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Why would you feel silly calling Payroll with a question?

Posted By: Busy MT'ing on 2005-09-12
In Reply to: Question on ADP pay statement for DQS work (sm) - MQer

That's what they are there for. I've called them a few times with questions -- I want to know very specifically how to calculate my pay and they have always been very helpful. It's their job to answer questions.

You certainly have the right to ask questions, especially if something is different than you expected on your paycheck.

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I feel silly for saying this, but sm
I really have literally cried a time or two when yet another CP popped up I had never seen before and I could see the next job was yet a different one I had neer seen before and neither one would I likely see again.

I used to be able to transcribe 2000 to 2200 lines per day and made excellent money last year (I was one of the 2006 cheerleaders) but this past pay period, I am lucky to get in 1700 lines a day. I know that's still over the req, but it isn't good enough for me. My DH is a good breadwinner and we are comfortable and not in financial trouble, but the lack of desperation does not mean I am willing to be treated in such a cavalier manner, particularly when I am certainly not cavalier about the work I produce.

I have worked for other companies (non-MT) before that have had new CEOs or have been bought out and the same thing happened with all of them. Every time I hear about major changes going on I cringe. Last year's changes turned out to be great for me but beginning in April of this year, when all my accounts went ASR, things began to slide (I can type MUCH faster than edit ASR) and on July 1, it all went to Hades. I know ASR is a permanent fixture so I've gotten used to that, but the World Wide Pool is another matter.

I have applied several places. I have heard from two. But it was Lee I was really interested in. Unfortunately, I have only five years' experience so I can't compete with yours. I don't begrudge you this opportunity, though. We will both end up with something better, regardless. :-)
I feel the same way...I love working for Keystrokes and feel blessed that I have such a wonderful jo
Oh how silly of me! Thanks! (nm)
In France all they do is strike and riot! 
silly me...
I thought this board was for discussion, as in two sides of the issue, not just complaining, and for sharing among our profession.

I am not judging anyone having a hard time making ends meet. I am simply saying some people have got lousy attitudes. They would rather complain than do anything to improve their situation. Case in point, how sad that you think the purpose of a discussion board is simply to complain and how sad that you have no one else to talk to - like a person whose face you can see. But frankly, if someone thought my only purpose was to listen to them complain, i guess i wouldn't want to talk face to face with them either. It's not that I don't have anything to contribute; it's just that you don't want to hear anyone who actually is satisfied in their job or thinks changing is better than wallowing.
This is kind of silly, isn't it?

I agree with the poster who said that people are entirely too quick to use the term racist.  At any rate, I think enough has been said.  

I was just being generally silly - but not
sure who my cohorts are! I assure you, I'm a lone jokester.
such a silly comparison.
While clarification from a supervisor is always a good idea, to compare asking for input here from other MTs to ''flagging down strangers on the street'' is pretty silly. (about as ridiculous as declaring it shows ''rampant mental illness'')
don't have to be a psychiatrist also to see this is silly ... sm
woohoo ... of 28 lines one day and this and that .. BFD.

Trust them and stay with them and work your fingers off insteady of coming here and trying to stir up trouble ......... or ........ move on and find a company you can trust and don't have to perform 20 different line counting programs to verify .. sheesh.

I'm glad Friday and Saturday are my days off ... this makes me tired ... LOL
Obviously you DON'T....LOL!!!!!!
Now what was silly about my comment?

I just wanted to make sure that the company was being plugged by an ACTUAL employee.  I'm glad you are happy there at Axolotl. 

