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Posted By: MTMT on 2006-07-12
In Reply to: No offense, but your attending the meeting in Boston won't make - a bit of difference. AAMT has their (sm)

Like I said, it may not do any good, but I am willing to try, at least then I can say I did.  I totally agree with you on the offshoring being the major problem, but there are also other problems with the organization as well.  I would be happy to see MTs being required to have state licensure like nurses and a lot of techs need. They are asking for responses so I am gonna give em without hesitation. I have a couple of months left on my membership and I am dumping after that if I don't see real progress.

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Oh, someone benefits from AAMT - AAMT DOES!
Well hey, spelling a lot as one word is commonplace too; does that make it okay?? Do they really think MDs keep up with all the illogical changes they come up with? Do they realize that MDs actually take the time to edit stuff they don't recognize to be correct? What good is it if it actually causes MDs to stop and edit??

It's just too bad that AAMT has not taken an assertive stand for the American MT and keeping confidential patient records in this country. For such a long time medical record administrators have fought the concerns of medical transcriptionists since the 60's. There was always a divisive agenda from medical record librarians (as they were called then) toward the transcriptionist. They didn't want to see the Transcriptionist come to the forefront of the medical records industry, nor did they like the income transcriptionists made(then) -WHAT? a transcriptionist make more money than a medical records librarian? I still see it now - you see AHIMA's hand down the back zipper of AAMT puppeting what direction they want AAMT to go - minimize the importance of the professional medical transcriptionist and rushing to automate the medical record with ASR and EMR. Ask youself this question - how many of you believe that many of the "QA" people at the nationals are discarded or displaced medical record technicians or the like? Many of the medical record administrators lost their jobs about 10 years ago during hefty layoffs when hospitals began a surge of outsourcing and many of these people had to seek jobs in the transcription industry for national companies as sales people, administrators, and QA people. I can't begin to tell you how many RHIT people haven't a clue about medical transcription. I've worked with so many who got a lot of things wrong legally but hey, because they were above the transcription department, they were right. Don't question them.
Have to afford those trips to Hawaii somehow.
I know.  It is so strange.  I was just on the AAMT forum.  I know if I start making "waves" I'll be considered a troublemaker.   It is really said what is happening in that organization when it could provide such a boost.
That is how I have been feeling.  A friend of mine says I need to run, but I'm afraid of how it would be handled. -
Thanks so much.  You are right.  I will contact this gentleman.
well, according to the AAMT BOS...sm
"Always place periods inside quotation marks."  <<< see, like I did!
Ah, yes. The AAMT.
Medware offshores. They don't pay well, either. I see by your other post that you won't work for acusisindia, what's the difference? Offshoring is offshoring.

AAMT = Against American Medical Transcriptionists
I don't think you read my message clearly.  There are many options to AAMT, not just one.  AAMT is pushing for licensure as it is.  That will do just as much harm as anything else in the end.
AAMT is nothing but a poor parody of a high school sorority. It touts itself as being a professional organization. It is neither professional nor organized and needs to go the way ot the dinosaur and die.
What I blame AAMT for is for touting themselves as a "professional organization" when they are neither professional nor organized.
I hear the rules are always changing in the AAMT/BOS.

And you have to admit, it doesn't really matter what the AAMT/BOS says, it's what the doctor prefers, right or wrong.
According to AAMT BOS, you do put
an apostrophe to form the plural of single letters and symbols. The values will vary from patient to patient.
AAMT is totally useless; everyone knows that. They're a bunch of aging prima donnas. You would do better to invest your money in a good basic grammar book than anything AAMT has to offer.
Where is AAMT
They're too busy deciding who is white enough and straight enough to belong to give attention to relevant issues. I abandoned them in the 90s when I saw first-hand what their agenda was. It isn't to help the average Joe or Jane Transcriptionist, believe me.
AAMT is a dinosaur.
Yes, and dangerous abbreviations list instructs cc should be replaced with mL as well. I agree a lot of it is silly, but there is some useful information. Some doctors appreciate it, other doctors want verbatim always and don't care for it.
I will conveniently stay anonymous, but I completely agree with you. I cannot afford the membership dues. My former employer is sponsoring a discounted membership with AAMT for MTs who want to join. I think this board is invaluable and agree it probably does have a lot better information. I know of other MTs who used to be AAMT members who could no longer afford the membership and dropped it. Besides, I think you can visit their website and obtain info that way. I bet the book you purchased is a good resource as well.
AAMT does not only support offshoring, I believe they are responsible for it. Apparently, you don't know that they offer their CMT test and credentials to MTs in India? Nothing very "American" about that.

