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Think MTSO would toss resume with freeze on

Posted By: credit report, thinking not worth trouble to deal on 2007-12-24
In Reply to: Put a "freeze" on your credit report at all 3.... - Here's a solution


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MTSO has some resume tips

(Not sure if this is best board for my message but here goes.)

Am just a small business MTSO owner who posted a couple IC work opportunities on the job board the other day.  No problems there.  Had absolutely tons of responses and appreciate every person that sent a resume.  We're evaluating some very good candidates as a result of the ads and appreciate the MTStars boards for this venue.

However, after seeing the quality of resumes we received I just feel the need to give out a bit of advice to those MTs who are pasting resumes into their email response in hopes of getting a call back from an employer with a job opening.

A lot of resumes we received were clearly written and easy to read at first glance (those are the ones we kept).  However, most were not.

Because of this Iíd like to offer a few resume tips to new and seasoned MTs when sending an email resume through the email pasting process.

Again, the purpose for my post is just my opinion and to alert some MTs that their resumes were so horrible to read, so completely convoluted and jumbled up that it would take days to decipher/separate the MT/transcription skills from the past employment, unrelated past jobs, and skills useless to transcription work, etc. 

Also, with the resumes we received over the past few days it was really hard to get through most of them to find out which sender had the best match with the skills we were looking for.  I've utimately had to just delete a lot of them because of not clearly seeing that from the paragraphs that went on and on, naming everything kind of work experience they ever had that is totally, completely, and useless when applying for this kind of work.

There are really good reference materials out there for doing a resume, but I have to say most of those setups are for job resumes that get printed and do need to have some relevant paragraphs relating to the job they're applying for.  These transcription positions are a completely different situation.

Therefore, I'd like to humbly offer my MTSO two-cents worth of advice to folks pasting resumes:

1) Resumes should never use the word I in any part of the resume.  It's not a letter, you should not refer to yourself in the first person.  Your resume is almost supposed to read like a 3rd party presentation.
2) Get rid of absolutely anything on that resume that is irrelevant to the type of transcription work for which you are applying. 
3) Get rid of old job listings.  No MTSO can possibly care that 10 years ago you worked at Burger King!
4)  Make LISTS of skills -- bullet, dash, arrow, anything to highlight your skills so the reader can quickly skim through that list.
5)  DO NOT write paragraphs as a mixture of employers, experience, and skills.  It's just too hard to read through those.
6) Please dont list E-V-E-R-Y course you ever took in your MT training program.  We don't care!  If you completed a training it's hoped you had those courses.  And, these course names don't take the place of experience.  Just don't do this. 

6) You don't have to list E-V-E-R-Y piece of computer equipment and reference marterial you own.  MTSOs assume you have the needed gear when you apply.  You might list a few to validate you have what the MTSO requires, but again make it a short list not a paragraph.  
7)  Applicants should send a resume that first of all is a match for what experience the job post says it's looking for.  Ortho is ortho, ENT is ENT, psychology is psychology (not psychiatry), and so on. 

8)  Past employers are extremely important; however, when applying for work via email I wouldn't list any of them at all at first.  If the employer is interested they will let you know that they would like your references. 
9) Best test for your resume:  Paste your resume into an email and send it to yourself.  You will see how you come across

CONCLUSION:  Most MTSOs just want the facts, Ma'am. 

In my opinion, a short and sweet resume is the best way to help an MTSO manager make a decision in determining if an applicant has the skills needed for the type of work they need help with, then to encourage that call back to the MT for the next step--work/test, whatever the MTSO hiring process is. 

I would like to encourage MTs to think about fixing up their resumes.  To that end, Iíve gone ahead and humbly posted a link to a sample bare-bones resume format that works very well when pasting into emails. 

Hope this is of some help to anyone who wants to improve their resume appearance and ensure a better response to their online email job applications.  Hope this is of some help out there.  Itís not all the answers and solutions, but again just my thoughts. 

Hereís the link to the document, it is just from my website.  Just click on the link below -- or paste into a browser address bar and press ENTER -- the file should automatically open in Word.


Iíd be happy to answer any emails regarding this.  Marcia - Data-Med Transcription, Inc.  (http://www.data-mt.com)

It's a coin toss
Small companies are fragile. They don't have a lot of money to get started. The good news is that they are not considered valuable enough to the big outfits like MQ to be bought up by them. The drawback to large companies is that they have often been through multiple mergers and may be quite chaotic for years. Motivation-wise, a small company will make you feel a much more important part of their success than a big one where you are just a number. What I would find out is how well the software works and whether the system works reliably. Next important to me will be whether the work is a kind I like. I happen to know I don't enjoy teaching hospitals/residents. So think about what it is that motivates you to perform at a high level. Good luck.

