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This is a joke - this does not happen.sm

Posted By: Diskriter MT on 2006-03-07
In Reply to: My Diskriter experience - DiskriterNOT

There is obviously a disgruntled ex-employee posting things here.  The training period is not 2 weeks, it is 90 days FT, 180 days PT.  They do not let you go because you can't meet line count.  There are at least 20 MTs who did not make line counts last week and they are not being let go, they sent this out in an email to let everyone know they have to keep up their production of 1200 lines per 8 hours.  I can't believe the lies being told here.  They also do not hire new grads, must have 3 years acute care and believe me you do need it.  QA is also excellent and gives feedback and supports MTs to help get up to line count.  GET REAL!!!

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No one called you a joke, just called the post a joke because
we all know better, but you're entitled to your opinion.  You're the one insulting saying those of us who don't like SS probably couldn't cut it and that is the reason for our complaints.   You would be hard pressed to find anyone who ever worked for SS to agree with you about how wonderful they are.   They aren't getting new accounts, yet they always have an ad running - umm, let me think why that is. 
What a joke...
There software is the worst around! It is not MT friendly, very slow and locks up almost every day. Supervisor is clueless.
It was a joke...
It was an unpleasant experience.  The recruiter is nice but does what she can to get people to come on board.  If you ever have a problem, she will be right there to solve it.  She will never set you up.  She will always be there, so call.  Believe this? I gotta bridge for ya to buy.
I just saw that same ad! What a joke!
Good luck to her finding someone.
what a joke

dont believe if you are transcribing the old fashioned way...on different accounts...with a 100 different docs... that you are making 1000 cleared a week.  Sorry.  Dont believe ya! 



Is this a joke? sm
Your post makes me think that perhaps your work was unacceptable. Your grammar is horrible. Is English your first language? I find it hard to believe you are a professional transcriptionist.
they are a joke!!
They said I was hired. Then they sent me a file that said testing for $ to determine my rate of pay. When I opened it, it played the song Bridge Over Trouble Waters. What a complete and utter waste of time dealing with them!! Unprofessional.
another joke
Hey - Lets all give some recruiters some advise!  I could make that quite length, but I don't really have the time today!!!!  Maybe MTs are busier than recruiters!
no joke there
I have 6 years experience in radiology just recently started with a company at 8.5.  I told a friend of mine to apply as she was familiar with the platform (2 years), but NO experience with radiology.  They hired her a 8.25!
No Joke sm
I was not the one who called it flavor of the month, I just asked for the website. Thank you for your information. I am weary about the nationals. I am losing my job in April after working from home for a a hospital for 9 years, due to Voice Recog in my radiology dept. I do not want to work AT a hospital, so what choice do I have to start researching these national companies. Talk about a headache. So many negative people out there on this board, I can't find anything positive about any company hardly. I mean, come on, are there any good nationals out there? Not by the sounds of the people on this website! You can email me if you would like. I would like to get the FACTS!

Thank you and good luck to you!
This is a joke, right?
Yup...SPI is a joke.
I completely agree! I am glad that I got out of there when I did!
Actually it was a joke
IMO, they are a joke - sm
Turned them down for an acute care job that they were practically begging someone to take (and STILL are) then months later I took the ortho test and they told me I flunked. Yeah, I'll bet. BTW, they never recognize you from previous resume submissions. If they would look through their old apps, they would see potential MTs instead of going through ad after ad for new ones.
The joke is on OSI.
I know 2 team leads who do the same thing, when one is on her scheduled shift at OSi she will put her OPN status as away but she will be actively working on another job. I know this because I have 2 computers- one for each job. I obviously can't type on 2 accounts at the same time but I have worked at OSI on my scheduled shift and she was scheduled too at the same time but she was sending IM's and emails on the other computer at the same time that she had her away OPN sign turned on. The joke is on OSI. They would have a fit if they ever caught them. At least 2 team leads do that which I am aware of and I also know about the manager with the 3 jobs.

Sorry this post turned into an OSI post but they have so much crap going on at their company its hard to avoid it.
no joke!
I do QA, too, and that's one of my biggest complaints! There are tons of search engines and I can't figure out why some MTs can't use them! And the thing with the punctuation, that's another issue, especially since the company I work for outsources to India - they just type it exactly like it's being said, whether it's correct grammar or not - like they know!
YOUR a joke (sic)
Maybe you should spend your time learning basic grammar rather than bashing others on a chat board.
You do know that was a joke, right?

This has GOT to be a joke!
Joke's on you then.
I have plenty of heart and plenty of compassion --- FOR PEOPLE WHO HONESTLY DESERVE IT!

