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Chance of a lifetime - take this advice

Posted By: Scribbles on 2007-12-04
In Reply to: firm 15 cpl --you will lose it - Patti

IMHO you *always* give a break/lower rate to your first clients... You have to get your foot in the door.

Take .12/line and consider youself LUCKY.

As this poster says, be sure to spell out exactly what you will do for this rate - other services can be billed extra. I would ask for reevaluation in 6 months but offer them .12 to start.

If you don't want to *always* be looking over your shoulder at competitors who will steal your accounts for a fraction of a cent! bid low. You can afford the lower rate because of the overhead you won't have to pay that the bigger companies do...

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Well you gave her a fair chance, asked her to stop. It's a shame she didn't take the chance. n
Lifetime TV


This is on tomorrow night.  It looks good, although, Lifetime Movies are not everyone's cup of tea!  

Not in my lifetime...
You won't get paid any more than maybe half a cent, and even then you have to pay, pay, and pay some more to keep it up; it's a money pit...  It's not like you can put it on your reports XX/xxx, CMT, so no one knows that you are certified but you and the money grubbers at AHDI...  So sad... 
Will & Grace is on Lifetime!!! sm
Just thought I'd let everyone that loves this show know, which everyone probably already knows, but hey, I'm excited. I love the show and am so glad Lifetime is finally getting some new shows for their morning TV. 
I was told exactly like you, not in your lifetime
that was approximately 1992 and I am using VR each and every day now. My pay has skyrocketed downward from then to $20,000 less now. Pretty soon I guess I will have to start paying a company just so I can work??
not waste a lifetime babying an....sm

Not waste a lifetime babying a (supposed-to-be) grown man........

like I always say, it's all about choices......best of luck.....

I just checked my lifetime IT productivity sm
which is about four years, and it says 2.63 characters per keystroke.  For the first year or so I was not using it to it's fullest potential so who knows.  I haven't worked yet tonight, but I might come back with some of tonight's stats if I remember.
You sound like me! We just returned not too long ago and it was the vacation of a lifetime for us! W
stayed in Kissimmee (sp) and I am STILL talking about that place! The parks! the food! the area! I loved it ALL! I didn't want to leave! It was an amazing experience. I didn't have enough time to do all the shopping that I was dying to do! Did you see those designer outlet malls?? Next time.

I'm glad you had fun! Hey, who said Disney is just for kids???
Medtronic pacemakers recalled......boy! have I typed on a bunch of those in my lifetime. It was

I guess if you know anybody who has one - tell them to double check to see if it was one of their models.  :(



Advice to YOU..1st learn to spell before insulting poster and trying to give advice...sm

Sound advice from a fellow MT if you want advice or support (sm)

I have been an MT for over 10 years.  I also am getting burnt out, tired of my job, day in day.  However, I do love transcription and make excellent money at it, have grossed over $50,000 per year the last 5 years.  I decided to go back to nursing school and am very happy with my choice.  However, over these 10 years of transcription I have had my ups and downs.  My biggest issue with being at home working is lack of socialization, being home day in and day out with just the kids and the animals really gets to a person, sure hubby is home at night and thinks working from home is the easy life, thus the return to school and boy has my overall enjoyment of life changed once I realized I was the problem, not everyone else and I needed to find myself again.

Anyway, my biggest advice to you three-fold:

1.  Get into counseling for yourself, find out who you are and what your needs are, whether or not you think you need to, I sense you are feeling overwhelmed and need someone other than your family to talk to that can be nonjudgmental to your feelings and needs.

2.  If you're only making $100 after you pay preschool you can either keep doing it and be miserable, or quit because you are lucky enough to have a husband who can support the family without your income. (See how fast his mind changes just by losing the income you do have as to whether your job means anything.)  Or look for a different company or office that you like more and are more productive if you really want to do transcription (lots of fish in the sea as far as companies).

3.  Find a local "mom's" group where you can get out and socialize.  MOPS (mother's of preschoolers) is an excellent one that is nationwide, they have a website.  Also Mom2Mom is in a lot of areas.  They provide a once a week time for moms with kids the same age to get together, socialize, (some offer spirtual guidance some don't) and each week a different mom takes a turn watching everyone else's children at the facility that hosts it so the other moms can talk about things they have in common.  Every stay-at-home and work-from-home mom needs to socialize with adults, without their kids, or they will have a nervous breakdown eventually no matter how much they love their kids.

