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Express Scribe

Posted By: Jo on 2005-07-05
In Reply to: Express Scribe users?? sm - Brandi

I have been using it for almost 3 years. I have been very happy with it and not had any problems.

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Express Scribe
On the voice files that you have in the program, just click on them and then there should be a button to click on that says Done. This should remove the files. Good luck!
Express scribe
Do you know if there is a hot key or Function key for building macros or speed type in Express scribe?
Express Scribe

Is there a setting in Express Scribe where when you let up on the pedal it rewinds?  Is it in options somewhere?



express scribe
I use express scribe for transcription.  I have been able to download files just fine with it for months, but now when I down load files it only gives me the option to save the file and does not load it into express scribe.  These are the same type files that always worked before.  Any ideas as to why or how to correct the problem?  Thanks in advance!
express scribe
Try deleting the express scribe and reinstalling it.
Express Scribe
Mine did exactly the same thing ONLY in reverse. I had to manually move it into Express Scribe from the voice files; then all of a sudden it started to load into Express Scribe immediately. I talked to the gal I was working with and she said this had happened to her also. Can't figure it out but it works OK now.
Express Scribe
Open Express Scribe,  one click on "settings", scroll down and click on "pedal and hot keys".  Foot Pedal Control:  Make sure "Use Foot Pedal Playback Control" is checked.  Make sure your port is "VEC Pedals USB.  Make sure the No. is "3-pedals".  Then click on "Foot Pedal Control Setup Wizard" and follow instructions exactly.  This is where I made my mistake.  I didn't follow the wizard's exact instructions.  Sounds complicated but absolutely is not.  Once you do this you should be good to go.
Express scribe
express scribe sm
I have used infinity just to test out express scribe itself after I loaded it. Does anyone actually use this program for their work? If so, where can I get some work in this program? Have it downloaded but have not used it yet. I believe it's supposed to be good for testing, etc. for different companies.
Try Express Scribe
software. You will likely also need the file VECUSB.exe in order for the software to recognize the pedal, but all of it is free, and it works with lots of different sound files.
Good luck!
Express Scribe
I find it works well with downloading directly from FTP. Have done it for about 2 years. Also MP count is really nice line counting software. It used to be free, but I think you have to pay to get it now. I still use the free version.
Express Scribe
It is almost the only program I ever use. I love it! It is very easy to use and it has never let me down. One of my part-time gigs requires me to use something else, otherwise it would be ES all the way! You will like it.
Express Scribe
I am starting a new job soon.  We'll be using Express Scribe, just wanted some opinions on it.  Like it, Love it, Hate it.....I wanna be prepared, so throw me some hoensty, THANKS
Express Scribe
The only time I had a problem with sound quality was when files were converted from C-phone to WAV. DSS and unconverted WAV files are clear/good as long as you have a good dictator. No player can make up for a poor quality doctor dictation.
You can do it with Express Scribe

It's a small pain, but you can use Express Scribe instead of the EditScript player and, therefore, use your USB foot pedal.  It's possible that way.  I did this for several months.

Express scribe
I am presently using Express Scribe for a company and just got another account that uses Express Scribe also.  Am I able to go back and forth between accounts?  Each has a separate spot when I am pulling the files off of. 
I use Express Scribe-
It's free and have been using it for a little over a year with no problems.
Express Scribe here too!
Express Scribe
Anyone work with Express Scribe?  The service I begin employment with on 09/01/07 uses this platform.  They are telling me that I cannot see a line count on the work I do from Express Scribe.  I do not like this, as I like to see where I am as far as my line counts go.  Please let me know if this is true or not?
re: Express Scribe
I've used ES before and it doesn't count lines but Microsoft Office Word does. So typing in Word will allow you to do that.
Express Scribe
I am beginning employment with a service who utilizes Express Scribe as their platform.  I hear you can use the function keys or a foot pedal to transcribe.  Can anyone tell me which way is more efficient and user friendly?  I have only used a foot pedal.
Express Scribe

Do you know if type expander, Shorthand, works with Express Scribe? What foot pedal works best with this program?  Are many clients going with this program and if so where do you find them? TIA.

Does anyone use Express Scribe?

Okay, this is what I want to do.  When I stop the dictation by lifting my foot off the play pedal, and then press it again, I want it to back up a few seconds so I can hear what I just typed.  How do I do that?

Right now when I press play, it starts right where it stopped...my Start/Stop Transcription program backs it up...I am working off my laptop with Express Scribe and cannot find out how to do this.

Thank you for any help!

Something better than Express Scribe?
Just recently started an account using Express Scribe ... and while it is okay (and free!), I am wondering if there is a similar program that will show me the total number of minutes of the files I have loaded/remaining.  It would almost be worth it to me to pay for this feature, if there's another program that has it??  Any recommendations or suggestions?  TIA! 
Express Scribe

I need some info on Express Scribe.  I have everything set up, but when I push on the foot pedal to play and then let up it keeps playing.  Any suggestions as to what the problem is?



re: express scribe help
Hi Diana,

I did the same thing but then I found that on the settings tab, I checked the box by "Use the OLD method of slowing down the sound file(SPS SPEED)and then my foot pedal worked again! I been there! Hope it works!

