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Thanks to all of you who see my side!

Posted By: sm on 2005-07-17
In Reply to: I am a Transcender - Michelle

Thought I might be fighting this battle on my own. I'm glad to see that there are people who feel that posters should be responsible for proving negative accusations. Thanks!

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    MDI side
    I agree...and I even like AIM also. There are much worse places to work, BTDT!!
    yes..you are on his side, because besides--sm
    not sending the money he owes his MT in the first place, he is taking more of it away from what she earned by charging her to send money he refused to send in the first place. It comes down to *fault*, not capitalizm. He was the one that was wrong. she did not ASK him to overnight the check, so why should she pay for it? If he had paid on time, there would be no issue. Greed is not the way to do business...and you wanting to add a surcharge on top of a $25 overnight fee, puts you in that category, as well. JMO
    I'm sure I'm ont he other side
    I've always been paid every other Friday the whole year that I have been there, so that must be why I, along with a ton of other people, never got that message. I also never got the e-mail about the insurance benefits, but I don't get them, so it doesn't matter to me at all.javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');
    The other side of it . . .
    what's the harm in stating their preference. The schedule cannot be enforced but maybe the days and times posted is when the work is available.
    Think about the other side

    Its nice to say you could never work for an MTSO that only uses US based MTs. But what if that MTSO is told by its large clients that they will use a different service if they don't reduce costs. Would you rather the MTSO drop the cpl you get or would you prefer they use offshore help to reduce the overall price but keep your CLP the same?

    Seems to me that the MTSO that works to keep your CPL is looking out for you.

    what is the GT side?? nm
    I'm on your side, 34
    I was actually just trying to make a joke of a situation that has caused me grief for a long time now. I have been doing this 28 years (if you want to factor in all of my late-night moonlighting jobs, probably 40 years!!). I have seen this profession go from in-house, Selectric II typewriters, WordPerfect 5.1, and desktop tape transcribers to everything you need wrapped up in a nice little computer and INET voice files and the ability to work in your jammies. Over 25 years of experience and here I sit and can't find a job. Well, let's back up... I was offered a couple of 7 cent a line jobs and one 8.5 but I had to work graveyard shift and weekends with my choice of IC or employee. I forgot to mention the 40% ESL rate. There is always something that makes me feel like I'm getting the shaft. I know there are good accounts out there. Who is doing them? I'm too freakin' old for this!!! I feel like beatin' someone with my cane, ha ha. I like to keep it light because I don't want to get irritable bowel syndrome over it... but, come on... something's gotta' give here.
    I don't like the CM side at all (sm)
    The platform is lousy compared to Enterprise. The staff is different (brought in from elsewhere) and has a very different culture than the rest of Webmedx. I would not recommend anybody work on the Chartmatrix platform, especially if you have a choice between Enterprise and Chartmatrix!
    I know I would too, and by my side would be
    One side of WMX is on this.............
    And supposedly, according to the example we were given today, production should increase considerably, but I doubt it will be enough to compensate for the cut in pay. There is a limit to the amount of work a person can crank out in a day.
    Then there is the other side of the fence .....
    This is the direct opposite of a cheerleader.  This is a person who belittle any and all conversations/questions about a company.  They try to steer newbies away from the company by slandering them and bashing them, sometimes with not so factual comments.  There is a fine line to walk and it is hard to determine who is who sometimes.  Best to use your judgment.
    Why don't you just jump over to MDI side!
    You think Transcend is bad, honey work a week with MDI and then let's compare jelly beans.
    do any of you do something extra on the side
    My hands kill me just about every day now, and looking at my hands i have muscle breakdown and twitching, so i'd like to cut down on typing.  Want to find something to do on the side to earn maybe 1000 to 1500 dollars a month.  Was thinking about ebay, but i'm doubtful I could make that much, even though they hype up the advertisement by saying you could make 3000 MINIMUM.  I'm just desperate and feel like my hands are about to fall off.  I've spent close to 1000$ this year alone in keyboards, gloves, splints, doc visits, meds, changed my station around, hot soaks, cold soaks, exercises, stretches, vitamins. still my hands just sing every day esp at night.  So any extra money earning ideas you guys?  thanks
    Flip side
    I will have NO trouble doing that. My problem is I need to work more than 40 hours. If no more SE, I will be restricted to 40 hours/week.
    More on the bright side

    As a career MT who got sick of being jerked around by MQ, I've had my resume and online applications through this site out there for less than a week.  My emails are piling up, my phone rings with interviews, I've had six job offers to seriously consider, none of which were offering less than 9 cpl.  That's not counting the ones that were offering less than that, which I had no hesitation in declining.  Since I'm also holding out for a job in which I feel I'll be happy, and get the specialty areas my little heart desires, I've been really surprised and pleased at the responses. 

    I've actually already accepted a new job (with MDI-MD), but the offers still keep coming in, and one lady went so far as to tell me they'd match MDI and top it, if I'd come work for her instead.  Whew!  Heady stuff!  I could get a serious God Complex here if I don't watch out

    Just as an addendum, I refused the offer above, because my interview with the gal at MDI was so terrific, I think I'll be really happy working for them, and after 19 years and facing burnout (thank you, MQ), that's as important to me as the money.

