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Trans Tech

Posted By: Carol on 2008-10-22
In Reply to: Again, not the truth sm - Get your facts straight

Thank you for saying what you said about TT.  I have just takes a position there and of course worry when joining a new company about running out of work.  I am fortunately one of those MTs that shows up on time and works and I am good at what I do.  I know how things can be having to pick up the slack from those that cherry pick and do not work their shifts or refuse to do certain doctors.  I am the one that gets those left behind.  I am very excited about coming on and see they have a great benefits package also.  Any pointers you can give me would be much appreciated.  Thanks.  Carol

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Trans Tech Medical Solutions or Trans Tech Svcs?
Which is the one that everyone is always saying is so good to work for?  Trans Tech Medical Solutions or Trans Tech Services out of Iowa?  Thanks for any clarity you can provide!!!!
trans tech does
Trans Tech
So do you like it there or what?
Re Trans Tech...
Are their incentives pretty easy to obtain?  Have heard many good things about this company.  Thanks.
Trans Tech
I was offered a job also. I asked about ASR, was told they have it, but if I did not want it, I would not have to do it.
Can someone tell me more about Trans Tech?

IC or employee status? Benefits? Pay? ESLs? Just the normal stuff.  :)

Trans Tech
I have just joined the TT team and will begin my training on Monday.  I love the Dictaphone platform as you can look at all previous reports by Dr. or Patient and that is a great reference tool.  I missed that so much when I left to go to the company I am at now.  I have looked at the bonus and benefits structure and I really must say I am truly impressed.  I hope it all is as good as it looks on paper.  I have been told I am starting on a new account and that work is plentiful which is of course always a scary thing when moving on to a new company when you are used to steady work.  I am pretty excited about this though and hope I stay for a long time. 
Trans Tech
I am taking a position with Trans Tech   and I was wondering if any of you out there work for them or have worked for them in the past.  I like to try to build a little network and would appreciate any feedback also if anyone has any about Trans Tech.  Thanks. 

Does anyone know on what platform the clinic notes are to be transcribed, if any special equipment will be needed other than what is stated in their ad, or have any info in general about the 10 open clinic MT positions?  I've seen they have a lot of positive posts lately so I'm thinking of applying.

TIA for any info you can provide. 

Trans Tech
Where did you find their add?

?? for any Trans Tech MT

Does anyone know how to make an expansion for the dates, i.e. yesterday, today on the ESP program. You can E mail me.  Thanks!!

I liked Trans Tech but quit...sm
I couldn't afford their benefits.  Be careful and check into that first before going to work for them.  Insurance would have cost me $300 a month for single individual.
So is Trans Tech's insurance
kisses and hugs. 
Trans-Tech Med Solutions

Hi, all!  I'm new at this and hope that I don't post this multiple times by accident.  (I'm learning.  Please be patient with me!).  I have 18 years experience as an MT, and am out job hunting.  I will be speaking with a recruiter from Trans-Tech Medical Solutions tomorrow, and I was wondering if anyone has/does work for them.  Would you kindly let me know if you like working for them?


Trans Tech info

Any info on Trans Tech would be appreciated.  Insurance, pay, etc. 

Thanks :)

Has anyone LEFT Trans-tech? There have been (sm)
such good things posted here, nothing negative, and I'm curious if anyone has been dissatisfied or left for any reason?  Thanks
Trans Tech Medical

Anyone hear of this company?  Anyone have any experience with them?  Thanks. 

Trans Tech Schedule
Does Trans Tech use a time clock or make you fill out a time card?
Will someone tell me about the Trans-Tech test

Do they send you a wav file or is it through the MTtest.com site  I am not interested in a long drawn-out test.  How long is the test, and is it detailed or basically a transcription test?

Trans Tech questions
I have a question about Trans Tech.  Do they provide computers.   If not does anyone know the requirements for your personal computer?  People seem happy with this company.  How is the pay?  The accounts - are they good or primarily ESL?  I am happy where I am but but as an IC I am simply running out of work on a constant basis and need something more stable.  Thanks for any info. 
Axolotl and Trans Tech
Do you currently work for either? What are they paying if you do not mind sharing this info?
Trans Tech question
What is the URl to TT? When I looked up TT all I found were links to India offshoring. Thanks
Trans Tech questions...

