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Posted By: Overlooked all the time. on 2005-10-27
In Reply to: Saying Buh Bye to national company - yen2772

I worked as an IC for for my local hospital for years just waiting for the opportunity to sign on as employee, which I was before my mom became ill. I was overlooked for those years and the last straw came a couple months ago when they hired another outsider.  I was good at the job, transcribing almost 2 hours a day and rarely did any work came back for changes. They haven't been able to keep up since..

I get calls all the time begging me to come back...as an IC...nope, can't do it. I've got a full time employee status job now. Sure, the money was good as an IC, but I need benefits, like holidays and vacations, pension, and savings plan. I'm no spring chicken. Would I go back if offered employee status? Maybe, as I really miss them, but not at the rate of a new employee either. I would want the rate that I should have gotten if I was an employee all that time. Am I being selfish? Or "ungrateful" as someone put it?


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Congratulations !! ....sm
I'm very happy for you! I know how it feels to FINALLY find a company that is a perfect fit.

Much success!
My hat is off to you. How did you ever get so fast? I have been doing this for 5 years and I can't type but half that fast, sometimes maybe a little more than half. I do have 2 small children at home, but they will both be in school this fall. I also have Instant Text and have had for 4 years, but I am not utilizing it to its fullest potential I know; I wish I could manage to do that. Any hints? TIA.
Sounds like you've discovered one of the secrets to making money doing MT.

Glad to give you that extra little "push."  As you adjust to your new methods I bet you'll see an even bigger increase in your paycheck!

Congratulations! And, tell
We wish you all the best. Prayers are with you all.

I am so glad that you have decided to do this. I am proud of you for taking the initiative to do this.

We know that to MQ we are only a "number", so they will replace us with another "number", but this job has become so very stressful -- not knowing from minute-to-minute or hour-to-hour if there will be enough work for all of MQ MT's on our accounts !


I am getting married at the end of October myself. We are having a Roman themed (God's and goddesses)ceremony since it is close to Halloween. Black would not bother me if someone wore it, but my friends wedding this weekend is in the afternoon and I was not sure if black would be okay.
Been with them 8 years and struggling like crazy for the past 1-1/2 on DQS. Find out Monday when I can start my new job!!
Congratulations on your success!!! Whether this is a dying field or not, you still have opportunities in MTing and given time to carve out your path in your journey of life to look into another field if you so choose. Best of luck to you always!!
Congratulations on

going back to school.  I'm always amazed when people defend the future of MT.  I've seen it go from a clerk/typist job in the hospital that paid minimum wage to a "profession" to an assembly line job, with the assembly line  "out of jobs" a good bit of the time. 

At least they can't outsource dental work....but then the question will be whether anyone is going to be able to afford dental care or anything else for that matter.  I don't think it's just MTs who are suffering.  Everything is going up except wages, which are going down everywhere.  How can Americans, with our cost of living, compete with $15 a month workers?  I don't remember the Great Depression, wasn't born quite yet, but I sure remember my parents talking about it.  Their greatest fear was another Great Depression and I wonder if we're not about to see what it was all about.

Congratulations!!! Is this your first? (nm)
Congratulations to you! nm
First off, congratulations!!
My vote is put the note in. It's just smart thinking. I personally would appreciate it.
Congratulations to you!

How wonderful. Congrats to both you and your daughter!

This is one MT week you will remember!  Congratulations!!!


I'm working on 2 years' of marriage. How time flies. My hubby is a farmer so we don't do much vacationing in the summertime. We went to Vegas last Sept. for our anniversary and hopefully again this year. Best of luck!!
Hubby and I honeymooned in Helen 12.5 years ago. It is beautiful there.

Congratulations to your children. Wow, we have smart kids. My daughter has been getting straight A+'s all this year in 6th grade. They must take after us. LOL.

Congratulations To Your Son
I'm happy your son was able to get the job at K-Mart. Good luck to him. And yes, I know, husbands and men in general are never wrong. LOL.
Congratulations to you.
I also am in need of going to gym and perfecting my diet. I think you may realize how difficult it is to make the move. The fact that you did gives me inspiration as I feel so unlike myself, am overweight for the first time in years, tired, nothing fits, people are shocked when they see me and I am becoming house bound and decide when to go shopping when there are fewer people. I even considered shopping in a nearby town so I would not run into people I know.

This is no way to live. The lethargy I feel is profound but I realize the only answer is an exercise program and to cut out the foods that are loaded with salt, fat and sugar.

Getting the first job is the hardest part of being an MT! (If they are willing to train, even better!!)

Make sure that this "agency" isn't a scam (there are some that prey on new MTs and require them to pay a lot of $$ out up front), and once you're satisfied that it's on the up and up, GO FOR IT!

