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That statement doesn't make any sense at all

Posted By: can you say malcontent? nm on 2008-01-09
In Reply to: Giving away my time and skills is not a "little thing" - to nit pick. It is the basis for being IC MT. nm


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now that doesn't make sense
because why would they offer you an incentive to type more if they didn't want you to? I doubt they would rather you work less, but your scheduled is your minimum and any OT has to be approved, that's what it reads like.
That doesn't make any sense
you don't transcribe the files in Word, you do it right there on the mttest screen. Are you sure you are talking about the same thing?
Doesn't make sense sm
The ad was revised. When I first saw it, it said 18 cpl work at home, 3 year exp. Couldn't believe what I was reading, so I checked it again and it said 16 cpl, no experience and work at company. HUH?
It doesn't make sense
I can see them asking that you not try to get your own accounts, which could possibly be trying to get some of their accounts, but to ask that you not work for another MT service.  That is a little strange if you ask me.   It is your profession.  When I left a small MT service, I was only asked not to go after any of their accounts in their competition clause.
Doesn't make sense
if the MT is willing to accept the rates.

I am an IC in California. Applied for a job that was employee status that needed my particular experience. No reply! And they're still posting!!

You may have the answer but it still doesn't make sense.

Decided anyway that I like the flexibility of IC anyway so found a great company.
This doesn't make any sense
I don't work for SoftScript, but if you're going to have somebody posting a question and getting negative responses, it seems only fair that they would want to defend their company--I know I would. Also, why is it the majority of the people posting all of these negative comments never even made it into the door and actually worked for them? I believe the poster wanted to hear from people who actually work(ed) there. You had a bad recruiting experience, not a bad work experience.

This isn't to bash anybody. I'm just trying to figure out where all of the CURRENT SoftScript employees are to respond to this post, including people who were actually employed there long enough to let all of the job hunters know how the work load is, etc.
7 cpl doesn't make sense.
I got offered 8.5 cpl on acute care last year with only 3 years experience. I can't understand why they would be offering 7 cpl unless it is for an easy account (i.e. low ESL, thus able to get more done in shorter period of time). Don't forget to factor in benefits (cheaper than most), 10 days of PTO (after the first year), and the incentive bonuses that start at just 5501 lines per week (don't know of many who offer bonuses at that little of lines). If you work full time, they ask for 5500 lines a week, so get 1 extra line a week, and you are already making your base rate plus an extra 0.0025 cpl. That adds up quick.
That doesn't even make sense. nm

Offshore doesn't make any more sense than
The work is being outsourced offshore or is referring to offshore outsourcing.  If you're going to be picky about the term, at least be picky about the correct terms.
This whole thing doesn't make sense.

It seems someone is confused or doesn't know what they are talking about.  If you have to make $900 to be considered full time, how much is that a line?  Are the hours flexible or do you have set schedules?  Are you required to work a 40-hour week or is it completely by lines?

and offering a bonus. Doesn't make sense that there
isn't work for current MTs.   Unfortunately there are lots of companies that overhire. 
I know.. she's pretty ridiculous and doesn't make much sense
You don't want to steal their expansion program, right? You just want the expansions that YOU thought up and that YOU put in. Not a problem in my eyes. Just figure out where the file is, copy it on to a disk or a little flash drive or something.
You're right...that post doesn't make any sense...sm
How could high producers mess things up for the rest of us, when, in the past few weeks, we were offered incentives on most of the accounts to keep them in TAT by working extra??  And how could a responsible member of management even state something to that effect?  The only logical conclusion is that this particular poster wants to discourage high production (on his-/her OWN accord) in other MTs to keep the pickings greener for him-/herself.
your post doesn't make much sense. Find another job then? That's what the rest of us do!