You silly girl!
I agree about this being a bit silly
Who knows who posts these things? It could be a very well connected person who owns another MTSO who is a friend of someone who got the e mail. We don't know who how people heard about this e mail. So to say it is someone working at TT now is not necessarily true. And about the guy being foreign, give me a break. The guy has a name from Europe. Guess what, my name is European and my family has been here for over 100 years. Someday I hope that people just wait and see what happens before they begin to panic and post here.  If you run out of work, call and ask for more. They answer the phones.  If you are upset and worried about the new company, call the new HR person, she is available.  If you have a concern call and talk to your supervisor, I have.  If you want out get out. But as the other poster said above, it says in our agreement with TT HR that one of the rules of the handbook is no rumors.  Communicate with the supervisor. If you have a beef, get on the phone! I myself am a bit fed up hearing TT praises, then TT bashes. Like this place gets bipolar sometimes. Now I am off to work, which I have because I communicate with my sup. See ya.
This is getting silly now. Please use your common
Volunteering is not illegal in and of itself. Let's see, I could volunteer to bake donuts for a PTA cake sale. But if I volunteered at home to bake donuts for the local bakery to sell daily, that would be illegal. Bakeries are regulated and have to meet rigorous health dept codes, etc. If you're a putz, you can volunteer to transcribe for an MTSO, but again, it has to be set up professionally, and NO I am not sure that it is legal to work for free. I can't go into ShopRite and volunteer to work for the day stocking shelves. What if something happened while I was working there? Slip and fall? It just isn't legal. Then you compare volunteering to an internship program. Apples and oranges. Of course, an internship program is a different entity and whoever was running one would already know all the legal guidelines and have them in place. But, NO you cannot transcribe medical records on a volunteer basis while someone else farms you their work on an informal basis, while they get paid for it, submitting it to someone else who hired THEM, not YOU, to transcribe it. Its called subcontracting, and its a legal matter, not like volunteering to walk somebody's dog for them while they are on vacation. Please, please consider our career a profession.
Where DID you come from? You have me laughing myself silly!
Love the comparison with MQ and MDI-MD...
Probably sounds silly but...
I used to think a coupon for a free pizza once in awhile would have been nice, ha-ha. I'm not hard to please but I know you're right, somebody will always find fault with a gift.
Your post is really silly...sm
she has to have your SS# to cut you a check.
Not VR, silly goose!
''Exciting new technology!  This is all ''newspeak'' and George Orwell would be so very proud. 
What a silly concept
You make a case that wages are stagnant - but miss that people might not be happy about that?

Perhaps you are not affected by wages that don't increase while the cost EVERYthing does - but the vast majority of people are affected.

And do I have it right? You are complaining - about people complaining?
I don't know about silly, but it is causing OSi grief.
mission accomplished!!
Well that is just silly, unless you are getting round the clock pay.
And I highly doubt that. I was a recruiter, doesn't pay all that great.
That is honestly a silly comment now on top of the

other mess. You do it, not the cents per line? Honestly, its just fact that if one were making 10 cpl versus 7 cpl there would be a difference. This is too weird.

Silly - they'd rather whine - we have tons.


OMG I had the SAME reaction to this silly job post
I wouldn't work for *that* person for 10 cpl, much less 7 cpl!

I adore animals, and care deeply about my work, but the ad said much more about the person supervising/managing than they may have realized.
Not management, think it silly to ask OP question
Not that silly, a lot of people forget about
It kinda slips your mind when you're so used to communicating via email. I've found, though, that even if I can't get a reply on email, I get an answer on the phone pretty quickly. I'm sure some companies get bogged down in emails so a phone call also shows them you're serious. Plus, if your email contact isn't terribly helpful, you might get someone on the phone that's more helpful anyway.

You're welcome! Good luck!
Don't you two think you are being just as silly as the ones you label as "negative?" sm

If you want to say hello, why not talk via Yahoo Messenger, which everyone in the company uses.  I saw your names on the company-wide emails, so why not just do your handshake there?

I think both sides are being a bit silly here.  There are good and bad points to any company, and those who ferociously defend without acknowledging the bad points are just as wrong as those who ferociously attack without acknowledging the good points.  Actually, watching this today, I have to say the good guys look worse than the so-called negative types.  Your bashing of them is just as negative as the things you accuse them of being.

I myself am Switzerland in all of this.  It is just a paycheck.  I don't care if it comes from India or Des Moines, Iowa.  If it is accurate, on-time, and a decent wage, I am happy.  I don't have a problem with the headquarters being in India.  The people there are sweet and kind and do their jobs professionally -- what more could you ask? 

I have the week off, but I think ALL of you should get back to work and quit trying to one up each other.   Just my opinion ... a**es and opinions .. we all have them. 

Don't you notice how silly your comments are?..nm
DQS payroll
full-time people fill out a timesheet online. statutory MTs don't.
not dure what cmpany - but if you had a contract and it states a pay date or pay time frame - you can take steps to get you money an dinterest - legally they are bound to stick to the scheudle they gave you - go to the department of labors web site and file a complaint - they will get the message.
It would depend on the account you are typing on. The account I was on was paid weekly by direct deposit; however, there were other accounts that were paid bi monthly.
SPI Payroll
I also got that e-mail and even though I appreciate the heads up, it is still an inconvenience for me. My checks are deposited in a credit union account which has limited hours and this will entail me taking time away from my work schedule, not to mention a 20+ minute drive each way, to get my check deposited and then of course having to wait for it to clear before the funds to be available. I am not going to get too excited yet, unless it becomes a recurrent problem.

