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Dawn dish soap for fleas

Posted By: sm on 2005-11-20
In Reply to: Fleas - new puppy

I had this problem before with some kittens. Soak the pup down and scrub it up with dawn dish soap. Apparently the fleas get caught in the "bubbles" and suffocate. Leave this on the puppy for about a 1/2 hour to an hour then rinse. Keep in mind that this does work BUT dry skin occurs.

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oh my gosh, would you, yourself, bathe in DAWN dish soap - ouch!
no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Vaseline works too and to rinse out use Dawn dish soap.nm
I think the owner's name was Dawn. nm
ditto, Dawn, same here...
We were so isolated inhouse that technology has totally passed us by. I just tested last week (first time in 30+ years) and I was a nervous wreck. Plus, the recruiter asked what I absolutely hated to type the most and I said orthopods and course, the longest report was guess what? I told her they can't dictate, they are in noisy surroundings and I absolutely cringe at the sound of stainless steel being bounced around, which of course, as usual it was. To top it off, he was "underwater" the entire time. Speech also has something to do with being familiar with someone and almost knowing what they are going to say next along with normals and expanders. To make it even worse, their programs would not load per directions and I had no clue about their platform. I was stuck using F keys because the foot pedal would never work; that was a blast! Even then, I passed the darn thing, but I was not happy at all. Try to stay inhouse if you can because this has really turned into a demanding field and everybody can slack off everywhere except tx; I don't know how this attitude came about, but we are just drudges now.
Thanks for pposting, Dawn! Very interesting
to hear the behind-the-scenes stuff that you don't know just from watching the show!
Delta Dawn, daddy's hands
PS on fleas

I forgot the vacuming up the Boric acid part and do keep sweeping for the next few days.  I went through vac. bags but it was worth it.  I also made the lemon spray up and used it for the first 2 days. 

They are nasty this year.  I had Frontline on my critters and it did not work, went to the collars and with the above, all is well so far.

Okay, I worked for a vet for 30 years.  Here is my "flea speech".  It is easy to kill fleas on a dog, it is tough to keep them gone.  Fleas go through 4 life stages.  Egg, larva, cocoon and adult.  NOTHING will kill fleas in the cocoon stage.  Fleas can stay in the cocoon stage for different amounts of time but generally 2-3 weeks is the average.  When fleas come out of the cocoon stage they want to feed and they would rather feed on an animal than on a person.  It is only when the fleas are so prevelant in the environment, that they will get on a person. Basically, you need to treat the flea restaurant, your pet.  The best way to do that is with Advantage, Frontline or Revolution.  As far as which of these is the best, every situation is different and it is not a question of one of these being better, they are all different and and what works best for one person might not be the best product for their neighbor.  ALso, you need to treat ALL the pets in the environment.  Even tho you don't think the other one has fleas, you need to treat him so he doesn't become the "safe haven" for the fleas.  You can also treat the pets favorite areas but a good thing about the above named products, the chemicals will be in the flakes of skin that your pet sheds and that the larva feeds on, thus killng the larva before they even go into the cocoon stage. People think that these products are expensive, but in the long run it is much cheaper to buy them to begin with than to spend hundreds trying to get rid of fleas.  ALso, people tend to think of fleas as being a spring and summer problem but fleas are much worse in the fall.  That is why people think they have made it throught the flea season only to find themselves over run in the fall.  If you problem is so bad that you need to aggressively treat the environment, you need to get flea bombs and set them off and repeat in two weeks.  And dont skimp, better to do too much than not enough.  I am sorry this is so long, but fleas are not an easy situation to deal with but done right, you will be happy with the results.

I used to work for a vet too.  You will find that cats are better carriers of fleas and less bothered by them.   I treat my animals more aggressive in late spring to fall and I do bomb twice a year.   I am always told by my vet and groomer that my dog is one of the least bothered by fleas than any animal they have seen.  So it works for me.  She just went to stay with my sister for 5 days and came back scratching and so am doing her flea bit again along with the cats and bombing this weekend.   I may go overboard a bit but it is well worth it in the end.



Picked up my new Corgi puppy yesterday, and she has fleas!  My other 2 dogs (Cocker & Corgi) dont have a single flea and I dont have any flea shampoo (which probably can't be used on a puppy anyway).  Any quick natrual remedies I can do until I can get to the store?
Try Frontline. They have one for puppies.

just went through this with a new pup.....bath in Dawn dish detergent (it's mild on their coats but kills fleas). 

If you notice your other critters with fleas, then do same for them, use old fashion Borax detergent, sprinkle it in areas where the critters frequent (blocking it off from the dogs), sprinkle table salt also (dehydrates the fleas). 

These remedies my vet gave me and between the other 2 dogs & 2 cats/3 kittens it saved my from total chaos.



i've mixed a bit of garlic powder into dogs'/cats' food to deter fleas.  animals like it; fleas don't.