This doesn't make sense to me either. Scan is advertising for MTs but there is no work?
What's up with company who constantly overhire when they can't even keep their current employees happy. I certainly won't be applying there.
This statement makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE!!!!!
In a way, I bend over backwards to avoid anything other than OPs, but because of my willingness to be flexible, they bend over backwards for me

Bend over backwards to avoid doing anything but OPs and you call yourself flexible??? I think not.
Lara, your statement really makes no sense
It is about knowledge? If you type 50 wpm and know everything you need to know about transcription, I guess you could be 1 heck of a money maker, right? You should not even make such a remark. You and I and every one else on this board knows you have to not only know what you are doing but to be fast is the name of the game. Transcribing slowly only leaves you with no job.
That--and make a statement with your OWN
okay, what are your qualifications to make such a statement??...
There are several 100 MTs at Cymed who depend on their jobs and do not need extra stress right now. Who did you work for that this happened to? Does your situation truly impact the current situation? Inquiring minds want to know.
Editors need to make a statement by not
accepting these jobs. BY THE HOUR PEOPLE!! Tell these companies that pay by the line no way. It is **expertise** they are paying for here. I won't do it. I will get out of the field first.
That is the most asinine statement to make about bad wages!!
This has to be your hobby.
Quit jumping on people who make that statement. Doubt she is
Would it not make sense that there are
probably a good-size crew getting on in the daytime so any work that is there is quickly dispersed to everyone, bringing the account to current standing? Then, only a few MTs are needed to keep the current dictation caught up.

I'm not agreing with how that is being done ... just trying to help with the question of what is happening. Sounds very logical to me.
Would it not make sense..
That makes perfect sense to me and, in fact, that is what happens with my accounts and has happened for the past 5 years! I do have an account that I do regularly now that I only share with one person but somehow..that gets dropped from my DEP pool every once in a while..hmmm.....wonder how that happens??  Anyway, when I do get on my other accounts that are shared with lots of other MTs, they get caught up quickly!!
Does this make any sense?!

A particular company is now telling its employees that they are considering a pay raise AND dropping their daily line expectation from the current 1000 lines per day.

It is implied that the MTs are expected to work seven days a week because the company is under staffed.

What logic is there to dropping the daily line expectations and giving a raise when the company is under staffed?

HUH....you make no sense
be more specific. if you log off each time your account is out of work, and everyone else did the same, you would have more of your primary.
Wow!!! It's not that difficult. take off your blinders.
you don't make sense
Every IC job I've ever had we had to turn in a time sheet or an invoice, even with flexible hours. What is the big deal? They are pleasant to work with, there is plenty of work, they pay on time, they don't send work offshore and hours are completely flexible.

You learn to pick your battles.
What you are saying does not make any sense.
It does not pay any company to hire poor quality workers. It costs them.

Again, believe in your own inability to make errors or deficiencies in your knowledge. It's always someone else's fault.


This does not make any sense,

you have access to all the patient information because you type the reports. According to their rule, you are in violation of the regulations by working! We want 100% quality, but we are not going to do anything to help you achieve this.

Never worked for a company that did not give access to samples and/or old reports, and would consider a move if I found myself in this situation.

you make no sense at all

You say you don't want to waste your time, but yet you are posting?  Do you even know how stupid that sounded.  You made no point at all, except showing how you are also wasting your time.  Yeah I will continue to laugh it up...AT YOU!!!   I make great money as an MT as well.  You are missing the whole point.  Learn how to read and then post something that makes sense. 


You make no sense
Why are you still working there after 3 years? They must be doing something right. As far as work, I have no trouble. There is an occasional Monday morning dry spell. It ALWAYS picks-up. There are a few times during the year when volume is low for any MTSO. Anyway back to typing.
?? why does this not make sense?? NM
Thanks, Sue. Your ideas make sense.
try to think how this didn't make sense to you
If the company pays for all those things and it is in *Word*, most likely you will be using either their line counter or Word's counter (found under Tools). Is this for an MTSO or your own account?

There has been a lot of discussion regarding this issue in the archives if you want to invest the time to research.
I doubt it - that would make too much sense.
ugh? Angie, you make no sense here
princesses? kids? are you angry you have to work weekends because you can't get a job otherwise? sounds like it to me.
That would make absolutely sense - there is
no room for error in an IME.
I make plenty sense...........
The problem is, so many IC have gotten use to companies telling them what software to use and how to count their lines, it has become common but an IC should be using their own line count software and invoicing, not the other way around. Yes, I still turn in an invoice but not using the company's software to count my lines for me. It doesn't matter if your hours are flexible or not, the IC should count their own lines for invoicing.

