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Bragging about your *normal Tues a.m.*??...sm

Posted By: Now did that make YOU feel better? on 2006-03-07
In Reply to: 2200 lines x 0.12cpl - Patti

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You can replace the 2007 Normal.dotm with your old normal.dot file. sm
Open the old normal.dot in Word and save as the new file format.

The easy way is to load the oldest version first and then upgrade.

Let's test it - if you are not bragging, tell us
Good for them!!!!!!!!! While we are bragging, LOL.....
...my daughter got straight A's on her last report card. Had all A's and 1 B all year so this made her VERY happy.
Well...first, I wouldn't come on bragging.

If I were so inclined to get on a public message board to brag about how great I have it with a certain company, no, I would not be foolish enough to give the name of that company.  But, i don't have a tendency towards bragging, so no worry there.  Would I pass on the name of a great company to a close friend or co-worker?  Yes, of course.  But not to a public forum.  I  have occasionally passed on a tip in a private email.   You have to keep in mind, it would not only risk my job security, but the rest of the people who work there.  Maybe you never looked at it that way.  I must not be alone in this respect because I haven't seen any of the exceptionally well-paying companies mentioned by name on this board.   Of course, I realize I could have missed seeing those posts.  

I'm completely normal and met my normal husband online. sm
I also met casual dates online (read: real social dates, NOT sex hookups), and all were completely normal. I wasn't meeting who I wanted to meet in the other traditional ways (church, through friends, at work, etc) so I looked online and found someone whose sense of humor shined through in his writing, and that is who I eventually married after 2+ years of traditional dating. We are both college grads, gainfully employed, financially stable, non-perverted, normal people. BUT, I did have to sort through a LOT of personal ads, as there are certainly plenty of oddballs out there, as well, just like in the outside world. :-)
It's payback for bragging about yer legs to us fatties!

LOL just teasing

It's the "snap, crackle and pop" of mother nature playing mean games on all of us

My work week is Tues-Sat. But we are always so busy that I end up working Sun too. I don't know how to get the weekends off. I have been with the same company for 5 years and they won't let me change my work week. There are some with our company that if they whine enough and threaten to quit, they get a work week of Mon-Fri.

Maybe I can try that?! :-)

Good luck!
Okay, quit bragging and hire someone then. Lots of people need work. nm
Actually, it was early this time around - Tues I think.
Do we work M-F, Sun-Thurs, Tues-Sat, or every day? nm
Close behind you. since Tues, 9000.
Tues. Morning Thoughts

I appreciate everyone's imput and sharing what it going on in your similar situations.  Some comments were HILLARIOUSLY true to life and got me rolling!!! 

Right now "Mr. Wonderful" is on the phone "flirting" with the nurse at his doctor's office (he had to call the office and give her the name of a med he is on)  - - saying, "Darlin (he's Southern), did you have a good Easter?  Did the Easter bunny come to your house? (she replies) Then he says, "Well it's good that he came to your house first, 'cause after he came to my house I had rabbit stew".  He thinks he is soooo suave and he's so into himself! 

I do not know about her school but next Tues. when my kids start the first day they get out at 9:50
Sorry, voting doesn't start until Tues.
Thanks everyone
Don't forget the Sun-Thur/Tues-Sat only schedules as well! sm
I wrote a post about this a while back and was surprised by the reaction I received.

Every decent company seems to have gotten into a new trend of giving MTs two options only, give up every Saturday for the rest of your life or every Sunday, period. All I heard was "well this is 24/7 business." Well so is law enforcement, nursing, and even being a clerk at the nearest 7/11. I don't know any cops, nurses, or clerks that have such limited options that require never having a weekend off again...ever! Even doctors get an occasional weekend off! I refuse, but that's just me. :)
normal? Normal means you have a.....S/M

There is no *normal* in this life..........

There ARE conformists and nonconformists but normal doesn't exist. Sorry. 

You must have a preconceived idea of what *sanity* is, eh?  *lol*

steady work...gearing up to start new account....but there was no work on Tues as it was a holiday
Be patient with your eyes open....
Not normal
Actually, I love my company.  It's just that every year after the 4th it seems to slow down for a short time.  That's all.  I have been with many companies that this has happened at, small and large.  This is the best company and best pay that I've had. 
No I get normal...
That must be a different account they have many accounts I do a VA account
8-10 u/l is normal nm
Yes - CT and MRI, all normal. Dx as
It's normal, like my mom used to say. . . sm

"In order to remember something new, I have to forget something old."

Truth is, you may be able to remember the pair of ice skates you got for Christmas when you were six, but you don't remember to buy milk for 2 days in a row.

