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DSG in Atlanta, GA (nm)

Posted By: At Home MT on 2005-11-02
In Reply to: dial up-56 K - CAT


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This was sent out to Atlanta
employees, not personalized to one MT.
Any Atlanta MTs?
I am getting so frustrated with this office.  The supervisors have turned into a bunch of robots.  The only explanation you can get for what is going on is "I don't know, that is just what they told me to tell you."  Who is THEY?  Why are statutory employee being allowed over time and the full time employees are NOT allowed over time?  What is going on here?  Why has the whole atmosphere and morale changed?  I don't mind typing the crappy accounts or working the crappy hours, but I will not be treated like a no count and be told things on a need to know basis.  I just don't understand... and who is over the Regional MT Manager??
Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA
about 12-13 cpl/gross line
about 17-18 cpl/65-character line
I'd go to Atlanta - nm
Oh, no, where are the Atlanta accounts going?
DSG in Atlanta, GA is still hiring I believe nm
When he performs in Atlanta....sm

the shows are reported to be fabulous.  The crowd does tend to have more openly homosexual couples in attendance.

I got my brother and his partner 2 tickets 4 years ago and by a stroke of incredible luck by being in the right place at the right time they ended up having them upgraded to front row center tickets - which he now has framed and on the wall of his house. 

I took the Amtrak from Atlanta, GA
I got wireless internet via Verizon before I left. I had to have an air cared. There was even an outlet on the train so I didn't have to worry about using up my laptop battery. Many hotels claim to have wireless internet however, I was happy that I had my connection via Verizon. I spent 7 days in New York last summer, my 8-year-old and I, and was able to log in early morning to get my work done. We still had lots of time to see the sights.
I live in Atlanta
I would appreciate if you would email me their name. I am an MTSO in the Atlanta area and certainly don't want to take on an unsavory doc.
Live in Atlanta 2.

I thought about getting my own accounts so would love to know who they are as well so that I can avoid them.  I left my e-mail. 

Sorry this happened to you but this is one of several reasons I have waited so long to get my own accounts.


Anyone live outside Atlanta-sm

Considering relocating there and wondered if anyone had any input.  Specifically the Gainesville area.  Thanks

Metro Atlanta
Most of these are local docs that are not my accounts. The offices are paying 12-13 cpl for gross lines. I also transcribe for a small company in another state (the 8 cpl account). I do feel lucky to have found these accounts. In addition, some of my work comes from a midsized national and is paid at 7.5 cpl for 65-character lines. I continue this work because it is the easiest work I have, so I probably average about the same as the others (although as mentioned previously, the others are clinic work and easy too)
Hope you are not in Atlanta
because going to small claims does not mean you get your settlement. You might win the case but you are told up front up to you to collect- I won but the person has never paid, 3 years ago, $2,000.00.
Are you in Atlanta where Clark is
or do you just know about him. Clark, for the people not knowing, is a millionare but a cost-cutter and a half! He could sit back and just rake in more money but a true advocate. He takes calls here in the city and his question is usually "How can I be of service to you." He pinches pennies in his own life, talks about shopping at the box stores, Costco and such. I really admire him as a person- lots of people want him to run for some sort of office as in mayor, governor, etc. and I would definitely second that.
I am a little south of Atlanta
probably about 20 miles or so, used to live right in Atlanta but the living where I am very, very reasonable now. What part of NC to be so expensive?
Here's a sad story from Atlanta today....sm

A couple left their 2-year-old son with friends while they were at the hospital having their 2nd child last night.  The 2-year-old somehow or another got out of the apartment of the friends he was left in, wandered into a road and was hit by a car.  The car didn't stop and when the friends he was left with discovered him missing at 4 a.m. they called the police.  Searches found the boy critically injured by the side of the road and he subsequently died a few hours later at the children's hospital. 

I can't even begin to imagine the grief of the couple having a baby the same day their child is killed.  

The police are working hard to identify the vehicle that hit the child as there are car parts left around.  I hope they find that person!

I wouldn't be surprised. He is definitely from Atlanta.
Amherst, I am out of the Atlanta Office
In the Atlanta area there are a good many....sm

female construction workers and female home/buisness builders... and they're usually not gay.

You should probably let Atlanta know about that. Maybe it is from people upgrading or something.
Peach drop in Atlanta, GA
I'm looking forward to it.
PeachTree in Atlanta area
has anyone worked for them?  any good or bad on them?  all i see are for Spheris and Medquist these days. 
RE: PeachTree in Atlanta area
I did a simple search in the archives and found:

Search Results
Your search for PeachTree found the following documents (of 73654 documents searched):
Displaying documents 1-4 of 4, with best matches first:

Is it Atlanta DataScribe by any chance? nm
Around the Atlanta area there's an organization ....sm
called BuyOwner and you pay a flat fee for whatever services you want, and it's a lot cheaper than using a full-fledged agent. The people who live across the road from me got a contract on their house within 3 days of listing with them and I've known others with similar results.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have your expectations realistic. Research what similar homes are selling for in your area. Clean up and declutter as much as possible. Get those closets pretty empty to make them appear to have more space - same for all rooms in the house. If the rooms haven't been painted in a while spring for some fresh paint - be sure to choose neutral colors like white or off-white. Clean the carpet. Keep the yard trim and put in fresh flowers. Keep some of the air freshners that send out a scent every few minutes going through the house to keep it fresh smelling. Go ahead and on the for sale sign in the yard list the price - Good Morning America's report last week said this helps a lot as it lets people know right off hand if it's priced in the budget they're looking at. Doing so will also keep folks from swiping fliers you may set out because they're interested in finding out the price.

