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no you haven't done it longer than I have sm

Posted By: just wondering on 2009-05-22
In Reply to: I have done transcription probably longer than - 1 man's

been on the earth! I h ave done this for 32 years myself and alot older than 40. You don't have a clue about me. But you are giving yourself away very rapidly. Don't have a holier than thou message. Why did it hit such a nerve.

Don't make me los it tonight........hmmmmmm are you threatening me??? What you gonna do take my work away?????????

Good grief! Dont believe you have been doing it 40 years either or you wouldn't have the attitude about loving VR!

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no you haven't done it longer than I have sm
been on the earth! I h ave done this for 32 years myself and alot older than 40. You don't have a clue about me. But you are giving yourself away very rapidly. Don't have a holier than thou message. Why did it hit such a nerve.

Don't make me los it tonight........hmmmmmm are you threatening me??? What you gonna do take my work away?????????

Good grief! Dont believe you have been doing it 40 years either or you wouldn't have the attitude about loving VR!
It's longer than the "standard" 65-char. line so will take you longer to make those lines!
It's been longer than that for me.
I tend to get stuck with a lot of terrible dictations most of the time, which I don't understand either, but maybe that has something to do with why I can't get a decent line count.  Every time I get on the system to work, there's always some horrible dictation skipped from earlier in the day just waiting for me.  Just got done with a dictation that was 9 minutes long, but took me over 30 minutes to type due to being inaudible in spots and just basically a horrible dictation overall.  I didn't even get 100 lines out of it either!! 
no longer there but.
Had trouble getting paid on time.
Not for much longer.
I knew going in they were not paying for headers and footers, but did not realize they were going to take the percentage off the total line count. The headers/footers only account for about 5 to 10 lines per report, so they have quite a little scam going.
Whatever, they are no longer there anyway. nm
Not much longer to be an MT
Medical transcription is going the way of the dinosaurs.  Voice recognition is coming in fast now.  We will be editing for awhile until they perfect it and feed the corrected copies back into the VR engine to train it to understand all the docs.  I would give this field 5 more years maybe.  We all have to move on and find something else unfortunately:(
Longer than others for me
I think it took them a week and then I didn't even get a pass/fail but a link to go on to the next test, which seemed to be some kind of personality profile. By that time, I had hired on with another company that was my first choice.
No longer a CMT
I WAS a CMT for over 20 years, it never got me any more money, it cost me to re-certify, cost me to go to seminars for CEC's, I had one company I worked for tell me I could only go to the National Convention for 2 days and I would only be paid if I worked their booth for those two days, so what was the use of going if I was going to be stuck in a recruitment booth insead of learning at any of the seminars?  I still kept plugging away spending my time and money to keep that CMT behind my name.  Then my mom passed away, in all the work of getting her estate settled, condo sold, etc. I forgot to send in my fee and CEC's verification slips.  When I realized it had slipped my mind I called and wrote them a letter explaining the circumstances and that I had all the CEC's earned. Even offered to send a copy of the death cert.  Their reply....too bad...so sad pay again to take the certification Test.  NOT
The longer MQ MT is on DQS, the less lines

we get. There is no "getting used" to the program that is taking our line counts. Very familiar with DQS, have all normals/short cuts in place, very fast typist, and DQS "eats up lines". MedRite did not do that to us. Why do you think MQ changed to DQS ? -- so that the MT's would get more lines per hour ?   NOT !

Katie is no longer there either
If she's no longer there how will she see it? Ditto for
You are a recruiter? Hopefully not for much longer.
This is exactly why I know longer send anything. nm
4-6 weeks...sometimes longer
was it last fall?, or maybe longer, whenever...
I am. I even sent them an e-mail that I no longer
worked for them and they still send me the stuff from Corporate. I don't get any more from the PS though.
Slave No Longer

Ditto to your post.  This new compensation plan is insane.  I am now having to work 12 hours a day instead of 8, while all the while making less $.  I probably make less than the greeters at Wal-Mart.  They expect us to be on standby during our scheduled shift, yet there is no work, and we are not compensated for this time with no work.  Now I have work at midnight and on weekends in order to get my quota, and end up working what should be paid as overtime.  I am going to call the labor board in my state because this cannot be legal.   I suggest we all do the same. 

