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already did that and mostly info about pay and lack of work

Posted By: not much about platform at all on 2009-07-31
In Reply to: many posts about their VR system; mostly negative. - search Company Board Search For (not google).nm


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No, Paul, you are not. Left last year due to lack of work, but not lack of respect. It's a shame
I liked 'em a lot.
Great people to work for, but I had to leave due to lack of work. Hopefully that has changed. SM
Most of us who do not live in California had to go IC. When I was there, they did not have statutory status, although they told me they did when they hired me. Their pay for VR is VERY low, not a living wage. Many of the folks in the office are ex-YOG and great to work for/with. Good luck.
I've started looking for a new job - never enough work -I bet it is going to the new center in India.
Lack of work
Anyone out of work at FutureNet?
There is ALWAYS lack fo work there...
Then MANDATORY OVERTIME when there is work.
The lack of work got you too huh? nm
No lack of work!!!!
If you are running out of work, then you need to discuss your work types with your Account Lead/Supervisor. Sometimes there is a lack of work in the morngings 6 a.m. to noon Eastern time, but there is always work available on the second shift and third shifts. If you want to work, there is work. If you are scheduled to work that day and nothing down loads, leave your Word Client up, and the jobs will download as they are available. Be flexible on your hours, try some different work types, ask for an additional backup account. There is work if you want it. I have never been completely without work for an entire day and it is rare that I do not make line counts. NO, I AM NOT MANAGEMENT, I AM AN MT THE SAME AS YOU ARE.
No lack of work with me either sm
and I work days on that nightmare account that everyone hates.  Come work with me! I'll gladly share!  No complaining here.   
lack of work
I am not getting enough work and need a second job.  Some of you work for more than one company.  How do you coordinate your hours between two or more companies when you don't know what hours you are going to be out of work on your primary job?
lack of work
Thanks for the suggestions.  When I started this job there was plenty of work.  My mold is that there is not enough work now, but knowing that when I change, my line count and income will plunge until I get up to speed.  That's my hesitance of leaving.  Don't want to get hungry.  When we trained for transcription, nobody mentioned that aspect.  I've noticed by the threads I read that a lot of you generally switch jobs until you find accounts you can make money on. 
Lack of work

Okay, OSi -- I don't normally bash a company publicly, but you've pushed me to my limit.  I am tired of having no work, or very little, with no explanation whatsoever from the powers that be.  A little honesty would go a long way.  You do realize that your employees are depending on their jobs for an actual paycheck -- they don't just work for the heck of it, right?! 

What happened to a company owned by former MTs who understand us?!  Where are you guys now, and how would you feel if you were in our situation?  When your offshoring practices come back to bite you in the rear (and they will), just remember that you made your bed and you are the ones who will have to lie in it! 

lack of work
If that is the case then I will not be there long. I only give a company a week as far as keeping me busy and I mean during the day, not midnight!! During holidays I have always had work as well. On interviews a couple of times and also on reading the posts here people mention that it is normal in this business to have slow periods and not to expect as much work during those times. Say what?? I am not talking about an employer only saying this but the MTs as well and they accept it and go without work!! I am not saying the hospital dictations donít fluctuate because they do but if a company is managed properly, a company who cares about their MTs will for one not over hire and secondly for holidays they will have the right amount of people slotted for vacation in order for the people who are left working to be kept busy. I mean it is never a perfect science in this business, thatís impossible, but a company should operate in a way that is organized with the MT in mind instead of feast or famine!! Also if TOT is running behind then itís bonus time!! Wouldnít that be more cost effective anyway?? I guess not for the companies that are ran that way. Wouldnít you want your MTs to be happy so the turnover is low or instead do you look at us as expendable? I donít know about these big MTSOs these days. What it boils down to is I do not have the patience or time for companies that will not allow me to make a good living because that immediately tells me that they do not care about their MTs. I know usually in just a few days whether I want to stay or not. There are other reasons I will not stay as well, the usual complaints such as a bad platform, horrible account, being unorganized, etc.

