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Found the original post about the Olympus WS110 - do I need olympus software to convert the files?

Posted By: midwestMT on 2008-07-05
In Reply to: Digital dictation setup to use with express scribe (sm) - midwestMT


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My doc uses Olympus WS110
It was around $70, and the recorder comes apart and it actually IS a memory stick. The sound quality is AWESOME. It sounds like surround sound and it's clear as a bell.
Why would Olympus files not work with FTP?
The types of file shouldn't have any impact on FTP use. FTP is simply a place to store and transfer files, whatever the type. Can you provide more details as to why you think they don't work well with FTP? FTP is the quickest and easiest way to transfer files, IMO.
Olympus 4000 transcription software.
This system has an encryption feature. I do my work like LuvDigital.
Bytescribe .wavplayer will play the DSS files from Olympus.

Anyone use Olympus player/pedal for work files- e-mail me nm
There is an upload hanheld icon on the tool bar of the Olympus software.
from the unit to the computer, then the file can be dragged and dropped.  Good luck!
I found my notes--- Olympus DS-2300--$172 at Abe's of Maine - sm
this is basically the direct replacement for the DS-300, only difference is the looks adn it has a removable memory card, other than that pretty much the same; the other comparable unit is the DS-2--it goes for about $105, a little more limiting in its features but still a good recorder. Check out Pricegrabber.com, great for shopping around.
No use Olympus recorders and post to ftp site-- all automatically
very little investment required in equipment. Just recorder and software. Why duplicate the Internet when it is free?
The small company I work for uses the Olympus system.  The owner told me it costs about $600 per doctor.  She provided the software to the transcriptionists and the doctors.  We each purchased a wave pedal ($69).  The doctors have recorders.  The office manager sends the dss files via e-mail to the Transcriptionist as an attachment with a cc to the owner. The transcriptionist does the work and e-mails it back to the doctor with a cc to the owner. The program encrypts the file, so that the transcriptionist and the doctor has to use the same software. 
Olympus DS-330. nm
I have an Olympus and it was around 200. I simply love it. The guy at the store said Olympus quality is one of the best in cameras. I was looking at Sony because I like Sony products but he said in cameras they are not tops.
Olympus DS-10

The Olympus DS-10 will not allow the docs to tape over what they record.  I had to get this for one my docs who kept taping over everything.  They get very upset when the tape over everything.


has hand-held units that he can dictate into just like he does with his tapes. He then plugs it into his computer and it uploads. He then sends you the file, like an e-mail. It is pretty simple. My old-time docs handle it pretty well. Good luck.

I think the editing capabilities they are referring to means that the doctor can go back into a recording he has already done, like into the middle of it, and insert something he forgot.  If I were you, I would NOT get one that allows this.  I started out giving my docs the DS330, which has editing capabilites.  On several occasions they ended up overwriting their recording completely or inserting things in the wrong place and overwriting portions of the recording.  It was a NIGHTMARE.  If you have docs who are very careful, it may not be a problem, but my docs are not careful at all with these things.  Then they got upset at the recorder and at me!  Oh brother.... Anyway, they eventually got used to the recorders and have been using them now for years with no more problems with overwriting.  But in the beginning they had a rough time.

Now I give out the Olympus DS2, which does not have editing capabilites and have had none of the above problems.  Docs use it with ease and there is no worry of overwriting a file.  If I were you, I'd go with the DS2.  The DS330 is discontinued anyway.  Good luck.

I use Olympus DSS

The client set me up with it, and I only have experience with the transcription units, although I know the dictation units have docking stations that send the voice files to the computer.

I checked and one transcription unit runs around $400, although you can find it a little bit cheaper if you look hard enough.

Hope this helps.

Yes, it's an Olympus WS-100. sm
Thanks for responding. No software came with it, as it is a USB port that acts like a regular driver. I'm looking for Microsoft Explorer, but come up with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
I have all my physician's using Olympus recorders also. Not too expensive, great Olympus support and very easy to operate.
I have an Olympus DM-1 and you only need
a cable to upload voice files to the computer. In fact, I lost the original software that came with the unit, but Windows automatically detects the connection and opens an upload window as soon as I connect the USB cable and turn on the unit. The rest I don't know about, but I do know you can upload the voice files with *only* the USB cable that fits the handheld unit...

Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear.  I don't have Olympus software, just the free download that is call DSS Player Lite.  I guess that doesn't have a converter in it, I didn't see one.  I have since downloaded other software to try and play this file and nothing will.  I guess I may just have to break down and buy some software since the free stuff isn't working?? 

I had purchased the same model and found that you could not tape over anything the physician had already dictated.  It is for taping conferences, meetings, etc. 

