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A couple of ideas...SM

Posted By: FBL on 2005-11-04
In Reply to:

I would suggest you pick up a copy of your local area's business journal and see what terms other businesses for sale are offering. Then place an ad in it yourself once you decide what you want. If you don't have a business journal in your town or one nearby, check the classifieds in your local paper (you won't find as much there, though). You may even want to pick up the Wall Street Journal as a last option, just to see how the ads are worded and what terms/rates are out there.

To add value you need to be offering things like an established company name, any archived files you have, hardware and software used in the business, any "norms" you have set up, etc. You will also want to offer your services during the transition, as a liason between the new owner and the clients to train and troubleshoot.

Finally, be sure to get a well-written contract that spells out exactly what you are selling and what you are/are not liable for. Be sure your business is in compliance with all regulations and don't release any medical records without the knowledge and written consent of your clients, and then only to the new business owner who has a "business need to know".

Good luck!

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    couple of ideas
    You can try another ULD through a cable phone line (check with your cable company to see if they offer it). Those are VoIP like Vonage but you may not have the same sound quality problems. You can also get 2 land lines each with a different ULD carrier and then splitting your transcription time half and half to keep your total minutes under 5000/month for each. The only other thing I can think of is to get a business line. I don't know how much those cost.

    It's a headache, I know.
    A couple of ideas...
    Without knowing how and when this started, it's a little hard to say, but here's a couple of possibilities:

    1. Bad keyboard. There's actually a mini-computer inside all modern keyboards that communicates keypresses and "state information" (like NumLock, CapsLock, etc.) to the computer, and this may have gone bad. If you have another keyboard, try it to see if that fixes things.

    2. ATI Hotkey Poller. If this service is activated, it can slow things down while it polls keypresses for hotkey combinations. Deactivate this by going to the Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services and looking for the ATI Hotkey Poller. Right-click on it and select "Properties". Look at Startup Type. Click "Disabled", then click "Apply", get out of any applications running and reboot.
    I have 2 middle age couple friends. One couple became pregnant from condom failure.
    This is not just "irresponsible" behavior! Both couples are "fixed" now, because for them, reliable birth control was NOT. But it's an error to assume this stuff happens to people who are unmarried or irresponsible. Both these couples are raising 2nd families, now, but it wasn't "irresponsibility" that did them in!
    Any ideas?
    I'm beginning my carreer as a medical Transcriptionist - which is best Expander program, are there any good ones lower priced??  anyone know if there's a free trial with any of these programs?
    Some Ideas - sm
    First, keep a list of each job # you do...this is useful in case there is a dispute or lost work. Also, if you later need to request a copy, you can ask your QA dept by job #.

    Second, your question: I do about 20 reports a day for around 750 lines. It takes me anywhere from 4 to 10 hours. :( New accounts are really slowing me down lately.

    Try these ideas.

    I picked up an exercise bike at a yard sale for $1 and a mini trampoline for $5.  Whenever I need a break to recharge, I get on the bike or trampoline for 5-10 minutes.  They say that little spurts of exercise throughout the day are as effective as exercising all at once.  Plus, it'll help clear your lungs out.  Another thing to try is to just step outside for a moment and take some really deep breaths of fresh air in.  You used to inhale deeply with smoking, so now you inhale deeply without the carcinogens.  You can also try yoga or tai chi.  Very calming on the nerves.  I also switched to herbal tea, so I'll take a break and fill up my little teapot for one.  Replace your bad habit with a good habit.  Just don't replace smoking with eating.  If you need the hand to mouth thing, try air popped popcorn, cut up fruit or vegetables, a small amount of nuts or seeds, or hot peppers.  I keep a jar of Bit o' Honey and fireball candies on my desk, so I'll have one of those a day.

    It's important to reward yourself, so take the money you would ordinarily have spent on cigarettes and get something for yourself.  I like to buy books, bubble bath, stinky candles, mocha lattes, restaurant gift certificates.  You can also put the money you're saving into a big jar to watch it add up for a BIG reward.  I saved enough to buy a dishwasher, which is kind of silly for a reward, but I really wanted one.

    thank you both for the ideas
    several ideas on where to go

    Number one was psychology, but that will take too long, going part time, and knowing in the next five years MT'ing might not exist.  You need a bachelor's to get foot in the door.  I wish they had schooling completely on line for this degree, but they do not. 