As far as realtors go, ask for recommendations from friends and neighbors who have used one. Let the realtors know that you expect them to aggressively push your home sale, i.e. talk it up with other realtors, put signs up everyone they can, etc. Ask them what their plan is for selling your home. Make sure pictures taken of your house for show on the internet show the best angle possible of rooms - 70% of people now look on-line before going to see homes so you want your home to catch their attention.

As far as the realtor that posted below to always use a realtor - I say that if you find one you're comfortable with then sign up. Definitely don't do just the "FSBO sign" in the yard and ad in the newspaper if you're serious about selling, but there are ways to get the word out without paying the high commissions that are worth a try. Signing with an agent doesn't guarantee you'll sell the home quickly.

Good luck out there!
i love snow, Atlanta, GA, nm
3.99 in newnan georgia, south of atlanta.
3.99 in newnan georgia, south of atlanta.
Atlanta sure enough is. Folks need places to go. A lot are staying
Atlanta office, guess now Florida, not sure.
In order to get my quota last week (which I did not get) I began my day at 2:30 that morning and at 5:30 p.m. realized I was not going to make it. I called my supervisor, who told me to stay on until midnight and at least try to get it. Before we hung up, she said be sure you are back on at your regular time, which is 3 a.m. So work until midnight and back up at 3. I stayed on until 10 p.m. and called it quits. I then got a call about not making quota and asked what I was going to do to correct this and was told that I needed to put more time into work. When I inquired if I was the only one not making quota, she said no, there are several. I asked what account, and of course, we are all on the same account - very difficulty ESL. At this point, I don't care anymore. I work 50+ hours, attend college full time and have a family. I am no longer willing to do this. They don't care, so why should we. I am very frustrated.
Metro Transcription--Atlanta--Feedback?

Does anybody have any feedback, positive or negative, about a company called Metro out of Atlanta?


Dictation Services Group out of Atlanta, GA.
In Cherokee County, north of Atlanta
Here's the article from the Atlanta Journal posted today....
Boy, 3, struck and killed in Gwinnett

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 07/25/05

A three-year-old boy was struck by a vehicle and killed early Monday after wandering away from the Gwinnett County condominium where he was staying.

Gwinnett County police spokesman Darren Moloney said Anthony Lloyd Oscar Littrean was staying with family friends at Olde Mill Crossing complex off Graves Road while his mother was hospitalized giving birth to a sibling.

Officers responding to a 4:30 a.m. report of the missing child found Anthony on Graves Road, across from the complex, Moloney said. He had been hit by a southbound vehicle.

Anthony was taken to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite, where he later died, Moloney said.

"They child was staying with family friends while the parents were at Northside Hospital," Moloney said, adding that Anthony's mother gave birth early Sunday morning.

Moloney said investigators believe the child "defeated the locks at the apartment he was staying at."

"When the family friends became aware the child was missing, they immediately began to search and called 911," Moloney said. "At this time, there is on indication of criminal neglect on the part of the child's caretakers."

He said Gwinnett police were "asking for help from anyone who might have been traveling down Graves Road toward South Norcross Tucker Road, away from I-85."

Moloney asked that anyone with information on the accident call 770-513-5048.

"Our investigators want to stress that it is possible that a [driver] struck the child without knowing exactly what they did," Moloney said. "It's possible a person struck the child without even causing damage to their car."

Anyone CURRENTLY working inhouse in the Atlanta area that can tell me the going rate of pay? SM

I'm really just interested in people who are actually working NOW and what they're making NOW - not speculation from service managers as to what they think they might be making. 

I am considering going back in house for the benefits but if there is just absolutely no comparison to what I make now as far as pay, I don't even want to start wasting my time.  Thanks to those who can help!!

anywhere specifically or just what inhouse folks in Atlanta are making?
Atlanta medical book supply store?

I would so appreciate some help.  I just started an IC job.  I wasn't told I would need a word Expander and medical spellcheck.  Every other place I have worked for provided these.  I need to get something fast, i.e., in person now if possible!, as I am already working and not very productive without these two items.  There was a store I went to years ago in downtown Atlanta where I got some medical books near the Fox theater.  Does anyone know if it is still there and the name of it?  I don't have any yellow pages and I have not been able to pinpoint anything on Google.  Thanks so much!

On an Atlanta area news report last week they said...sm
that this winter it probably would be cheaper to use one to supplement the main heating source but of course people have to use caution with space heaters because of the increased fire risk.
12? HAHA I wish! LOL I live just south of Atlanta and pay 50 every time. nm
Stockbridge, before in city limits of Atlanta 30 years
I thought I heard the Atlanta office was closed? Was I mistaken? nm
Racing fans - the Atlanta Motor Speedway had significant damage...sm

yesterday by the tropical depression Cindy.  You can see photos of this through the Atlanta Journal-Constitution at:


A few years ago, Atlanta in-house average was about $12-$15/hour, plus good bennies. nm

By the way, as of about 5 years ago, Wellstar was with a service.  They might not even have in-house MTs.  Hope so for  your sake :).