Yes, they seem to have put in place a director of OPs that came from MQ, only to now be doing her damage at SPi.  I understand she is also busy putting into place managers from MQ, so it is obvious what her agenda is...to mimic MQ, so we know where the direction of SPi is going, and it seems to hold true with this new comp plan.

In a matter of 18 months, SPi has successfully turned what was once a well-respected, successful company with a talented team of MTs and mangers that was once Cymed and turned it into a cold, disorganized machine.  They have had to have have lost millions in revenue with all the clients and MTS who have quit them due to poor service and disorganization, including ongoing unresolved IT issues.  It's almost as if they want to fail!

Folks, it's tiime we all stand up for what is right and make someone pay attention. What is a transcription company without transcriptionists?  We are not slaves and we do have options.  If SPi wants to be another MQ, then let's let them have it and see where they end up in the court system.  

I have been in this profession long enough to know that you can be successful at whatever you do by working hard, treating people with respect, and never compromising your integrity, a virtue that is foreign to SPi.  I for one am sick for us all at the latest turn of events and am going to spend this time when there are no jobs available making the necessary calls and then submit my resignation.  

Let's all stand together and see how long this compensation plan works for them when there is no one to do the little work they have.   They may have people offshore who will do it for even less than the slave wages they are paying us, so I say let them have it and suffer the consequences when what business they have left walks out the door. 

Since you no longer work there
But if you need to keep repeatedly posting about your bad experience there, go ahead, its a free country.  I was speaking of my current work volumes there, to another current employee.  My post was not addressed former employees, and I made no mention of the validity of your past experience, so I don't understand why you felt the need to respond to my post.  As you said, not everyone has the same experience, and I understand that...do you?
KC... It sounds like you are no longer there.
Could you tell me why?  Was the pay on time and comparable?
WMX - no longer get hx on jobs - sm
Is this so  we no longer can see who kicked back jobs and potentially report them if it is a repeat thing?  Not trying to start a fuss, just curious.
I have done transcription probably longer than
you have been on this earth, almost 40 years now. I think I know probably as much about transcribing as most here, worked for all different specialities, please donít make me lose it tonight with your holier than thou message. Like you are the only little girlie here that can transcribe.
I have been doing this for over 35 years, longer than you
and my employer went to VR, a place where I had worked for 12 years at that time so it was either leave and find another job at age 50+ or fit in and thank goodness I decided to stay on. I make over $500 per week and I work part time, yes on VR. I read here people think others liking because of being newbies, slow at transcribing, MTSOs and the like but this is not me at all. Outsourced from my inhouse job, I was lucky to find the people who have the same hospital account and here I am, 19 years and counting for the same account. I am glad I learned VR when I did. So many are totally against when it seems most companies are now headed that way.
Are you 100% sure they no longer offshore anything?
I would have a hard time believing that, but I could be wrong, and it definitely would be a step in the right direction for at least ONE big huge company, hopefully others will follow suit.
it does seem that they are no longer regional
I really do hope that they are not selling themselves as a LOCAL company anymore. Sorry, but they can't have it both ways. The last time I heard, it took approximately 23 hours (counting changing planes, etc.) to get from NYC to Delhi.
I can no longer afford to do anything except
My gift-exchange days are over til i can find a REAL job. You know: one that actually pays you to do it.
link no longer valid - sorry
Debbie is no longer the owner.
The previous COO from Heartland is now the President and COO! Watch out! Major outsource lover...
Did, but no longer. Good company however.
Good luck. I was fairly productive, but more so now that I work the same 5 doctors day in an day out, not 100's of doctors. But, to each her own. Like I said, Medware is a good company.
Now try quoting someone who's been there longer than 2 weeks.
Extext is better than Merit or Meditech.
bet if she named the co she would no longer be a recruiter for them.
Some things you have to look at twice because you really don't believe what you read
Then why are you no longer there? Reliablity or something the company did? nm
I've been there longer than that and I never heard ot it.
do your legs feel longer

I am absolutely sure they have been pulled. There is no place that would pay that much above market rates. You are being diddled.


