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550-650 lph on average. Some days more, some days less. It all depends. nm

Posted By: Nother eScriptionist on 2007-01-30
In Reply to: How many lph do you average doing VR editing? sm - GoColts


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Average 8-9 on heavy days.

Tuesday is my biggest day and it is a 9 hour day that includes an hour for pick-up and deliveries.  But that is with 5 doctors, and two do heavy consults/letters/ops from Monday.  I usually get abut 200 to 250 minutes and it takes me about 8 hours to do it.  But I do in shifts, 10 to 1, off for an hour for lunch/walk then 2 to 5 and then 7 to 9 or else get up at 5 in the morning to finish and print and delivery at 9.   Monday can be the same depending on that they "catch up on over the weekend". But Wed/Thurs is 6 hours and Friday or if I chose to do on Sunday is only 4.  Again my accounts have been with me for 5 to 18 years --oops just had one start last November but they are pretty good dictators and I can just move right along.  But I do take frequent breaks and am able to work the hours that are the most productive for my body which does include usually early morning hours -- 5 to 8.  But that is me and that is the advantage of having my own accounts.  

Average line rate including spaces these days for experienced MTs is
This is interesting...average number of vacation days around the world per year..
Italy 42 days
France 37 days
Germany 35 days
Brazil 34 days
United Kingdom 28 days
Canada 26 days
Korea 25 days
Japan 25 days
U.S. 13 days

We are crazy to work so hard!
30 hours divided by four days equals seven-hour days. Most of us have to work pretty much every day
It depends. Some 30 days, some the whole 90-day probie period. All
Working 6/hour days, 5 days/week I make
$42,000.00, but the work is there to make more if I want to.  I'm in the southeast. 
2000 low days, 4000 busy days
Did 43,000 lines last month.   6 doctors. 
You can "make a living" if you work 16-hr days, 7 days
and if you rarely buy anything but food and the barest essentials in clothing. My balancing act is so precarious that all it'll take is one of life's little disasters (rent increase, sick pet, major car repair) to pull the rug out from under me. Not a good feeling at all.
How? By working 12-hr days 7 days/week?
In SEVEN days?

$30 in 7 days?  You've got to be kidding, right?  I could see $30 in 7 hours being bad, but in 7 days?  Either way, it's still not even minimum wage.  Aren't you worth at least twice minimum wage per hour?  Granted, there is always a period of adjustment when starting a new account, but I won't even stick around that long if I can't even make minimum wage.  Wow.  That's all I can say.  I think you know in your heart what you need to do.  You are worth so much more.

I've been frustrated myself because I'm supposed to do so many lines per week.  Monday and Tuesday were no work because the weekend people did it all.  Wednesday was technical problems.  Now I'm scrambling to get my lines in by the end of business today to reach my weekly line quota and get a half decent paycheck.  I was basically on call for them for free for three days.

There's not much of interest to me on the Job Seeker's board either.  Heck, maybe I'll take the next month off work and fool around for the rest of the summer until I can find something else.  I should have backed up paychecks coming in to last until then.  Good luck with your dilemma.

yes, just last few days.
Thought it was my computer - it acts like it can't keep up w/the typing and I'm not THAT fast...;) Now that I know it isn't just me though, I think I'll give them a call tomorrow if it happens again.
I think my MT days are over.....sm

I took a Federal job last year and kept one small, very part-time MT account. I got a 2-step promotion yesterday (lots more money), so I'm going to drop the MT account. This will be my first experience as a supervisor/work group leader. I'll probably still check in here, I actually use a lot of the grammar and software info. I loved MT, but the benefits and job security were a good move for me and my family. Best of luck to all.

