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21 wide screen and I love it!! (nm)

Posted By: AzMT on 2006-05-19
In Reply to: What size is your monitor? - FasTypistMT


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I LOVE my wide screen. I will never go back. That being said....
I had to do some tweaking of the settings. I went to START, display, and then the setting tab (far right hand side). I have my screen resolution set on the 2nd notch from the word "less" on the left hand side. That is my home monitor.

For work, I have the same resolution setting and then, because we use Chartscript.NET, I can set my resolution different than the default and I set it at 105. That seems to work best for me.

I have also tried maximizing and minimizing the window sizes too. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. I think you need to tweak your settings until you find the one that works best.
EXText Word Client - blank screen everytime I give "ok" in the DIS screen
I am using EXText Word Client software with Transnet. I am getting a blank screen everytime I give "ok" in the DIS screen (patient details info screen). I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software an upgraded but still errors out the same way. Are there any EXtexters who could help?
EXText Word Client - blank screen everytime I give "ok" in the DIS screen
I am using EXText Word Client software with Transnet. I am getting a blank screen everytime I give "ok" in the DIS screen (patient details info screen). I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software an upgraded but still errors out the same way. Are there any EXtexters who could help?
EXText word client blank screen everytime I give ok in DIS screen
Thanks your suggestion was very valuable. At a specified time (which the technical side say, when the net speed is very good), it is working without a problem at all (whereas this was half working and half not working before even at this time), but other times, still the same problem exists.

Actually the blank screen comes every time I give "ok" in the DIS screen (patient details info screen).
Screen Resolution/Font/Screen Percentage
My eyes are tired all the time. I usually have my monitor set at 800 x 600 pixels and use Bookman at 10 font in Word at 111% in the normal layout. What might be a better viewing screen setting to use?
It is MQ-wide for DQS users?
Well, I sure would hope it would be for SE's too, as some of us also use DQS.  I havent heard anything, nor gotten a letter or check..Im wondering is it MQ-wide?  All of MQ that uses DQS?  Or could it be just certain regional offices did not have the count of lines set up right?
What letter? And is it company wide

or just in a certain office?

I don't live in a double wide
Oh honey, you got it all wrong. I have the TRIPLE WIDE right next to YOUR DOUBLE WIDE.

Don't be jealous and all because you don't got the triple wide!!!

Usually, it is a system-wide choice SM
that was made and the hospital (one that is part of a greater health care system) must go with the vendor chosen by the system. 
My eyes are wide open. Believe me, I know his
faults better than anyone. I can't keep religion of it, though, because it is a huge part of my life. It's not a crutch, it's simply a way of life. I, too, wish you the best. I know we all have our opinions and may not always agree, but that's okay, too. I hope you have a happy 4th, too!
Now my momma used a 3" wide wooden cheeseboard on our
behinds.  That puppy hurt!
The worst? pretty wide claim.
AsUtype ~ system wide expander

You could always try doing a system-wide search for a patient you know is on the file and maybe
You undercut yourself, which drives prices down industry-wide. sm
For a hospital, NEVER go under $0.16 per line to start. Most will want to negotiate and the lowest should be 0.14 per line.
you can expect 12.00 - 15.00 hour average, pretty much nation wide.
i was taught opposite, lol, but then at another company they preferred all disc; wide varieties. n
Well, it is called the World Wide Web! Sorry, your post made me laugh! No offense... but duh! nm

It's pretty much world wide that if you have no body you have no crime. Scott Peterson was arrested
Laci's body was found, NOT BEFORE. Not rocket science here. How to you prosecute someone w/o a dead body?
love, love, love the show. hate american idol. this show is for real.
the only reason i entertained watching it was because of mark burnett and as usual he has such genious casting and editing. btw, don't know who anything about "metal" music but these performers make me like it. love marty and jd as performers. HATE JESSICA. susie is so nice and so emotional. it seems they all support each other and enjoy each others skills. regarding ty and bob marley, ty was excellent but he also lucked out on the song! bob marley was genious too and his music is very easy to listen to. i don't like 3/4 of what the others are given to sing but their performances make me love the music. dave navarro shines on this show, very gracious for the most part and letting the contestants down easy when they have to leave. he was great last night with brandon (?). sweet, sweet show. i am so impressed with everyone involved.
Yep that's it, 4000. Love, love love the zoom
But I feel like a dork typing...every time I try to type But it is coming out as Nut!
I am getting the LCD screen. Do you like that screen.
yep! Only had mine for about two months now and just love it. sooo much more room on my desk, and alot less glare.
I'm getting the same screen here and I need a job!! :) nm
PS - Your screen name is the BEST.
We need more posters like you on this board... two thumbs up! :)
TES Screen is ...
the screen where the patient data is entered (name, DOB, acct #, ref. physician, etc.)

Anyone have a similar problem as posted above?
Screen shot
Can someone tell me how to make a screen shot of whatever is on my computer screen?  Sometimes it helps to have a screen shot when contacting the IT department for help. 
Lagging screen
Have already checked with them.  I have my own new computer and don't use any of theirs.
DQS demo screen

I find that I write down the MR# or billing number, then just search using the patients name and can get a whole slew of choices.

You can try just the first 2 letters of the last name if not sure on spelling.

When you have the right choice, the MR# will pull in when you pull the right name in.  HTH

demo screen
same here, too. and to think we don't get paid for that either!!
Full screen
No, it's not in full screen mode. You're right, though, I was hitting Ctl not Alt for a while. Have tried Alt V and nothing happens.