    Second is something with cooking.  Would like to work with people on diet and weight loss, since it is the way i've lived my own life for years and I believe strongly in it.  The chef/cook field is predominantly male, so it will be hard to get a foot in the door there.  I can be a certified dietician all on line within a year, but the pay isn't all that good.

    Ultimate goal would be a personal chef or working for myself doing SOMETHING.  I think thats everyones dream.

    all these ideas
    are right up my alley of interest.  I have a community college in my area that offers a certificate in cooking.  I've sent away for the packet, and I feel this is the direction I want to take, since I actually enjoy cooking and working with food.  I'm just in a premid life crisis.  Thanks for your advice, i'm glad I posted today.   
    Some ideas....sm
    For the business expense part I would buy a printer that uses a different ink cartridge than what you have now. The best one you can afford. I would tell them that my home printer won't handle that much printing (they might even be able to get you a good deal on one from their supplier). In the meantime I would go to Kinkos or printer and have them print the reports and SHRINK WRAP or package the bill with the reports while you are waiting on your new printer. javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');

    Thanks for the ideas.
    I do have that book and an equipment book as well. Thanks for the idea I will ask and see if they let me.

    The ideas seem to be getting better and better, lol--SM
    I like the sticker--I could certainly give a quick glance. But the bead of glue or "diamond" ideas sound even better, as I won't have to even look/glance to check and correct my hand position Thanks--you're some resourceful ladies and I was drawing a complete blank on such a simple annoyance, lol
    Two ideas

    My daughter LOVES trains, and you can find scenic train trips all over.  We did one in Romney, WV that was just wonderful.  The train was called Potomoc Eagle, and we did see bald eagles on our trip. 

    Not sure where you are in WV, but what about Hershey, PA?  Probably not the cheapest vacation, but lots to do.  Besides HersheyPark itself (very kid friendly) there is a zoo, a garden and more.  I'm sure there are packages available.  

    I'm anxious to see what others come up with too.  We are in PA and looking for some close trips as well.  Which beach do you go to?  We found a beautiful not-so-commercial beach at Lewes, DE last year and can't wait to go back!

    Good luck with your planning!   

    Thanks for your ideas! (s/m)
    I really appreciate your taking the time to answer my post and give your input. I already know that I will have signed on for real at a new job before I ever walk out the door at my present one. And although I want SO badly to tell them to "take their job and shove it", I guess I have to not burn my bridges, either, just in case. I had thought about doing some part time work, but I'm usually so burned out at the end of the week that I don't know if I could do that or not. I run around like crazy on Saturdays, just trying to do all the household chores, shopping, etc. that doesn't get done during the week.

    I seriously considered training for another career about 10 years ago, when we were told our jobs would "be taken over by VR" eventually. But I got into MT because I don't fit well into most other professions. I've had a couple of my own businesses. Too much worry and having to be available 24-7. I've gotten lazy in that respect. The same with going back to school. I'm just hoping I can keep on scratching out a living with what I know how to do, until I have enough saved to at least retire to part-time work to supplement my 401K & whatever Social Security is still left in 2025. So, I'll keep my fingers crossed!

    Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts!
    Some ideas
    All teachers don't come out of the same mold, but my friend who is a teacher says the best gift she can receive is a gift card from a grocery store. She likes all gift cards, but it's easier to use the grocery store ones. We all have to eat!! An Amazon.com gift card is also good.

    Her second favorite is homemade cookies or other edible products.

    Trinkets and personal gifts are great, but she says she remembers students by their personal qualities (or lack thereof lol) more than any personal gift.

    Good luck!
    Thanks for all your ideas !!
    We have decided to make a picture collage of the puppies that survived and "mom and dad", and include it with a basket of goodies that can be eaten while on the run with an assortment of coffees, teas, individual bottles of flavored water, etc.