They never told me I would get paid in 30 days. I do not need the money that bad since I have benefits/salary through my husband, but I can totally understand your situation if you totally depend on your paycheck once a week, twice a week, or semi-monthly. Getting paid in 30 days is very hard. You do not want to get behind on your bills and ruin your credit.

This company is Synthescribe. I think they have been going through lots of personnel changes and that's why they have changed their name. So far they have been very nice to me. I'm supposed to start training next week, so I shall see how it goes!

Many companies use payroll companies and they are just a number waiting for their work to be done.  You dont generally dictate to the payroll company that you have MTs who are just dying to file their taxes on January 15....which is what y'all are doing I guess.

If you have your last pay stub, most companies have YTD info on there.

If you're an IC and not an employee, getting 1099s instead of W2s, you should have records that support the 1099, and therefore already have those totals as well.

Or just relax.... you will get them :)

that was me silly, I was talking to you. I posted that right before your post came up!

That's silly. Its a typing platform, not a company!
Many companies use it, or used to use it. I even said that I knew people weren't lying about Vienetta out of job worries as the company I was going to work for was a 2 woman local office run out of a garage. Lots of MTs educated me about Vienetta on this forum, and they weren't my competition at all! Nor am I out to keep the original poster from taking a job using Vienetta.  Just shared with them the info that was shared with me a while back. Shame on you to imply otherwise.
That is just silly. People discuss pay all the time.
You all automatically assume my quality is low...? that is silly.
that is what I find disturbing. You all sound very anti-MT, in my opinion.

Rather than meet the issues (with the exception of perhaps 1 post) I brought up head-on, you turn it around on me, you have made everything personal, you have ganged up and attacked me with incorrect assumptions and rude comments that I am just burned out, and assumed I am a low-quality MT.

One year ago I was making about $16+/hour (on average), today transcribing more lines, I am averaging a little over $11/hour because of (I am told) staying competitive with almost third-world countries and technologies. Well, I do not want to do QA just to make more money.

That is not burn-out, that is trying to fight for something I believe in. Then I come to this boards, and read a lot of QA people posting how much they make, like $16/hour--what I used to make...

I would never work in QA just like I would never work in management. Already have done it and I am not interested. I enjoy just transcribing.

The great divide I talk about is extremely obvious in most of these posts here...how could anyone not see that, it is so clear.

I got blasted because I put in my opinion, but I got blasted personally.

What it sounds like to me is a lot of hostility from QA to MTs because you obviously have a lot of low-quality MTs. If that is the case, I apologize, but that is not me. I resent the implication that it is, just based on my opinions.

Every post on here has attacked me, and that to me proves my point a million times over...there is a big divide between QA and MT. Instead of just whining about how awful MTs are, and visa versa, something should be done to bring us together.

MTs are also editors and should be trained as such. Personally, I do not even leave many blanks, and those I do it is with great appreciation and respect that I ask QA to help me.

Working on VR, especially, we should all be QA and should all have those skills.

I also am referring a lot to bigger companies I have worked for who use QA as a tool to lower MT pay (even good MTs).

I have never said I do not make mistakes, either. If anyone read my posts I clearly agreed to constructive criticism and having QA to help when stuck on a report.

The tone of hearing QA complain about MTs, I just wanted to remind people that we are also hitting a report head-on, where we are also finding correct demographics, searching databases for doctor names, etc. Unless on VR, we are not just reading through an already transcribed report...

Also, if you all have such a terrible time with MTs, why not get with management and find a way to hire seasoned MTs or find ways to coach them.

The great divide is, in fact, just what someone rudely posted is the feeling of being disconnected. In all honesty you have to admit even if only to yourselves, all we hear is mostly negative, negative, all the time. We are not kept up to date on changes, they just happen. We have no voice, no say. Our jobs our in jeopardy every day, any minute they can be taken away, you can be fired, or not even fired, but work can just dry up for an MT who disagrees with management, or perhaps has questions. QA can make or break an MT just like a supervisor.

