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Do a search for Stedman's (sm)

Posted By: anon on 2007-01-11
In Reply to: Stedman's Spellchecker - Help please!

there should be a stedman's folder and your spellcheck should be in there.  Hope this helps.

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Stedman's Med Dictionary and Stedman's Med Spell checker are two different programs. Which on

do you have?  If it is the medical dictionary, as far as I know it is only a reference software and can't be used as a spell checker.

If you have the spell checker, go into Word.  Click on Tools, Options, and then Spelling & Grammar tab.  Then click on the Custom Dictionaries button about half way down the window.  This will open a new window that lists your available dictionaries and one should be checked.  Mine is checked next CUSTOM.DIC (DEFAULT).  There is an ADD button to the right.  If you click it, you will be able to browse for your custom dictionary. 

Hope that helps.

I have only used Stedman's. What are some differences in Dorland's and Stedman's?
Stedman's is the best IMO. I don't know if they
limit your installations or not.  I know on the new electronic word books they limit you to 2 installations and that it doesn't work if you copy it from one computer to another, it has to be installed from the original.  
I should add, if you have Stedman's
If you have an updated Stedman's spellcheck, it will flag the drug if you type it incorrectly and the top suggestion is usually the correct way of typing out the drug name. 
They do offer you a 30 day trial. After that, it is $38.95/year. Which isn't bad, but I don't want to pay for the service if they don't change the reports. Definitely check it out!
I love anything Stedman's myself. I have Smartype and love it after about a year. I figure it's cut my Keystrokes by 1/3 to 1/2. It wasn't compatible with Word 2003, when I bought it, but that didn't matter to me since my company requires 2001.
Thanks to you both. I searched program files and there is a Stedman's folder that came up, nothing really in it except for maybe what looks like an uninstall file? In Word, custom dictionary is checked but I don't see anything about Stedman's anywhere in there. Anyway, I tried typing a little and it looks like it's picking up drug names etc. so guess it's working. I just thought I'd be able to pull up the program from my Start menu for some reason. I guess it just kind of stays hidden in the Word background somehow? Anyway, thanks for the help. I know it sounds really dense, but haven't had to use it before for work!
Here's some ortho reports http://www.mt-stuff.com/orthopedics.html
Stedman's Ortho & Rehab words is a great reference and includes sample ortho reports in the appendix http://www.stedmans.com/product.cfm/477/79
Well, I use Stedman's (sm)

Endocrinology book and Opthalmology book.  Relatively small books, compared to the Neuro book, for example, but they are very helpful.  Think I bought them used through an Amazon.com bookseller.  Make sure you get the latest versions.

Hope this helps.


Is it Stedman's? nm
Does anyone know how to get Stedman's
spellchecker to work in WordPerfect too.  Thanks for any help.
Stedman's has it set-up where you have
to have the disk.  You can't copy from one computer to the next, it must be installed.  You can buy it for $99 I think and download it from Stedman's site . They don't like people reselling the disks either, so you can only get 2 installs before the disk won't work, though sometimes you can call them and they may give you another download. 

I have Stedman's Spellchecker Plus '08 on my Word 2007.  I got it from Barnes and Noble for $71, but that was with my member discount and a 20% off coupon.  If you have any coupons for them, I would use them for this purpose.  Their member discounts are good too.

Hope this helps you.


When you go into your Stedman's tool bar, you'll see options for modifying a Smartword spelling, Modifying a position, etc.   I've moved some words that were programmed to come up 8 or 9 in the selection bar to be either the one that comes up on the Smart Line or #1 or #2 in the selection list.  The instructions are fairly easy. 

For instance "undergoing" was way down at the bottom of the list, so I moved that one up closer to the top.  I made "complains" the first option rather than "complain" since I use that word more.   That way all I have to do is hit the space bar and keep going,  

Does any of that makes sense?   My sleep pattern is all messed up, so I"m not sure if I'm entirely coherent right now.

Yes, Stedman's it is, also for me!...
The electronic version!

Also Stedman's Abbreviations and Acronyms...
If you're looking for Stedman's books - sm
Check out the equiptment forum - I have a set of 21, practically brand new books for sale.
Stedman's 4th edition is even better...
than the 3rd.  It's true there may not be every single radiology term in Stedman's, but I don't know of ANY reference, text or electronic, that has every know term.  For any book on ANY specialty to have every conceivable term is impossible - unless we want books 10 feet thick.
I know you cant use stedman's program
I use Shorthand as it works with just about everything.

Disappointed with Stedman's
If you mean the big purple "Medical Terms and Phrases" by Stedman's, I'd go with the other one.

I bought this and am rather disappointed with it and have not found it to be helpful on the job.
Stedman's @Work
Has anyone suscribed to this?  I noticed they have an abundant amount of sample reports, but I am only considering suscribing if they add new reports on a regular basis.  If anyone has info on this, I would love to hear it!
Stedman download sm
It is very simple and they remind you each day you have X days left, 10 in all. They don't list a price but I am told it is $179, don't know. Works very well but they should post their prices.
I use Stedman's as well as the Internet. nm
I do ops primarily and can't do without my Stedman's sm
Med/Surg Equipment Words. Sometimes, though rarely, I'll need to refer to my Surgery Words book for body parts. (I have 30+ years' experience.)