    Actually, I was on the Merit side.
    Now I work for a company using Dictaphone, and I'm happy.
    Look at the bright side.
    At least they won't all need plane tickets to Hawaii at the company's expense. If you're so miserable, QUIT!!!
    pay on the low side if you are experienced


    Supervisor? He isn't on our side! No wonder he kept
    calling this weekend to see if I could work extra! He and everyone in that office knew it was coming..how they sleep tonight, I will never know.
    If you are on the Dictaphone side, you are definitely NOT -sm
    on one of their hardest accounts. Their hardest accounts are done on Merit and by Medware India (who funny enough, can't understand the ESLs there either).
    You obviously don't mind that over half of their staff is off shore and they are constantly moving towards having 100% of their work done either by VR or by off shore MTs.
    I once thought I would retire from MedWare as well, but I decided to get out when I saw the writing on the wall with regard to their sending work off shore.
    I do not work on the VR side...
    I work on the Dictaphone side and have 2 AWESOME supervisors.
    Also, just to be on the safe side....
    (going along with what MTing said) when you go to the post office- get the return receipt, but also to be sure to do delivery confirmation so that you can track the order and make sure that it gets delivered and/or request a signature at delivery...that way the company actually has to sign when the package is received by them from the USPS. Both of these will prevent any excuses as to them saying that they never received it back. Better safe than sorry!
    Since all the yammering, here's the down side of TT sm
    You can't slow down the dictation (that I'm aware of), but I don't really have to worry about that often, so it doesn't bother me.  So there you have it.  It's NOT perfect. 
    You are a bit on the ridiculous side.

    Me too! I'm dancin' right along side you! hoo-ha! nm

    been there, done that - on the employer side..sm
    not a lawyer, and not MT environment at that time. Did briefs, etc when working as secretary in legal dept of company (factory type/employee paid piecemeal wages for on-site work). Unless you can prove the time card was fraudulently filed (the hours were not actually worked), the company is responsible for payment of the OT. The advanced approval is not part of the law, only of the company policy. The company's recourse is through discipline for failure to follow company policy, but cannot withold pay. The laws have been tweaked some since then, but not to that point.
    Explain, what do you mean by low side
    for employee status? Thanks.
    focus - us side
    I was offered a job with them in QA, worked one night, did not have a foot pedal, was told there were hot keys, which there were not. Money was good, benefits too. But, it was training that involved both MTs and QA people, for 1 hour, not by American trainer either. New manager now though for US side. Hope it will work for you. Make sure you have a foot pedal for Dictaphone before you start. Software was easy enough to use. Good luck. Many negatives on this board. Maybe they will train differently now as I think many left when I did.

    Look on bright side, it's still better than
    The Flip Side - sm
    I've been in this industry a long time. Every company has QA issues. If you don't take it up with someone, they are not aware of a problem.

    Every company has the right hire/fire/promote/terminate anyone they see fit - without asking for approval first. No one asks you why you dumped your last boyfriend, or switched grocery stores - or any other decision that affects your life. Why should managements decisions be any different?

    Annonymous posts like yours are made to stir up trouble. You're out for revenge or just being spiteful. Grow up. Start showing some professionalism. If you were wronged at DSG, move on.

    The question Info on DSG - good or bad is not your opportunity to act like a wronged or spoiled child. It's an opportunity to show your maturity. I don't think it's asking too much.

    The other side of the coin

    A company with little to no experience hiring you as an IC, then telling you the hours you will work, that you will sit for stats, and lay on a bunch of other parameters that CLEARLY make you a statutory employee and when you point this out-- THEY FIRE YOU!!   So it doesn't matter that I turned down other offers or that I just loaded his crap on my PC, my notice on my current job ends Monday and I'm now jobless.  I have an employment agreement signed yesterday, wonder if I should apply for unemployment.... OH WAIT!  I can't because I'm an IC!

    There are very few REAL independent contractor positions in existence in MT.  I think a letter to the IRS this week will be just what my psyche ordered.

    If you are not being paid to work greater than 40 hours refuse the hours.  Wages in the cellar and services whose only bottom line they realize exists is their own.


    Wrong side of the bed perhaps?
    Get your panties out of a wad...you KNOW what she says is TRUE.

    OP...ditto on the 200%.
    Insight to the other side


    My side of the story
    I worked for MT for over 9 years. I was fairly new to MT when I started with them. I now make less than I did then, even though I have a Bachelor's degree now.

    My hubby, who never graduated from high school, makes more per hour than I do. I used to be able to support me, my hubby and my son on my income. Now, I make in one month what I used to make in a week. How's that for a story. I am making 1/2 what I was 3 years ago and doing more work to get it.
    Could be another side of the story...
    ... although nothing excuses the lack of communication.