I worked at ______ and most of the QA people were sadistic, and could never agree even amongst themselves. They would torment MTs.

All my opinions, I stick to them...and all these posts have done for me is reconfirm a lot of what I have felt.
silly wabbit, take a look at the CEOs of the largest
The MT industry IS male- dominated. The ICs and small mom-and-pop MTSOs may still be predominately women, but when the higher echelon of the larger companies are in fact males...well, you just don't come off sounding like you have it all together. Additionally, most of those male-dominated large MTSOs have sunk huge amounts of money in offshore facilities/employees. Our government has made it lucrative NOT to do business in the US.

About this work stoppage thing and organization efforts you advocate, you must not be well read in MT circles on the 'net. There have been some serious people making serious efforts to organize the MT industry and time and time, these efforts fail. The biggest reason for this failure are anonymous message boards like these (no offense to the board owner/administrators) because people don't want to put their name behind what they say, don't want stand up for what they say. There are too many people who simply want to keep their jobs. I DO believe that if the US MTs collectively stopped working for a week, services WILL find alternatives and there will be loss of jobs. Remember the air traffic controllers? Best example I can offer.

I could go on but I got weary from reading your post as I have seen it time and time again, and unless you personally are willing to stand up and organize it, why are you stirring the pot?

Milton's Red Stapler
Your Office Genie was a silly name too, but Carole

laughed all of the way to the bank when she sold the company for several million dolalrs.

Besides, your checks are not issued as Get Back Jack or whatever.  Great pay, good lines, and an easy account.  People could do worse.

Who needs it? We don't. Just don't buy anymore with their silly rule changing.
Hahaha, you silly, that is a stock photo of a
making a big deal out of a picture. You just love stirring up stuff, don't you?
You're so silly. Your a team lead

and a front for an Indian business.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  Answer this -- their website gives a US address.  You know where the work is coming from and managed - I don't have a problem with the Indian MTs and work -- it's the false advertisement.  So, you're saying you actually condone and have no problem representing a piece of the sham? 

Also, as a TL for this company, you are not portraying yourself in a leadership position -- you should be portraying yourself as an example and mentor.  If the Indian angle doesn't put a sour note on this company, your posts and representation of them does.  Good luck in your lovely position.

Silly me...It arrived in the mail today :)
I guess I was just a bit impatient due to needing the money and a bit worried as I have had one lost before. I need to set up a new bank account soon :) I was so relieved and happy when it arrived today! :)
Silly wabbit, tricks are for kids!
Really, you haven't been in the MT world long, right?  No problem!  We all have to start sometimes.  Better you get over your naiveity (sp?) sooner than later. 
Please submit $29.99 with next payroll
We encourage AT&T, as you can get multiple lines for $29.99, but there are other companies that have come out with comparable prices. Then, fax the bill to Rochelle and submit it with the second payroll of the month. Thanks a lot, Liz
Medscript payroll??
Does Medscript out of Naples, Florida only pay direct deposit?? I got a call from them wanting me to work PT as an IC but can't get anyone to answer the phone when I call and I have sent emails.  I want to accept this position, but I prefer a paper check. Anybody know?? 
payroll checks

is there anyone here who is as tired as I am of bounced checks, late checks, etc.

I finally have someone who pasy but evry three weeks the checks come and it is getting ridculous.  They held the first one for four weeks then mailed it out, and now it just gets later and later- I have two others I work for I sent myinvoice and got a check within three days.  is there a logical reason for this over and over again?

TTS payroll issues
Same here for me. I thought it was just me.
Leslie is payroll
...but now since most of the managers are gone or lost their titles (and money) she is being used to run accounts.  That's the biggest problem over there, people with absolutely NO transcription experience making the rules. 
Outsourcing for HR and Payroll
How many transcription companies have partnered with ADP, a global conglomerate listed on the NYSE.  Transcription companies, et al,  are turning their Human Resource and Payroll functions over to ADP.  Now in my opnion, an mouse does not partner with an elephant.  Partnership????  Thousands of ADP accounts were already invaded by hackers this year.  What is going on?  Is there a gobble-up in the offing for some of the smaller, more independent transcription companies?  Is this why they are partnering?  Is this why were are being treated as disposable commodities?  Are they all going to sell out to foreign companies listed in the US as corporations, but actually foreign owned and controlled?  Any insight would be appreciated.  E-mails welcomed.