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Former owner of MDI, now General Manager

Posted By: Liz M. on 2005-09-25
In Reply to: Liz, do u really work at MDI? How - Wonderin' too

Wow - I most definitely do work at MDI.

If you worked for MDI you would know how extremely busy we are. I sent out a mass email on Wednesday asking for extra help.

I try to NEVER overhire, as I am a Transcriptionist myself and I realize that my MT's need the job and the money coming in on a regular basis. So I do take great offense at your post. AND YES, I really work at MDI.

Please give me a call.


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Head manager, middle manager, lower manager question
Ok, maybe someone is having this same issue as me. A couple of weeks ago I made mistake and the person on call for the weekend not there, tried to contact them. I He contacted me about this after my shift was over. Instead of stopping there, he in turn told the higher boss up on the chain and then I was contacted again by them. Does this happen in most cases- the 1 you talk with then goes higher and you get slapped on the wrists from both sides? Does 1 person calling it to your attention just not work?
Again, DON'T go with a for sale by owner agent. Buy Owner is the same thing.
No, never. I would have been an owner of a
I would have loved to own a floral shop, catering business, and photography studio that specializes in weddings.  Now, I'm too broke to take classes in photography or start my own business.  I should have done it while I had the chance, but I was too secure with the money I was making before and thought it was a lucrative field to be in.
Maybe the cop knows the dog owner.nm
The owner
should be happy you left a blank if you weren't sure of it. It's much better to blank than to guess on somethin, and even people in the business a long time have issues when beginning something new.

I have 15 years experience and when I first read your note, even I had to stop and scratch my head for a second for what OV meant, (LOL) but I have it in my expander. I agree with the other post in that the owner should be glad you left a blank than to guess at something. I like to think that would be the mark of a good Transcriptionist to leave a blank rather than gamble at making a mistake. Also, when we learn new things, it can be stressful because you are trying to do a good job in areas where we are all new and perhaps learning new things and words. I say, keep up the good work and we all learn from our blanks whether we are new in the business or not. She was really harsh to make that comment.
manager pay
Let's just say I happen to know that the account managers make over 40,000
In general
All caps and no abbreviations.  Headings for PE and ROS underneath.  Account specifics may differ.
In General....

An employer cannot set a specific schedule for an IC. This link addresses the issue here :


An excerpt fron the site above notes :

"According to the IRS, workers are employees if they must comply with the employer's instructions about their work, receive training or direction from the employer, provide services that integrate into the employer's business, render their services personally (can't subcontract), have a continuing working relationship with the employer, must follow set hours of work, work full-time for the employer..."

 As is noted in the site linked above , the consequences for the employer are quite severe if the IRS determines that the company actually was treating you as an employee rather than an IC.


In general,
in a given occupational group the upward pressure that unions place on wages and benefits has the net effect of raising the income and standard of living of poor folk up to the level of middle class folk while the absence of unions tends to drag the income and standard of living of middle class folk down to the level of poor folk. That upward pressure on wages and benefits not only helps union members but everybody else working in that occupational group. Without the organized upward pressure, wages will sink like a rock.

I think the owner's name was Dawn. nm
the owner screens the MTs and knows what she is doing.
There is one editor/QA person who if push comes to shove and you can't get it you can e-mail that person. It's a small company and run smoothly with no pompous people allowed and no incompetent people allowed.
as a former MTSO owner

Personally, I would not hire anyone unless they could transcribe the hardest dictator I had. And that is at LEAST two years of acute care experience.

I think the expression is, "burned once, twice shy." 

This came from an email from Andy, the owner, last December to the employees:

"Whether we think offshore labor is right or wrong, it has become a fact we cannot escape from. OSi will not actively pursue offshore labor contracts, but we have made the decision to experiment with using some offshore labor to save this large OSi client from going elsewhere. We believe this is the best decision for our employees assigned to this account and the company because this account is growing and we can assign the offshore part to the future increases and not have to reassign any OSi MTs. OSi is committed to continue using US MTs for the majority of their work and we will continue to resist going offshore."

He is talking about Ochsner, and I was told that they STILL offshore to them and also to Sarasota and Mayo.

The problem is that they LIED AND DENIED AND LIED AND DENIED this for years. They got caught when the then-QA manager, SD, mistakenly forwarded an email from the Indian company to the company employees. Of course, she was demoted, so they hired NP to replace her. However, FA pitched a hissy and threatened to go on strike because she was overlooked, so they kissed her a$$ and moved NP to another position. Not surprisingly, that department has gone straight to the toilet, and almost everyone has either quit or gotten fired, in addition to the mass exodus of employees since this came to light, because she is incompetent, inexperienced, and daffy as hell and is the most irresponsible, nonproductive person in a management position.