I did find something in MS Help online, but it requires that I start the machine in Safe Mode. The PC locks up now when I get to the dos program where I would select Safe Mode.

Thanks for all the help. So far I've tried all the suggestions and nothing has worked yet.

I'm about ready to light a match to this machine, I tell ya!!

screen prior
I would say something like I would like to ask ome questions prior to sending in a resume and testing as I feel this saves time on both sides. A concern is:     _____  and also the low rates offered and the formula used to figure the payrate. Get it out of the way, don't waste time, some are down to 4 and 5 cents/line for MTs.  Less than 10 is not acceptable and even with that, it sure is not good by the time you figure the hourly rate and just what skill is expected/given and under what terms, I have seen 99.5 accuracy expected. When these bad terms are turned down by the MTs it will not turn around. 
Cleaning your screen
Never use windex it will mess up the screen and good. Water is okay, but not the best. I use Klear screen. You can order it on e-bay fairly cheep. It is recommended by all computer industries for both laptops and regular desktop screens. It is awesome.
If it is typing on the screen, then it should not
be a problem, just the same as if you use AutoCorrect or an abreviation expander.  You are NOT after all bringing in text from another word processer...you are creating text on the screen you see.
If you look at the bar on the bottom of your screen SM

while having your mouse pointer over the image in the email, you will notice it is a "snapshot" of an ebay page and the buttons that you would normally click on are part of the picture. Basically clicking anywhere on that image will take you to the site listed in the information bar at the bottom of your screen  It is always an aol hometown site in the scam ones I get. I just got an ebay one recently where it had similar language- basically harassing me to pay for something. I think it is written that way to startle you into clicking right away to take care of "the problem". 

If the Chinese government can go after dissidents through Yahoo, why can we not get these scam artists that set up their scam sites through AOL?  I know, I know, that was just a rhetorical question. 

Drug Screen
Well, I thought that you listed drugs you too also, but they said it didn't matter. If anything at all came up they wouldn't let me have the job. I even showed them the bottle in my purse, and they said it just didn't matter, legal drugs or otherwise. Oh well, lesson learned I guess. Thanks for response.
kind of screen
geez, i have no idea. It feels like glass. Its just a clunky old-style monitor.
What screen colors do you use?
What screen colors are easiest on your eyes? I read somewhere that shades of lavender/purple actually caused the least eye strain. (I'm assuming no color blindness!) I've been using black text on white background for a long time, but I'm getting old, the bifocals slip on my face, and I'm trying new colors. Just wondering what colors most MTs use to prevent eye strain.

screen color
Is that the color the company you work for gave you? Tech support should be able to change it for you. Mine is blue with white print. Much easier on the eyes. I had one where the preview page was yellow, gosh awful yellow!
I have a flat screen already, but sm
it is small.  I would like to go larger.  Thanks for posting.  This answers my questions as well.  Didn't know if bigger is always better, but sounds like it works well for others. 
Yes! Yes! Yes! Flat screen!
I have a 19 inch flat screen and love it! Once you get a flat screen you will never go back! Also the weight difference betwen them is huge! To can pick up that flat screen and move it around anywhere you like. Would highly recommend. PS. I have a Westinghouse 19 inch,  and I would recommend a 19 to 21 incher!
Well, it may not be on the MR, but it is on the demo screen (at least for me) SM
where I work.
it is usually because they used it in a smaller screen
Open it up, click on the large square in the upper right hand corner next to the X for closing it, so that it is enlarged.  Then close it, and it should open to the full screen the next time.  Most all software will open in the same size that it was closed in the last time.  Hope this helps. 
Screen blank for me too.
screen size

Does anyone know how to change the size of your screen size so the text will larger.  I saw this a couple weeks ago on how to do it and forget to write it down.  I know it was either alt or control and some other key.


Screen in 2 parts, need only 1
let me state over as maybe someone knows how to get out.
2 computers one screen
How would I run 2 computers on one screen? TIA.
okay, I did (screen shot) and I sent it.....
to the person who had responded to my original question and asked her to address this. Thank you for providing the link. It will be interesting to see how they respond to this one. I am so naive; I expect everyone to play fair and be nice, and obviously they don't. Where she makes the comment about "imposters here" and she would rather have someone else qualified in India handle her record, I told her I think their focus should be on making sure everyone here IS qualified and not making sure the Indian workers are qualified. Like I said, it will be interesting to see how they respond. I will keep you posted on it if people are interested in hearing their answer.
flat screen
I have a 19" flat screen monitor and I love it to pieces !
Screen colors
Changing screen colors through the control panel will not change anything on any other computer. That's just nonsense.

Your coworkers sound as though they changed the font color and background color ON THE DOCUMENT itself using the formatting commands. That's the only way a change would transfer with the document itself.

Changing it with Barb's method will give you a glaring blue background with white text. You can't get aqua that way.

You can change your colors in Windows. Start, Control Panel, Display, then choose a color scheme in Desktop. Get as close as you can with one of the ones provided, then adjust the color of the background. You can invent your own if you're not happy with any you see there.

Software comes with built-in instructions now. Just click "help" on the toolbar.
screen magnifiers

Does anyone use a screen magnifier?  I'd like to know if they work well and which one is the best.  I am using bayscribe/radnet.  Changing font in windows doesn't work for radnet.  Would appreciate any help.