheris, I am probably going to stay on at my current company at least for a little while to make sure Spheris is a good fit. At least that way, I'm not out of luck if it doesn't work out.

Thank you again. You have given me a lot to think about.
Thanks for the replies
I had already heard some good things but just wanted to check out some other sources as well.  Thanks again!
Thank you for your replies everyone.

I'm trying not to beat myself up too much about the test/score.  I guess what they meant by timed test is that you have 24 hours to reply to the email and/or take the test and send it back to the company.  But even still, I took as much time as I needed and used all of my reference materials to make double sure my answers were right.  There was only one question that I could not find an answer to and therefore I guessed at the answer but even still that shouldn't have given me the score of 88.  But, needless to say, that is water under the bridge and I'm moving down the river to stop at the next sand bar. 


As a matter of fact I have another email in my box from another company wanting to talk to me but need to do a little research on them first.  Zylomed - any info?


I try not to rely solely on Radiology, however, it is my absolute favorite.  I absolutely, postively cannot stand to do OP notes so I try to stay away from hospital accounts. 


Again thank you all for your replies and support, it really helps when you are beating yourself up to have someone else to try to pat you on the back and give a boost of self esteem. 

I'd look at it this way, if there are not a lot of replies
have changed their name, or no one really has anything bad to say.  Why try to pick someone's brain who just posts a one-liner.  Maybe the poster does not want to go into it on this board and write a book.
Thanks for all your replies.I appreciate it. (sm)
I'm not only new to TT, I'm new to working for a national. Don't know all the ins and outs of the system procedures, etc. I was an IC for longer than I care to comment on, and my eyes seem to give out (watering, itching, burning) after a certain amount of hours on the PC.
thanks for replies, but.....sm
I guess the key word here is training.  They all want experienced eScription editors and I have never had the opportunity to learn it.  Do you know if these companies specifically train on eScription?  TIA
Thanks so much, everyone, for your replies ... n/m
Thanks for replies......
So stressed out over it. Hopefully it will pick up. I really wonder what's happening here.
Thanks Everyone for Your Replies
Thanks MslaMT and others who replied about the line count difference. I surely appreciate the feedback, and am glad to have this little eScription community on this board to have discussions with. Happy Holidays to all-!!
Thanks for your replies.
I had seen those in the archives. I decided to keep looking and not apply.
Thank you, everyone, for your replies.
Every time I get excited about maybe finding a good job, I come on here and see how terrible the company is. Thank goodness for this board to find those things out, but I'm really starting to get frustrated - are there no more good and honest places to work for any more?
Thanks for the replies (sm)
I do have insurance coverage now, but there are several issues at my employer and I am desperate to go somewhere else. My husband is currently laid off, so I cannot afford to pay COBRA for 3 months while I am waiting for benefits to kick in at another employer. My son has a chronic medical condition, so private insurance is not an option (automatically declined everywhere we've tried). I'm praying that an opportunity will open up that will allow me to switch employers and get good insurance coverage. I hate being trapped where I am because of the insurance issue.
Thanks so much for the replies! sm
To those of you kind enough to take time out to respond, I want to thank you for alleviating some of the anxiety I had. I've been in this field over 15 years, but change can be scary, even if it is for the better.

Thanks again. You all are awesome!
Thanks for the replies
I have heard this is not a great platform. I am used to working in ChartScript. I go in on a VPN and citrix to the hospital server. I type in my own word and cut and paste.  Can you do that with Meditech?  Thanks again for replying. 
Thank you both for your replies! (nm)

Thanks for the replies

I too really like my Vista and I do hope they upgrade to Vista.  I am just about to learn ExText so I don't know much about it.  I have been working in ChartScript and love it.  I am hoping this platform is as easy.  I use my laptop to work when I am away from home and it is frustrating when these companies don't take the time to update platforms to Vista.  You have to special order computers with XP on them now.  Thanks again.

Thank you for the replies
I'm full time so I have enough hours to qualify and from all the documentation I have I thought I was right but HR still won't budge. Now I have to decide if it's worth jeopardizing my job to fight for this or just leave it be.
Wow. Thanks for the replies! (sm)
Actually, I hadn't even noticed there was a Medquist board until you told me, and after reading the replies here and at the MQ board, I have decided to stay away from MQ. Thanks to all who replied, and I do take anything said on the board with a grain of salt, but you only need so many grains to know it's just not worth the hassle. I already run out of work a lot where I am now, but at least I have complete flexibility, there's not much VR (yet), and the people are really nice. Thanks for the input!
forget Transcend
They run out of work constantly. I ran out of work on my first day of training.
do not forget the clients -
They also deserve to be billed correctly. Sad, sad, sad.
Don't forget a pulse!
MQ also requires that, just so they have a warm body pumpin' out those reports for "instant TAT"....
Forget it - i see now - w/o having a set schedule!!! (nm)
Was there 2 years and asked, did not receive!!!  Worked LOTS of HOURS and holidays and weekends for them (still kicking myself).  I am glad Focus is working out for you.  You would have to be in the minority though.  Communication is TERRIBLE.  If you are F/T and a real producer, you are constantly emailed, IM'd and even called while you are out shopping after a long day to Please log back in even as an IC!!!  Their cpl is not good at all but couple that with the way they count their lines (very questionable), you cannot survive on their cpl pay. 
I agree with you, but don't forget (sm)
Back in the when you and I learned transcription at a teaching hospital, we had something right there in the room with us to say to, Could you listen to this for me?  That is a HUGE plus.  When they tell you what it is, and you can go back and LISTEN AGAIN, that has a lot to do, I think, with how we learned.  Just getting back a gazillion blanks from QA, just isn't as good a learning tool as listening again. Of course, that's just really not done anymore, so......Guess they will just have to find their own way to learn.  The thing is, a lot of people (and not just in this profession, but in all professions) nowadays do not want to take the time to learn anything hard or learn it correctly.  They just want to get through it and collect their paychecks.  Sad.
Forget management
It is not worth the hassle. There are good companies out there who pay fairly.
Tell them okay, hang up and forget it. Let them
Forget about what the ad means JUST RUN AWAY! nm
Forget MQ, try TransTech
Forget MQ try Axolotl!!
You will not believe the difference!!!
Answered above. Just forget it.
forget the ones I work with...
Most of the hospital radiologists I type for are pretty good overall. Then you have the ones that NO MATTER WHAT, they are GOD and they will dictate the way they want to. Some will take it into consideration and, maybe the first few days are better. Then right into their old habits again. Therefore, blank here, blank there, long blank down here.
Forget Chronicle and I don't
even know why they would be hiring.  There is never any work anymore.
Don't forget to turn them in to the IRS! nm
don't forget the extras
I get 10 cents per 65 VBC line for MT with shift and weekend differentials, $17 for QA, plus 9 paid holidays, 15 days vacation per year, and 5 paid sick days per year. This is as an employee, full time. Also get company paid life and dental for myself.
Don't forget the cherrypicking
that is rampant and never addressed. We might as well ALL throw jobs back that we don't want to do because they kill our line count. Here's a news flash, especially for P.S., who is one of the biggest cherry pickers there is, anybody can see what you're doing when they click history. This is also being documented and there are reports printed every so often that shows every person who cancelled a job. You people sicken me. Do you think you are more special than the rest of us and can just throw back the junk for us to do? Well enjoy it while it lasts. If it were up to me, your days would be filled with assigned jobs by everybody you throw back. Once there is enough documentation, you will get yours.