    It is possible (although of course I have no way of knowing) that the client(s) have put the MTSO on notice, or it's coming up on contract-renewal time, so the MTSO is being watched like a hawk, so they're cracking down on even the slightest appearance of sloppiness, and as we all know, noxious substances roll downhill. And we all know just who is sitting at the bottom of that infamous hill.... (It ain't the owners, or the supervisors, or the QA people.)
    do you know something about the Enterprise side
    that we don't, in regards to there being no work here, I mean?  really bad today.  I keep getting NSA well into afternoon and that rarely happens...
    Was CMX the side that got /or going to get the new account? sm
    Do you really have more work? Many of us on the Enterprise side have been running low and out of work at times since sometime in May. Have you all been low during this time too?

    They don't treat you well on the CM side
    You may not think it makes a difference, but it's like working for a different company. I think the staff is very abusive and disrespectful to the MTs and each other. Webmedx needs to go in there and clean house from the supervisors down.

    Read ChartMatrix MT's post below. The culture really does make a difference. Apparently, she doesn't have work, either. Bad on both counts.
    Just a side comment
    Sorry,can't answer your question about Diskriter. Just found it interesting that you refer to OP notes as crap. I was just thinking today that I would feel like I had died and gone to heaven if I could do nothing but OP notes all day. I've been cranky today because I keep getting crap consults and clinic notes. OP notes are what I love to do more than anything.
    Spheris Edix side
    Notice how you didn't get any responses? That's because there aren't any good things to say about Spheris.
    Agree. TH is on the small side. nm

    Looking from the opposite side of the fence

    Remember QA person, you are getting paid by the HOUR to research blanks, MTs do not, they work on PRODUCTIVITY. Now, I don't leave any blanks because I have personal pride, but when can't understand it and I spend 5 minutes on ONE WORD I figure my job is done. You QA people can research it from there, because the last I knew no one works for FREE, or maybe you would like to? I can't buy groceries or pay the bills with all that free gratis work the company and you QA hourly folks would WISH I did.

    I work for them on the dictaphone side...
    and LOVE it. They have good benefits, and my supervisors on my primary and secondary accounts are AWESOME! Also, the platform is really good and even works with my shorthand. It also has it's own Expander (ESP), which I hear is really great also. HTH
    Merit side of Medware....
    Can anyone give me their opinion on how easy it is to get lines, etc. on the Merit side of Medware?  I am currently on the dictaphone side, but have such problems with the software locking up that before I leave the company completely was wondering how the Merit side was.  Thanks. 
    Human? Must be on the cymed side then.
    Definitely not the SPI side - those Nashville people are insane.
    You're a bit on the jugemental side.
    you are thinking of MR Transcription (the other side)! nm
    It's because I've been on the "other side" (sm)

    I was in mgmt at another company years ago, and the more talk that goes on, the more problems there are.  As an MT there are many times when I want to contact others on the acct, and I do, cause I've known them for awhile.  But ordinarily, when a bunch of woman start talking, pretty soon they are comparing pay, accounts, you got a better one than I do, why can't do that account, etc. etc. It never ends and usually causes bad feelings somewhere down the line.

    If you are one of the favored few at the MDI side of transcend
    you can probably do well, but the rest of us are not treated that kindly. Think twice before you jump.
    Here is another side to look at. I am a transcription who is also an MTSO. sm
    We constantly hear that MTs want to work for a company that does not offshore, yet they want to be employees, have insurance paid for, 401k match, paid holidays, PTO, etc. They want flexible schedules or no schedules. They want work available whenever they choose to work. They want 0.12 per line. Well, I wish I could, but it is not possible or a reality anymore in this business. Hospitals used to pay 0.18 to 0.26 per line, now they will not even talk to you unless you are 0.14 or below. The small hospitals or those that only want the companies to do overflow, do not have consistent work. The ones who do, want to pay next to nothing and demand a 2-hour TAT. This is not possible if all of your employees are flex hours. Benefits, workers comp insurance, unemployment, liability insurance, etc. add approximately 30% to a wage. If you are paid 0.10 per line, it costs the service 0.13. Add in overhead such as phones, postage, accountant to do taxes, a clerical person to help answer phones and questions, and there is not enough to even stay open. You want IT support? Add that in.

    I am not whining, just stating facts. The entire industry has changed and not for the better. Yes, MTSOs used to make a lot of many and yes, the really big ones still do based on pure volume, but it is getting rough for us as well. Do you think we like knowing that we cannot give raises because our customers are lowering their rates each time their contract is up? Do you think we like knowing that we are at their mercy because if we do not lower them, there are 4 companies courting them with lower rates, better IT support, stronger workforce? My wish is that it all turns around and soon, or there are only going to be 5 or 6 companies left standing. I cannot compete with MQ, S, etc until I am that size because I cannot provide what they can, but I cannot get to their size without it. It is not easy anymore. We have to figure something out together.
    Nice people, pay on the low side
    I worked for them about 3 years ago. The managers were all very nice. They have an odd payscale which is based on your expereince, production and how much work your send to QA. And I thought the pay was a little low.

    Hope I helped.