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As far as calculating rates, see message inside

Posted By: MTSO on 2006-02-01
In Reply to: Patti or other MTSOs... - wc

I also charge by the line and I use 65 character lines to calculate. I use MPCount, which is a free software that you can download and it works great and is simple to use. Sure makes the line count calculation easy to do. Good luck.

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Q&A rates - see message
Hi everyone. I need advice on what to pay someone for doing Q&A work. I'm not sure what the rates are for that. Any advice? Thanks.
Lisa B - my rates and a long message

Again, I am from the old school, old way of counting and have had my accounts for many, many years - some 18 years.  I do the simplest and easiest for me which is just doing gross lines per Word -- which I know counts the spaces but that is how these accounts were started and when I inherited some of them was told to count top to bottom -- but with that in mind -- I keep my rates a little lower.  I am from .11 to 12.5 cpl.  The lowest is for my Psych accounts as they give me 3-5 days turn around and we insert a lot of templates.  The others are internal medicine, surgery, surgical oncology, Plastic/Hand surgery and Dermatology.  I do pick up delivery, print, envelopes, cut apart chart notes but I average $35 to $45 and sometimes over $50 an hour (depends on how many Op's and consults that I have) and cannot see raising my prices.   So I am happy and content.  My pick up and deliveries take me an hour each day (depending on how much I visit with the office staff and docs) and I usually stop at the store or something but it gets me out of the house and I really do not mind that at all.  I figure this into my work day to get my average hourly rate and am still happy with it.  I will probably raise my rates at the end of 2007 but it has been two years.  So with all of that said -- again it depends on your variables -- pick up and delivery, printing, etc.  But for a ballpark figure I would go for 12 cpl for digital and 12.5 to 13 for pick up and delivery knowing that it will take 3 to 6 months to get your average up there while getting to know your docs, etc.  I have used Sylcount for another account and to me that was too cumbersome.   I tell my accounts the simpler, less time consuming we keep it the more savings I can pass onto you.  And yes, they do appreciate me, pay on time, Birthday cards are received, Christmas bonuses received, included in staff parties if I want and the doctors actually talk to me and treat me as a person with a name and joke with me.  Nobody can really answer this question for you as only you know what the account entails, your experience and what you want to make.  You can always raise in a year or after doing it for a while. Good luck, e-mail me if you need any other additional info.   Patti

NM=no message inside. SM=See message inside. NM
Inside for message.
Why do you think you aren't giving your kids a good life?  Are you an abuser or addict?  Other than that, I can't think of any reason to give up your kids.  It will mean more to them that you stuck together through thick and thin than to bail on them when things got tough.  Besides, you don't want to put them in the foster care system where goodness knows what could happen to them.  I'm making assumptions here that things are tight for you and you're working too much instead of other things.  Correct me if I'm wrong.  I have felt as if I should give my kids up or off myself before.  Neither "solution" would have fixed anything.  Both would have irreparably harmed my children.  I stood in line at the food bank just to put food in their mouths.  I had a repo notice on my car and a foreclosure notice on my house.  I didn't even have two pennies to rub together.  My utilities were shut off.  My paychecks had been executed out of my checking account for my ex's medical bills.  I had to call an attorney to get it back several months later.  My ex wasn't paying child support and just walked out on us one day.  I had nowhere to go because my family told me they didn't have room for us.  I was looking at living at the homeless shelter with my kids.  I sold nearly everything I owned, and that held things off until I finally found a better job.  We survived.  Everything worked out in the end.  I was thankful every day that I still had my kids because they were my reason for living.  No matter how bad things are, there are people out there who have it worse.  It's tough to turn your thinking around from negative to positive when it feels as if the cosmos is crapping on your head.  {{{{hugs}}}}  You can do this.  You are a strong and beautiful person.  I believe in you.
(sm) but no message inside???
message inside
you might be able to purchase (cheap) the Career Steps curriculum by someone that dropped out of the program.  Check MT daily.  I have seen people selling their course there cheap.  You won't be able to have the 'sheepskin' from the school that proves you took the course, but a lot of employers will allow you to work if you demonstrate that you know what you are doing and you explain that you are self taught.  You will definately need to study though, there is no other way to do this.  I am a Career Step grad (of 5 years ago) and found the course prepared me well to get into acute care.  Good luck.
see inside.........for message

Whatever email you use, whether it be a generic or any other email - go to your address book(s) and put in as a new address:


000001@invalidaddy.com or bogusaddy.com


What this does is it becomes the FIRST email address in your addresses place.....so IF a worm or virus gets into your system, it sees that first address....and no longer can get any other address below that..........

