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Posted By: Ditto on 2005-09-14
In Reply to: I second that thought! - LOLOL


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ditto and double ditto
ditto here.
DITTO... lol....... nm
Ditto on the IUP. nm
I couldn't agree more!
My son learned more homeschooling then he ever learned at school. He actually could get the information he needed without having to sit through rubbish in the classrooms, kids talking, burned out teachers, the trouble making kids, all the "junk" that seems to be moreso in today's classrooms than ever before. Even his teachers agreed. Several said if they weren't teaching, they would liked to have homeschooled their own children....they feel they learn more.
Ditto. Same here. nm
ditto- Thanks so much


Yep, Trump put him in an awkard spot and I think Randall handeled it right. Maybe Randall can hire Rebecca to work for him now if he wants.
Ditto - sm
I totally agree - I had surgical menopause at 32, both ovaries and uterus out, and I'm now 56, and it has been awful - depression, menopausal symptoms EVERYDAY since then with little help from HRT...I wish I had someone to tell me what to expect. Think about it very seriously - really. Best of luck in your decision.
ditto nm

I really do find some of it interesting, and I like to feel like I am contributing to the overall care of the patient. I have a couple of decent accounts I consistently work on, and I really cannot complain at all about them.  The people I deal with at my company are nice too. 

 I was a SAHM for 7 years before doing this and I really like working again.  The kids are still young (7,almost 4, almost 3) and it is nice to be able to flex my schedule a bit if one is home sick from daycare/school and also to attend all of those class parties blah blah blah without begging permission to work through lunch or stay late to do so. 

I don't like doing the same thing for 40 hours per week though.  I have a hard time sitting that long.  I didn't think I cared for people very much as far as dealing with them all day long as part of work, but now I do realize I would like to be around people for at least part of my job.  I am thinking about doing some volunteer work at hospice or something just to give me some variety and feel like I am touching someone's life directly. 

I love using my education to do this job though!  DH helped me pay off my student loans from college and I had been getting sick of hearing about the lousy return on investment.  I also love that I am getting paid to know the information I loved to learn.

most of them have FW: on the subject line. I get a bunch myself - Why make things worse with your relationships than they already are? The delete butten takes less than a second- & its not worth even being irritated over for even that long
you read my mind.
Ditto - nm
Ditto... need your help!
I would love to hear more about that diet - sounds like something I need and might actually be able to do!
ditto and how

Not long ago, in  one of my nursing (psychiatric) journals, the editorial contained the phrase "to the manner born"....and I have seen it elsewhere.  Yikes!

Also my flesh crawls when I hear "orientated" but I see that has been incorporated as an alternative spelling per my Random House dictionary.

I find myself struggling not to correct grammar or syntax in conversation.  My daughter calls me a word-snot.

Which brings me to hyphens.  Do I have the correct understanding when I use a hyphen with, for, example, washed-up career, (i.e. the washed modifies career, foul ) but incorrectly when (and there seems to me to be an overuse of hyphens) if I write foul-smelling socks...because the foul modifies smelling per se?

And how about the frequent "I am anxious to attend the Rolling Stones concert" rather than the "I am eager to attend the Rolling......"

Thanks for your input.

Alexa in Washington State



 Middle class is the working poor! and the poor people are just totally forgotten! 
Ditto with me....sm
I tried NutriSystem years ago for their month trial, lost 10 pounds and then used it as a guideline for my own diet and lost another 20 llbs., as well as with walking.   Now ten years later, after gaining back many pounds due to inactivity and overindulging, I also was considering Jenny Craig but did not like some of the food (as well as cost) so used her program (as well as NutriSystems from years ago) as a guideline for my own diet and started going to the gym.....now down over 50 lbs.!!!   I try to stay at 1200 calories daily (low fat/low calorie food, still eat carbs--love 'em), but I think the BIGGEST help has been the gym.  I actually enjoy it now, even the treadmill (no walking for me....I actually jog)!!  When I first started going it was 5-6 times a week (1-2 hours cardio/weights) and followed my diet closely, but I have backed off now to 4 times a week and cheating on weekends only, and I am still losing weight but very slowly (I have essentially been at my goal for awhile, but a few more would be nice).  The first 3 days of my diet were the worst.....hungry, hungry, hungry, but I slowly adjusted and now have a eating/exercise lifestyle I can live with.....going on a year now.  
We're seeing the handwriting on the wall ... this field is going the way of the dinosaur. I enjoy the medical field too but am burnt out - not the work, but the low pay and virtually no respect - and have considered going to school for surgical tech.
Ditto here