Stedman's Spellchecker
I know this is probably a silly question, but..I loaded Stedman's Spellchecker on my computer awhile back but have never used it.  Today I was looking for it on my computer and can't find it.  Should it come up under program files on your computer? or does it just combine with spellchecker in Word somehow and not show up on its own as a program?  I thought maybe someone here who uses it could point me in the right direction.  Is there some way you can make adjustments to it or is just part of Word after you load it?  Thanks much for any help!!
Don't know of website, but Stedman's
GI/GU word book may be helpful.  Endo notes are very easy.  You could probably Google and find something. 
stedman's editions

is it worth buying the latest 2004 stedman edition vs. a 2002 edition. I debating on getting one for the GI and GU book. Wondering if a nephrology transcription can let me know if there's such a difference among the two. Thanks


stedman edition

u dont know how much i appreciated this bit of orientation. I just started my first oficial transcription job at a nephrologist office. I'm so proud of myself after trying in within two years to KICK my foot in the door. This week has been tough but I'm learning and quickly catching on. I just cant wait till I can effortlessly fly through my reports. Thanks for the advise. I will purchase my book through ebay tonight.

thank you again,


Does anyone use Stedman's Smartype?
Stedman's spellchecker
How often do you update your spellchecker? I bought a Stedman's spellchecker almost a year ago (2006 version) and I received in the mail information about updating to 2007.  I am not sure if I should update yet or not.  TIA
Stedman's rock!
There are different specialties, but the Medical Speller put out by Stedman's is definitely a must-have. 
Stedman's & Vista

Does anyone know any tricks to get Stedman's OB-GYN Electronic Word Book to load onto Windows Vista? 

This is the only Stedman's book that I cannot get to load on Vista.  I contacted Stedman Support, but they said that it just isn't compatible.  I find that hard to believe, as all of my other 21 electronic word books from Stedman's loaded just fine.

Any know of any tricks to get it to load?

I've read about the great deals you can get on spellcheckers and dictionaries on Ebay.  Before I bid I want to be sure that if I purchase a used CD can the registration card/# can be used again.  I ran into problems with this with another computer program. 
I think Stedman's is the best and most widely

used by far.   I can't imagine trying to transcribe w/o a spellchecker and most companies require you to have one.

Stedman's is $99 unless you get the premium version, where you get 3 updates a year, and I think it is about $170.  You can download Stedman's from their website. 


I think the Stedman's works with everything. The new one for
Stedman's At Work
I just found this site and am amazed at the number of sample reports they provide. Click on view all, and there is a sample operative report for needle-directed excisional right breast biopsy and modified radical mastectomy.

I don't know if Stedman's is compatible or not, but it
is considered the best and the most widely used I believe. 
I use Stedman's. (no message)
Spellcheck - Stedman's
We use Stedman's throughout our service and require it of all of our ICs as well.
Does anybody know how to make the Stedman's spellchecker work inside Mysis?  Works fine in Word 2003, is useless so far in Mysis.
I use both Stedman's and Tessier
Stedman's for any equipment or materials and Tessier for names of procedures, surgical positions and maneuvers, etc. I also use Google a lot.
According to my electronic Stedman's.
Per the newest BOS and Stedman's . . .
latest editions, the apostrophe s is now dropped from all eponyms.  There will still be some (many or even most) facilities that prefer the 's.  However, the "official" guideline is to drop it.  I think it sounds terribly incorrect, but I suppose over time it will be more widely accepted.
Stedman's Spellchecker and DQS
Hi, I searched before loading this question....Can Stedman's Spellchecker be loaded on DocQscribe.  Currently I am using the copy and paste method which is time consuming.  Thanks.
I love Stedman's

I love Stedman's - probably because it's the first one I learned.   The problem with it, though, is it is not always compatible with some of the internet-based systems, such as Bayscribe.  I type documents in Word and then cut and paste into Bayscribe.  I tried Instant Text and hated it.  Could not get used to the differences between that and what I first learned and went back to Stedman's. There are an awful  lot of people on here who love Instant Text, though, so it's all what you get used to.

Whatever you decide, check on the compatibility, not only with Vista, but with other MT platforms out there.

it is stedman's 2007...nm
Call Stedman's
They should be able to upgrade it for you affordably.   If you already have 2005 on your computer, you could do a download upgrade to the latest one by going through Stedman's. 
Inside comes from Stedman's online
This is regarding the Taxus. As long as I remember, it has never been spelled any other way other than below.

paclitaxel drug-eluting coronary stent; allows treatment of a variety of patient and lesion types; can mold to the natural contours of the vessel wall; uses Translute Polymer, a proprietary polymer carrier technology, to control drug release

Stedman's word book nm
Stedman's has crepitance listed.
Taber's only has crepitant and crepitation, not even crepitus.  It's probably one of thos cases where doctors just made up a variation on a word that stuck.  They don't care if it's right or not.
Stedman's Cardio book says 1/6
or 2/6, etc., page 219