Found this out nearly 10 years ago.........and it works!!!

You can do this in Outlook Express address book and hotmail or yahoo, etc., etc., etc.

See inside for message....
I lost my brother to suicide when I was 23 and he was 18. My brother and I were always close and he stayed over at my house all the time. When we went camping, fishing, or just about anywhere he went too. He was a huge part of my family. I will never forget the day I got the call from a Sheriff out of town informing me that he had killed himself. His truck was registered at my house, which is why I got the call. I then had to call my parents and tell them this news. This is something you should never have to tell your parents.

The 10-year anniversary of his death just passed in February. I too felt so similar to how you feel now. I stayed at home with my two small children. I would cry all the time and felt like it would never get better. I would visit the cemetery and talk to him (and again cry). This went on and on. My mom was in the same boat as me, so I did have someone to talk to.

Time will help you. There is not a right amount of time to grieve nor is there a right way to grieve. We all grieve and handle death in our own way. I did go to a suicide survivor support group during the first year, which helped. Also, there are medications that can help too.

Either way, you will get with better with time. It took probably 6 years or so before a day went by when I actually hadnít thought of him. I never thought that would happen. I never thought there would be a day go by that I didnít have at least a fleeting thought of him. Here I am 10 years later and I made it. On his 10th anniversary I went through all of the belongings of his that I had saved. Yes, I cried and I cried and sometimes for no reason I will think of him and cry, but these times are few and far between now.

Time will heal you. Someday there will be one day that will go by without you crying. The next thing you know it will be two, three, and then a week. You just need to give yourself time.

SM is see message inside. NM is no message inside.
see message inside
I've been an MT over 11 years now - if I get the occasional op note it's by mistake - they just get routed to me because of wrong coding. I don't really have to do them, but hey, I like to learn new stuff!
Message inside
My mother told me of a woman who had a broken tooth which she neglected to repair. After many years, she was diagnosed with oral cancer in the area where it was touching the side of her mouth, causing a sore which never healed. So, I believe that the constant irritation over a long period of time could indeed cause problems. It is time to put on your big girl panties and deal with this :)
Thanks for the tip! - no message inside
: )
message inside

I kind of got started the same way.  I was a nurse for 10 years and worked for a doctor, same scenario, he needed a Transcriptionist so I started taking home his tapes for extra pay. I heard about working from home doing it through companies online and when my daughter was born I decided I didn't want to have her in daycare and I wanted to stay at home and type.  Medquist actually hired me with my one year of clinic experience and I actually didn't like it much just because I had never typed acute care before, never worked in a hospital even as a nurse and the terminology was a bit difficult for me.  I worked for MedQuist for a couple of years and then hired on at another company typing oncology and I have now typed oncology only for the past 7 years or so and I love it!  Maybe I just caught a break or they may hire people with less experience, I can't really say for sure, but good luck to you!

Message inside
I have overheard the statement: "She has a husband and will be okay" by a person in my company when deciding who to rescue after an account departs, leaving MTs with no work and the need to be moved to another or laid off. You may find this hard to believe, but there are many women who are single and head of households. When men do not have a family but rather are single, that is I am sure worthy of mention and consideration when the ax is chopping off heads.
What is EHR? (no message inside)
I do not think 4 cpl is too bad for editing. see message inside
It could be worse.. I have been offered anywhere from 1.5 cpl up to 4 but no more than that for editing. I also have done editing in EditScript. Who are you working for. The company I worked for using that program was a huge rip-off and the line counts never added up not to mention I got penalized for any errors.. and I mean any errors, such a common where they didnt think it should have been etc.. very petty. Email me if you like. The only downsize to the editing is sometimes you really do end up having to retype a lot of what VR did and that does not seem fair at 4 cpl. The plus side is that on some reports you can really haul and make decent money.
Cynthia see message inside

Cynthia- the first time I did not ask why I was not a candidate - I just accepted what they said and went with contacts.  Then I saw article about a new procedure that said it uses a laser to make the flap opening.  I went to a dr. who was referred by the website of the new procedure.  I have a question for you though - if both of your eyes were done for 20/20 vision, why would they tell me to have the monovision done - why not do both to 20/20?  I guess these are questions I really need to go back and ask them, but thought I would get your opinion too.  Thanks.