    Although we wanted something unique, the goodie basket seemed to be at the top of everyone's list... so if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

    Again, thanks for all the help.
    Thanks for the ideas!
    I think some of these might get me arrested, but they are good ideas! Hubby would love them! I am going to take my special chocolate chip cookies to the airport for him to eat in the car. I will give him a kiss and a big welcome home card too. Thanks to you all! :-) Just 1 week to go now!
    Some ideas...
    I'm in the same boat, but decided to get over it as July has come and is on its way out and the work is still very skimpy. Fortunately, my rent isn't due until the middle of the month and I'll figure something out about the rest of the bills even if it means getting reaaal good at Ebay.

    Some suggestions:

    --Check the local temp agencies, perhaps they have something, med. transcription or not, that might be available to help tide you over.

    --Consider hiring on with another "back up". That's not being disloyal. It's being smart and sane. What good are you getting frustrated, upset, being tense about where the rent's coming from if not your current employer? What good are you to your family who is depending on you or your employer if you're all out on the street?

    --Whether you tell your employer what you're doing (to literally keep yourself afloat) or not is up to you and depends very much on your relationship. Think this particular over very, very carefullly regardless of how much better it might make you feel regarding loyalty.

    Hang on, hang in. We've both no other choice. We'll get through this.

    Need some ideas
    A friend of mine has throat cancer and is undergoing radiation.  His throat hurts and he has no teeth and I am trying to come up with some high calorie food for him to eat, he says he can't taste much and has been doing milk shakes and mashed patotoes, any other ideas.  Really need to be high calorie because he does not want to have a PEG and if he can keep up his weight and still swallow then he won't have to have one.  Thanks for any suggestions
    Some Ideas for You RE: LX-219


    First, sorry about the funny way my answer is formatted below, I'm no good in this little box.

    Are you dialing into a Lanier system?  LX-219 and other Lanier equipment only works with Lanier. 

     Ranzy Luster in Texas fixed my LX-219 with large display for a flat rate of $100, gave a 90-day warrantee with the repair.  He sometimes advertises on the MT Daily site.  He has been around a long time.  His phone number is 254-235-3241 and his e-mail is rluster@transcribe solutions.com.  I felt he treated me very well and he was fast.  I should say if the large display is not working, I don't believe he works on that, but if you can see anything in the large display, I believe he will work on it.  Ask him.

    Look in your User Guide for the LX-219 and try performing the call-echo-cancel sequence.  If you are calling into a Lanier system, then it is not recognizing your machine.  Lanier machines send a proprietary tone in to connect with the host modem. 

    Sometimes the phone is set for dictate instead of transcribe.  You can try this: Press  *99 (that's star-99) then the 1 key

    If set for transcription it will say 20 through 39. 

    My old Lanier service tech said he always used 20 as his default when setting machines for transcription mode. 

    When you dial into Lanier, the LX-219 must be programmed with YOUR ID number.  So, program one key with the number you are dialing, then another key with your ID. 

    You can test how this works by dialing the phone manually, touching all the buttons just like the regular phone, then input your ID number, the system should recognize you. 

    I haven't used my LX-219 machines in a long time, I use a Lanier TXC card to download large amounts of dictation to a sound card in my computer, but the above were some hints I wrote for myself in the handbook for the LX-219 a couple of years ago. 

    Is your C-phone located near any other equipment?  That can cause static.  Move it away by itself. 

    I hope something here helps.  Give Ranzy a try.  He might have some suggestions for you. 

    Some ideas
    Grilled cajun chicken or shrimp over Caesar salad. Marinated steak over salad. Marinated chicken or shrimp kabobs. Italian sausage kabobs with peppers and onions and cherry tomatoes. A crustless quiche. Shrimp scampi. Tasty veggies..brocolli with cheese sauce, cauliflower with cream sauce, glazed carrots. Cole Slaw. Stacked thin burger patties filled with layers of swiss cheese, mushrooms, onions, or whatever you like. I find if it's tasty or fun to eat you don't miss the carbs as much ;)
    Any ideas

    Sorry, this is kind of long, but I would appreciate any advice/comments.

    Back in May I was contacted by someone to whom I had sent my resume several months prior.  She asked if I would be interested in some part-time work, and I said that I was.  She had no idea how much or what time of day, etc. 

