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main acct is usually enough in my experience, but have others...

Posted By: nm on 2005-08-22
In Reply to: sm - I feel your pain!!!!!!


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That wasn't my experience there. I wasn't on that kind of all-inclusive acct, either. nm
I lost an acct with MQ, called the hospital and they told me who had the acct. I chose not to go wi
Older posts about them have the MTs bouncing from acct to acct and not being able to make
My acct mgr sent an update this morning stating a large acct sm
starting next week; another in 2 more weeks; another in early October; and another in November. This is just a normal end of summer / holiday slowdown. I'm sure other posters on this board are also out of work due to the same circumstances.
Give it a whirl. I WAS on that same acct, same pay. Asked and got put on an acct just as bad, so I
How was your acct at Amphion? I have a HORRIBLE acct...

I am new to Amphion and have this account that has a lot of account specifics, no automatic ADT (which means I have to search for the names, etc) which is not a problem for me, but there is one dictator who is ALWAYS awful, and I have been getting him back to back to back my first week with Amphion.  Did you find that you basically only had 1 or 2 dictators while there or did you have more?  Of course, I would not mind doing him occasionally but can't do this all day.  I will never be able to make any money, especially at the line rate that I am being paid.  I have 2 children of my own and 3 of my sister's children in my care.  I cannot afford to do this everyday and don't know what to do.  I work as an IC for another company making 9 cents a line, which is much more than Amphion, but really wanted employee status so was willing to make a little less, but I am afraid it is not going to work.  I do not want to have to find yet another company and start all over with them to only find out that they suck too.  Any suggestions?

They already are, and that seems to be the main
How do I get down to the main
typing screen from the demo section without having to tab through a gazillion times? I don't want to use my mouse. I cannot find anything in the instructions on this. I love this program though. I never thought I would say that about an internet-based platform. I copy from Word though because the screen is ridiculously small. My brain would be fried by the end of the day. Another problem I need to figure out is does anyone know how to import your Word dictionary into the thing? That part really bugs me. I just want to click the submit button and move on! It is going to take years to add everything from scratch.
They most certainly do lie. When my main
account would go days to a week at a time with no work I asked for another account.  I was told about this wonderful account with a great platform, how productive it was and the MTs just loved it.   BS.  It was Meditech and it isn't productive and I have yet to meet an MT who loves in.  Some get used to it, but no one loves it.  
On the main board. nm
I also saw on the main board where Liz
from MDI said they pay ULD for FT MTs, they have never paid for mine nor have they offered!
PR is my main one and the other 2 are back ups, which I
help out on when they get out of control (mainly Shasta). Ask for secondary and third accounts. They will be happy to put you on them.
also on main board

why don't you put this on the main board
look on the main board (sm)
Employer offering to pay 17 cpl, 11 cpl for psych...now thats what i'm talking about!  Cut and dry, show me the money honey.  Too bad I don't know what a C-phone is or i'd jump on it like stink on poo.
Please: Main board. NM
Take a look on the main board
going from bad to worse -
That seems to be the main problem. sm

I have ten years experience as a Transcriptionist and type 90 wpm but only in 5-6 specialties.  I've never done cardio, ortho, oncology, OB.  In addition, its been a month and I'm STILL getting new docs for the first time.  There are about 50 total and they load randomly, not even one specialty per day or batched together at a time.  I've haven't even heard half of them yet so back to square one I go to read/research their little quirks each time a new guy rolls in.  Too much to learn and not enough training time invested for such a large account IMO.

Even with the main 4, not every hospital
The hospital I was at had no psych unit and did not offer oncology or pediatric services.  So what's that tell ya?  HELLO back to you! 
Try on the main board.
look on the main board
I saw a post on the main board from someone who works for this company and really likes it.  It is about midway down I think in the posts where it talks about MTs always looking for better jobs.
I should have said main board, not
company board..brain hasn't had enough caffeine today. Sorry abour that
The main thing
is they treat me as an equal and leave me alone to do my job. Their management team and also QA and Support are also very reponsive and never demeaning in any way. I love it at TT. Good benefits too.
I think the main problem is there are
literally 100s of MTs out there looking for new jobs. I left MQ 1-1/2 years ago and had 3 job offers within 5 days of putting out my resume. Now, everyone is out there looking and the MTSOs have probably 100s of candidates apply for 1 job opening. So glad I left MQ when I did and actually ahd the opportunity to pick and choose myself a position that fit my needs.
Main board 8-26-08
I just did a search on the Main Board and on 8-26-08 there was someone else that noticed lower editing counts but felt it had to do with possible moving to offshore, but that is not the case that I am aware of here, but she also found others that this happened to.  I really am questioning this software program.  I know on another transcribing program (Medi-something) they can make your line length anything they want, show your line count as one thing and then actually make it something different that you do not know about.  That is because I was a manager and saw the director's capabilities.  Well, hmm, interesting... 
See main board--more posts there..NM
See the explanation on the main board.

Do you have just one main accounts or multiple. Thanks.
Please see response on main form (nm)
I should probably move this to the main board - nm
That is one of the main reasons I turned down
a position with them.  I'm not willing to punch a time clock.  
The main thing to understand about
TRS' pay scale is that it's low. We all work to earn a living. If you can't make one there, go. Good luck to you.
Yes. There is a post on the Main board regarding this. (SM)
If your post is removed, it is likely because you did not post on
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Posted By: Administrator sm on 2006-04-25

the right board. We only have 9 boards now, so if your post fits in one of those categories, do not post on the Main board or your post will be deleted with no explanation.


