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The only thing I noticed was counts slower to post - but accurate,I think

Posted By: Amy Lase on 2007-02-05
In Reply to: Just had not said anything to date, but getting concerned. n/m - Noticed the same thing for a week or so


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I am a slower but accurate producer, around 1000 sm
lines in 8 hours. Are there any companies out there that would value me as an employee?  Seems like everyone wants 1200 lines or better or you are out the door.
Line counts are accurate - SM
A previous poster was erroneous in stating how AcuSuite users were paid.

FACT: US Santa Clara AcuSuite MTs transcribing US Santa Clara accounts are paid for ALL spaces, ALL visual black characters, and input demographic information. US Santa Clara MTs transcribing non-Santa Clara accounts are compensated for platform differences.

If any US Acusis MT has any questions at all they can contact the transcription managers, editing managers, or trainers with any questions. We all stand behind the above statement. We are all working with this platform with our MTs best interests in mind.

My personal opinion of the new platform is that is different but not more difficult than what we are coming from. There are advantages to the new platform. The disadvantages are few, in my opinion, and not too difficult to work around. While this transition may be difficult, as always, we are here to help you with your questions and make your transition as smooth as possible.

Allison Hillyer
Trans. Mgr., QA/QI, Trainer

Accurate Word Counts
I would like to know how to check my line counts independently, to make sure that I am getting paid accurately for all lines, spaces, characters, etc. Currently I use Medrite and have always taken my line count from the system as it gives it to me. It runs with Microsoft Word 2003.

Since I am a high producer, after reading comments from others, I think even minor differences could make a substantial difference in my paycheck. An upgrade might be coming at the end of the year, and I wonder if this could affect counts in their favor. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Maybe you ought to read my post a little slower
I had several e mails with Keystrokes and was PROMISED a phone call. One thing I neglected to mention in my OP is that they stated late last night that they HAD called me, with no answer. My phone NEVER rang Monday OR Tuesday. I have caller ID, nothing there either. I checked my telephone calls online, nothing there either. They did not call and they do not get a second chance with me.
Haven't noticed - do you keep track of individual report counts?
Very accurate post
I work for another national company, but you are absolutely correct. I, too, am always willing to help wherever I can. Too many days, though, I find myself working 9 or 10 hours just to get my minimum daily line requirement in. Looking up new drugs, procedures, etc., as well as having no templates to work with, I find my hourly line rate zooming down to 100-125 lines an hour. The worst of it is, as the poster correctly stated, we are seeing a decrease in pay for helping on these other accounts, so to what benefit is it to us?

Good post, and valid points!
I noticed the same thing -- the

place was crawling with KS people who were delighted to share their joy with their jobs when they stopped by on their coffee breaks. Now you can hardly raise a response. Guess the advertising campaign was successfu and terminated?


another thing noticed ... sm

I've seen same news stories about people putting off or foregoing medical care and, yes, I think MTs will see a reduction in work to some degree.

However, one thing I've been noticing over the past few months and it seems to be showing up more and more recently is that patients are either not filling px or stopping their meds because they can't afford them.   What alarms me is that a lot of these meds are not what you would consider an optional med, like something for prevention.   They aren't taking really important meds for things like cardiac, diabetes, etc.   Not good...

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place in the thread ... not on these boards very much but just wanted to share.  :-)

Nope, haven't noticed a thing different or unusual. All's well here. nm
Wilma writes the same thing every time - have ya noticed?
I wonder if she is real... ??  Every time anyone asks for feedback on MedWare, she says exactly the same thing (a cut & paste response).
Hmm, post is about skewed line counts. Could that
Prior post said it's so-so to use, but only counts the black chars., no spaces. nm
One thing is certain, if you don't post you

want get any response.   I have posted and gotten many responses, some for small companies offering 7 cpl as an independent contract despite me having 20 years of experience.  I have had offers to QA offshore work for 3 cpl.  I have had offers from some of the big nationals.  I actually did accept a position from my resume and worked there for nearly 7 years before they sold out.

I have posted my resume too and weeks went by without a response.  There is no guarantee, but it doesn't cost anything. 