    Well, it turned out to be quite a bit of work, and I wound up calling her and letting her know that it was too much, as she would ride me about turnaround time when I had let her know that I already had almost full-time work prior to accepting her part-time deal.  She did have another girl working on the account, but her work needed to be edited (fully to voice), and she asked that I hang in there while she found someone else, which I did, and she went through about three other girls.  During this time she would hit me with sometimes 2+ hours of dictation out of the blue, and there would be many days with nothing at all.  I had actually been hoping to still get daily work, but just a reduced amount from what it had been, and was still hoping that is how it would go once she was able to find someone else to share the load. 

    Anyway, about a week ago I received an e-mail from her that she no longer had the account, and here is where my question comes in . . . I really liked doing this dictation, and am interested in trying to obtain the account for myself, but they are in a different state from me.  Since she has lost the account, I do not feel that it would be stealing, but obviously they must have had a replacement transcriptionist/service prior to telling her they would no longer need her services, so I am wondering how long I should wait and what approach I should take . . . should I call them, or perhaps mail something, or even call and try to get an e-mail address???  I was not told what the reason is that they no longer use her services either, by the way, and as far as having said what I did about it being too much work, I would give up something else to have this account if I could get it, but at the time I told her it was too much I had not decided that.  I had been considering proposing just that to her, for a negotiated higher wage, but then she lost the account. 

    What would you guys do?

    TIA for opinions/ideas!

    Thanks for the ideas!
    I am also really, really tired of being strapped to my seat, working my buns off for 9 cents a line, having nearly no communication by the company I work for (oh, unless they need a STAT done and then they are all over me to take it!), and just generally being a really small fish in a vast sea of transcriptionists, which they seem to cycle through on a regular basis when people either cannot handle the rotten accounts or cannot meet their line quota.  I have done this for 7 years and am about worn out, which I never thought I would say because I do enjoy the work itself.  It is being switched around on accounts all the time that is really killing me.  It is like starting over again and again and again...Yep, cleaning houses is sounding pretty good right about now! 
    Here's some ideas ...
    MQ pays 80% of your MT base rate. If you make 8 cpl MTing, you'll make 6.4 cpl MEing. If you make 9 cpl MTing, you'll make 7.2 cpl MEing. If you make 10 cpl MTing, you'll make 8 cpl MEing. They pay the most for VR work.

    I'm not sure about Spheris.

    The other smaller companies pay 50% of the base rate.

    need ideas
    You know, I go on this board and I read where people are typing 400 to 500 lines per hour, and they make $40 to $50 an hour (okay that was one post, but I've seen others that are semi-comparable in recent times).  I have been doing this for 7 years and I STILL average only 250 to 300 lines per hour and top maybe $23 an hour (at 9 cpl w/spaces).  And this is with doctors I've been typing for 2 or 3 years now!   Would someone please tell me what I'm not doing completely right?  I use a word Expander (Instant Text), and I have macros, but apparently I'm still not quite "getting it."  Any suggestions would be so very much appreciated. 
    need ideas
    Wow.  Yes I do have entire paragraphs and sentences actually as "quickwords," but never thought about speeding up the doctor.  I will try that.  Thanks very much! 
    Thanks for the ideas
    I have been checking Craig's daily. I even went so far as to post a "wanted work" doing anything. I don't have a car so... My family lives over 600 miles away and they aren't much help anyway. I did put some flyers up in my community for PC work, repair, etc., as I am A+ certified and a former Dell tech.

    I know that there are many of us in this kind of situation in this business :(

    Good luck to you!
    some ideas...


    I assume you are using Windows 2000 or XP.

    I would disable "system sounds" in using the control panel. It is possible system sounds are interfering with your program or causing problems.

    If that does not work then...

    Next time the problem happens, right click "My Computer", and select "Manage".

    Double click "Device Manager".

    Find your sound card driver under "Sounds and Video Game Controllers"...there will be several items there, but you are looking for a "controller" of some kind...It should match the name of you audio device. When you have found it, right click and "disable". Then "enable". If the problem goes away, it is probably a driver issue...if not then it might be something as simple as the volume control turned all the way down.

    If it is a driver issue (that is if disable and enable make it work) then you should try to find an updated driver.

    Good luck...

    Why should it? Just some ideas put together by
    1. Do you have enough room to care and board other peoples' horses?

    2. My cousin trains horses and then the local police departments buy them from her. Pay days are few and far between but she enjoys it.