It sounds like maybe that is how MDI operates or maybe they lost an account or two. Well that couldnít be the case if they just hired me along with the other gal who posted before me and obviously there are others. That tells me that possibly some accounts are overstaffed and others arenít so I will mention to her tomorrow that I need an account that is understaffed.

The problem right now is I am stuck because of the health insurance issue. I had to take the job because I was on Cobra at the time and ever since my line counts have dropped. I had never experienced what other MTs were complaining about with their experiences. Well now I know!! Where I work now I use ExText which I love and the account is good. It is their line counting methods that have made my line counts drop. I know how many lines I do an hour which range 325-375 on every account I have ever done for different companies yet I cannot achieve that here so I know darn well I am being scammed especially considering I have already used this platform before and made my 350+ lines so it is blatantly obvious.

So because of that I am not only going to be PT for MDI, or whoever it ends up being, but I am also looking for another employee position so I can get out of here. I see some people on the posts say they love working at this company and knock the ones who say negative remarks for different reasons but also about the line counts. I just don't get how they could love it there when I have a good account and platform and there are some nasty accounts there, so why am I struggling and they arenít? Maybe it is not that I am struggling but that they have never done more than 1200 lines in 8 hours and are happy and used to that so it works for them. I am assuming but that is all I can come up with.

That is why I have been so frustrated in the past 2 years finding a good company to work for. I think it is because I am wasting my time putting resumes out to these larger companies. I need to work for small to mid-sized companies again but I need insurance. I do know that some have insurance but it is a rip-off. My husbandís is too expensive too. Well enough complaining. I refuse to give up and settle though!! Off to bed for yet another low production day.

No lack of work here...
I guess the choices some of us make are better than others.  And, no, I do not work for a national.  Maybe I will have to some day, and believe me when that day comes, I won't wait until I can't feed my kids to try and find that job.  I'll be looking as soon as I think I'm in trouble, and I won't be posting on here for a pity party either. 
Lack of work
I also checked with supervisor about my account possibly being in Chartnet to explain the lack of work and was told when my account moves over then I move over, so this obviously is not the case. I don't know what is going on, but this is very unusual except around holidays.
Lack of work
I also checked with supervisor about my account possibly being in Chartnet to explain the lack of work and was told when my account moves over then I move over, so this obviously is not the case. I don't know what is going on, but this is very unusual except around holidays. This week is also the beginning of the new bimonthly pay, the same day as the lack of work started. Coincidence?
Lack of work
Sigh.....I'm another MedScribe MT who has not been able to get my lines this week.  I have never had this problem before.
Lack of work @ MDI
I've really tried to be patient and understanding but lately I'm rightly pi$$ed off.  Why do the secondaries get to take work from my primary??    I always hesitated and didn't take work from my secondary accounts so as to not take work from the MTs who had that as a primary.  Yesterday and now I have NO WORK.  I was told yesterday, *oh, I guess the secondaries did the work* when I asked why I didn't have any jobs.  Guess I'll have to look for a filler job ASAP. 
lack of work @MDI
Is this the same company as MD-IT???
Amherst and lack of work

How do you deal with it?? You try to get someone at the office to listen to you and then you start the endless list of 5 or 6 accounts that you bounce around it, trying to meet your line quota in fear that they may take away your insurance and now that the MT's from yet another office closing have been transferred there, I somehow do not know if this will even end. If MT's are out of work, why does the hiring continue?????? Or as someone has said, are they trying to get rid of the higher paid MT's, afterall MQ did say in their SEC report that they expected thier revenue to continue to decline with the loss of accounts and with new accounts coming in at a lower rate due to competition. One of the MT's that was transferred with me to Amherst, actually we have been transferred twice since the closing of our office, has started to do some ASR and was wondering if her pay scale was going to change. Her supervisor made a comment, "I don't think your rate will change, I will let you now" , has anyone had their rate change since doing ASR?????