Sorry so long but it does get better but you have to take the first step at making yourself happy.

You are probably right. If I were looking for a job, I would not take the chance with this one. nm
Is your dad by any chance (sm)
a less than happy camper when he wakes up in the morning? Maybe moving a little too fast in the morning? Maybe Snoopy is avoiding dad when dad's adrenaline is pumping, but doesn't see a problem when dad is kicked back and relaxed.
Then there's the off chance that...
The person who posted wasn't "Joan Berre," but was trying to potentially cause trouble for her. I would hate to think that anyone would do that, but it's possible.
I have a chance (m)
to go to work in-house for $17/hour. The problem is it's a 2 hour drive each way for me. I have a car that gets great gas mileage. Would you do it?
By any chance was it... (sm)
Proficient Transcription? There have been numerous complaints about this so-called company. They may be under a different name by now but the owner's name was Donna. She had people give her money to buy equipment they could buy themselves and then would give them next to nothing in terms of work and then not pay for what they did. Just curious if this was the same.
IMO...not a chance. No way, no how.
I beat VR with my own standards and templates, but it's still nowhere near that. On the most excellent of days with the perfect dictators and best templates I can get 550/hour. But again..that's a lot of template/expander help.
Not a chance....
Especially if termination was through no fault of your own, and was due to their own internal structuring.

Make their loss, your gain, and don't look back.

You can do better.
By chance is this MT Daily?
Give MQ a chance...
Isn't it just possible that after all is said and done, and after all the changes, MQ may very well be a much better company to work for? Perhaps closing all these millions of branches (and the wildly different management styles, i.e. Columbus versus Amherst) will result in a more streamlined, consistent company where there is consistency across the board? Trimming the fat can be a good thing, U know. Personally I think Amherst is on borrowed time - a soon-to-be relic of the bad old days when nothing was done the same way from branch to branch. After all the dust settles, MQ just MIGHT be an excellent place to work again - but at least we should hear them out and give them the chance to prove it. Just my 2.5 cents...
Any chance it is something along the line of... sm
glioependymal cyst, meningeal cyst,
Are you by any chance from Alaska?

Or do you mean just because it gets dark early because of the time change.  I've heard of people in Alaska with the night being so long using that light for depression, but that's really the only time I've heard of it.

That is good. I would never take a chance sm
with my pets.  Cats are felines.  Dogs are canines.  Two different species.  What works on one "could" kill the other in some instances.  Just check pet poison control centers.   Maybe same chemicals in some instances, but different formulas entirely.   
I had a chance to sign up.
My ex-employer was into it.  There were some local people who did well with it and were in that upper group.  Also, I had the opportunity to check out some of the tapes without buying.  I still never found the money to get started.  Now I am glad I didn't. 
No. She had her chance and didn't win.
Now if she's unable to try out due to an injury, that's too bad. No one else would be given the luxury of not having to try out and still getting on the team. She already got to to go the Olympics, so give someone else a chance!
Do you by any chance use Benadryl or
anything containing diphenhydramine?  I don't have RLS, but when I use the above to help me sleep I have it really bad.  Just in case you do use it, I thought I'd let you know.  Good luck!
I agree with you. You only get one chance
to make a first impression. If 5 people come in for the job all w/the same credentials, I would pick the one w/the neatest appearance. At K-Mart he's probably going to doing something where customers can see him. I insist on my son wearing clean, pressed slacks or jeans and a shirt w/a collar.
If given the chance would you go hourly or ... sm
stay production if the pay per hour was around $15 with no opportunity to make more per hour or as an employee with incentive and all you were making a minimum of 9.5 cents per line?  Is it better to make a little less but know exactly what you are going to make each week or just go for the ability to make more and hope you are able to stay productive.  Thanks. 
I would jump at the chance....
Give the kid a chance....

she has to start somewhere. If you are as good as you say then you will be an excellent trainer for her and will be rewarded for teaching her the ropes. IMHO you sound kind of threatened by this and I have to wonder why. Be nice and help her along in becoming great transcriptionist.