    I can think of a few others using your interest in horticulture but I think they're against the law!
    two ideas ---
    Fannie May candies (the best and all prices) see

    or - make an ornament with your company name and the year given on it. (great advertising for years to come).

    cookies that come in like a floral arrangement in baskets?

    basket of assorted coffees.

    Babysitting ideas....
    That's what I do - I have a 12-year-old girl come by for a few hours on the days my regular sitter is unable to keep my 5-year-old and it works out well. She gets some money in her pockets and I don't have the 5-year-old pestering me every 5 minutes while trying to work. :o)
    anyone else with ideas on pay scale for
    Can email me if you'd like. Sure would appreciate it!
    Is Beyond TXT a VR program? Any ideas on it? Anyone like it?



    Nothing to do with MT but does anyone have any ideas on how to clean - sm
    a linoleum bathroom floor? All my bathroom throw rugs (4-large bathroom) have left yellow stains under where each lies.  I presume the rubber somehow reacted with the floor.  This has happened in both my bathrooms but much worse it the one which has a window.  Short of replacing the floor does anyone have any ideas? TIA.
    All of these ideas are good.

    We lost a newborn.  I know it is 100 times worse for an older child, but I appreciated all the things people did for me.  Our neighbor came over that morning without being asked, while I was still in the hospital, and mowed our lawn before people started coming by. Other friends brought some meals.  I most appreciated visits from friends.  I was still on maternity leave with no baby to take care of. 

    benefit ideas

    This may be a little late as it takes some planning, but my great niece was in an "American Girl" (the popular dolls) Fashion show which raised close to 40,000 for a child who passed 2 years ago from brain cancer and this benefit went to the fund the parents kept up for research.

    The American Girl company coordinates it, has a whole package thing and the girls modeling are dressed just like the American Girl doll they carry...it was the cutest thing and well worth the money for the ticket.

    Thanks you all! These are really great ideas. sm
    I've been taking glucosamine w/chondroitin for years, and have nerve heard of glucosamine MSM.  Used to have cubital tunnel and terrible forearm aching, but took several years off and it cured itself.  Now finger arthritis is my biggest problem.  My doctor also prescribed a ketoprofin cream that I run on my joints at night...I call it the miracle cream.  It has to be covered with plastic wrap, but wow does it help the inflammation!  It has to be made up at a compounding pharmacy, too, regular stores don't stock it.  Silly doctors...I had to suggest it to my doctor, but he didn't object to writing the Rx, since it wasn't systemic. 
    Game ideas

    At one party for my daughter, I wrapped up a small, age-appropriate gift in several (maybe 5-7, I don't remember) layers of wrapping paper.  Then the girls sat in a circle and passed the present around to music.  When the music stopped, whoever was holding the gift got to remove 1 layer of paper.  The one who took of the last layer of paper, got the gift.

    Also, our youth group had a balloon tower contest.  Each team had a bunch of balloons and several rolls of clear tape.  Then they had 10 minutes to blow up the balloons and build a tower using the tape.  Whoever built the biggest tower won.  Of course, we had some older kids in the youth group.  Younger kids might have trouble tying the balloons. 

    craft ideas
    I used to teach preschool and one year we made wreath banners using large white paper and green paint. These have to be quite large.  Trace a circle in the center and then have the kids dip their hands in green paint and place them around the circle until it looks like a wreath.  After it is dry, they can use red paint and their hands to make a "bow" at the bottom.  Fringe the bottom with scissors and use a string to hang.  Another idea is to use small squares of green tissue paper and a cut out circle.  Using the eraser of a pencil "twist" the square and glue to the cut out until it is covered with green tissue twisties.  Decorate with red ribbon. 
    Thanks for all the great ideas!!
    Some great ideas by all of you.  Thanks so much for the advice and sorry to the people who are complaining about not interested in pets.  Since this is the main board and sort of a pot-pourri of things get posted here, I thought it would be okay to ask for advice, and yes, I'm an MT too! 
    These are all great ideas. (sm)
    With a 3-year-old child at home who NEVER stops talking, I pretty much have to work on and off all day long to get a decent pay check! I've heard the stop watch thing works pretty well though.
    good ideas

    I've looked into other things I could do as a sidestep from transcription, like editor, or biller, there are tons of ads for billers and coders.  I'd need more schooling.  As far as support from family, thats great that yours admire you.  Mine is just really judgemental and have always thought I never lived up to my potential.  I've always been content though.  Being an MT allows me my independence which is the most important thing to me.