Also, you will find that most AAMT officers are from MTSOs that offshore work. If you dig deeper, you will find that these MTSOs were pioneers in offshoring work. I belonged years ago, but then I decided they were just a bunch of egomaniacs out for their own glorification.

I can't see that they have done anything positive for the MT business. I think it's gone downhill since AAMT came into the picture.
Like she said, AAMT...
Yes, the AAMT website has a great instruction guide for setting up and maintaining a QA department.  It is the QA Primer 2004.  I used it to establish a QA department for one of the medium transcription companies and they love it. 
Can one sit for the AAMT's CMT

If the AAMT gets their way and gets an apprenticeship program apprvoved, MTs are sunk.  Students will come out of the top 3 schools ready to work, but will have to work for lower line rates as apprentices.  So who do you think the MTSOs will hire? 


The AAMT has applied to the Department of Labor to get this scheme going.  We are sunk unless we oppose it and state that the AAMT does not represent the majority of MTs.  The group that wants to represent us is sending us right down the tubes.  We have to stop them before they go any further with this scheme. 

Did the AAMT ever ask MTs
whether THEY wanted this apprenticeship program? The AAMT wants to pretend it represents MTs. If you want to represent someone, you take the time to do the groundwork to find out what the people in the industry want. You don't sit down and come up with a deal and send it to the Dept. of Labor, letting the Dept. of Labor think that this is what the majority of MTs want, and THEN try to sell it to those who make up the working body.

That is NOT the way to attract support. This is why the AAMT is accused of being elitist. The AAMT does not use the boards to poll working MTs. It tells MTs what they SHOULD want, SHOULD do, SHOULD think.

Ask first, then act. Don't try to sell us some scheme after it's all put together, and don't try to fob it off as something the majority wants. That is dishonest.
That turns the majority of MTs against the AAMT.

When we are making the same wages as the MTS who live in other countries, maybe the AAMT will wake up and feel a little bit of guilt about their part in taking us down.

Thank AAMT for this. nm
AAMT now just AMT?

This is in reference to their now teaching overseas to outsource our work:


I myself do NOT feel comfortable having my information sent overseas, including my name, DOB, and often SSN listed in the demographics screen of each note. I have heard stories of prosecution (or lack there of) by identity theft from people in other countries. Maybe Americans should start boycotting or protesting the healthcare industries that outsource overseas!!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: AAMT BOS, etc.
Thanks for your honest, non-rosy answer about switching from in-house to at-home. We have actually been gradually switching over to a more rigid adherenct to the BOS, but it's been a hard sell for lots of the older docs, who want it their way or no way at all. And some of us older MTs aren't too thrilled with lots of the idiotic, picky-picky stuff the BOS throws at us. So far we've reached a compromise, where we MOSTLY adhere to it, but other things we do the doctors' way to keep them happy. I would have a hard time with with verbatim, because one of our ways IS to do SLIGHT changes in grammar for some of the ESL docs. But they can be only very minor, and the rule of thumb is when in doubt, don't do it. For the most part I sort of like the ESL guys better, because at least they try harder to be understood than many of our English-speakers.

I found your answer very forthright and valuable, and will definitely add it to my "cons" list! :)
Throwing good money after bad, and sending our work to India.
What a waste. You can get all of that free off the internet. Those CEC's you are talking about are worthless and not transferrable.

Is it still the rule with AAMT to spell out WHOLE numbers zero through nine, use numerals for 10 and above or did they change this with the 2nd ed.

Also what is the standard font and size used nationally.

Thanks - Sandra

According to AAMT BOS 2 sm

"With proper nounds, capitalized words, numbers, and abbreviations use a hyphen to join a prefix to a proper name, capitalized word, number or abbreviation, i.e.:


non-Hodgkin-type lymphoma


What is the AAMT guidelines for position of the discharge diagnosis. I have docs who dictate at the beginning of the script and some who dictate it at the end.
I don't think AAMT....
addresses this formatting issue in the BOS.  I just type them like they are dictated, but would like to see standard formats for all reports.  Unfortunately no one has ever asked me!
I have never used them. My Manager agrees with me. AAMT is using the acceptable English language in the BOS. Well I have been doing MT for 20 years. Never needed other MTs to tell me how to do my job.
Right on Sharon!! I'm down here in Thousand Oaks, and was involved deeply with AAMT many years ago - could not believe their insanity on pushing offshoring of patient records without full disclosure to the patient, AND other professional industries such as IT stick together to provide American jobs FIRST. AAMT has not publicly addressed the issue of disclosure to the patient that their record is going offshore. Offshore is here to stay, we can't stop it, and I would not take offense to it if there were some decent common sense checks and balances in place to protect the American worker FIRST. What we see is sheer insanity, stupidity, and corporate greed. Not until we are in deep do-do with a gigantic job loss in all fields, will our government say, duh, what happened?
I think this is bull! I have 4-year medical schooling and now have some experience, and still the AAMT dictates how we take the test. This is why our work is going overseas. Yes, you should have experience but not have to be neice of Einstien! This organization will put MTs out of business, or give away our jobs. They make it so hard and it shouldn't have to be.
Hi Ana... These are all good programs. Good solid training and education is what you will definitely need to get started. Once you get your education though be aware that you don't need the AAMT... They have become more of a joke to most MTs than a source of helpfulness.

Good luck. I think it is a wonderful career.
How often does AAMT put a new BOS out? Thanks. nm

Card carrying member 1980-1998 - American Association for Medical Transcription, used to travel miles for educational seminars. Now you can write a paper from information on the Web. Quite a difference in today's requirements and the $$$ to keep it up. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted!

I wish they would offer affordable membership to those who helped them back in the beginning, but I guess that was a "past life" experience!

No kidding. My CMT expires in January and I won't be renewing it. No one has EVER paid me extra for it. What a waste of money. Besides, I wouldn't join AAMT either.
I do not belong to AAMT.  Actually I have been an MT for years in rural clinics and I am now wondering if you could suggest an organization or magazine for transcriptionists?  Thanks for your help.
more $ - AAMT??
What happened to the AAMT's efforts to raise the Standards?
Especially since AAMT
no longer exists.  Why do you think they changed the name?  To remove "American" and "Medical transcription" from it.  Now they've joined the MTSO association - that's like AFL merging with General Motors.  You know who gets it in the a...

I purchased my AAMT BOS on Amazon and it came with a bonus CD Rom that has the same book info on it. I

I participate in my local chapter as often as I can. I am anti-AAMT all the way, but a lot of us that are in the local chapter are not involved in the national organization. We learn a lot from one another and the speakers we have at special times. It can also be a great way to do business. Of course, we also do a lot of catching up and visiting. Besides, it is really good to keep up with other MTs when you work home alone.
You may also want to check out the Online Chapter of AAMT. Their website is www.aamtonline.org. They offer live online presentation as well as the archived ones for sale. You get a certificate at the end as proof of attendence.

Does everyone here own an AAMT BOS?
I've been doing this for many many years without one but I'm wondering if maybe I shouldn't oughtta get one, while looking for new job....
That was really hilarious. I was not aware. What did I expect of an organization that changed from American to International? Nice choice. What could he offer transcriptionists unless one of us is a bail jumper? I like Dog. I don't think he is prejudiced. I think he grew up in another time, is a product of his environment, uses the same old language (its easier than coming up with intelligent alternatives and is good for shock value - the use of the N word and others. I think he has a limited vocabulary. I don't blame him for being angry. I feel he was wronged by being taped without his knowledge or permission. By his own "son" even. So, if you listen to the complete tape you will see what he was REALLY upset about was the fact that he had been informed that this girlfriend had sought out his son for the explicit purpose of getting dirt on him (Dog), that she truly wasn't interested in him (the son) and had at one time threatened his wife (Beth). He was sick of hearing about it (Dog) and wanted to let his son know that he was being suckered. Dog did not want to "improve" on his language and vocabulary skills, did not want to change, did not want to have someone overhear the personal, private conversations that go on in his home. Do you blame him? To me, the only thing he is guilty of is being so lazy that he can't learn some new words and resorts to expletives and words that are not "politically correct." If someone was suckering my son I would want to "save" him too. I don't know if I would save that particular "son" now after he stabbed his family in the back for a girl he apparently only knew for three months and, if the reports are correct, was only dating him to get dirt she could sell to the Enquirer.
Right-on...... BOS+AAMT = rip-off!

Hi!  I do not yet have an AAMT BOS yet and I was wondering what they say about typing prescriptions in paragraph form.  Can anyone help me?

Thanks so much!

The other name is AAMT nm