The average middle class American worker is always the one who gets screwed!   It irritates the he** out of me that our government already freely gives handouts to freeloaders who are too sorry to work , and don't even deserve to be called a citizen of this country, and on top of that, illegal aliens break our laws to come here - but they're not punished for breaking our laws - yet they expect "free" medical care, "free" government benefits, "free" government write-offs - for the most part at the expense of the middle class.  Very ironic that so many people come here for our way of life - we do more for them than their own country - yet many of them hate America and what it stands for, and would not hesitate to spit on us and our flag, and some of these idiots in politics just let them do it.   Personally I think it's a collaborative effort to bleed the coffers dry, but what do I know,  I'm just a working stiff.   When is somebody in Washington going to speak up for us?

Ditto to everything above. nm
Ditto for
I have a C300 with the printer dock.  So easy to use compared to several others that I have had in the past.   
Ditto from me! :-)

ditto that!!! nm

We can't afford to lose US jobs because other countries have poverty. There is poverty in this country, people without running water or electricity. I'm not without compassion for others, but charity starts in your own back yard. We send enough citizens' tax dollars into these countries to the point they shouldn't have poverty, but unfortunately, the governments take it and the impoverished never see it.
I take a walk, fuss with my flowers, take a bike ride..

Think of the gas your saving. there are advantages and disadvantages to everything. i am just recently solely working out of home and it's an adjustment...
I have never worked for them, but have heard exactly what you have stated. I also tried not to work for off shorers. I know an MT who is still on 100% QA after 8 months. Even when I had a good MT job/easy dictators and was working 12 to 16 hours a day I didn't make $4,000.00 a month. I have hit close to $2,000.00 but never more than that.
Ditto. nm
Ditto, but...
there are American radiology groups that act just as the Australian group does, providing radiology coverage 24/7.

The Australian group is staffed by US board certified radiologists, per their web site. Also, that Australian group does provide stat readings, but an on-staff radiologist at the US hospital dictates the final report that goes in the patient's chart - at least with the hospitals I do MT work for.
Ditto that!
That is the best news I've heard all year!

I ditto the comments that have come before mine.  Your company is spoiling the client while spoiling your health!!  Obviously, it is your company that has set up this paging system, and they should be the ones to fix it.  They are definitely treating you with disrespect, which should not be tolerated.  It is bad enough that they arranged for you to be on-call all night, but even more unacceptable is that they didn't allow you to have time off today to recuperate from a stressful night. 

There are other companies out there that do not wake you up to do reports.  My current company has STAT reports all the time, but I don't see them unless I am logged in and working.  Whatever the situation with your company, be it that there is no graveyard shift, or the entire graveyard shift is off sick or whatever, it should not be your job to step in and pamper the client at the expense of your own health, as chances are that the STAT report wasn't such an emergency after all!!


I had 5 job offers before they even responded to my e-mail and at higher wages than they found.
As soon as she has her new site up, I'm gone from here completely.
Could never get it to work accurately. may as well type it yourself.
Ditto, but in under 8 usually, nm
I must ditto on this.
Ditto...just do not like
Sorry, but its just a gross platform.  Very hard to get lines.  My Expander does not work well with it at all.  Have to use the mouse a lot to put the cursor in appropriate box.  Not efficent at all.  I would never take a job using Emdat.