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Chiropractor visits

Posted By: dv on 2005-10-21
In Reply to: Personal question about 9 year old going to the chiropracter. ~sm~ - Wondering

I take myself and my two boys (14 and 8) to the chiropractor every 4 weeks. It is just to keep us "tuned up". My kids notice a difference in themselves if we miss a month. They actually like going because it makes them feel so much better. I would be concerned about it if they are going every week though. If you are paying for it, you should have the right to ask about it.

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Visits to MTSTARS...sm
How many times a day, on average, do you come to this website?  Just curious.
9 YO Chiro Visits

As an insurance claims specialist, there are two issues here.

1) Since the mother works for the chiro, it is likely he would not bill the mother for treatment. And, if he did approve of professional courtesy by not charging the mother, then any claim to insurance would be fraudulent in the first place. This will be a policy provision in your own insurance policy.

2) The mother is probably filing fraudulent claims. You MUST speak to the Chiro on a personal and confidential basis. I would either try to contact him by phone, or send a certified letter where only the chiro can sign for the letter. Then you have proof that he received it. It won't take long for the provider to find out if the mother kept the money.

3) Filing a false claim is unlawful and can result in treble damages. You bring it up to your carrier and if it is truly a false claim, you could be entitled to part of the recoupment, if that happens. This could even potentially be a police matter of embezzlement.

4) 50% of all doctor's office will expeience some form of theft by an employee. I've seen it time and again.

No matter what, it doesn't sound right. And since the boy obviously hasn't been to the chiro in a while, it is very suspicious. Since you pay for the insurance and presumably the difference not covered by insurance, you have EVERY right to get involved. Furthermore, just as an innocent bystander, when you know someone is breaking the law, you have an obligation to report it. Don't be intimidated, find out what's going on. Best of luck.

Cyndee Weston



You might try a few visits and then switch to
Massage therapy. I too have muscle spasms in my neck and I have done both chiropractic and massage therapy. I have found that a good 1 hour massage does wonders!! and the effects last longer than what the chiropractor does. Sounds like a luxury but to me its preventative maintenance in this line of work. When I'm crying because it hurts so bad to hold my head up straight I can't very well type!
Limiting MTStars visits! LOL.

But one must check in from time to time throughout the day. Only trouble is, I find myself using that time to also check my e-mail, do a bit of browsing. Amazing how those the clock ticks quickly and the minutes can add up. 

if the average person who visits the doc
Only knew where their private records were going, I think there would be an uproar to say the least. 
emergency room visits

I have often wondered this exact same thing. A lot of people go to the ER who have no health insurance or no primary doctor. 

I had one woman bring her child in because he made a funny face after eating a sour fruit candy, I mean come on! 

sounds like my clinic visits ... sm
When sick for a visit, have done very interesting things with bodily fluids (including regurgitating on the doc). When rattled, have screwed up HPI and ROS. Have had conversations with other patients/office employees during my visits. Used to take at least 1 small child for every visit (one doc even let her play games on the computer while doing my exam, a tech let her help place EKG leads, and a radiologist let her help "read" a mammogram). Now that the small child isn't so small, have answered her calls during doc visits. They do put up with that and more. Seriously, I'd rather type about a pelvic exam than do one, especially if yeasty. Your post actually made me appreciate the doc more and be more tolerant of the way they dictate.
I definitely would question it. For one, that amount is outrageous. When I first started taking my family to the chiropractor we went every week, my whole family. Now, my husband and I go every week and my kids go every other week or so. My kids play sports and it helps them. I only pay $100.00 a month for a family of 5.
I have had fibromyalgia and recently had 10 visits. Much improved. Love it. Nancy
Yes, you should go for it! Just be sure you find yourself a good one. I have scoliosis and a herniated disk and have very little pain.

Love them!!!  I had an injury to my jaw and got TMJ also, and the chiro can help that and the neck.  In fact my dentist had me go to the chiro first for an adjustment before I had my night guard measured that I use for grinding. 

But I go to the chiro about once a month now for a good adjustment.  Just sitting in the position we do all day really wears on the body and the neck.  I also have my chiro spray the area with fluoromethane just before the adjustment.  It gives you a buzz for a couple minutes long enough for you to relax and they can do there job even better.

I even was a guinea pig for my chiro when he went to learn how to do manipulations under anesthesia.  That was a great experience too. 

Also my chiro sends me to a massage therapist in between my adjustments just to keep everything loose and moving freely.  And if you can, try a hot stone/rock massage.  Gets to the muscles even deeper for even more of a relaxation during the massage.  We all deserve the massage treatment for the jobs we do.  My attitude is a whole lot better for a longer period time. 

Good luck. 


 I, too, was in a car accident in my 20s with a rollover x6, have/had 2 herniated disks and neck problems. The pain would be so bad, I needed crutches or a cane and could barely get around. I decided to go to a chiropractor instead of being operated on. My first one was a female, 4 feet 11 inches tall,  and still working at age 92. She was great. She didn't use machines at all.