You got it! Great post! Odd thing, though, is
I have always been paid on production, but boy you made me remember the joy, absolute joy, of digging around in med book after med book and finally finding that obscure term! Or drug! It was such a tremendous feeling of accomplishment! And nobody knew we did it, right? It was just a personal triumph, and knowledge gained. Knowledge is so wonderful. But somehow that's what I feel seems to be missing these days - so many MTs don't care about knowledge, nor want it. They have no interest in searching for a term or even trying. That's the part that I don't understand. Again, I was on production, at first holding a baby on my lap while balancing my IBM Selectric, lining up all my colors of paper with carbon, and my bottles and bottles of Liquid Paper in matching colors. One typo and you were looking at half hour of whiting out each copy in its particular color - and trying not to let your tears smudge the rest of the job. But boy did we learn, and boy did we produce nice work! And over the months and years, my production grew and grew with my knowledge. Wish more MTs operated the same way and cared about the knowledge first, production later. Nice meeting you, by the way! Another crispy critter here, too!
Sure does, and the only thing anyone dares to post is
what they thought was funny from a VR error, that the line counts are slow coming in, or is anyone else having a problem. You do not dare to post anything controversial or you will get the pink slip you have been looking for.
Just came upon this post and LOVE it, thanks for posting, have one thing to add....sm
This past year I had a lot of changes, some okay, some pretty bad, but one of the only consistently bright spots has been my job this past year since Februry. Just wanted to share, as they are hiring, perhaps someone else would not like this position, but I have been MT for close to 30 years and feel very compensated, cared for, content, un-stressed, and happy.

My company is on the west coast. They have many accounts from clinic/acute care, sports medicine, ER, primnary care, and just about every specialty. They truly strive to match up each MT with primary accounts, and also with accounts you are familiar/comfortable/proficient in. Work is strictly IC, and they truly work it that way. You basically choose hours/how many/when, there are no weekends unless you want to work, no holiday coverage (unless you want!), very flexible with personal days, sick days, etc, as long as there is sufficient notice for coverage; pay is always corret and ON TIME, although we are paid monthly; Yes it was a drawback the first month, but after that I just took that fat check and budgeted it, no problem.

One of the best things is that we are paid by the GROSS LINE, which is a line is a line is a line, everything counts, spaces, returns, macros, certain headers, it adds up fast and to the the MT's benefit, believe me.

Our platform is MedRite XL on Crescendo network, very easy, fast, user-friendly, Word-based, all you need is a high-speed connection, Windows XP, sound card and foot pedal, training is very laid back, kind, helpful, and very rapid if you have been an MT for quite a while. My boss was just asking me if I knew any fairly seasoned, dependable, well-rounded MTs, and although I have a few friends in the field, they are busy with other jobs they have been at for a long time....I am not a salesperson, I am not a headhunter or anything, never even been QA, I actually over regular old transcription, but I really love this company, I have had some horrible experiences, and these folks have been a JOY to work for this past year. Please feel free to e-mail me with questions, I did not give the name so as not to be too much of a cheerleader. Happy, peaceful, prosperous, and very healthy new year to everyone out there!
if your a slower typist, go for the $15, but.....
If you have speed and can utilize your normals, definitely take production. There are hours where I make $40 an hour at 9 cents per line. I would never go hourly.

Yes, that is another reason why I am going slower. Although
I have just made the 11K, and trending upward, I still make the QA bonus every time. I have been in the business a long time, and perhaps that is why I stopped a consistent over 20K a payperiod. Over the years the patient care meant more to me than the extra 100 bucks a payperiod. I know some may think that is ridiculous, but it kicked in when I hit 40 years old. Maybe my conscience, or just wanting to do a quality job and a good line count. Again, Expanders will help with typos but research needs to be done before leaving blanks too and that takes time sometimes. I don't mind researching 4 sources but then I will put a blank if I am not sure because of an accent. So that is correct 2K is no good if it is not a quality 2K. Better make less lines and 99% QA and trend slowly upward, which can be done with your own canned text and their normals. Good luck!
You will. Some people's mail is slower.
Bayscribe slower than DocQscribe
Bayscribe is slower than DocQscribe. One thing is you have to chose which report type you want to transcribe next after each report and then wait for the screen to reload whereas in DQS it is already filled in and no waiting. Their doctor roster is not as user friendly as DQS. You do get credit for filling in demographics which amounts to about 1 line per report.
I find it idiotic to even say a slower
person could do better on VR. You CANNOT be slow and go through VR as fast as you need to make a decent salary, just cannot be done. Typing straight I could do over 2000 a day, now with VR I do over 3000 a day but it has nothing to do with being slow norr a newbie, heard that before too. Both things are really laughable.
Good thing it did end up here. Post about squecky clean posts has already been
Awesome news. Too busy to post - it's a good thing :)
Thanks for taking the time to let me know.
Wow .. I caught them doing that post-dating thing on the postage meter several sm
years ago, dating it on the postage meter for when it SHOULD have been mailed, then the actual postmark being 5-6 days later -- I thought they would have wised up by now.  My experience there was not a happy one.  At the time they paid by gross line, which was nice, but I was on a nasty account in FL and would run out of work a lot.  When I'd call in and tell them that I had no work, the woman would blow it off and laugh and tell me to just take the day off.  I had no other source of income, so oddly enough I didn't find it  amusing. 
I think it's a lot slower. I'm having a hard time getting lines, but I'm
It has been a little slower this week but depends on the account your on.

