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and by all means - know how to spell -

Posted By: susiespeller on 2005-10-22
In Reply to:

especially RECRUITERS!!

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    Horrible spell check, had to C&P onto word doc. to use spell checker. Slow, used ADT which did not
    I know how to spell, but you dont have to know how to spell so much
    as how to look things up.

    Why are you cutting on me? I know how to spell. I won my school spelling bee and went to state.

    The poster above me was putting people down that cant spell.

    You can work at McDonald's but I am doing fine with what I am doing.

    Thanks anyway for your wonderful advice but i dont need it
    George says what he means or is it he means what he
    but he sure does apologize in a way I've never heard a person whose company is valued at $8m a year apologize before and I've worked for companies who played who is the president of the week game! All I can say is that his personal interview about his high school reunion has a distinctly different style than his late January postings in which he degrenates the poster he tries to engage. Just remember George's quote we are misinformed.
    Can you spell?

    I can't believe it either, especially since she can't spell
    Not much, not too, not too - She can't spell so
    Of course, if I could spell it would help! Sorry. nm
    Can you spell
    India .. big time.
    Spell it without the w and maybe you will have a

    little bit more luck.  Diskriter. 

    No, that's what spell check is for. nm
    spell decent!
    you'd think I could spell my pseudoname right at least.
    so you think you can spell right? HOW? By looking things up!
    I plainly said you have to learn how to spell check and to LOOK THINGS UP.

    guess I can't spell either.
    I meant taxes not takes.
    spell it "unprofessional" -- one 'f', not two
    Spell correctly.
    Maybe their line rate was low because you couldn't type well. It is atrocious
    does anybody know how to spell redundent
    Who cannot spell the word anything.

    The word anything is a no brainer.  Boy, you're sure a little high on the horse, huh?  I'm not the OP, but where's the support here ??????  Cut the OP a break.  She's venting!  Oh, you must be QA.........

    Can you spell audit?
    They may not pay you a visit by ringing the doorbell but they can audit you and this encompasses 3 years of returns and you better have each and every receipt for each and every item you claim. It is not a pretty picture at an audit and can cost you dearly.
    Well, you did spell Axolotl right, but.....(sm)
    Too bad you can't spell it, jeAlousy.
    You need to LEARN to spell....
    Don't you think?
    No wonder! This company cannot spell they.
    He or she probably couldn't pass their own test.
    I donít have to spell check here
    and I was showing what I find, did you not read my posting about what I found in the neurologist's office, a sign spelled sureries.. I am not perfect, did not say that. You should edit yourself.
    Guess I need to spell it out
    I didn't say VR was a disaster. I said rushing through to meet some arbitrary goal of minutes mixed with the VR requirements is a recipe for disaster. I've seen what this hospital puts out and they do indeed miss important things that should be fixed and aren't.
    An editor who can't spell misspelled..lol
    Can't even spell the names of your accounts
    spell: desperate ... desperado ...
    spell check is not, that is why I said you have to know how to look things up.
    Knowing how to spell or thinking you know how to spell a word is not enough.

    Good grief. Read everything.

    Can you comprehend
    I used to when we had Linksys (can't remember how to spell)
    Now we have a different router and I'm not kicked out anymore.
    Sorry, meant Transolutions...duh, I CAN spell!
    Maybe they want people who can spell Swiss
    Then spell stupid correctly.
    Well, mercy goodness, don't have a spell.
    If you re-read your post, I think you'll see that it didn't sound quite like you say you meant it. My personal experience is that Transtech doesn't play favoritism in any way. Yes, they ask me when I went to work for them 5 years ago which work types I preferred and yes, when I got a back up they asked me the same thing. So I don't assume there was anything special about your treatment or mine, just how they treat everyone but Sister, you don't clean up a thing behind me and I hope I'm not having to clean up behind you.

    Yes, IMHO TransTech is as good a placed as an MT is likely to find to work for these days and I fail to see what all the *itching is about. On the other hand I have a very hard time believing anyone makes their required line count the first day. I'm not saying it's impossible but I've been around the block a time or two and I've never seen anyone, including myself, who could do that. In a week or so yes, but not the first day. If you've racked up 42,000 lines for this month, I say good for you but not everyone can do that. I could but I simply do not want to anymore. Can't speak for everyone else but I don't have a jealous bone in me and most people think I'm a pretty nice person. There are just a few things that get under my skin and I might add that calling people jealous, rude, nasty because they differ in their opinions from yours is one of those things. With those adjectives attached to the people on this forum, you ought to try the other one, you know the unmonitored one. I post there and have for years. If you go over there and post the same post you made here they will eat you for lunch. LOL

    Anyhow, welcome to TransTech, we may even work on the same accounts, who knows. But you can rest easy, you'll never be cleaning up behind TT112, you can ask them in the office if you don't want to take my word for it.
    LOL. Perhaps I should stick with MQ--easier to spell...sm


    Thank you, me, for the info in your previous posts. 