Most days I truly like my job very much; however,
today is not one of those days. After listening to dictators on speaker phones, chewing gum, and ESL's, today I don't like my job a whole bunch. Tomorrow will probably be different, though.
I had one of those days too.
Very draining. Hope it gets better for you.
It will still be there in 2 days
when I go on to work. They let it happen constantly. They are just glad someone is dumb enough to do the idiots the cherrypickers skip continuously. The funny part is one does get used to them although they still SUCK.
Unfortunately, I had it for four days...nm
I think I will try it a few more days.....
If I just can get it, then I will try another ergonomic style..
I think after two days..
I am getting the hang of it. I still hit a few keys wrong here and there, but I think I will end up loving it too! I have noticed that my hands dont ache at the end of the day and thats a +++!!
Does anybody else ever have days that you just
absolutely depise transcription? Usually I enjoy my job, but today McDonald's, Hardee's, Pizza Hut, cleaning toilets, etc. is looking better.
Ever have one of those days
When you've typed an entire report and don't recollect having done it.  You check it and it's correct.  Frightening.  My mind is elsewhere this morning.  Too much caffeine (shh, don't tell my coffeepot). 
Having one of those days 2 days in a row!!!

  Have had the same ESL the last 2 days who mumbles incoherently until the end when he suddenly puts the phone near his face and rattles off the last sentence crystal clear before hanging up.  I would love to grab him by the _____ (pick a body part) and ask him very politely to please ennunciate and speak just a little bit louder. 

Thank you.  Done venting.  Carry on. 


Have you ever had one of those days?
When it seems like your fingers are not cooperating? So far this evening, I have misspelled somewhere close to 6 of every 10 words. thank goodness for spell checkers! I seem to be hitting extra letters every time I turn around!
Re: Have you ever had one of those days?
i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!
Some days just go like this.

My 19 yo son can't find his keys and boy, is he upset.  He, dad and I search the house for the keys.  He knows where he put them last night, but they're not there.  I push furniture out, shake all the clothes that he has lying around his room, search and search, along with the others.  Now, 1-1/2 hours later, 1 hour late for work, he finds them.......















in his back pocket behind his wallet.     I'm laughing, of course he's really mad now!

some days
 so where were they????
I tried it only for a few days, it
I started to take Doxepin instead- it was a life saver! It is considered to be a rather "old" drug and you would have to check to see if it is even available in your area. I took it for anxiety & trouble sleeping. Anyway it is a an alternative option to look into should Prozac not agree with you. Good luck.
days gone by

How about shows you miss that are no longer on (excpet maybe reruns)? I miss:

  1. Seinfeld

  2. Ally McBeal

  3. Strong Medicine

  4. The Division

  5. Any Day Now

Days Definitely
I love Days and make sure that I take my lunch break at 1:00 to watch the show. I'm happy to see Patch and Kayla back too. I've been watching for years myself. I just want them to get this Shawn/Belle/Claire mess taken care of. It's been going on long enough. My other addiction is Rob Thomas.
one of those days

I can't concentrate, my head hurts, and I can't hear half of what is being said.

Sorry, I needed to whine for a minute.

Thanks for letting me

Having one of those days...why is it
necessary for these dictators just not to care when dictating.  I am doing a 20+ minute dictation.  So far we are into almost 10 minutes of the dictation and so far I have one paragraph done, literally.  We are still in the HPI.  He has said ummmm who knows how many times and back tracked to rearrange things he already dictated.  I would love for each dictator to type one lousy report of theirs, just one and see what we put up with.  Maybe just maybe then they will shape up a bit and clean up their act, then again why should they care.  Maybe if they got paid for typing their own dictation they might get the point, once they starve, lose their nice boat, house etc.  Sheesh.  Okay done now, feel much better.  Thanks for allowing me to vent. 
one of those days


Dictator, weather, kids,

It has all been said before.  And how was your day.

I feel better already

11% if they pay in 3 days -- nm
Three days then said ....