Would you by chance work for
I speed them up every chance I get!

I have a chance to get an account but I need a VPN.
I googled and found some information and from what I understand it is very simple to setup and basically like setting up any connection to the internet.    Is it really that easy? 
I would have jumped at the chance.
20 minutes away? The last job where I actually was offered any training was 45 minutes away, but I went. Although meeting face to face is not necessary, I always enjoyed putting a face to a name/voice. I think, in this case, it was irresponsible of the MTs to blow this off. With my present job the MTSO came out and loaded the software on my computer and briefly showed me how to use it. I appreciated even that much. Most of the time ICs are expected to just be able to do it. I am an older MT with lots of experience, but I scramble for any technical experience/training I can get.
Are you talking VR by any chance?
If you are I have done the same group now for over 15 years, first straight and then VR. I do not see as to where there has been any change whatsoever in their speech, lack of, changing for the better and so on. I will say this, years ago in the 80s I worked at a hospital and did some outside work for a group of internists. One physician there was a horrible dictator; however 1 day he dictated in his office his own personal note to the bank regarding HIS money and it was unbelievably clear, no garbling, did not have to strain to hear him so they can do better, I know. Having said that, I have noticed no difference in their using a machine as to using the MTers- they basically just do not care (the majority, that is). What I hear on VR now is what I have heard for years and years, same ole.
No Admin here but think U should have chance
Our best chance at success would come from - sm
changes in how the US taxes all employers. Instead of rewarding them with a tax break for offshoring, there should be a HEFTY tax. They should pay for the 'privilege' of using cheap labor, not get rewarded for it. If something like could get passed in Congress, it would automatically include all MTSOs. Then things might change for the better for the average American worker.
Is this by any chance Pro-Type??sm
I think you should state the company name, this will save other MTs who are hired by these people a HUGE headache.  If someone does that to me, I make sure and post about them and their company on every MT board I can find.  Good luck.
Taking a chance
I saw an ad for a transcription job on Craigslist, and I responded.  It turned out not to be medical transcription.  If I can get the footpedal to work next time, it could be fun.  I've never heard of the company, so if it turns out to be an honest company with plenty of work and reasonable pay, I'll post the name.  It's neat because you can take the work they send or send it back.  What a change from the usual, right?  The rate is $18 per AUDIO hour, so we'll see what that translates to. 
Does this have anything to do with TigerFish by chance?
Well people, here's your chance

There's going to be a industry-wide conference in Kentucky in April to hash out the current state and future of VR/SR/ASR/SRT.  I think the first order of business should be to decide on a name (or initials) and stick to it.

Anyway, MTs can click on the below link and then click on their link that starts with "MTIA and AHDI seek your feedback...."  I haven't taken it yet so don't know whether it's just radio buttons to select canned answers or whether there's a place for written answers.  If there is, I'd be almost tempted to write a response that looks like some of the VR output I've seen!

Have at it, MTs.  Let your voices be heard.

Has anyone works for Cymed by any chance. What do you think of them.
All he was saying was Give Peace A Chance...nm
All we are saying is give peace a chance.

Is it Atlanta DataScribe by any chance? nm
This is true..they'll have their chance
at commercial success.  They'll all four have CDs released at some point no matter what happens from here on out.
Chance - golden retriever
Banshi - siamese kitten who passed away :(
If anyone from California gets a chance - go to the GAB Board sm
my post was moved there, and I'm so afraid that no one will see it. 
By any chance did you work for OmniMed?...
I did and I was out of MT awhile and then when I got back in it, I realized they were out of business. I now work for Amphion, that has a lot of the same people. You could try them. I think there is also AccuStat in Wisconsin.
To "Typed in the USA," here's your chance to round up the other MTs!
I know there were many other MTs who expressed desire to form a new company - what a coinky dink that someone needs an MTSO with a group of MTs to take 5000 lines a day! Go for it :)

Oh...and email me if you need another gal :)
Is there a chance the other cat(s) aren't letting her use the litter box? sm
That is a problem in my multicat household. Some of them will chase the cat who is eliminating in the wrong place so she can't use the box. They'll even hide in the area of the box and pounce on her when she tries to relieve herself. You can try putting boxes in different spots or different floors of the home. Good luck.