I liked this post...thanks (no message inside)
some info inside message....sm


(lots more information at the link I provided too)

The Blue Screen of Death

it means no message inside
Would you please note you have no message inside...
Otherwise, you waste people's time opening your post and there is nothing there. Thank you.
There is a message inside mine above, though. (nm)
No message for this one, though.


Don't look things up more than once. See message inside.
I use a program called "Lil Red Notebook" (LRN) it is very inexpensive, with a free trial.

When you have to look something up, you need to make a note of it someplace, so if you don't remember it later it will be faster than looking it up all over again. I started using my LRN when I was an MT student over 5 years ago, and I still use it daily. It is much faster to look things up there, instead of starting from scratch.

You can also put the definition of things in there to help you, such as the difference between "advise" and "advice" if you have trouble remembering.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by using "macros" - do you have an expander? That is definitely something you need, either ShortHand or Instant Text would be of huge benefit.
nm means No Message inside
OMT said, "No" on the inside of post message.

Possible corrupted download (see message inside)
It sounds like you may have a corrupted download, please re-download and restart your PC BEFORE installation.


MTStars Support Team

Stephanie - pleasee see message inside

I can't send you any information as you did not leave your email information when you posted (must have used the Quick Post option?).  I have left my email address if you would like to contact me.

(There's actually a link and a message inside my note above) ... :-) ... nm
Inside is a great web site/message board
She is talking about the little face posters add INSIDE the message I think. nm
see inside for link and article from Bill Gates...lm (long message)


Bill Gates bets $84M on corn power
Investment in ethanol manufacturer by Microsoft founder shakes up industry.
December 13, 2005: 6:41 PM EST

NEW YORK (Reuters) - When the richest man in the world invests $84 million in a company, you can be sure Wall Street notices.

That's why Neil Koehler, president and chief executive of Pacific Ethanol Inc. (Research), was looking as if he had won the Powerball jackpot on Tuesday.

"It gave us instant credibility and the equity financing to be very credible and real with our (business) plan," he said of the investment by Bill Gates, the Microsoft Corp. (Research) founder, whose personal fortune of $46.5 billion topped Forbes magazine's list of the world's richest again this year.

"It really differentiated us from the pack," Koehler said. Gates' investment firm, Cascade Investment, agreed last month to buy 5.25 million preferred shares in Pacific Ethanol, a producer of the corn-based fuel hailed by environmentalists as an answer to the earth's dwindling supply of petroleum.

The financing, in which the preferred shares will be converted into common stock, is expected to close in January and will net the Fresno, California-based company $84 million.

The Gates ripple effect

In an interview at Reuters' Times Square offices, Koehler said Gates' investment was a sign that ethanol can be a viable alternative to oil at a time of see-sawing gasoline prices and concerns about global warming and climate change.

"It's all coalescing and, obviously, a smart investor like Bill Gates sees that," said Koehler, who was in New York to attract institutional investors.

Gates' money will help Pacific Ethanol proceed with its plan to initially build five plants on the West Coast to process Midwestern corn into ethanol, he said.

"It's not only had a huge impact on our operations, but it's had a huge ripple effect on the whole industry. It has really caused a stir in the ethanol industry that Bill Gates has stepped up and said: 'I believe in ethanol.'"

The company went public in March and the $84 million will help finance the plant construction.

"This was very much our strategy and they very much synched up and helped us make it more real," he said. "They had decided they wanted to get into ethanol and had looked at many companies before they found us."

Despite the investment, Koehler has not met Gates, who is also known as a philanthropist.

"He's pretty hands-off," he said.

But just the name is enough to attract attention from Wall Street and oil companies, said Koehler.

"With Bill Gates and that whole left-wing, progressive position that he has and the philanthropic thing, it reinforces ethanol's green stamp," he added.