express scribe
I'm having a very strange problem with my express scribe program and i don't know what to do.  Has anyone ever heard this:   I will have my foot on the pedal, I'm happily transcribing away and sometimes when I take my foot off the pedal to catch up, then we I try to go again, I find it has gone back to the beginning of the transcription.  The time is still set to where I was before, but what's coming out is the beginning of the file!!   Please HELP!!!!!!!
yes, Express Scribe and others

I use Emdat with GearPlayer. You can have Emdat select a program off your computer to use for your pedal.

express scribe?
Can anyone tell me if they think express scribe is the best to use? I know it's free and all, but I've had a few problems lately...is there anything else out there that's "better" or worth buying?
express scribe
Would you recommend using something else?  I'm willing to put money into it if it's worth it.
Express Scribe V4.15
Please can somebody send me a version of V4.15 as I upgraded to v4.16 and have also had problems downloading .dss files.
Express Scribe

When I try to transfer a sound file into Express Scribe and play it, the sound is not transferring.  It's almost like the sound is wiped out on transfer, as the duration of file says 0 when it is in Express Scribe.  I'm desperate - can anyone help?

Express Scribe 4.16...sm

I just read some things on the forum of NCH regarding this version.  They are aware that there is a problem with the DSS files and are working on it, although there is no date set for the release of a new version correcting this.  At least they're aware of it. 

Express Scribe
Same delima here, had initally downloaded a newer version and DSS files would not work. Got an 'older' version from a friend/MT and all works fine. There are seemingly 'bugs' in some of the newer versions and upgrades in this software. Just be patient, and try to make sure you download this one.........or one that is not a new version.
Express Scribe
I just went to Settings for Express Scribe, and then click on Files and then a window says "Use Express Scribe to open these files" and make sure there is a check mark beside dvf.  Maybe this will help you?  Good luck.
Express Scribe ?'s

Since I updated to v 4.17 I have to move my mouse to get the audio to play after I tap my pedal, which means I have to take my hand off the keyboard and it slows me down. Anyone know what would cause this? Is there a fix?

Also, I want to increase the column width that has my file names. I was able to drag and drop the width with my old version. I can't do that and I have been unsuccessful at finding another way.

TIA for any help!

Express Scribe

Has anyone ever worked for a company who didn't use a platform but just word and Express Scribe or wavpedal.  This company asked me to test for them for a part time position a couple of days a week and this is what they use.  I really hate Express Scribe and I don't even have Wavpedal on my computer and hate to go buy it just for a test.  Actually I won't go buy it just for a test.  I don't know what to do here because I really hate Express Scribe.  The way it doesn't automatically rewind a little when you stop pressing the foot pedal.  I really can't get used to that. 

Express Scribe
I agree that the quality of dictation makes a BIG difference. I guess I should have clarified that what I'm disappointed in is the "tinny" distortion added when slowing/speeding up the dictation. Is there a remedy for that that I've missed?
Express scribe
Hi, I had the same issue with some of Express scribes voice files. check and make sure your computer volume is all the way up too. You can also change the frequency to low highs etc. to see if that will work for you in setting on express scribe. Hope that helps.
Express Scribe
Express scribe is the way to go. It can be downloaded free of charge at the following website.


Once you download the program, you can adjust the settings accordingly. If you have any questions, just let me know.
Express Scribe
I use it and I love it.  Very easy and works with the USB foot pedal.  You will have to go to the foot pedal setup and you may have to try the different foot pedal options until you the find the one that works with your comp and foot pedal.
Help with Express Scribe...

Does anyone know how to get express scribe to play voice files?  I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and this still doesn't help the problem.  The error msg I get is:

Unable to dct or wav files because audio compression codec is not installed on this computer or file is corrupt.




Express Scribe ?

Does anyone here use Express Scribe?  If so, did you set it up so that when the report is completed it is automatically sent back to the doctor?  I read where it is capable of setting it up that way.  However, I am curious if it works well or difficult to set up. 



Express Scribe
Does anyone use Express Scribe with voice recognition software to help transcribe?  If so, how well does it work?  Looking for a means to help with dictation overload!  Thanks!
Express Scribe
Media player probable also has wav files checked as something it will play as well as Express Scribe. You will have to make sure Exp Scribe is checked as your default player so that media player won't pick up the voice file.
Express Scribe.....
Make sure the settings on Express Scribe have the file type checked that you are pulling off the FTP and use Express Scribe as your default media player, so the others won't pull it up.
Express Scribe

When using Express Scribe with Infinity USB foot pedal, I can not get the left or right pedal to work.  The middle play pedal works fine but I can't bo backwards or forwards.

Any help would be appreciated.

does express scribe have a help
line? you might give them a call. If you turn the sound up, it probably will give you the same feed back noise we had in school over the auditorium sound system. In the old days on radio when we used tubes, it would have been called "someone forgot to neutralize their finals", but I don't get the new stuff at all.
Express Scribe
Thanks, I finally got it working correctly.  Yea!
Express Scribe
I initially had difficulties too when I got a new computer with Vista for Christmas.  After searching on Express Scribe forum (this was just after Christmas and things may have changed since then), the latest version of Express Scribe was not compatible with Vista.  I downloaded the previous version, and have not had a problem since.  Good luck.
Express Scribe
Try this codec package http://www.free-codecs.com/download/vista_codec_package.htm
Sorry if you already have downloaded these but this is what worked for me so thought I would share:)