My mom always said that her "brain was full of useless information." 


Is this really normal?
I've been with my current national for a year now, and I'm burnt out.  I do acute care work, struggle with lots of ESLs, and work on several different accounts.  For the past 6 months or so, work has been very low on my primary, and I bounce around from account to account, and I only work part-time.  I hate that.  I wish I had a primary that kept me busy and only in rare instances would I have to work on my secondary or tertiary and so on.  Instead, I may work on 4 different accounts in one day just to get in 500 lines, and of course it takes me longer to do that on accounts other than my primary because those accounts have a lot more doctors.  Getting the same ones isn't a daily occurrence, and if you do, they're the difficult dictators.  Is this normal?  It's hard for me to shop around and look for a better national to work for because I don't have high-speed internet access, and some not only want high-speed access, but they also are very specific about what type you need to work for them.  I feel stuck, but I am grateful to have a job and that it's not flipping burgers or working in retail.  Been there, done that....in my youth.
it can be normal, but what is normal?
and it is definitely frustrating, being bounced around. It would slow anybody way down. As far as burn-out -- take more or longer breaks maybe. Exercise inbetween -- walks do wonders for state of mind...maybe try talking to your supe, to see if you could be put on a primary that would have enough work to keep you on IT. Sometimes changing your work hours improves the work flow too, ie, evening shift, weekends... hang in there, as my mom used to say, "the only thing constant is change".

anyone know how to add a normal
You are A-OK and quite normal, actually.
You know, it took me at least 2 years to realize there is nothing wrong with me, as I started to wonder what you are wondering now. I spent 2 years blaming myself, but realized it is just part of getting older. I think it is actually a good thing, because we are not losing focus at all, rather I believe we are probably concentrating more on quality. I know before even in midcareer I did not have much of a tolerance for even commas, I cared about the line count. Now, I actually care about the commas, and the patient care. Plus, I care about my family, my mental well being, as well as the bills. I used to put the bills first and the patient second, and I was single. So, now I accept who I am, what stage of life I am in. The line count seems to be coming back. For the last couple of years when I felt burnt out and blamed myself, I could not do anything to get that line count up, more I blamed myself, more the line count went down. Now, I accept that I have to treat this job differently, accept who I am, and although I won't probably ever get 3K lines a day, and I am happy even half of that, seems like life is easier.
You are quite welcome, and you are not losing your mind. I just hope you don't blame yourself and celebrate your life and your maturity! Good luck :)
Normal sm
Congratulations, you have reached the Twilight Zone. It is normal for those of us who do it, to not remember typing things up and say, "Wow, that's interesting." I think it's normal, anyone else have a humble opinion?
Is this normal pay?
Where in the heck can you make $11.50 in fast food?
That sounded all normal to me. And SM
remember that the day after Christmas there won't be much work anywhere.
If being gay was normal, the population would die out soon
The one thing nobody has mentioned is that gays cannot reproduce-- they have to recruit, so if it was a normal thing, they, too, would be able to reproduce. Whatever your thoughts and feelings, you will have to answer for your lifestyle someday---.
These are all normal things for me as well.
If I were you, I'd change what I'm doing immediately to what she is requesting as these adhere to all MT rules that I am aware of.
What is your average TAT for being an IC. Is this normal....

I am just wondering what is the average TAT for some of you that are independent contractors.  I have an account that has a very short TAT and it is clinic work.  I have an average TAT of like 6-7 hours.  If it is not turned in at that exact time, I get an email saying that the work needs to be sent over.  Is that normal?  Also I haven't gotten a raise in three years.  I get about 6.5 cents per gross line (no matter now much or little is on the line). I have been with this company for five years.  I just need some advise here.  I am told by my husband constantly that I need to just completely move on, but I like the work because it is easy. 

How much support is normal?

The company I am with is pushing hard for MTs to go from clinic and ER notes to acute care.  After 4 years, I feel like I am ready for this but this company offers extremely little in the way of samples, maybe 2 or 3 on some of the toughest authors; no way to review reports that have been sent for editing, and no way to communicate with others working in your accounts.

I have the basic format of the work down but the authors can be very tough to learn with no feeback.  There also does not seem to be any kind of raise involved, so if I can do 250 LPH doing clinic notes why struggle through that with a company that does not seem real inclined to help?  For those who do acute care, do you prefer it or do you do it for more money?