Get some branches off of a sweet gum tree and lay them around the house. Before you know it, no more fleas. Don't know why it works, but we did that one year and have never had any more fleas.
I know this might sound a bit wierd, but try vaccuming the dog/cat. If they get used to the sound when they are puppies/kittens, then the sound shouldn't frighten them. The suction from the vaccum will pull off any fleas, and there is no bothering with expensive shampoos or other things. Just a suggestion...
What can we use on the yard for fleas? I got a
cocker spaniel a few months ago to go along with the cats but since the end of June/beginning of July we have been fighting fleas. I'm surrounded by neighbors who both have 2 dogs but their backyard grass is about 3 feet high so now matter how much spraying I do in the yard, the fleas still comes back. I've had the yard and house sprayed a few times this month but the fleas keep coming. We never have a problem with fleas until summer months. I just wish the neighbor would cut his grass more than 3 times a year.
Fleas and air conditioning...sm
Do you think that a flea would die if it were to come into a house that is really cold.  We keep our air very, very cold and everyone around has had a horrible time with fleas.  But we let our two cats come in and out as they wish and tonight is the first night I have noticed fleas on one of my cats.  Let me tell you it was the whole flea family.  So I rushed him in and bathed him with flea shampoo....It seems like I heard somewhere though that cold kills fleas (if they were to jump off the cat).  Has anyone ever heard of this?  I just hope that I got them before they became a problem in my home.....
If only air conditioning killed fleas!! No way!!
I rescued 2 kittens about 6 months ago, and they blessed my house with love and fleas!! I wasted 6 months using Frontline on kitties and dogs - forget it! Infestation crisis! I finally had the sense to switch to Advantage and its a miracle. Much less expensive than Frontline, and way more bang for your buck!! After the initial application of Advantage on 2 cats and 3 dogs, just had to reapply after 2 weeks, and now we are on top of things. No more fleas, though I will continue to use for months more. I hate using this toxic stuff, but my dogs are flea allergic. Nearly killed them. I would give Advantage a shot once just to make sure you didn't miss any fleas. And we keep our house frigid - doesn't bother them one bit. In fact, I picture them laying around in floor cracks and furniture, on little flea lounge chairs with pina coladas!!
Yes - cold does kill fleas
it's called WINTER not air conditioning........ROFLMAO!  Are you for real?            
Does anybody have a GOOD home remedy for fleas...
I have two "sons" (shih tzus), one has long hair and the other has short hair.  My short haired baby has fleas that I cannot get rid of.  I have tried all kinds of over the counter medicine and I have done everything including cleaning this house top to bottom and bathing him 3 times a week.  One would think the long haired one would have them worse, but he doesn't.  He enjoys being groomed though and brushed daily whereas my short haired guy thinks the brush is a toy.  I used the Zodiac line last year and had absolutely no problems at all but it is just not working this year.  Any good ideas would be appreciated!!!!
We just got Dish (sm)
We just got Dish about 2-3 weeks ago, switched from cable T.V.  They had a terrific special going.  With ours, we have 4 TVs hooked up to it, two boxes with one TV going off of it.  The one in our LR has the DVR, which allows us to record, I'm not fully sure of how this works yet, it's pretty nice.  The bedroom TV runs from the box in the LR.  We have another TV in the basement, which the kitchen TV runs off of without a box.  E-mail me if you want more information, I have a number you can call and they offered free stuff.  From the research I did before ordering this, you get more for your money than DirectTV.  The salesperson at Radio Shack also stated he felt Dish was better than Direct.  Maybe someone else here can give their opionion since there is one for Dish and one for Direct now.  My bill is approx $45 a month for 10 months, then approx $55, we have a special of a movie channel for 3 months free, along with the DVR and 4 TVs.  I'm happy!
Side Dish
Any suggestions for a side dish to go with spinach lasagna?
Wow, you have a lot covered in that dish. How about
cottage cheese. Bread of course.
What about DISH network?
We are not worried about the TV aspect as we do not own a TV! This would be strictly for the internet service.
want to try a new dish-chicken marsala-sm
and need to know if heavy cream is the same as heavy whipping cream which I saw at the store and what is dry marsala--a wine? Had this dish at an Italian restaurant recently and it was so good!!
Wonderful low-fat main dish

Here is one that I have used for years and it is wonderful.  It does not sound too great, but in the end, it is melt in your mouth good.

2 lb.  pork tenderloin roast

1/4 tsp. of each of these spices:  marjoram, tyme, garlic salt, onion powder.

1/2 tsp.  rubbed sage

1 tbs. worcesteshire sauce

2 tbs. soy sauce.

