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sure sounds swell. Sounds like 2350 ln/day @ 4 cents/ln=$90./day

Posted By: . on 2009-08-28
In Reply to: Review of Transcend for Those Trying to Decide... - Transcender

in order to figure how many line needs to be produced to make $500 per pay period. ie, how many lines an hour needed per 8 hour day --at your rate.

So say $450 a week would be $90 a day.
For example, if making 4 cents a line,need 2,250 lines a day, 281 an HOUR (to listen through and edit) to make this great wage of $90. a day FOR ALL THIS SAME SKILL, TO KEEP UPDATED WITH CHANGING MEDICAL COMMUNITY. nope Better at Jack-in-Box Pass it up.

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Sounds like it and it sounds like you must tell them when they will be and no change them. Wonder
what you do when there is no work. Well, there will be a lot of problems with this whole plan if they dont get things straightened out with this no work situation.
Sounds like I'm the same age as you!
Sounds like she was trying to -sm
make you quit - probably because they overhired and have too many people. She probably thought she could bully you out the door and have one less person to have to deal with. I wonder if she treats others like that too.
I bet so. Sure sounds like them!!
Sounds like
SM - Sounds like you...

must know this owner pretty well to be bashing him this way.  How is it you have come to such an opinion?  Did you work in an office with him?  I would be very anxious to hear more of your scholarly declarations such as the answer to ending world hunger and obtaining world peace?  Please, tell us more oh "wise" one....

exactly what I was trying to say! It sounds like they sm
are on the right track! Good luck to them.
That sounds exactly like OSi.
sounds like mq
There is always someone telling everyone what excellent accounts they have, perfect sound, TONS of work....hmmmm....well, I guess it's nice that SOMEBODY is going to be able to pay the rent cause it sure ain't me.

Sounds about right, maybe even a little low. nm
Sounds low to me (sm)
I made $3.00 page several years ago.  With wages lowering each and every day for the MTs, maybe someone else would like to share their thoughts.  Good luck!
It sounds like they are not
very technical-savvy if they need MTs to come in for training! I'd be looking elsewhere.
They can only say no, but it sounds like they can't...
...afford to lose you. YOU are in the catbird seat. Ask for the raise. Really. Do it, and best of luck.
Sounds like BTS in MA. sm
They will take 6 weeks to send you a paycheck for 2 weeks pay, trim 30% off your line counts to supposedly cover headers/footers, and stiff you for your last check if you leave. Leave while you are ahead if it is them.
wow. Sounds like you been there, done that. Thanks for

This sounds like a
Sounds like she might need some
Sounds like
Sounds like a really nice gift. Mine must have gotten lost in the mail LOL
Sounds like
it might be what they call a vacation -- I wouldn't know really though, haven't had one in so long.
Sounds like...
the company I work for now meets those criteria.  Email me if you'd like.
This sounds exactly like the what the
well trained office staff is supposed to say to negativity about the company. I worked for TC for awhile and learned the ins and outs. If you don't mind being overworked, underpaid, all the cherrypicking going on and don't question anything then this is a great company to work for. Not to mention if you are on the CEOs good side and work in the office you get paid trips to Disneyland for your whole family, and can give the MTs as much grief as you want and nothing is said. But if you do mind all this stuff, then as the first poster said run as fast as you can.
Sounds like....
OMG! Sounds just like MQ! lol
Sounds just like what my sm
husband has through work only the deductible is 1000.00 for in network, 2000.00 out of network. No payout until deductible is met,except for office visits. Unfortunately, only one of my doctors is in his network. None of my specialists are. And, the PPO network is very restricted. But we do have prescriptions. It used to be John Deere Healthcare. Now it is United Healthcare.
It sounds rather -
Thank you...that sounds better!
I could definitely live with that! I'm glad I asked more questions. Is Carlotta nice to talk to? That's who I would be speaking with and she seems nice. Do you get samples or are able to see old reports for the ESLs or any difficult dictator? That helps a lot, too. Thank you!
sounds like maybe........
the police should get involved in this case.  Too bad I do not know her, or I would definitely think about getting her and that other lady SOME jail time! Would serve them right, and then throw away the key!
Sounds like one to me
Sounds like
the same company I tried before this one, trained 1 days, worked 2 days, both with no work and quit.
It sounds like
somebody already figured the lines to be subtracted at 133 . . . is that gross lines from the original counting method? If so, then you would need to figure it based on 65-char so as not to cheat yourself. It could be quite a difference, especially when considering the weekly or monthly amount.