The escription accounts seem to be really slow. You may need to ask for a backup account if you don't have one so I'd get ahold of your account manager.

That doesnt sound too slow to me.. I would probably be slower, I am tired and old too.
 Wish it were just my fingers though.
Just a little slower than DQS in bringing jobs up, filling out screen. (sm)
Not a lot really, and the plus side of being able to research other documents by a particular physician or patient pretty much makes up for it.

Just thought I had heard something and was hoping there was an even better system coming about.

No we won't. I said slow, meaning slower than usual, should have clarified.
It's more accurate......nm
But it is not accurate!
not accurate
They have never said I needed to complete my shift.  I make my 1600 goal before my 8 hour shift is over.  They care about production, not hours.  You do need to put on your time sheet FT hours though and not go over 40 but I think FT is 35 if I remember correct.  They have never chased me down after I am done for the day!!
not accurate
its not strange
it happens all the time at these companies
the whole teams let go where houly QC people getting paid too much
No, that's not entirely accurate.
What they require is 100 lph unless you are full time with full benefits and then it is 150 lph. It will depend on the number of hours in a day you work as to how many lines that day you need. And it will depend on where the payperiod falls as to how many payperiod lines that is.

You're on the losing end and don't even understand your own requirements if you think it is a flat 1200 lines a day and 12K lines a payperiod.

You are 100% accurate, VR on my end
has everyone on it, no exceptions. We have tons of ESLs with English. I know of no one who is exempt from being on there. I read others here who say their company does not allow this or that dictator to be on, not on this end, all the same and the ESLs, thank goodness, are on there, I am not pulling out the few hairs on my head I have left because does a really good job.
Do you want quick or accurate?
Why go to a board like this for a question to do with your company's benefits? Actually, you would probably get a pretty quick answer by e-mailing your HR rep, and it would have a much higher probability of being correct!
Accurate Transcription -
Any info anyone?
IS accurate with my company
more accurate info here

The letter stated they will ALWAYS need MTs to do transcription, VR can't do everything.  They also stated that the are evaluating the line rates for when we are on full VR accounts.  Honestly, do you expect to make the same to sit and read through these reports and make a few changes and send on their way as you do to type the whole thing?  I've seen a few VR jobs personally and the software doesn't miss much, so we should be able to pump these jobs out like crazy so a difference in like rate for editing is going to be offset by the fact that we can edit more jobs in a day than we can transcribe.  Industry is going this way and we all have to quit complaining or move on, this isn't new news has been happening over the years with all the bigger companies.

You can't get accurate OSI info
The accurate info is so damaging that is always deleted, you will have to depend on the archives if there are any left that have not been deleted.
Well said. I find this to be accurate. nm
Really, you find this accurate? SM
There is no deduction in pay if you do not hit bonus or minimum numbers. Platform is much better than it was 2 or 3 years ago, faster with every upgrade. You do not spend 2 weeks on 100% QA review, I think it is 2 days to a week if you need it.
Mine is actually very accurate
I have compared my own line counts to the ones in ExText, and they have always been accurate. It may have something to do with how the company counts your lines, but I have never had a problem with it.
I do not think there is an accurate answer (sm)
to this question.  I generally transcribe 70-90 minutes daily, and I average 2,000+ lines per day from those minutes.
she is totally accurate on MDI. I just
got emailed for an interview and was told when I had to work. I was blown away because I told her that I needed M-F which is what I have always gotten. I need M-F for personal reasons but still would not work weekends anyway! They are no longer flexible which is insane when they are SE and IC. I also felt C was condescending after I had told her that I had wanted to work there for quite a long time. They USED TO seem like a great place to work. I have decided I am going back to a small MTSO and maybe even taking less to do clinic work instead of AC. I was happy and made good money back then but the 2 companies I had worked for had most of their accounts taken by the large MTSOs! I can't even imagine still being a single mother of 2 now. I supported them and had a mortgage, made 42-47K a year. Thank God I am remarried or I would have lost my home on the scraps I make now! I am only talking about 4 years ago on back! I could go on and on about how this field has gone to pot!
The above info is either old or not accurate. sm
I work there currently and do not find any of this to be true. We are not penalized for sending any blanks to QA.