But what is predominating this board is all-out whining and a week-long pity party.

Don't bother feeling sorry for me. It seems like you have your hands full feeling sorry for yourself.

Tragedy of great magnitude. If this is the worst thing that's ever happened to you, consider yourself blessed!
If you think this is a joke, how would you...
if you were one of the people who heard this week that their wages are cut in half? No joke. In 1 week, you have half the cpl rate.

Fortunately, whether you liked it or not, this was a joke/parody. What would the pay cut for management sound like?

Unfortunately, there are some MTs who have to figure out how to make a living on half the CPL and only a promise that the platform will be better/faster.
This is a JOKE, right? Please be a joke.

DAH is not a word. DUH. You are a joke
I agree. SS is a joke
They just lost a major account. Actually it's not that bad if you don't mind constant negative, nagging, threatening global emails about things that don't even pertain to you, and if you don't mind using your own equipment that they get into with PCAnywhere to install their software and freeware which also spawns junk mail and spam. Oh, and if you don't mind footing the bill to call long distance to attend their training.
OMG. And I thought their MT pay was a joke. nm
I really don't believe that, that 4 of them are making more than they did before. What a joke.
Why does it always have to be love it or leave it with these corporate sallies? Certainly there is room for liking working for a company, but not being satisfied with everything they do regarding MTs, and promoting decisions geared to keep the employees happy, disagreeing with those that do not.

Tons of MTs might, but could they pass the tests and do the accounts I have done for years? Every management person claims they have trouble finding qualified MTs, and a lot are leaving because they HATE ASR, and do not wish to be turned into underpaid editors.
3 cpl for editing? What a joke! sm
What are these companies thinking (and for an IC position too!)  I am so sick of all these low paying jobs. Everything is going up except our pay.  Anybody know of a good company looking for editors that pays decent?   
Holiday? What a joke...sm
Are there any companies out there that actually pay their MTs holiday pay? Amphion makes you use your hard-earned, very-slowly-accru, or is there better? Just doesn't seem right. I would think they could pry their wallets open a little bit wider in this respect.
Is this another joke? I'm confused.
The joke, "Silly," sm
was this company had absolutely nothing to do with speech recognition.  Yet another recruiterism.  I rest my case.
Focus is a joke
I worked for Focus about 3 years ago as an editor. Perhaps they have changed, but back then it was just ridiculous. Very rarely did I get an 8 hour day in. It took me over a month to get my first paycheck. I just couldn't make a living working for them with such an inconsistent work flow. But, like I said, that was 3 years ago, so hopefully they have changed for the better and I wish you luck in your career!
It was a childish joke. nm
No joke! You should be compensated
to respond in a nice way!  I would let you great team lead know that you are really plugging for them so your team lead can maybe get you a kicker!!  LOL 
OMG they even want you to BUY the software! What a joke!
That has to be the LONGEST job ad that I have ever seen in my life! What a turn off! I love animals too, but the person running that ship seems a bit...well, psycho! LOL!
man... training. what a joke THAT is.
that lady answered 20,000 instant messages during the training session... reminded us over and over how important she is.... what a ridiculous joke they are. They offered the swat team A CRAP LINE RATE JOB after being paid what they were actually WORTH. Focus is a Jokus! p.s. hey recruiter... learn how to spell .. and that's the TURTH... HA!
Your a joke that isn't funny.
SoftScript? What a joke . .

I had a bad experience with SoftScript and I posted about it here, how the recruiter didn't seem to know exactly what acute care was, etc.   And yes, I called her ditzy, and I still stand by my original assessment.  A couple days later I get a blazing email from the Corporate Director of HR telling me how I was just mad because I didn't pass their testing and verbal interview.  That my written and verbal grammar skills were so bad during the testing and phone interviewing process, that I didn't even meet their lowest requirements.  Now, the kicker in all this?  I HAVE NEVER SPOKE TO ANYONE AT SOFTSCRIPT, NOR DID I TEST!  I simply sent them a resume and that was all.  He said I didn't pass the test because I couldn't tell the recruiter what a cesarean section or a gastric bypass was??  Huh?  He keeps referring to this discussion the recruiter and I had, THAT NEVER HAPPENED! 

He went on to tell me I was disappointed that I didn't pass the test and that was no reason to bash anyone of the recruiter's caliber.  What a great human being she was, all her years of experience, etc.  She is an expert MT and listed all of her credentials.  He stated that I just didn't measure up to their high standards.  The email is extremely unprofessional and it sounds like someone has told him lies to cover their a$$.  He then goes on to bash MT Stars, calling it the last bastion of unscrupulous and anonymous postings of free speech provided for medical transcriptionists.