Mix all spices and sauces together.  Pierce roast in several places and put in bowl with marinade.  Put in fridge for at least 2 hours, turning roast to keep covered.

Place roast in oven safe dish with marinade and bake at 325 degrees until done.  Check with meat thermometer.  This is a great low-cal, low-fat dish. 

We just switched from Dish to Directv - sm
Dish is slightly cheaper, but we switched for the following reasons; Dish took away our FOX NY channel in November because of some law passed in congress recently (we watch Nascar) which we were paying extra for (we are in VA), we cannot get local channels with Dish unless we upgraded dishs and cut down about 5 trees. I thought it was insane to spend $400+ in order to be able to get local channels. We had them out here a couple years ago to evaluate the tree situation, that was their answer. So we have just been without the locals as they do not come in very well with the antenna. So all our neighbors here have Directv without any problems or cutting down trees, and all with the local channels ($4.99 a month). We have FOX again (local though, DH liked having NY FOX because of the football games). I also did the additional room box, another $4.99 a month which we had not done since living in MD, and it is a nice benefit to have with the kids, DH can watch his football and if a show is on that the kids wanted to watch they can without a bunch of fuss. That doesn't happen too often but it is nice to have that option. I am receiving a $5 rebate for switching right now, plus will be getting an additional $10 off for 10 months once my rebate kicks in, so right now it is $56 a month, but that will jump to $61 when all is said and done. We have the basic pkg and HBO. I liked the guide and ability to scroll the channels better with Dish. But the Directv remote seems much sturdier (plus they replace them free of charge), with Dish we had to pay for any replacements at $70 a pop, we went through a remote every 2 years or so, the last time I said forget this and bought a universal remote for $10, still works great. If trees are not an issue with you then either will work fine, Dish is slighty cheaper but you own the equipment, you buy it. They just lost another channel of mine though that was one of my favories, Court TV, Directv has it though so I am happy. Directv you lease the equipment, hence the free replacements. I think if you only get 1 unit then there is no charge, but with 2 units then it is $5 a month plus the free replacements, etc. We bought our Dish Network dish for $400 with a rebate, so I think we paid $100 for it in the end, have no idea how they do it now though. Happy hunting!
Direct versus Dish.
I actually prefer Direct TV over Dish. My sister-in-law had dish and there was no rhyme or reason to the program guide. I don't have favorites set up, so I can't really help there. I also don't listen to the music channels but I have a house stereo. Anyway, I have had no problems with getting my remote to work. I can actually sit in my recliner, which puts me at an angle to the receiver, and I can easily change channels without having to move. I also don't have trouble finding anything on the guide. I have the premium plus, HBO, Cinemax, Starz, and my local channels.
Recipe for angel hair dish...
*1 box Angel hair pasta
*2 dozen frozen raw jumbo shrimp thawed and peeled(thaws quickly under running water in collander)
*1-1/2 sticks butter and a 1/4 cup olive oil (prevents butter from hardening when cooled)
*A couple of cups of steamed (firm/not overcooked) and chopped brocolli
*Tablespoon of minced garlic or more or less to taste (I use the one in the jar - and we like garlic!)
*Salt and Pepper to taste - few dashes of each

*Melt butter and add oil, garlic, S&P on medium heat in small pot, mixing often
*Cook shrimp in butter mixture until just done and not overcooked, a handful at a time and removing when cooked and setting aside
*Cook and drain pasta, and transfer back into warm pasta pot
Add broccoli, cooked shrimp and pour butter mixture over all and blend together.

Top with parmesan cheese and a bit of parsley, if desired.

Need opinions on Dish TV versus Direct TV please.. sm

I have had both and currently have Direct but have never liked it due to the poor programming guide (only allowed to set up one Favorites, have to stand almost in front of the receiver for the remote to work, very difficult to find anything on the guide, not good music channels, etc.).  I am only 9 months into a 2 year "programming contract" and feel I am going to be charged a cancellation fee though do not know how much.  Anyway, I would like opinions from others on the service, etc. of both these companies before I make my decision to switch.  Thanks to all who take the time to answer! 

You can make the whole dish tonight and store in refrigerator!!
I do this all the time for church. Boil them, fill them and wrap good in wrap. Make sure you wrap them really good or your frig will smell like eggs! They will be fine for tomorrow!! In fact, I like them better!! Hope everything works out!
Yeah! The judges RAVED about that pasta dish!