It can be a toss up money-wise...
I made great money as an MT, and then went to QA. When I left QAing I was at 20/hour.  I used to make a lot more $$ MTing. The benefits of hourly are that you know what you are going to make, and $20 an hour was OK for me.  However, I hated QAing. As the other poster stated, it was so not worth the horror of the entire job.  No $$ can make up for the psychological damage of QAing when MTs are geared to hate you.  I also could not stand fixing up other's work, etc., and listening to nothing but the bottom of the already slimy barrel.  Maybe it was just the company I was with, but the MTs just didn't give a darn anymore, and QA got stuck with just a mess and mgmt didn't care.  Very stressful job.  Returned to MTing and $$ is about equal now, but I have the joy of MTing back again, which is priceless.  I looked for other QA jobs for a while, but heard that most pay by the line now, which is totally not worth it in my experience.  MTs most times are underpaid, and I think QA all the time are underpaid! LOL.  Good luck in your search.
Ah, yesssss. Cards. I usually toss em right away,
I do hang onto the blank envelopes to use for sending things like homemade get-well cards, thank-you cards, etc. to friend. And my kittens are having a ball with the box the now-shattered coffee mug came in. It's all good. Almost.
I'm not sure when they started the hiring freeze, but I was hired in July of last year.
Hiring freeze
I do know that as of about a month ago, they were having a hiring freeze.

It does freeze up. Have you tried not using highlighter
oops..had a brain freeze.
MQ does provide equipment.  not sure, however, if PT flex is provided with equipment or not. 
with the freeze and wondering why you would place
bank account freeze
To anyone out there who is considering working for Preferred Transcriptions in Pennsylvania, I would say, keep far, far away.

My bank recently notified me of a 15-day hold on a check of theirs due to the account being frozen which means that it has a hold on it due to creditors. On top of that, they never pay on time. Most companies will pay in two weeks but here it is always at least three weeks after submission of invoice.

Have had no satisfaction from the company who are basically putting it on me. They said the check has cleared but refuse to provide documentation and are now ignoring my e-mails.

Will probably have to go to small claims court and just maybe, I will get my money. javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');
I thought there was a hiring freeze. Curious
hired right before they instituted hiring freeze sm

Right now work is kinda slow across the board, most places I have worked are always a little slower in the summer.  I have been getting my lines, but having to work a little harder and be a little more flexible for them, but there are times when I can get a few hours of OT if I want them. 

I think it shows excellent judgment on WMX part not to overhire just because they have a few good applicants apply.  It makes me feel like they are more worried about their current MTs.  I left my last job because that is exactly what they did, and then expected me to work crazy hours to make up my lines (I have small kids and need a babysitter to work--and I can't pay one to sit at my house when work might come through or ask her to stay 24/7 because there might be a few lines I could grab here and there,) 

I really only have good things to say (so far) about WMX, I think they would definitely be worth waiting on.  And before I get flamed, I am not management, just somebody who has worked in few Hades holes, and like being talked to like a person again (and paid like somebody who might have a little bit of knowledge--instead of like a high school kid flipping burgers). 

How long does it take TransHealth to get back to someone when you send a resume? I sent a resume
Hell will freeze over before YOU can make your job *work* with TransTech. Out of your control !!!

I don't know who has ruined this wonderful company, but E is one of them !!!  Of course, D is in control of everything, so just amazed at the condition of TT now.

Has anyone gotten a job from any company not posting regularly from their resume in the resume
when docs give mtso a check, then mtso pays you?
Isn't she an MTSO owner - which MTSO ? Just curious. n/mnn
No but I sent them a resume - sm
They never responded to it.  I have a ton of experience, too.  Doesn't bode well for them to me.
sent resume
I sent a resume to MDtalknet and am waiting for a response, I even live in the same town, not that that really makes a difference.
Sent my resume in...sm

2 weeks ago and have not received an e-mail regarding testing.  I have 25+ years of experience, mainly acute care, 6 in radiology.  Wonder if they wanted more radiology experience. 

Are you sure they got your resume? I know that they are
hiring for ortho right now. I have been there 3 years and the account I am on is expanding and I know of at least two new accounts.

If you did not hear, I would either call or re-email.
Ok, thanks, I see it now.  Thank you!
Yes, I sent a resume - sm
I think I asked for more money than they pay because they thanked me for the resume and said maybe sometime in the future they would keep me in mind.  In other words, never.
Go Gal!  You reflect the sentiments of those of us who would not dare, but love to include your comments on our resume's.  Don't we all just love doing the header research for free!  Sigh, Is there light at the end of the tunnel?  God Love Ya!
I sent a resume
I sent a resume thru MTStars about 1-1/2 weeks ago, have 25 years experience doing all reports and have not heard a word from them.
Put your resume up
Put your resume up and say you are looking for minimal part time work. Good luck!
I just leave it as is pasted in. susan
Thanks, I sent the resume but have not sm
heard anything yet. Keeping my fingers crossed!
I'd get my resume in
to the small hospital quickly before somebody else does. I wouldn't say anything to your current hospital and if you have to give them a decision, say you will take the radiology job. Could be weeks or months before that other hospital has an opening.