A computer of your own is a good idea, if only for HIPAA requirements. The desk and chair probably wasn't necessary at first, but if it makes you more comfy, then it was a good idea.

Some companies will provide work equipment, some expect you to buy your own.

Books...I would definitely start with a good medical dictionary, and a medical/pharmaceutical spellchecker. I consider a text Expander essential too. If you can find out what specialties you'll be working, word books for those areas will prove invaluable. You might consider CDs rather than actual books, too, because they're more easily searchable.

It does cost a bit to get started, but KEEP RECEIPTS! Anything that is remotely related to MTing is tax deductible. (Internet connection, gasoline, a second phone line if required, all your equipment and supplies.)

Most times you can get things down the road as jobs and needs dictate. You can even find some things cheap or free if you search.

Expect that you'll be very slow in the beginning. It'll be very discouraging at times, but eventually your speed will increase as your knowledge and listening skills develop. One day you'll be amazed that you're easily doing dictation that a couple months previous sounded like a different language. Just keep at it, have yourself a good cry now and again, and you'll be just fine!

Again, congratulations and good luck in your new job!
Congratulations! nm
Not sure if I'm going to end up with two posts...but even so, it's worth congratulating you twice. It's an accomplishment to be proud of, so you brag all you like!!!

Glad you stuck with it and now you are able to be there for your children. I love typing, too - so I don't think you're weird at all! LOL

A very Happy Anniversary to you!!!       

Congratulations! And don't you think - sm
it's funny that for waste management they need, are able to recognize, and willing to PAY FOR, someone with brains and training to do their work, yet in the healthcare industry.............................

I've done lots of newsletter editing/publishing, as well as editing several cookbooks for charitable organizations. All of it, unfortunately, on a volunteer basis - but I love it, and when I was doing it I had the time (I was a stay-at-home mom).

Getting paid $25/hr to do it - woohoo! Lucky you!

Congratulations! nm
Way to go!!

I'm glad you got the job back that makes you the happiest. 

I've worked at a hospital and now working independently from home.  I have a question about the line rate you mentioned.  Is 9 to 10 cents/line the standard rate and is that a gross line or based on a 65-character line?   I think I would like to work for a larger company from home but I have so much to learn about the business end of things.  Thanks for any help you can give. 

I hope it all works out for you. :-)
Congratulations . . .
and all the best to you!! I love to hear about success like this from independent contractors. May you be blessed with long and successful contracts!
I wondered about you and am so pleased to hear you passed the CMT exam. Yes, it surely does look as though your particular situation rewards you nicely for your time and care and professionalism. Great news!
I posted here a few days ago after I tried to e-mail you from your prior post, to see how you did and ask about how it was. I am taking mine on the 22nd so am very appreciative of the information you posted. Again CONGRATULATIONS!!!
I also have found part time work outside the home and absolutely love it - at 54.  There is a good possibility that it will go to full time.  I have gotten to the point where I hate dealing with making good money only if I want to give up my weekends or work 10 hours a day.  I am not an MT that can type 100+ wpm and never have been so extra time is the only way to make money for me.  Oh yeah, if I go full time I get wonderful benefits and 401K!!  Good luck to you.
That is an accomplishment, be proud!
CMT Congratulations (nm)
Congratulations! More MT's should
do this if they're shorted. Maybe it will wake the MTSO's up and they'll start following the LAW.
Congratulations from me sm
too.  Perfect example of what being a professional is all about and the rewards it will reap!
You'll be at 300 lph before you know it.  You go girl!
Congratulations! I hope you like it here.
I have enjoyed all of my time with MQ.

If you're fast and experienced, I don't think you will have a problem getting your lines.

Some offices seem to be low on work. I work on 2 hospitals out of Texas and have plenty of work. The main thing is to just keep at it.

If I can help in anyway, let me know!
Congratulations on your promotion!

Congratulations. Keep up the good
All of your hard work will be worth it :} :}
congratulations martha

Congratulations. Certainly hope the
OSi. You will not like either one of them. Wish you the best.
Congratulations, Angie!

Congratulations are again in order...

He just came to get the rest of his belongings!  Two police officers were with him.  It's snowing here, but I put everything and I mean EVERYTHING of his outside.  He took his dog and off he went.  I watched all of it from my livingroom window. 

On a personal note, today is his 28th birthday!  I say Happy Freakin' Birthday and GOOOOOOD RIDDANCE!!!!

Here is a list of emoticons to demonstrate how I'm feeling...  It's the beginning of the end of my marriage and I love it.  Whooooooppppeeeeee!!!!!  Congratulate me!!!!!

Congratulations on being so blessed.
I work for a national. I don't make $35 an hour, but that's okay, too. I pretty much enjoy my job, I love being at home, have a good supervisor and feel blessed to be able to choose to work from home. I am glad for you, though, and wish you the best.