Dish Network versus Direct TV. Need advice..sm
I am trying to decide between Dish or Direct TV and would like to hear from those who have (or have had) either as to which system is better.  I have done research on the web but would like opinions from users as far as reliability, service, channel selection, cost, if you can split a receiver between different rooms or need a receiver for each television in order to watch a different channel, etc.  Any opinion is appreciated!  Thanks.
Dish versus Direct Satellite service
I have had Direct Satellite for approximately 10 years now. Of course, the men have all the ESPN and other sports channels. But, our pictures are great (have on 3 televisions), and the DVR feature the kids love to record events. In the past 10 years now, service has only been out twice, and then that will be from severe storms, but it clears up quickly once the storm passes. I do not know anything about Dish, but heard that is also a good satellite program. It is not cheap with all sports and movie channels in, but they watch them all the time when home.
You could bathe with a gentle shampoo or even dish detergent, rinse well and if you have vinegar do

a vinegar rinse and then do a final rinse.   This might drown the fleas or at least stun them.  If dog is light colored you might be able to see them and pick them off when dog is wet.   If you have a dog brush, brush it outside and you might get some off that way.  If you have tea tree oil you can put some around its neck area or on a collar if you have one.   This is a fairly strong smell though and we've always had to wash it off the same day, though lots of people swear by this.   I can't think of anything else you can do with stuff you already have around the house. 

We adopted 3 kittens from the shelter and have never had a flea problem, but now we can't seem to get rid of them and my dog is on 3 different treatments and I still find an occasional flea.  She has developed a sensitivity to bites too and scratches all the time and can't take prednisone because she has Cushings.

Growing up we had a tri-colored Pembroke corgi.  He was the sweetest thing and I still miss him terribly, 30 years later. 


Just slang for girls, from a long time ago. Lots of them.. Dish, Broad, Chick...
Why not provide the meat and have every bring a side dish, appy, or dessert? You're looking at to
What's a SOAP?
It's an acronym for SUBJECTIVE, OBJECTIVE, ASSESSMENT, PLAN.  I recall back in the late 1970s when the hospital at which I was working as an RN began requiring us to write all of our notes in SOAP format.  What a pain!
It depends what format the client wants: I had an account where the only double spaces were after the heading (Name and DOB) and at the very end before the name of the dictating physician.
The body of the note was all single spaced, no double space between S, O, A and P.
PT SOAP work
I am an MTSO and I would be interested in talking to you further. Please email me.
Well that's quite a soap opera . . .
I used to live in Southern California and your description reminded me of someone I used to know, especially about interrogating the waiter. Loved that you called her the Bee. You sound very down to earth and she is not. As for the clothes - everything has a price doesn't it. She's probably shocked that those clothes didn't mean that much to you and you'd do anything to keep on receiving them. Good for you.
SOAP is a style.
Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Prognosis. Some offices like to their office notes typed in this kind of format, others don't.
Maybe you put that you do SOAP notes and HR
What are SOAP notes?
soap notes

Yes that is correct they are chart or clinical notes.  The dentist that I used to work for liked the charts written up in that fashion.

S- subjective

O- objective

A- assessment

P- plan

SOAP Notes

I may sound dumb, but what is a SOAP note??

I used to wath soap operas.....
Now I just come to this board every day, lol.
HELP with SOAP sheet issue please!

I have my my own account of three OB-GYNs that use a SOAP sheet type heading on a regular piece of paper. It takes up about 2.5" on the top of the first page of each patient note. It is paper that is purchased from a printing company and they write in the patient's name, vitals, LMP, type of contraception, etc. in the appropriate areas. I have my margins set so I start typing under this info. The problem I have had is these sheets will jam up in any of the three printers I have and I just bought a new all-in-one printer and these sheets will actually get so stuck I have to tear them out of my printer! I know it is because they have been handled, written on, sometimes have corners folded, etc. I normally have a second page I print and sometimes even a third, and I print all the notes at one time or it would take me forever to print out their transcription as I normally have 30-40 pages from each doc! I even made sure the paper I purchased for second, third pages is the same weight as this SOAP heading sheet and it makes no difference. It does not jam with every first page/header page, but it does it on average at least three times while I am printing out one doc's work. This wastes a lot of my time, is frustrating, and I feel it is going to ruin my printer/roller bar with it jamming so badly.

When I spoke with the OM, she said they would quit sending these SOAP sheets with the info on them and then they would just add them to the patient's chart as the first page after I return the transcription. However, I just received a message when I returned home that the docs are not happy with this and do not want it done this way.

When I met with the OM, she said they can change this pre-printed "form" to a half page (which will save them money). I am not exactly sure why they do not like the way things have been changed other than this pertinent info is no longer directly on that first page of the patient's note.

Does anyone have ANY suggestions as to what I could do that they might agree to? I know I had mentioned to the OM when I met with her (to discuss going digital) that perhaps they could use the same form on a half page or even smaller as a label to adhere to the patient note and she said "no way"! They will NOT use adhesive anything. I need to resolve this problem TODAY so sure would appreciate some suggestions/feedback.


The soap under the sheet really works.
My husband thought I was crazy but it did work.
Just like an H&P, but sometimes without headings, sometimes use the SOAP designations. nm