    And she doesn't even spell her name correctly
    please spell check before you post
    advice is with a C.. NOT an S
    I think spell check, proofing and the sm

    other things you mentioned are a given for the job. When I say proofread, I mean type a report, then go back and proof, not proof as you go. I am sure we all do that.

    Everyone, regardless of what they are paid, should spell check, know their accounts, know grammar and punctuation usage, etc.

    I am sure many would lose money if paid hourly, sounds like you are doing well, good for you! If I had the attention span I am sure I could make what you make. I should make that my goal this year. However, how many times on these boards have you read that I am only making $3 an hour. I have read that more than I have read that people are making what you make.

    What about your benefits? Do you have retirement with matching contribution from your company? Do you have health insurance, dental, vision, etc, paid for by your company (or at least sharing the cost). Do you  have paid days off? Please, I would really like to know. If I am making $30k a year with the above benefits, essentially I am almost making what you make with my benefits, wouldn't you think? I would have to run some numbers, but I think we would come very close in salary.

    Also, depending on where you live, $30k can be good money. If you live in Hawaii, which is the most expensive state to live, $30k might not get you far, however, if you live in Missouri, $30k might be great money. Let's face it, $50k is not that great if you live in downtown Manhattan.

    So, we throw in something else to think about, cost of living. Since an MTSO generally hires nationwide, is the cost of living of your employee a factor in what you pay?

    I would think that the way an MTSO pays is generally driven by being competitive with the next company (our prices are lower)not necessarily based on cost of living or taking into consideration the education and experience of the people they are going to hire.

    How do you spell Bait and Switch?
    Sorry, but that was my experience. I don't like to give negative feedback on things, but like E-bay you have to be honest about your experience. I ran out of money and patience so I just ran and never looked back. Hope your experience is different. Oh, and forget the sign on bonus. You have to be full-time pay in 3 months and 6 months and for some unknown reason (sarcasm), a person may just always be short of that.
    Hopefully the dry spell is over. Seem to have plenty of work right now. (sm)

    I don't know if it is because some people have gone to other jobs, new accounts finally came on, or the hospitals are just sending out more right now.  I don't know and right now I am just happy to have the work and hope the rest of you are finding it plentiful also.  I haven't been seeing negative posts so I am assuming we all are.

    Let's hope it continues.  Kids are in school and my bank account was drained after getting that ordeal taken care of. 

    You need to learn to SPELL! LOL Again ... HOPPING has 2 p's in it, dear! LOL nm
    I agree, it's not the greatest, and I'm only saying that because of the spell check -sm
    You don't have to do a lot of nonsense just to get started like you do if you're working with Lanier or Dictaphone. The only thing you have to take note of is your job#. And that you don't even have to if you don't want to, but it's recommended and I do it.

    I personally count the lines myself and have found them to be 100% accurate. Of course these programs can vary, but the one I'm using is a good one and they're exact or, if anything, a little higher. I know I'm not getting cheated.

    Hope that helps.
    I am sorry. I was going to thank you for paying attention and doing a spell check.


    Can you spell naive? See if you can answer this question..
    What do you suppose happens once these people are trained to do YOUR job at less than HALF of what YOU ARE making?

    get it yet?

    and no, most of the time there are not plenty of jobs to go around.

    I cannot believe anyone is this naive - you have an agenda perhaps?
    No company will hire a newbie if they can't spell better than you can
    RUDE...I normally always spell out contractions and never use them but had I known I was testing for
    you, I certainly would have spelled them out, just for you.
    LOL .. kinda funny when they try to be mean and can't even spell. Good for you. nm

    Apply for OSI QA dept if you cain't spell
    and typically the bashers/whiners cannot spell; overall ....
    I wasn't referring to a person I know who can't spell
    Axolotl.  I was pointing out that it would be odd for an employee to not be able to spell the name of the company she worked for.  The point is that since you cannot spell Axolotl correctly, one would assume that you may not actually work there.  Now I know that you do.  I might also point out that my post said nothing negative whatsoever about Axolotl. 
    Can't spell today--yes they use DocQscribe, very easy to use nm