Of note, I have almost 20 years experience in all types of acute care inpatient and diagnostic dictation, including a large percentage of ESL's.  I have taken and passed the CMT exam, and have recently chosen to not renew my credentials for personal reasons.  I would put my experience up against that of the recruiter at any time and feel confident I'm just as much of an expert as she is.

So yes, again I will say, the recruiter is ditzy and now I'm wondering about the whole company.  I had already crossed them off my short list of employers after the first email, but the HR Director's email clinched it.  I have never seen anything as unprofessional as the email i received.  It sounds like somebody there is really paranoid about their future with the company.  Hope you have better luck than I did. LOL, I know, I'll probably get another one of his emails.  LOL.

What a joke! This is the last straw for me..sm
So they have some work that is enough for the current employees to be busy.  Now they are hiring more full-time MTs?!? For what?  So in four months they can be sitting there all day with no work and getting emails that you must flex your time from supervisors who panic if one job is out of TAT!  I quit.
Toth what a joke!!!
Just checked my email and got one from the owner asking me to sign in to get work  --NEVER worked for them although was approached but realized with a gut feeling that something wasn't right.  What a bunch of horse pockey!!!!
You're a joke

Sounds like you got fired.  Get over it, sucks to be you.

As for the Jew comment... I don't see how anyone's religion has anything to do with the rep of a company.

You both need to get a job so you stop waisting your time whining and blogging.

Their recruiter is a joke and you
Recruiter vaguely answered questions and I had the feeling she didn't know what she was talking about.  When I got in there I was certain she didn't know. 
Chronicle is a joke. Never had a
and dictators stink.  We used to run out of work a lot also.  Forget asking a question.  There there were different answers each day.  The line counts were terrible and impossible to make any kind of living.  I found the company to be very poorly managed.  Maybe that has changed but seeing the recent posts it doesn't look like it.  Pay was on time though when I was there.
Yeah, was it a joke?
Its a bummer to expect something and get nothing.
Is that a joke? Because it sounds like it.

What I suspect is REALLY the case is those of you who do better with VR cannot type worth beans.  There is no way an expert MT knowing all the tricks can make any money on VR. 

The lawsuits will come, mark my words.  The only reason they haven't started yet is because no one (including most of the dictators) has a clue what is in their medical records.  Just you wait...  the chickens will come home to roost and it won't be pretty. 

A. Sertive, the joke is on me
Once again there was not enough work for me to make my lines today, and I have been right here, typing away and minding my screen all day. I have loved this company, but I am mindful that mortgage notes are to be paid monthly, that banks get angry (rightly so) when you are late, and that having a family means having all kinds of expenses. I had at least hoped to get the minimum lines today, but this answers my own question. Yes, I will stay with MDI, yes I will work hard for them and give them my best effort as I always have, but YES, I will keep my second gig as well. Cannot afford not to, sadly enough. I need the security of two jobs, apparently.
It was an IC position that is the joke!

Wow - THAT was mature. What a joke.
So anyone who dares introduce you to reality is suddenly MANAGEMENT.

How sad it must be to live in such a state of paranoia all the time.

Oh well, misery loves company. And you sure seem to have loads of it on this board.

Tell them like it is-check this out-NO JOKE!
One of the job interviews that I had today after I sent out a resume yesterday stating I DO NOT TEST before interview, called me first thing this morning with a ridiculous low ball of 0.2 cents for QA even though I had not tested.  I told them, first of all, I don't do QA by the line which is why I am leaving my current job (with MQ), secondly, the offer of 0.2 cpl or even 0.3 cpl which quickly followed is not a consideration for me with my experience level (to say it nicely), and thirdly I DECLINE THE JOB OFFER.  They said, Oh, okay-like in total surprise.  No more than 4 hours later, they call and offer me QA hourly with NO TESTING-i accepted!  Take the ball back ladies, you are worth it!
I'll start. MDI is a joke!
Arrogant, disorganized, and superior to everyone. You are always wrong, they are always right, management if you can call it that, and do not ever ask a question and expect an answer. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN. You will be promised a certain line rate but by the time they take away a little bit more every day, you will be making at the most 7 cpl, and that is the TRUTH.
You people are a joke on this board...
the original poster just asked a simple frigging question! I used to work at OSi and I know who he/she is referring to. JP was a nice lady, and someone I learned a lot from, and maybe she just wondered if she still worked there.