    Great ideas..sm
    We have been thinking seriously about Hershey Park, PA.  I thought that would be a GREAT trip...My son LOVES trains also.  So that is a thought.  We always, every year since I can remember, go to Myrtle Beach but we have seen everything...and want some place new.  My best friend lives in Maryland so that might be another thought - get to enjoy the beach and visit with her.  Thanks for the great ideas!  I will keep all of those in mind....
    Great ideas!! Thanks all. nm
    thanks to all for shortcut ideas
    This is wonderful.  Thanks to all of you for sharing.  I really appreciate and will pass it on to my friends as well. 
    Yummy! Not OP but thanks for the ideas!
    Thanks everyone!!!! Got some great ideas!!! nm
    Thank you everyone for all the great ideas! nm
    Thank you for all your ideas (long-sm)

    I found some very helpful and uplifting at the same time. 

    I spent the last 2 days crying off an on and was afraid I was going to need the ER myself. Then I told myself it can't happen right now to cease and desist.

    Today, I spent the afternoon on the phone with the insurance company that handles our disability insurance. They had sent a check  but we were expecting triple the amount. That would have gotten us over the hump. They, ha-ha, only pay for 2 times the amount of days spent in the hospital as disability, not the full 2 months he was off, and they ripped us off on the ICU pay and the ER pay. They were supposed to pay for those stays, too.

    I work 2 jobs now, 1 employee status, 1 IC, plus a single doctor locally as IC.  As for health insurance, the employer's health insurance was more expensive than what I have and really didn't cover anymore than what I had...anyway, they wouldn't have paid 1 cent as it would have been less than a year, if they would have covered him at all.

    Then I saw it...a life insurance policy that I've had on hubby for 12 years. It's only for $20,000 but I cashed it in today. I hated to do it as it was a cheap policy, but I do have other policies on him that total $170,000, so this one is no big deal. The cash from that may just get us over the hump.

    I will call the mortgage company at our local friendly bank. We only have 4 years on our mortgage so I don't see a problem there...but I could be wrong as usual. The 2nd mortage is only $247 a month. I might be able to scrap that up if I work harder and longer.

    We did have savings equal to 3 months salary but it's all eaten up by the end of this month. But, hubby did feel good enough that he loaded up a bunch of scrap metal over the weekend and he got decent money for it. Plus he sold a little tag along trailer he had so at least we have some money for essentials like food for us and the cat and dog for a week or two.

    As for selling "one of the trucks", no can do. One is a pickup that he needs to get his truck parts for his dump truck and my car can't be sold. The frame is so rusted  it won't pass inspection this September. It's a '92 so wouldn't get anything for it anyway. BTW, we never financed a car or pickup. Always paid cash for them.

    We made it before back in the '70s when neither of us had a job and I'm trying to remember that experience and what we did then....oh, I remember. We didn't claim bankruptcy but sold everything we owned because we were only $11 above the income level for Medicaid and help from welfare unless they could put a lien on our house.

    Then we started all over. I guess we can do it again, but these hospital and doctor bills really make me sick, especially since the doctors told him not to worry about it...that everything was taken care of...yeah, right.

    Thanks again for all your support and ideas. I think I might be able to think of a few things IF I don't have to be on the phone with the doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, etc., every day like I do now. How frustrating.

    Need gift ideas.....

    I need some help figuring out a neat gift idea for our veterinary staff.  You guys always have some GREAT ideas !!!

    We have had some significant problems with both our "mom" and the 8 puppies we have left, having lost 3.  The staff at our vet hospital has just been absolutely wonderful.  This is a new vet hospital for us.  Our old vet and staff were... well... let's just say less than caring or concerned about our animals. 

    We'd like a way to say thanks in a different and unique way, other than the traditional fruit/snack basket, and this is just not my strong suit.  We feel that plenty of people will complain about bad service, but sometimes we forget to reward the great service or the extra effort, and this vet hospital has done that and more. 

    Any help or ideas would be appreciated.  TIA....