Does anyone know how many offices MQ had 2 years ago and how many they have now?? Just curious as this was one of the things mentioned in the SEC filing ---about more offices closing--are they going for the Big Four--I was surprised to see that the Atlanta office was closing as I always thought that was one of the Big Four 

Heartland - Lack of Work
Just wanted to share my frustration with HIS and the lack of work! Any other HIS MTs having the same issue? I can't seem to make any money!!!
She probably means the lack of work.

Always had a ton of work to make up, but never had any work to make it up with...always got e-mails telling me everything looked good, BUT I needed to get my line counts...it was literally impossible for me on my account and my supervisor never got in touch with me when I e-mailed multiple times about getting other accounts. Got multiple e-mails about how good I was doing and just regular company e-mails daily, but never anything about another account. I got frustrated with never going over $300 every two weeks working 25 hours a week.

Other than that everything was great about the company.  No complaints other than that. Would still be there if that wasn't the case.

Bumped to MT due to lack of work!!
I used to be an Editor for Sten-Tel, but due to lack of work that needs editing, I have now been bumped down to an MT making very little compared to what I had been....SO LAME!!!!
maybe - there was lack of work when I was there 4 months ago
Have you communited with your mgr about the lack of work? sm
I have 3 accounts and rarely sit and wait. If you think yours are overstaffed, communicate and get a better fit? Sometimes platform is slow but from what I hear, most MTs do okay or well with it. I do.
I don't work for TT. I'm just amazed at your lack
If you can't get your lines because of lack of work what
good is it going to do to pay a bonus based on lines produced.   I'm not dumb enough to be fooled by that ploy. 
Lack of work is due to the holidays, nothing else (nm)
I have no problems with lack of work

for some reason I have had problems achieving a good line count.  I work hard nonstop for hours and cannot seem to get a fraction of what I did when I worked at the hospital. 

They do pay on time.  They do have a great benefit package.  They are nice people to work for.  They do encourage continuing education. 

I quit due to lack of work. I know of 6 others who also

quit before I did due to lack of work.  There are some accounts that have a lot of work, but unless you can work on those accounts it isn't much of a help.  I had 3 accounts and with the rare exception of when there was a 2-week period of OT available, I was only getting maximum of 18 hours week.  I attempted working during all 3 shifts, working my days off and still couldn't get in my hours/lines.  I asked for more accounts, I was willing and able to work, the quality of my work was excellent and I received multiple e-mails from my STM stating how pleased they were with my work, so the excuse that I just couldn't cut it is BULL.  

I don't know what the work load is like since I left, but I do know what it was like when I was there and there just wasn't work on my 3 accounts and anyone could see the numbers on the updates and see there were accounts that had tons of work, but there were many accounts with low numbers too.  We were also told that under no circumstances would we be paid for downtime.

My current company has had some days where work may not have been available on your shift to complete your line committment, but they pay us for any downtime and we don't have to worry about trying to make it up on a different shift or our days off.  The pay is probably less than what we would make transcribing, but is a generous amount. 

I have worked for companies that were much worse than WMX, but currently work for one much better.   When someone asks how things are there I am honest in my assessment as I see them, but usually get negative posts in return about how I'm not willing to take on more accounts and my work isn't good enough, etc.  That is all BULL.

If anyone goes back and read the archives there are many similar posts to mine that were not made by me. 

If you have lots of work, have a good STM, and are happy well I'm happy for you, but because someone else has a different story doesn't mean they are a bitter ex-employee who just couldn't cut it.  