Ethanol versus oil

With crude oil at $50+ per barrel, Koehler sees the market for ethanol-burning vehicles growing. Already, U.S. gasoline contains about 10 percent ethanol and Ford (Research) and General Motors (Research) are developing cars to run on 80 percent ethanol.

With 150 billion gallons of gasoline sold in the United States each year, that represents some 15 billion gallons of ethanol.

"We could do what Brazil's done and have 30, 40 percent of our transportation fuel renewable," he said.

Brazil, which makes ethanol from sugar cane, and the United States are the two largest ethanol-producing countries, he added.

"It's a common fact, we are running out of oil and there is only one commercially-viable liquid fuel alternative," Koehler said.

But historically low gas prices and powerful big oil companies combined to stunt the ethanol industry for years.

"Because of the politics of the oil industry, ethanol has always been viewed as raining on their parade, interfering with their business model," said Koehler.

However, the situation has changed and oil companies now look more favorably on ethanol than other transportation power sources, such as electricity, fuel cells or hydrogen.

In addition, President Bush's energy bill included renewable fuel standards and starting on Jan. 1, it requires a virtual doubling of ethanol fuel use from the current 4 billion gallons to 7-1/2 billion gallons by 2012.

"With $50 oil and up, ethanol is very attractive from a price standpoint," said Koehler.

Ethanol receives a 51 cent per gallon incentive from the U.S. government and today it is selling wholesale for roughly $2 a gallon.

"The actual cost to a refiner is roughly $1.50 and wholesale gasoline is roughly $1.70 or $1.80 today," said Koehler.

And in another sign of the future, he said that, starting next year, the Indy Racing League is converting all Indy racing cars to run on the high-octane alternative.

"Ethanol is racing fuel," he added.




DQS not calculating correctly and repaying?
Those who have gotten checks cause DQS did not calculate correctly, was it only from one regional MQ office?  Im wondering as I have used DQS for about one year and I have not gotten any letter or check.  Im wondering should I contact my TC?  I dont like bothering them if I dont have to cause they are not the nicest people and I truly believe they keep track of employees who call in, ask for time off, question things..ya know?  So, if anyone knows, is it just one MQ office or more than one...Thanks, ya'all..
Formula for calculating lines?

Can anyone give me the formula for calculating lines rates? I need to know how much (money) is made if I transcribe 15,000 lines at 8 or 9 cents per line. Also, about how many pages is 15,000 lines (I know that each page will be different in lines for live transcription, but I'm looking for a ball park figure.) It's been a while since I have been on this payment format.


Calculating errors in a typing test

Can someone tell me how to calculate the errors in a typing test per the lines they type and how fast they type. I need to learn how to do this as I may have to give some typing tests where I work and I am not sure how to go about this. Any help would be appreciated. Or if you can tell me where on the internet I can find this information, that also would work.


Has anyone kept a list of line rates, report rates, benefits, etc for sm

the different companies out there?  I feel lost and confused.  It seems like everything is changing daily, and I am not being organized enough to keep up.  I am about to actively look for full time employment again but if there was a list, I would be able to sort through a lot more quickly. 

Can anyone help?  I am going to start keeping a chart myself in case anyone needs this in the future.