Does anyone know what first shift means for Trans Tech?

What platform do they use or does it depend on the account?

Thanks so much in advance... 

One more:  Are they flexible when it comes to needing time off for an appointment?

Precyse or Trans Tech
I have never worked for Trans Tech, but do work for Precyse. I will tell you that Precyse is a wonderful company....not perfect, no company is. They have lots of work, value their MTs, pay a fair line rate and give excellent benefits. Worked for MQ in the past...a million xxx better than MQ!
Trans Tech VR work pay
I was wondering what Trans Tech pays for VR work or what percentage of your base cpl. thanks.
trans tech expander
Does anybody know if the MQ Expander will work with Trans Tech ??
Sooo, is Trans Tech VR is that why sm
there is seemingly disenchantment in the postings? I will not try VR again, so just wanted to know.  I will never EVER work for that kind of money EVER.  This is a highly skilled and technical, knowledgable based profession. PERIOD and ever changing info to keep up with.
Trans Tech has an Arizona account

It's twu!  It's twu!  Good doctors and good lines.  Go for it.

Anyone have any info on Trans Tech out of Houston?
Have worked for both. Trans Tech is by far the best choice!! nm

This was in ERROR-was referring to Trans Tech!
This post below was in error. I thought you were referring to Transtech - all of the same applies, however, great company (Trans Tech) pay on time, etc etc:)
Anyone with heads up on the Trans-Tech Test?
Ex-Qers, how is at at Trans Tech? How is Ex-Text?
Has anyone here left Trans-Tech or Diskriter, and if
Does Trans Tech provide the computer? nm
Gift card from Trans Tech nm
Are you talking Trans Tech or Transcend? Could be either one.
The only work available at Transcend is the junk accounts that they don't trust the MTs in India to do. I'm sick of the work going there, and it's very obvious. They stink at communication too. Sooooooooo, I vented and feel much better.
Trans Tech is hiring for Radiology
What system they use and is it production friendly? TIA
Trans Tech's checks bounce? sm
Is that your employer? I thought they were an okay company. I can't believe their checks bounce. That is terrible.
Any news on Trans Tech appreciated by employees sm
I see they have a job posting but am so leary of these outsourcing companies. What can you tell me about them. From the archives they seem to have a good reputation, but some of the postings are a year old.
Trans Tech is a good company to work for.
I have plenty of work. I wish you the best.
New Trans Tech employee looking to make friends with ....sm

other happy Trans Tech employees.  It has been such a loooong choosing process, but I am feeling so happy about this decision, thanks to all who helped me out, especially Donna, and Debbie is a fantastic-sounding boss.  Looking forward to getting started, give me a yell if you can! 

Ok you Trans-Tech MTs give me the low down- I see you guys are hiring again
Feel free to email me if you like.  I would like to know about the pay, pay periods, health insurance, PTO, and of course is there enough work to go around.  Not interested in ASR or VR.  I love ExText though.  Many thanks for your input.  Oh another thing, what is the testing process like?
Can anyone provide info on Trans Tech Iowa?
Have you considered radiology tech or lab tech?
A lot of the credits you have acquired for nursing transfer to both of those programs. Probably a little less stressful.
try transriptiongear.com's tech support. They do gearplayer tech support whereever you bought yo
SC Trans
Has anyone worked for or heard of SC Trans? Thank you!
CC Trans
I had ben contacted several times to work, then nothing, then once they contacted me and I was unable to that day, so nothing.  Now I got another call asking if I could - said yes, and guess what - nothing. Maybe they forgot who they are contacting?
Work is easy/normal, but platform is slow with entering a lot of demographics. Pay is regular at 8 cpl. Staff really easy to work with. Have you applied yet?
Med Trans, Inc.
Has anyone heard of this company? You pay $4xx.xx to take the course, and are then hired by them to work for them. They are a member of the BBB, and have very few complaints. Just can't find anything else on them.