My second one is now in his 70s and he uses a vibrating machine to loosen up the muscles, then cracks my back or neck.

I rarely have pain anymore. When I feel my back going out on me or my neck hurting, I immediately make an appointment, and I'm good as new within a treatment or two. 

Can't beat the price, either.  Go for it. Just find someone who graduated from the Palmer Institute. They're the best.

yes, your cranky; the patient visits are actually coded sm
due to time spent in the room. this is to document to CYA if needed. so remember, the more you talk in the room with your doc, the higher bill you will see. like office visit, regular; office visit extensive, etc.
I see a chiropractor every week...
He uses Dragon Dictate to dictate his notes.  His notes are so repetitive that he says he doesn't need a transcriptionist.  Plus he only charges $25 per patient, so it isn't as cost effective for him to use a Transcriptionist as it is for other doctors.  He said that if he charged $150 per patient like other docs, he could justify the cost of a transcriptionist. 
I talked to my chiropractor (sm)

and he said that new graduates (probably medical school ones also) are being told that Medicare/Medicaid won't pay for claims that aren't EMR genrated by 2014 and as early as 2009.  Thus several new doctors are starting right off the bat with this type of program.

EMR is a fact of life, the touch screen programs are being touted highly for doctors who perform the same type of procedures over and over and several hospitals and large clinics are making the switch.

I woke up this morning and decided to go back to school and finish getting nursing degree.  I don't think it's too far-fetched to be realistically concerned about MT being phased out.

I have Blue Cross through Webmedx. Office visits are $20. nm
I go to a chiropractor every 2 weeks and get "adjusted" - sm
started to go in December after a car accident, which did wonders to help my stiffness and pain from that.....the job though aggravated it a lot too. Was discharged in late April, and now I go using my insurance for $45 a pop (I pay $10 of it). I am going to keep going as it really helps me a lot after marathon weekends (I go on Monday morning my day off basically).
Quilified chiropractor. It's an alignment problem.
I went to a 92-yo 4ཇ female chiropractor and she was great (sm)

 I have a history of back problems and had a slipped disk in my back, would sometimes get sciatica and definitely would need to walk with a cane, but after a few treatments, I would get fixed up by her. She would only charge $3 !!!!!! (back in the 70s) for treatment and took care of my sinus problems as well! Ah, the good old days.

Now I go to another one and he's just as good but I'm afraid he's going to retire soon. He charges $35. Three treatments and I'm back to normal. I look only for graduates of the Palmer School graduates as they still manipulate mostly without machines. He takes x-rays before working on you to make sure there is nothing really strange with the back.

I'm allergic to most steroids so I can't have injections and that would be my last resort anyway. Forget surgery unless it was a life-threatening situation.

Anyway, I believe most of the stuff they want to do nowadays is just a money rip-off to pad their pockets at the expense of the patient.


One of my best friends has a good friend who is a chiropractor -sm
She (my friend) knows all the ins and outs. So when I was in a car accident in 10/05 I asked her....I had run into the money machine chiropractors before in the past and my SIL sees a real quack who has her basically living on herbal pills (she barely eats), and has her kids on them too. So my experience was a bit jaded. She said if you went to one who got their schooling at Palmer College of Chiropractors, then they should be a good chiropractor and be "straight" and practice straight chiropractic care and not be out to rape your wallet and use gadgets, etc. I heeded her advice and now am seeing a Palmer graduate and have been very happy with my care and my back is tons better now (after I was told there was nothing that could be done by my orthopedist). It did not happen overnight, took about 2-3 months, about $45 a visit. She "adjusts" (cracks) my back, neck and hips. I have had one "relapse" so to speak (which can happen and is normal) but that is on the mend now. I now only go every 2 weeks. I will probably continue to see her even after I sign off on the accident (my health insurance covers $1000 of chiropractic care a year, so I will be covered which is nice at 2 visits a month pretty much). As long as you don't go to a quack, I think it would probably help you but don't expect miracles overnight, takes a little time to feel better. Good luck.
I have a great chiropractor who adjusts my wrist.
Might call some local DCs in your area and see if any of them do wrists/CPS. I'm currently lucky enough to have insurance that pays a small portion, but even without he only charges $45 for visit, which is well worth it to me.

Anyway, just another suggeston/idea for you.
I work for a chiropractor and he likes disc.
Husband's plan has no deductible, just copay and pays just straight up to 12 visits a year.

I do have a high deductible for mine, I think $5000 but the important thing to me is that I only pay $35 office visit copay. The deductible only kicks in on lab, x-ray etc.. and I have prescription coverage. The other thing you have to consider, as I also work in a physician's office doing medical billing, is that there are substantial contractual adjustments if you are with a BC plan. Say, your bill is $100 and the "allowable" from the insurance company is $75, that means that your doctor's office has to adjust off the extra $25 and you are not responsible for that; whereas, if you had no insurance, you'd have to pay the whole $100 out of your own pocket, no discount there.