Be careful. If you are not in THE circle and kiss a$$, you are so dispensable that it is not even funny.

Any company that repeatedly lies about offshoring, promotes incapacitated people on power trips, and sends the work offshore in the first place, is ruthless and cannot be trusted.

Look elsewhere. It will only get worse!

If the owner's name begins with a L, then she's sm
okay.  I worked for a company out of Florida called Mediscript Inc a year or so ago and she was real nice.  Email me if you like.
Sante Fe owner
I bought a 2004 Sante Fe and I absolutely love it.  I get 27/mpg in the city and about 35/mpg highway.  It is roomy and comfortable.  You also can't beat the warranty.  I had some paint chipping right where the doors close on the bottom.  I called the 800#, took it in and they fixed it without a nudge and gave me a 2005 to drive in the mean time.  Mine is a 6 cyl and fully loaded with a sunroof and all and I only paid $17,000 for it.  It'll be paid off in September!  Yippee!
Nobody is satisfied with 8.5 if owner is getting 19. (nt)

Not an owner and I do not farm out

I agree that no one should work for $10.00 an hour in this profession.  Funny how I've gone from someone new in this thread to someone who owns an MTSO in this thread.  Wrong and wrong. 

I have my own accounts and do my own work. 

I just feel that if you form a group of burnouts, then you continue to be a burnout forever.  My initial thought was that only burnouts are invited to form a group by the OP?  What about new grads that have a lot to offer in this field that would love to be sitting in some of these burned out seats making some money. 

If someone has been burned out time and time again, it is time to look inward at one's self and their choices in their career. 

I think it would take one burn out session for me to know this is not my gig.  I'm not so sure I'd look for other burn outs to join me in my misery.   

You are the owner of this business, are you not?
If you want to make it 20 minutes, that's your perogative. You don't need to ask permission to do what you need to do.
I would second your post as the owner
of my company called me yesterday to assist me with a problem since I had some new antivirus put on my system, just was not working with my platform. This was not the first time she has helped me out and I really appreciate her.
As an IC, you are a business owner .
The organizations you mention are for employee labor relations.

It is up to you to negotiate for your business.

must be the owner who does not want to answer
Are you American?
Will you PLEASE address this issue?  I don't want to hear you tell me you are trying to get things together since you claim to have been the web developer for some years. If you want people to trust you, do the right and LEGAL thing and take action.  Cutesy little picture of the 2 of you ... wonder what else was cooking that night?
Not at TransTech, They are/were all MTs. Even the owner used to be an MT. One of the
things I really respect most about this company actually. All supervisors, managers, leads and even the owner used to be MTs. I think the only ones who weren't are the IT staff.
set up by previous owner
wasn't it???
Is the owner's initials AM? sm

If so, her rudness ran me away

Emailed owner....
Thank you for the offer. That is so nice. I just emailed the owner asking her if she had this information for me or if any of the other MTs there have it.  I will let you know and appreciate the help so much.
The owner of the company said this.... AND
on her site boasts about how she has 13 years experience and those working for her have superior quality, meet deadlines, and desire continued learning...

You would think since she wants such superior quality work, she would be willing to pay for it. Undoubtedly this is a 6-7 cpl company...

Yep, she no doubt gets superior quality there or newbies who will take anything and never expect more money.
ask your office manager.
As a former QA manager, I've done this.

We had a different kind of weighting when I first started doing QA reviews way back in the olden days (okay, about 10 years ago). I had one MT who would score in negative numbers, then would do okay after being reviewed, then would backslide, then would do okay, ad nauseum. It was just totally bizarre. Major medical errors, would not follow account specs, would not proofread, etc. Problem was (as I've stated in other QA posts) the company I worked for would not fire ANYONE for poor quality. She's still there today, 8 years later, and I'm sure is doing a pretty sucky job. I finally gave up reviewing her as it was a waste of my time. Don't I have a horrible attitude? Such is the life of a QA manager who is not allowed to ensure quality for a company. Anyone want to know the name of  the company so they know where to go for a good time?

Nah, I'm not telling. 

Go to the QA manager. Oftentimes

two QA editors will have a different opinion what is correct, especially in terms of style. It's extremely difficult to get all editors on the same page on every issue. No, it's not difficult, it's impossible. There are simply too many variables.

When I was the QA manager I finally decided to have just one Editor who provided feedback on a group of accounts and the rest did not, just because there were too many cooks in the kitchen and I didn't like to see the MTs confused over who was right.