Like I said, the IC MT has given up so much, including their own line counting software, that it has become customary to do it that way. I have used some line counting software one or two companies have used simply because it was better for my line count (I was given a choice to use mine or theirs), as the way it should be.

Again, if you were fortunate enough to get a good account with report that aren't four lines long, then yes, you may get a good line count but for someone that had over 20 years experience, acute care and clinic, being nice with plenty of work doesn't get the job done.
Is that supposed to make sense? Was that a
kidding or not. If you are, whatever. If you're not and you represent KS and think that's OK, its not.  Whether you get work or not should have absolutely nothing to do with your seniority status. That's just crazy. So hopefully you're just wasting our time.
Actually you make perfect sense :-)
It's hard to put into words, but, yes, I definitely understand what you're saying. I think transcription utilizes more the sense of 'touch,' whereas editing utilizes more the sense of 'sight,' if that makes sense, too, lol!

Same skill set, different prioritization of 'senses.' It's a bit different integration than straight MT work, so it's just a question of realignment.

I hope we understand what we're saying to one another, because I'm sure other people are probably scratching their heads thinking we've gone off the rails, lol!!!

Thx for explaining, otherwise it didnt make sense
Good suggestion, but that would make too much sense.
It doesnt make sense to just keep job hopping
The reality is changing jobs doesn't necessarily create a better situation.  There are new insurance deductibles to be met, learning curve and lost wages due to that, and then once you get settled in, the company may go a completely different direction.  These companies are rapidly making changes as technology advances.  Just because a company is currently paying 70% for VR doesn't mean that is what they will be doing tomorrow.  Changing jobs is often a pain in the rear.  I'm not jumping around anymore.  I'm tired of it.  It is stressful, and I have come to realize when you change jobs, you are just shifting problems around.  My last job, I could not tolerate the crazy QA audits that demoralized and were a constant source of stress, mandatory OT, and just being nitpicked to death over senseless stuff.  At least at TT I am not stressed in that way.  I'll give them some time to figure things out.  I don't think paying people half for VR is the answer, at least not in the system I work on (I have heard it is better on the other platform they use).  I think they will come to realize this. They may have newbies lining up at the door to do VR for half pay, but that will bite them in the butt if that happens because the quality will drop.  I have many, many years experience.  I should be paid for my brain and paid well if they want their reports to reflect any kind of quality.  I think TT will find balance eventually ... at least I am hoping. For now I am staying put.
Re the new hires of 40-50 MTs, wouldn't it make more sense
to cross-train the existing MTs who are begging for work on the new accounts since they're already here and familiar with MDI, and then if the accounts they are currently on that don't have enough work pick up, to then hire new MTs to replace them?  Why hire 40-50 new MTs when so many are looking for work?  They will have to train on the current accounts where people are already scrounging for work.  I thought the owner told people it would pick up once the last 32 that were training on their accounts went to the new account.  Has that still not happened?  If it has, why is there still no work?  If it hasn't, how will it be any better once they move on to the new account if 40-50 new ones are brought on?  The problem will remain the same, will it not?
Fairly tales don't have to make sense. nm
I thought that cpl seems a little too good. Without spaces would make sense. Not
sure how much you really make per line without spaces. 
Your posts make absolutely no sense. Glad I dont
just because they do it, doesn't make it RIGHT!
Does make one wonder, doesn't it? nm

Doesn't make it right. sm
we used to conquer countries with guns, now it's creative corporate structuring.
Reading it here doesn't make it so.
It is still the largest MTSO in the world and by a significant degree, too.

They've been offshoring work for quite a while and have not hidden that fact from anyone.

Obviously, many are happy there or they wouldn't stay.

It's not for everyone. Then again, the same can be said about all companies.