RE: How much support is normal?
Do you not want to increase your knowledge/transcription skills? Do you not want to increase your employability? A good Transcriptionist seeks to broaden their base of knowledge and experience in all medical specialities, not just a few. It is not all about money, providing a service (ultimately to the patient) is one of my impressions of being a "good/great" transciptionist.
Normal interruptions?
I have that much in about 2 hours because I am not tending house, watching after a 4 year old, cooking dinner, washing, have the phone on answer so I don't have problems with "normal" interruptions.
It is normal to have to purchase your own
provide the PC.  Some will provide the foot pedal if you do not have what is required.  Some companies give you the option of renting their equipment.  It all depends on the company, but yes you will have to have your own resource books.
Go To VIEW>Normal
You have it viewing in read mode. If this does not do it, let me know.
word normal.dot too big
I read this, if your normal.dot gets too big word is slow to open. they say you can just delete it, do a search and delete.
Normal Lab Values
Here are a few sites:

normal.dot confusion... plz help!

Surely someone else has encountered this problem.  Well, we got a brand spankin' new Dell XPS 420 to our door yesterday!  It is wonderful... I just have a slight problem.  Had Word 2007 loaded onto it and now trying to figure out how to convert my normal.dot from Word 2003 to this.  Any help?  It is loaded with a ton of info that I REALLY need. 


You can take your normal.dot and .acl file with you.
Normal.dot holds your AutoText, macros, keyboard shortcuts, and formatted AutoCorrect entries. The .acl file holds your plain text AutoCorrect entries. Just be aware that you can wipe out somebody else's entries if you are not the only one using the computer.
Normal amount?
There is no "normal amount" in this field. It's a matter of if your pay works for you and you feel like you are rewarded properly for it.

saving normal dot

Problem is with some of the proprietary software created by some MTSOs, the normal dot still will not save even when you have the prompt, all you get is a message that normal dot is open elsewhere or some such nonsense, and then you are offered the opportunity to save normal.dot by another name, and even then it still won't save.

I posted earlier an autoclose macro that may solve this problem; however, it probably would be a good idea to also use an autoexit macro as well to cover all bases and I will post both here. 

If that does not work for you, I do have another work-around but it is a lot more complicated.  You can solve part of the problem by attaching and add-in your own templates, and save your macros and your autotext there instead of normal dot, but autocorrect is saved in normal dot, and you have to save your normal dot to save your autocorrect:

So try these macros;  cut and paste into your macro editor:

Sub AutoClose()
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler:
If NormalTemplate.Saved = False Then NormalTemplate.Save
MSGBOX "Normal template is saved
    Exit Sub
MSGBOX "Normal template is not saved
End Sub

Sub AutoExit()
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler:
If NormalTemplate.Saved = False Then NormalTemplate.Save
MSGBOX "Normal template is saved
    Exit Sub
MSGBOX "Normal template is not saved
End Sub

If everything is saving as it should, then you can just delete the line of code that has the msgbox so that word just closes without having to click okay. Write me if you need some help doing this.

Save what? The normal.dot?
If you checked the option to prompt you to save the normal template, you will be asked if you want to save changes that affect the normal.dot. This can be formatted AutoCorrect entries, AutoText entries, macros, toolbar changes, and a few other changes.

If you clear the check for the prompt option, changes will be saved anyway and you will not get the message.

Or are you being asked to resave the normal.dot to another name? If that's the case, you have a problem.

I think it is normal to have a lot of blanks when ...sm
you are learning an account. You have to learn the things the doctor says and get accustomed to it.
you take EVERYTHING that you would use in a normal day of work
The internet thing I dont know... I am working away from home now, but the hotel has wireless internet, so I Had to get a wireless card (and I have my desktop with me, not a lap top). Anyways I got Linksys and it was simple and helpful to set up, comes with a c.d. and everything. Other than that, you need whatever you would use on a normal work day. For me this includes: (other than obviously my keyboard, mouse, other comp stuff, etc.) My head phones, foot pedal, the notebook i keep notes in, my Medical Society book with all the docs names listed... any software that you need for whoever you work for obviously... It's not too bad, I do it all the time when I travel. Unfortunately, I don't get vacation cause i take my work everywhere!
You'll be fine other than LIke I said if they dont have internet AT ALL, Im not sure how that works.
Normal speed.
Or even slightly slower, if need be, if it's one of those guys (or gals) who is trying to set a new land-speed record.
Actually it is D5 0.25 normal saline
Exactamundo. I haven't had a normal
Where do they go? Not only do I not get normals, I can't even get rid of the crap at the end of my shift. I will get the same stinko files back 12+ hours later. Someone explain that to me, please. I must be the only one on the account or something.

And if I get one more goofy, nonsequitur email, my head is going to explode.

I'll be starting with MQ in August. Say what you will about MQ, it's just *got* to be better than this!
I haven't had a normal in 2+ years now. (nm)


Mood and affect are normal