FutureNet lack of work
How about lately? Anyone else notice the lack of work and the hiring of new MT's?  Also they do not treat their regulars with respect. 
I'm no longer there, but lack of work was
an issue for me, though I don't think it is an across the board problem.  I think my account was just overflow and the hospital could say don't pull any work for xx days.  It was often 3 days, sometimes more than a week with no work at all for that account.   I finally did get a backup account but hated the platform it was on and couldn't make any lines.  There are no guarantees with any job as they lose accounts, sometimes there are technical issues on either end, and currently I think the economy has slowed things down to some degree too. 
Anyone else at DSG finding a lack of work there lately. What
happened to it.
Are there any companies that are not having a lack of work right now? sm
I like my company but there has been a lack of work for a couple of months now. This may be is a result of the economy, but they are still hiring.

I don't want to, but I am considering applying elsewhere. The problem is, I may be jumping from the frying pan into the fire if a lack of work is industry-wide because of the economy or other reasons. Is it the same out there for everyone?

is the lack of work related to hiring new MTs?

It is interesting that there was an ad to hire with a hiring bonus in the summer and suddenly the work got low and now agree a couple of weeks after another hiring ad the work gets low.

Was going to work for them, but was NOT impressed with their lack of professionalism!!
Left 3 months ago for lack of work
and haven't looked back.  It is just the nature of the beast than when a network of accounts change to VR and MTs are doing more lpd now, there will be less work to spread around.  There were already problems with not having enough work, so I did not wait for the transition to VR  I had already moved down over the previous year from full time to part time because of lack of work.  Glad I made the move because I am also the sole breadwinner for my household and can't afford to go without work.
There is nothing "occasional" about WX lack of work.. "Consistent" would be a better wor
They blatantly overhire and could care less what MTs think despite the # of E-mails they send out.
Opinions on Webmedx lack of work.
Have been there for 2 years now. The benefits, pay, etc., are enough to keep you hanging in, but their slow-downs have been consistent and becoming more and more frequent. The new accounts in the last conference call appear to have not materialized for the most part. Still a decent place to work, but a tenuous situation. My STM behaves as if this happens every year everywhere. We all know that is not true.
Do you notice a pattern of lack of work
You mention it's hard enough to get your lines.  How many accounts do you have?  I'm an MDI MT and really concerned that we will be going from the frying pan into the fire.  I just wish we could get some definitive answers.  It almost makes me wonder how Dorothy or Larry would feel if they had put so much into this deal only to have the major questions go unanswered.  I highly doubt they would have kept investing so much time and work into the deal if they couldn't get the answers they were looking for.  They would have given up and moved onto something else, but they expect us to keep plugging along and doing the work all the while wondering what is going to happen to our livelihood. 
I just left a company due to lack of work, Monica.

Lack of work, offshoring, never answer e-mails....
I worked there for over a year...left because of lack of work...
one months lots of work, the next three months no work, so on and so forth...when there is a little extra work they do a big hire and once again the faithful MTs who stick by them have no work...I have been gone for over a year and it is still the same way...
But overhire/lack of work for the past few months . . . nm
You must not have been with Transtech long enough to see the lack of work periods. nm
Lack of work etc is always blamed on "the time of
Color me confused. Why the uproar over lack of work if you are
If you're only p.r.n. status with MDI now and have fulltime work elsewhere, I don't get the frustration of being out of work for weeks on end. Why even bother with MDI then? Why not just leave MDI altogether for the other company?
Webmedx lack of work is NOT part of business as
usual. It is by their design due to constant overhiring. Perhaps they are trying to squeeze the better paid, more experienced MTs out. Maybe then they can raise exec bonuses. Wake up people. This company is the new Q.
OSi didn't work out for me...lack of work sm
I worked there for about 3 months last year, and even though I was on 3 different accounts, I was continually running out of work.  They wanted me to flex to meet their schedule needs (working on my days off and late at night), but do to having small children, and having to have a babysitter when I am working, I need a set scheduled, and they just couldn't handle that.  I also thought they micromanaged.  I like to be left alone to do work.  I ended up slinking back to the Q after 3 months was up. 
I stayed 3 months and then bailed out. Ran out of work, lack of communication, etc. nm
The same here! I agree. They are a great company but the lack of work drove me away.

Very nice but hard to get line count due to lack of work...nm