Line rates in the Northeast - can anyone advise as to what the going rates are in the NE part of the
country? Specifically Connecticut. I want to make sure I am on target here. Thanks.
Need help with calculating expenses for bid on large account. At the moment I do not know *sm*
how many lines they dictate per day/week.  I am going to call the person who sent me the bid forms and ask.  I do not have my own call-in system and would be using a TASP. Can someone tell me that currently uses a TASP how to go about figuring my costs in so that I do not under bid.  I know that each dictator and the type of report is going to vary but on an average what would you say?  Bottom line is I need to know how many cents per line I need to charge to cover the call-in system and my other expenses.  Another thing they listed in the bid is that the vendor is to provide all other supplies including plain paper to complete each assignment.  The hospital will provide any special letterhead, envelopes, etc.  How do you provide the paper and probably the toner if you are doing this remotely?  Would there be any other expenses that would fall under other supplies that you can think of other than toner and paper?  How much toner and paper do I provide or should I ask the hospital what they use on a  weekly basis?  I would assume I have the right to ask questions as to how much paper, toner, how many lines they do each day or week on average.  I want this account very much but I do not want to have to pay a cheap line rate and I need to make this worth my while.  Thank you very much for you help. 
Calculating lines using Word Count in Word
I have recently started a job where lines are calculated using the Microsoft Word word count tool. I think I read that you get cheated out of lines if a company counts this way. Is this true?
Venting-why do people keep putting nm and THEN writing a message?? nm means no message - sm
Please put sm if you have a message and NM if there is no message other than your subject line.  It makes it easier when reading these messages.  thanks so much and have a nice day everyone. 
small message. nm means no message
Flame=200 views, sm=see message, nm=no message
???going rates
Help!!! just been offered an OB/GYN doctor account.  What should I charge?
I am out here in Oregon.  I will be completely honest but have been told on this board that I am too low and do too much for my docs but they have been very loyal to me, all have been with me from 5 to 18 years, pay on time -- 48 hours recepit of invoice, no questions asked about line count, etc., never a bounced check, etc.  I have  just raising my rates to 0.115   for my larger accounts and 0.125 for a small account that I have that does less than 1500 lines per month.  Oh yea, my psych account is still at 0.11 cpl but he is not 24 hour turn around and going digital.But I do charge gross line, 65 charaters per line.  I pick up and deliver, provide the sticky paper, cut apart the chart notes, do envelopes.  I make about $3200 to $3500 per month depending on whether all docs are in all month or not, (6 docs) and since I have been doing them so long, I put in 25 to 28 hours per week with printing, pick-up delivery, etc.  And yes, they appreciate me and give me Christmas bonus, birthday gifts, extra time when I have a crisis, etc.   Had been working at a clinic doing about 20 hours per week in addition for the past year  but just paid off my last attorney fee from a ugly divorce and so am qutting there as of next month and taking three months to do just my own  accounts and have some fun this summer.   I had a resume from a company out here that wanted my clinic account and charged 0.18 cpl but to me that is way too high.  I feel that I average 30 to 40 per hour and to me that is more than fair.   And yes I provide my own insurance, own my own home, put $500 to $800 aside for retirement.   Patti

It definitely depends on where you live.  I'm in Arkansas and have a hard time getting 0.10 out of docs around here.  Right now I have a peds acct that is 0.08 and an internal med that is 0.9, 65 character lines.  The peds acct provides their own paper for me to print on and I email transcription to the internist, so they print it.  I do pick up tapes everyday and I am always available, never take vacations unless the docs do.

The best thing to do would probably be to talk to some of the doctors and negotiate terms.

I work full time and also do "extra accounts" to support my love to travel - live in the northeast.  I do a big GI practice (6 docs), ENT practice (2 docs) and high-risk pregnancy (2 docs).  I charge a flat $3 a page no matter how many lines are on that page.  (These are all letters).  I've been told I'm cheap, but it averages out to about $30 an hour for the most part and anywhere from 16 to 20 hours a week. All are quite good dictators, provide their letterhead and since I have been doing it for so many years, easy accounts.  They are wonderful about me taking vacation - just hold the work for me.  A bit overwhelming at times when I get back from vacation, but worth it. As all offices are near my full time job, I pick up and deliver almost every day. 
I work as an IC for a neurology group and also for a child and adolescent/family and marriage psychiatrist.  I charge 12 cents per line based on a 60-character line.  I had worked for another group that paid me 14 cents/60-character line, but they needed tapes picked up daily and I lived nearly 45 minutes away.  If you have experience, in my area you can pretty well set your own price and they will jump at it.
QA rates

Can I ask what you get per line?


I have a couple clients like this -- was way easier to just charge a higher line rate than to figure time/paper/ink/postage, etc for every billing.  My docs liked the all-inclusive flat rate.  You can write off the paper, postage, etc as business expense.  Good luck. 
Rates in NJ

Just checking in to see what a fair rate would be to charge for specialities (neuro and ortho) in the Morris/Sussex/Warren County areas of NJ.  If anyone out there has any info, I'd appreciate it.


CMT rates
I have never seen it make a bit of difference. I do very well without having those initials. Good question about verifying that though, I have seen some really awful QA work that boast those initials.
In looking through the ads, the rates seem to go from 7-10 cpl for IC or emp. nm