Pay is a little on the lower side but I have no ESLs on my account at all. I believe it is 0.07 per 65-character with spaces employee or 0.08 as IC. Pay has always been on time and I have been there 4 months. I am on Scribe platform, which I have no complaints about. I know not all accounts are on this platform though so I can only speak from my experience. Feel free to email me if you would like more details.

I'll tell you right now that's not very accurate way to sm
guess-timate the revenue. Webmedx may have *800 employees* but not even close to that number are MTs, so 47K as revenue per MT would not be correct. Webmedx also sells its platform to radiology clients and technology client, so some of that money is from them.

Just an FYI.
Maybe so, but it was right on the money accurate nonetheless!

Most news flashes are accurate.

Granted maybe "many" people can make more while editing, but you explained it quite well in your post about the money you earned straight transcribing to the money you make editing.  I'm left wondering if you are new to the field of medical transcription.  There was a time (a year ago) when I could make $22 an hour straight transcribing.  Even on a bad day with lots of interruptions and a queue full of difficult ESLs I was averaging $18 an hour.  Until VR came along. After a year of working on VR, my earnings then dropped from $22 to $9 an hour, and finally averaged at $14 an hour with VR.  That isn't even mentioning the quality of the reports and what we were told to overlook and let go through so that we weren't "over-editing".   I also know that I am not the only one this has happened to. While the money you may make pays YOUR bills a lot faster, it isn't the same for everyone, and that's what we've been saying.

You're also not thinking through your comment about the copier and the PC.  Although we no longer have to do carbon copies manually anymore when the copier came along, WE still made the copies.  The same with the PC.  We may not have had to use the Selectric typewriter anymore, but WE still had to enter the data and text into the PC and produce a professional document from scratch.  WE are not doing that with the VR.  If you want to use an illustration, at least use one that is more accurate.  The more accurate picture is to have the invention of a copier that did absolutely everything and a PC that needed no data entry.  The only manual job left in that office is the cleaning lady.   THAT's how the field has changed.  So why wouldn't some be upset to go from a medical Transcriptionist that took years and years of developing skill and educating to cleaning up after a machine?  After all these years of college, on-the-job training, and continuing education why should I feel happy in my job as a "cleaning lady" at half my wages to the copier that does everything and the PC that can run the office itself?  Just to make those with fewer skills and less experience happy because THEY don't have to work as hard and they're happy being the "cleaning ladies"? 

It's funny you should mention "not fussing" over using expanders.  Even the entries that go into the expanders were created by us, manually programmed by us, and implemented by us.  Someone may have invented the software, but all the data in it for future use was developed by US.  Do you know how long it takes to develop, maintain, and remember tens of thousands of shortcut entries?  It doesn't happen overnight.  So while we may use the expander that doesn't actually "type" each and every entry we now use, we DID type those and did a whole lot more into our expander software.  Furthermore, carpenters use electric nailers now.  Painters use electric air-painters now.  They still get paid the same amount for their work.  Why are we any different?  You use the expanders as a means to bolster your opinion, but just as in the big picture of VR, you haven't quite thought things through to completion.  I have more pride in my profession and my skills to be relegated "cleaning lady" with a false title of editor.  Truthfully if you look at the big picture, if not for VR you wouldn't even have the qualifications of Editor if you're only making $12 an hour straight typing.  THAT's why so many people are upset about what you feel is the future of this profession.  It isn't the technology, it's the fact that those relatively new to the field and lacking the skills will be turning out unprofessional, sloppy, and often incorrect medical documents that will effect EVERY medical transcriptionist and the field as a whole and thinking they've won the jackpot because they're making $13.50 an hour. There was a time when a minimum of 5 years' in-house experience was required to be considered for at-home medical transcription.  Now apparently all it takes is a willingness to be a "cleaning lady".


Just because someone posts that VR is the wave of the future doesn't mean they're in management - they're just being realistic about what is happening in this industry (just as they referred to the copier and PCs).  

Of course if you think it's really going to hurt you to do VR then perhaps you should go back to an IBM typewriter and get your own accounts.  After all - using a PC and expanders is helping you get paid for work you're not actually transcribing (yup, think about those expanders - I bet you're not fussing over getting paid to have those kick in instead of having to type out those words, or consider the header information that blows in for you from an ADT feed that you're not having to manually type). 

These boards should be for accurate information
and not for speculation.  Zylomed did at one point, several years ago, offshore a small amount of work to Indian because they could not find American MTs who could/would do the very difficult doctors.  This work was eventually ALL given to American MTs - I know because I trained the MTs to do this work.  Zylomed DOES NOT outsource any work.
Which ones? I really want an accurate list before I start looking. nm