I would not advise going to a transcription manager if there is a QA manager available. Often the transcription managers aren't aware of specifics of QA policy, and might actually give information that counters what should be done.

Just my 0.02. Good luck with this!

Who said anything about an account manager? It's for an MT, that's it. nm
Since your a former bank manager- how can I get
my credit score up?  My husband and I want to buy a house with no down payment and the lender said that we need to get our credit score up 18 points to do this.  How?  He mentioned paying our credit cards down to almost a zero balance.  What else can we do?  And how fast could we do it?
My dad was a K-mart manager too...
for almost 20 years in the 70's and 80's. He has a four year degree. He is no dummy. Him being a "K-mart manager" afforded us a nice home, nice cars, and my mother was a stay-at-home mom for three kids. Managing and being responsible for a store that big is a lot harder than you think.
Hey former bank manager, what
does the "came way" mean?  Is that a banking term?
When I worked at SS the QA manager
would send us e-mails with new drugs/terms.  Frequently she had them spelled incorrectly.   I worked at YOG for a short time too and one of the QA person sent out an e-mail making a big deal about how it the magnifying glasses were called loop and not loupe.    She got lots and lots of e-mails on that one.  
Invite the manager instead - NM


Was a manager a few years ago - never again - for no amt of $
I checked with the manager

and she said it made my report bold!  Yikes!  This board has helped me so much though.  There are so many knowledgeable MTs who are willing to help and give advice.  I only wish I had had this when I first started many years ago!

Nice to know another ER MT who is also technically challenged! 

I am not exactly sure how our office manager
repaired them. She took the casing apart somehow and I believe she just taped the tape back to the spool to reattach it, but I am not exactly sure. Then, she had to tape the casing back together. It was very risky using it, as I didn't want the defective tape to unwind inside my machine, etc. I don't know of anyone around our area that actually repairs tapes as a service, but I think that would be the better way to go. I know if my machine detects a lot of crinkles in a tape and it starts catching in the machine, it won't play the tape as a safety measure. Our office manager is on vacation this week, and boy is she going to come back to a mess with several tapes on her desk that she will have to take the time to repair.
if he is a hospital doc the HIM manager


can make life very uncomfortable for him not just fining him for being late with dictation but suspending his privileges at the hospital until he got his dictation/charts current. Meaning he can't admit his patients, has to get someone else to do it for him. He probably is unaware idictation is being outsourced to people who couldn't care less about his problems and thought his apologies would be relayed to the MT supervisor and then to the HIM manager. Saving him money and serious nagging and threats by what could be a veritable pariah.

I had a department manager who referred to MTs as "you people", something from her past I'm sure. She used to sit in a room next to our office to see if we were talking. When the small town hospital hired me they were 3 months behind in ops. Unfortunately, she would sometimes fall asleep pretending to work on the computer in the room while she eavesdropped (to no avail we were working our butts off) and would get caught by the CEO of the hospital from time to time napping. She LOVED raking a doctor over the coals for any reason and exerting her limited power endlessly over her staff and any unsuspecting physician who found himself caught in her web.  They soon learned. Our MT supervisor was our buffer from her acid temperament and constant headhunting. A very unhappy person.

How to become an MT supervisor/manager?
Just curious from anyone who knows - does this usually require a bachelor's degree and if so, which one?  Also, any clue as to the pay?  Thanks.
Can't image the manager cant see what a
Is there a manager for QA you could refer all these
Task manager
When it says it's still running and you aren't seeing it in task manager, go to the processes tab in task manager and see if EditScript Client Main is running.  This happens to me sometimes. 
Demon manager
Sounds like you need to have what we call a "sit down" with your boss and discuss your problems. Then thank her for fighting outsourcing!! The department manager I had in-house fought for me and my coworkers for a chance to go with the company they were outsouracing to....the hospital administration just wanted to can us!!!

Just keep hanging in their and have that "sit down"!!!
and i bet you ARE a great manager!!
Ex-Wal-Mart Manager
I had been transcribing for 14 years, decided to go that same route and go to Wal-Mart. Yes, steady income (salary) stocks, but medical not so good. Not a steady schedule, avg 55 hours or more (for management). Decided that if I put those kind of hours working at home I would make more and not have to deal with everyone elses problems or have to watch my back. So, went back home to transcribing -- love the flexible hours, especially for my children and family, and less stress.
Account Manager Pay
Anyone out there have any idea the pay range for an Account Manager.  This would be for a national company involving some travel.  Would appreciate any feedback.  Thx!
Account Manager Pay
Sorry, am not referring to job on board (didn't even know there was one posted)...not the same situation.  thanks~!