Also, if it were me I would tell them that my 65-character count line rate is higher than my gross lines rate (by at least 2 cpl), and that that is standard practice, which it is.
This sounds more like something

The button mashing and burping sound sort of childish.  JMO.

Sounds like...
Sounds like the same one I worked for. Trust me, don't walk, but RUN away from these people. She does everyone the same way.
ER sounds like the best bet then..
If you can type that much more on ER, then why bother with acute care? I myself like acute care better, but if I could make substantially more money with ER, I would just go with that.
Sounds like D&L
Beware, that is how that whole scenario started with them....
This sounds about right
That sounds like a lot more than

That sounds more like you are a control freak and this person also must socialize with you.  Hmmmm, makes me wonder.....  Get a life!!!!  The OP is struggling with a line count she's been doing for three months, so what gives????  Do we need to know about your loyal employee and social entertainer?  Not really!  

P/S:  By the way, don't need you to hire me.  I have my own accounts. 

It sounds like they have been
treating their ICs like employees and got in trouble for it. I've never been an IC, but I suspect they want to continue to impose rules on their people that are not allowed, so if you are already having to follow rules about when you work and who else you work for, I wouldn't think it would make a difference to you, would it?
It also sounds like the HMO's - so why not get -
Sounds like sm
You aren't really working OT in the sense. So you take 12-15 hours to get your job done, but you are really only working probably 8 or less. If you're literally at your PC for 12 hours and not getting the job done, then wrong profession for you and you are being dishonest and lying to the company about your actual lph, on which they have to base the OT rate by law.
sounds the same...
scarrrry. So many people speak highly of this company, yet, obviously, we've haven't seen this.
Sounds like MDI-MD. Sorry. (nm)
Sounds to me ...
... like she was trying to call your bluff and got burned in the process. She may have never had any intention of offering you the position at 0.09, because she thought you couldn't produce the proof. The ethical thing would be to offer you the job anyway, of course.

However, just remember that you're WAY better off this way. Frankly, if someone had asked me for proof of my last pay - especially via my sending them personal financial information like a pay stub - I woulda ran away super fast.

I guess on the bright side, you learned something out of all of this. And by sharing your story, we all learned. Thanks for that.
Sounds like..
...Firing someone was the high point of this bitter poster's pathetic little day. But, unlike this angry individual, that skilled MT probably transitioned to another company within the same week, still enjoying working from the comfort of her own home and chuckling at raging posts by angry losers like this poor soul. But that's what happens when one has marketable skills--Unlike so-called ''managers'' like this poster, who when their luck finally runs out and they lose their oh-so-important positions, would be lucky to get hired at their local McDonalds, getting their jollies bullying kids putting burgers in styrofoam boxes. Enjoy the view from under that bridge and your Happy Meal!
That sounds like them....
....I went to their website, but it didn't explain anything about working. Thanks for the information. Might be something to pass on by :-)
It's a rip-off, and it also sounds against-the-law.
Might want to contact your friendly neighborhood State Department of Labor 'bout that.
Sounds to me like he needs to know sm
if he can count on you to start. He's holding a spot open for you and you haven't given your notice yet. He needs to be able to staff that account by startup.

Sounds like you need a new job.

There are plenty advertising.  To sit and wait for work is your own fault.  You need a new job.

Those inhouse bonuses are gone honey!  Wake up and smell the coffee. 

The company my hubs works for didn't even hand out turkey money this year.  Yeah, it's that bad!  But hey, I got a free one from the grocery store, so no matter to me. 

If I worked for a company with no work, then I'd move on.  Life is what you make it, so get on and enjoy the ride!

Happy Holidays!

wow...this sounds just like
Davis.....  She does the exact same thing.  Sorry to hear you got screwed.
Sounds like the same
Sounds real familiar.  I was tempted to contact someone higher up in her company and let them know how their recruiter is representing the company, but decided to forget it.  It's likely they already know and don't care.
Sounds like a certain
If she dislikes you, you won't get a line rate increase, enough work or even answers to questions. And the god complex - she'll end up costing the company all their business, but the owners will STILL think she walks on water.
Sounds like FN