That has been going on for years. No longer a member.
Will it be a 65-char. line or longer? nm
Keystrokes has been around longer, which I like, but Zylomed
is just clinic notes, and you can usually make a lot of expansions for those. Also, they only require 800 lines a day to get full time benefits and pay part of the insurance premium. Medquist requires 1200 lines a day for insurance, etc.
Company no longer uses ExText
Transcription Services of Illinois (TSI) no longer uses ExText (WordClient).
When I was first with TT (no longer) my 1st 3 checks were FedX'd on
MW no longer pays for training.
Per leads.
Cymed no longer exists, it is SPI and from
everything I've heard/read about SPI they run a second to SS in being the worst place to work. 
We don't have the pool any longer- we moved

A Mexican family.  So, I'm not paying for anything.  The pool installers were American and lazy, broke the filter, and took all day and night and brought theird kids to play on my swing set and requested soda.  The Mexican landscapers required no water, did not ask to use my toilet, and were done in one-half day with a lot of digging and a lot of stone work that would have taken a lot longer if they didn't work as hard as they did in the blazing sun.  The American installers did nothing but cuss, moan, and complain about the heat. 

As far as healthcare, we'll be paying more anyway once Hillary gives everyone who can't afford healthcare, free healthcare.  Too bad, Americans are too lazy to work harder and smarter.  I'm all American, born and raised, and I work very hard, but hey if the foreign entity comes along (like it did on my hospital job) and says they can do it cheaper, then what can I do?

I no longer work there, but there was a lengthy
discussion about them just a few weeks ago.  If you'll click on your original post and near the bottom click on the related posts you should see the posts.  You can also check the archives.
They are no longer hiring PT flex MTs. nm.
I'm no longer there, but lack of work was
an issue for me, though I don't think it is an across the board problem.  I think my account was just overflow and the hospital could say don't pull any work for xx days.  It was often 3 days, sometimes more than a week with no work at all for that account.   I finally did get a backup account but hated the platform it was on and couldn't make any lines.  There are no guarantees with any job as they lose accounts, sometimes there are technical issues on either end, and currently I think the economy has slowed things down to some degree too. 
some answers to your questions, but somebody who has been there longer may be able to help you more

Not all accounts require C-phone.  The account I'm on does not.  Yes you have to provide your own equipment, including footpedal.   I already had one from my last job that worked though. The account that I'm on also requires you to have your own text expander and spell checker, which I had to buy both myself.  I'm not sure if all accounts are like this, some platforms may come with this already.  I am working in Allscripts.  Minimum requirement for full time I believe is 12,000 lines per pay period (maybe 12,500) for full time and 6000 lines for part time.  They do have insurance, but I cannot provide any details, as I am part-time and have waived the insurance.   From the time I sent my resume until the day I started was approximately 3 weeks, but it could take longer, so I myself wouldn't give up too soon.  Wait a week or so and if you don't hear back from them, give them a call and see if they are hiring.

I have only been there for 1 week, but so far I like the job.  Everyone is very nice and helpful, and easy to talk to.

Good Luck to you!


They (NEMT) NO LONGER pay weekly.

I'm no longer with MDI but I left long

before there were workflow problems.  I actually worked there 2 separate times with the same liaison and accounts each time.  I liked it there but I had a weird primary account that loaded work twice a day and I didn't like working around those 2 times.  My accounts are the ones that went to VR so it's a good thing I left when I did because there certainly wouldn't have been enough work after that on my primary.

Anyway, I have a feeling that they are wanting people to leave so that they can bring new people on at a lower rate.  That's really the only thing that makes sense, don't you think?  Times are tough everywhere so more and more people are going to settle for 8 & 9 cpl for statutory.  You've got tons of people coming on board who are used to babysitting their computer all day so the new folks are probably not going to complain.  The ones who have been with MDI forever are the ones who are really taking the hit. 

I agree that it is unfair.


So DH pays the BIG bills. What if he were no longer
ALL the bills, on your own, with your salary or any typical MT's salary?
I can get my lines, but it takes a lot longer than it should. nm
I wouldn't wait any longer. I'd be in my car
and toolin' on down the highway, straight for her office (or home) with my hand out for that check.

Oh. And I think I'd be asking for a little 'interest' on that money, since I had to wait so long for it.

I wouldn't type a keystroke more until the check had arrived (and CLEARED).

All that aside, I think you should probably send her a demand letter of payment, and start the wheels of a lawsuit creaking into motion.