You did, on the Main board; it belongs here! Thank you! (NM)
Yes, the main transcription dept at DBO. sm
Run, MT, Run! Anyone considering working there should SERIOUSLY reconsider, especially as long as LC is still the dept supervisor. That's the whole problem right there and always has been - HER.
I answered on main board, but (sm)
I must have said something wrong or the response got lost in the transfer here.

You might want to look into a company who does a lot of voice recognition. Ask here and I'm sure you will get some respones. Another avenue might be QA.

Good luck with your future bundle of joy!
search on the Main Board
yeah, by about 12 of us from the main board. nm
You moved me from the main, to here, now I'm Lost! NM
Oops...the are actually on the main board. nm
Suppose nobody will see this now since it's off main page. NM
Sorry. Meant this for the main board.


Little to no work was the main reason.

I kept asking for backup accounts and for weeks couldn't get any, despite there being several accounts with OT on them.  Talked with upper management and finally got 2 backup accounts, neither of which had any work on them.  I was getting tops 20 hours a week and that was having to sit in front of the computer for 12 hour stints and check every 5 minutes to see if a report came in. I was working 7 days a week and trying all shifts to get in lines, so it wasn't a matter of me not making an effort.

Enterprise has lots of bugs in it and despite promises that the most current update would take care of the problem it never did.  I would lose jobs, the system would freeze up and I had to reboot.  All the while you are clocked in so your line count goes to heck.  The system was so slow most days that I would sit a minute in between reports, which affects your line count because you're on the clock and not being productive.    They have nice incentives but because of the above there was no way to reach them.

They denied overhiring, but they did way overhire and they lost several good MTs about the same time I left because there wasn't enough work.  Lots of people were frustrated and posted on the boards here and then we were reprimanded for doing so.  The internal boards were so heavily monitored that anything the least bit negative was deleted.  Talking to my STM was like banging my head against a brick wall, so basically there was nowhere to go.  We also got several e-mails with the threat of having to go to India and I wasn't going to have that dangled in front of me all the time.  I was doing my part.

I cried every single day I was there I hated it so much. 



I posted on the main board also - sm

I've worked with MedQuist, Keystrokes, Lee Perfect, AAA Transcription, You See Solutions, using a multitude of platforms - Scribes, Word, WP, Emdat Inscribe, etc.  I've worked as an IC and employee.  I've used 65 character and gross lines.  I worked in the heyday as did many when you could easily get 12 cpl as an IC and employee, but the facts are the facts.  I know earn 9 to 10 cpl, character line since that seems to be the most prevailant.  I do not like it, but I do it. I've left companies because of crappy platforms (at least in my opinion - others loe them) or issues with being paid.  My time is valuable and I will hunt down and find the place that I can make the most.  It's time consuming but worth it in the end when you find your niche.  It can be frustrating and rewarding in the end.   I've earned anywhere from $25 to $50 an hour depending on account, platform, line counting, etc.  I'm currently making $30 an hour with a 65 character coiunt and 9.5 cpl. 

Just like with every career option there are some who are just better at the job than others.  That does not not mean that those who struggle are bad, but someone else can do better and that is not a bad thing either. 

Maybe some people are not truly cut out for  the job even if they truly want it.  Some have higher expectations than others and will never attain the high hourly average.  Some are happy just making $15 an hour.  Everyone has their own needs and expectations.

I do not see why anyone cannot make close to $25 an hour doing this job.  I've been doing it for 20 years - acute care, clinic work, high ESL, etc.  and I've always managed to make $25 an hour or more.  I do not even like the job anymore, but I'm good at it and I make a really good buck doing it.  When I finish my schooling for my next career choice, something I love to do, I'll leave the field knowing full well I will not make near the money I made at MT for quite sometime. 

If you are doing Acute Care with high ESL, maybe you need to switch to something else.  Regardless, the work is out there - you may have to look for it, but if I cannot average $25 an hour, then I do not want the work and I'll look  elsewhere until I find the right fit.  I've  had to do it before when a company changed platforms, but I eventually found something else and moved on.  My time is precious and I'm greedy. 

I think the main problem in MT is management is un-
All this is currently hitting US hard, but someday, it's going to come back and bite all the owners & management of MTSO's.

For things to get better in this country, people who think they're worth the big-bux paychecks are going to have to start being accountable - something they've never had to do before. Right now it's bankers and sports stars who face the possibility of jail time. But! Someday - you never know - MTSO CEO's and all those skulkers over at AHDI may be lookin at a little jail-time, themselves.

I posted this on the main board as well, but --
take note. There is an error in the above mentioned link. There is a space between con and gress. I had to remove that space in order to get to the site. congress should be all one word, not con gress. just saying. thanks
I have yet to find this on the main board or
any other board I've looked at?
I was told one of the main HR ppl left
Guess even he got tired of all the unprofessionalism.
I am glad you saw the main point...
which was -not- so much practice what you preach, or do you shop at Walmart or go Disney Land, per se, but - do you realize it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE in this day and age not to consume from 'offshored' goods and/or services. So don't cut your nose off to spite your face over this situation... yadda yadda yadda

Also, my post was not at all to do with THE MDI TRAGEDY. I totally get the employees frustration, hurt, and anger.

And the owner, (hopefully reading this), should have offered OR SHOULD offer bonuses to all her loyal workers for having changed up the game without notice! They helped you build a business you could sell - why not reward them for it a way that will really help?

The main problem with snakes is that they
Not unlike when big MTSOs gobble up little ones.
I geta mostly my main account but (sm)
from what I can tell if some of my other accounts have reports close on TAT they pop up. I don't know if it is pooled that way or assigned by them. Ask your STM. She/he would probably have better information.