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This is why you have this problem

Posted By: TT on 2009-03-19
In Reply to: Application Help Needed - TT Wannabe

The recruiter is actually the boss. She wears many shoes and deals with every aspect of the business. She is a very nice lady, as well as the rest of the staff are very nice and respectful but she actually has her hands too full. They are really growing and need to grow and add more staff in the office because it looks like this is too much for one person to handle. They are trying to keep the company small but it has probably grown beyond the reach of one person to take part in everything. Like the other person said, just try calling one last time and ask to speak to Debbie. If you are hired at TT you will enjoy the atmosphere. I hope you aren't going broke while you're waiting on it though. They do not have to beg for MTs like many other companies and do not have a huge turnover because they treat their MTs well. You don't see a new ad on the board every day. It really is a great company but they are really understaffed.

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