If the outsourcing goes badly, radiology won't change over for a long time (hope, hope).

Radiology is all about anatomy and contrast. The bet book IMO is HPI's Radiology Imaging Words and Phrases, but you'll also use a lot of your Stedman's books like ortho, neuro, GI, Ob-Gyn, cardio, and even lab books.
I sent in a resume,

Ok, I sent in my resume
And already heard back from a recruiter! I am excited now! So, they only hire for ICs I'm taking it. That means I am responsible for paying my own taxes, correct?
Just a couple of questions about your resume. Do you put on it how much you are getting paid at your current job or at your past jobs? Do you put the current volume of work you are doing at your primary job? I have had some experience with hiring for a small company in the past and if I see someone put what rates they were getting paid at other companies I generally would discard the resume because it feels like a challenge to match or exceed those rates. If I saw that someone was a high producer but looking for a second job I would doubt that they would have much time for the second job and discard the resume.

Other flags to me were changing jobs often, big gaps in employment, or lack of specific experience for the specific position.

If none of those apply to you, I'd just agree with the other posters that business is just generally slow right now and it's not personal.
Same here. I sent them resume. They were
Thanks..I just sent them my resume...sm
Do you happen to know why they have a banner on the career page that says Military Spouses Welcome? I was just wondering.
I sent them my resume
I sent them my resume and have yet to hear back. Advanced sounds like a great company to work for. It's just I've applied several times in the past and I never do hear anything.
Had and still having the same problem since beginning of 2008 when I, too, sent out resumes. Am STILL having effects of that, had changed from one email acct to another in an effort to get away from it. Still get 150-200 emails a day and apparently am on every nigerian computer in existence. Unbelievable. Also, every school that teaches transcription (after 30+ years! of transcription) and from there it has gone everywhere. Cannot honestly say Opti-script did it, but I did apply with them. Some companies would not deal with me because they required SS # and I absolutely refuse to put some things on line, not credit card or banking (thank God) because last week I had total infiltration despite all my antivirus and spy bot and fire wall that has cost me $300 to have taken care of. Just sloppy for this to happen. Only med Transcriptionist have to be perfect, everything else is half-a$$ and seems to be acceptable. What a world.
I've seen your resume...
Truth be told, most recruiters have probably worked with you in some form or fashion at these companies, and know your reputation. When your name comes up on the job board, they think "no way" unless they are being pushed hard to hire anyone and everyone.

Believe me, one thing that makes a recruiter cringe is someone who has had 20 jobs in 10 years, or even 10 jobs in 10 years. If you've only been able to last for a matter of months at a number of companies, any recruiter is going to assume that the problem is you, not the company you were with, and will think very hard before hiring you. Remember, transcription is a very small world, and it's one place where it's possible that everyone who matters knows your name.
I've seen your resume. sm
How could you possibly know who the person posting this original message is?
I posted mine in May of 2005 and am still getting calls, even got one today...
Sent a note, resume, etc.
Just waiting to hear something from them. I heard they are good, too.
Try posting your resume
I was contacted through this site.  I too like OP reports.  I was contacted by a small company to transcribe for a surgery center.  Mon thru Fri, no weekends, same account every day.  It was a dream come true!! 
I don't want to send them a resume either
At one time, some companies put out ads by recruiter and anonymous names just to see who would apply.  Those who applied and were working for this big company were immediately fired just for applying.  Watch your back!
Did not send resume, but.....sm
I did write a very polite email stating that I was not comfortable revealing my personal information to an unknown company. I included my basic credentials and asked if they wanted my resume to please email me regarding their company information.  I doubt if they'll bother, but I've made it a policy to never submit my confidential information to any company who is not willing to reveal their name.
a resume would still be more reliable
I actually submitted my resume - sm
And heard back within 10 minutes via telephone. With 1 little one not in school yet, flexibility is the most important thing to me right now. I think they sound great!
Redirect resume

Please redirect your resume directly to my attention at jwalsh@dsg-inc.net

I will be happy to review it.

Thank you!


you probably sent a resume about a year ago
and there were quite a few that were set aside - and now they are contacting you.
Posting Resume
For people who have posted their resumes, what was your experience and how was the response. Thanks.
Thanks, i sent a resume 2 months ago, and nothing either
Did they ask you to send them your resume?
I took the test today with a 96%, and immediately was asked to e-mail my resume. 
Addition to resume

Hi Mari,

Well said!  I'm going to include your first paragraph on mine and see what they think!