No - but did get let go after a few days
as service kept changing the way the work was being submitted and apparently I could not keep up well enough! There are just some very weird and very rude people out there - don't question yourself - sounds like they did not give you the tools to work with - the more companies/accounts I work for/with the more different they are - some companies actually believe their way is the RIGHT way and the ONLY way - don't let them get to you!!  You will find a better job real quick and be glad you did!!
I have days like that as well
Today, mind you, I have easy docs so my line count is fairly good. But I know the rest of the week will be terrible, and by Friday I am looking for other jobs. I don't really think there is a better place out there. I mean, this thing with MTSOs is a struggle for me. I work on the weekends too because I constantly am expected to make up my hours if THEY are out of work or if I have an appointment (which I understand). And, no, they are thankless and I feel like I am working in a third-world country in a sweatshop...

I understand your vent and live it every day.
Ever had one of those days when
all you get are sloppy dictators who can not make up their minds on exactly what they want to say. Light editing only, which makes you wonder what would really happened if you followed that rule? Every dictator I have had is new. I have spent more time downloading samples and looking up meds pronounced incorrectly. The horror of it all!!! And I am a newbie, too!!!. Please let this day be over..
One of those days . . .
Yep! Had one of those days today. All bad dictators. The ones that I like the very, very least. They couldn't decide which headings to use ect. My back hurts, my neck hurts and my head feels like it is ready to blow. Need a new job.
Yes, I believe it is 30 days nm
I think it's actually 90 days - sm
Make sure you stay on top of your ex-company, though, as my ex-company never sent me anything about COBRA.
4 days
Had him Tuesday came home Friday and went to work Saturday. Being an IC I did not have PTO I could use and still had bills to pay.
pay days

Has anyone ever had this happen.  First time for me but, you hire into a new company, they give you a list stating what day time cards should be turned in, and what "pay days" are.  All sounds normal so far eh??  Now, you hand in your time card exact day they want it, which in my case would be 5 days before "pay day".  Well, pay day is here today, I have no check in the mail.  I telephone the payroll department just to be told that they send out the paychecks on "pay day".  Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I would think a stated pay day would be the day I receive my pay, not the day the company mails out their bills!

Do you think I could do it for less than 14 days
They usually process my invoice with the regular payroll.  I think it the few times it has been late is because my invoice is not forwarded to the proper person.  It always seems to happen at the most critical times financially for me.  Now I will be paying bank charges because automatic payments have been taken out. 
Ever have one of those days
where even after doing this for 15 years you feel like a newbie?  I keep second guessing myself today and it is taking me FOREVER to get my work done.  Ugh...Thank god today is my "friday"
Off QA in 3 days?
Have you ever worked for a company where you had to be off QA in 3 days? That seems fishy to me.
I think we all have days like this...sm

Let's see, what do I do to motivate myself?

Well, bill collectors calling are a big motivation. 

Seriously, when I don't feel well, I try to be kind to myself and take a little break.  Even a 20-minute power nap helps and I'm usually ready to get back to work.  Try to eat healthy because junk food junks up our body systems and makes us less productive.  Sometimes taking a walk will help.

Yup, me too, some days...
I get up and make myself a half-pot of coffee, do some quick stretches, plot out what I'm gonna do the next day, make lists, organize things in my mind and sit my butt back down and try to get through the rest of the night. I have a lot of nights like this, ha-ha. You do it cause you know you have to and keep telling yourself how lucky you are to be able to work from your home.
A few days ago there was a --sm
discussion about being paid for 'wait' time. Does anyony have the government article that was cited? 
0 days
I want my check on time every time. I give them the work on time. I expect to be paid the same way. No ifs, ands or buts about it. I am just not willing to wait. My mortgage company, car loan, utility bills, etc., won't wait. Neither will I. Time to get out and get with someone who pays responsibly.
0 days here, too!

1 yr 9 mo 5 days. . .
to retirement for me. Can't wait. I'm totally burned out after 18 years of this. The last 8 (with MQ and then Spheris) have been miserable. Hope my income can hold out until I can retire.
Doctors have bad days too!
Guess SHE was having a bad day. Once during the dictation, she screamed it ou because she could not find the medication list!  This foreigner had no trouble learning that word, obviously!