Olympus DDS
I just took a job with a 6-doc neurology practice. They are months behind on dictation as the docs stopped covering the hospital and instead now see patients daily in the office. Dictation is behind 3 months. They have Olympus DDS. All docs have different way of doing their notes. We do new patient notes, office visits, as well as EEG, EMG, transcranial dopplers, carotid ultrasounds, and the docs all want their own way. We are swamped. The former transcriptionists quit. The office is not technologically saavy, and neither am I. But I do know the situation is critical. Should we get a new system that would require docs compromising on a single template for each note, or use the current Olympus DDS system and work with the doctors on templates? There has got to be a better way..We are drowning. Thanks for any suggestions. Office manager is looking to us (3 MTs) for the solution.
Try Olympus WS 110
My docs are using the Olympus WS 110.  It is available at the local office supply stores and is no too terribly pricey.  This account didn't want to spend any extra money for equipment but this recorder is fantastic compared to the cassettes they were using.  I think it runs around $70. 
I use Olympus Player every day and like it SM
much better Express Scribe!
Olympus DM-1 recorder
Please email me and I'll send a detailed description.

Anyone familiar with Olympus DS-30?

I need to find digital recorders for a few doctors.  I am looking at the DS 30, but want to make sure its a decent recorder, but don't want to spend too much $$.  They want to email me the digital files--so I was wondering if this recorder is pretty easy to use/set up?

Thanks for any info

Olympus DSS system

I have a potential new client that is using an Olympus DSS system they tell me.  My question is can I just use Express Scribe to play these or would I need to purchase the something like the Olympus AS-400 system to play their files?


Thanks! Is a DH-10 Olympus? I'll look that one up
as well as the 3000 and see which one might work better for me.  Do they both have good sound quality?  I just need something basic he can walk around the ofifce with and dictate after each patient and that I can swap cards out to bring the dictation home.  I assume they both work with basic files that Express Scribe plays, like .wav, .dss, etc.?  I'd be interested in hearing the price on the 3000 if they're offering a deal.  I don't know yet if the doc will buy the transcriber or if I'll have to make the investment myself.  Thanks so much!
Olympus 2300
Please someone give me some info on the Olympus 2300.  I am going to work from home for a doctor who uses this to dictate.  Do I need special software to be able to transcribe the voice files?  The doctor doesn't know because his previous service set him up.  I truly appreciate any help I can get on this board!
anyone use Olympus player?? sm

I've used it for years and all of a sudden when I go to transcribe the file I have highlighted, the player disappears.  The "player and slider" do not stay "on top" of the WORD document.  I can minimize it and open it that way, but it is a pain.  I want it "on top" of the document so I can see progress of the file. As it is now, I "can't see it" and therefore can't open or close it.   anyone know what happened?  TIA   

Anyone using an Olympus recorder . . . see msg
The ending of each recording is cut off. Has this happened to anyone else, and what went wrong? TIA
Olympus Pearlcoder T2020
The 2020 is excellent and reliable. Ask me.
Does anyone own an Olympus digital camera and how do you like it. nm
Have you tried the Help menu in the Olympus player? sm

Depending on the software that came with your player, you may be able to do this but I don't know for sure. Again, .dss is proprietary to Olympus.

The suggestions below to download Express Scribe are probably your best bet. It never occurred to me to check ES to see if the .dvf file extension was supported--DUH! Is there any particular reason why you can't use the Express Scribe player? If there is a particular person or office that is telling you to do this, ask them what program they're using. And, BTW, I did notice on that the Switch site says not all .dvf file types are supported.

Olympus DS4000 disk

I bought a DS4000 digital recorder brand new on ebay last year. I just got a new account who is interested in going digital and when I opened it up the disk is cracked. I have the license number to register the software I just need a copy of the software. If anyone can copy or send the original and I will return the next day please email me at bsptss at aol dot com, I'll gladly pay any associated costs.



Does anyone use the Olympus WS-100 digital recorder? sm
Have to buy this, and was wondering if there is some way for the voice files to automatically be transferred to a folder. It says it doesn't come with software that does this.

If there is a software that automatically does this or if I can set up system where it does this when it recognizes unit, please advise. Thanks.
I have an Outstanding Olympus handheld
that does voice and conference that I'm considering selling :) It's the size of a cell phone.

Can upload to computer - DSS/WAV FILES.
I have an outstanding Olympus handheld
Used and for sale! (hmmm maybe I'll post it on the Classified board)... in the meantime I highly recommend the brand. Phillips has a great reputation as well.
Olympus Digital Recorder
Not sure about the DS-30, but we bought a DS-50 for one of my doctors. I believe it cost approx $250. Sound quality is excellent. I do not think it was too difficult of him to set it up on his end. I use the AS4000 Transcription Kit and it works very well.
Lots of Olympus models.
Basically, you get what you pay for. The pricier models have more features and better sound quality. The biggest problem I have seen users have is they interface that Olympus created to download voice files from the recorder to the desktop. There's an extra "step" to some that require you to upload to an Audio Folder before moving to a desktop. Also, some programs will not playback .dss files (Olympus's proprietary voice file). Express Scribe (newest version 4.17) does work and is free.
Olympus DSS/Express Scribe
I actually have several doctors that use several different Olympus recorders that produce DSS files and I use Express Scribe to play the files, so it should not be a problem at all. I have not found any files that Express Scribe cannot play in fact. I am sure there must be some that it cannot play, but I personally have not found any yet:) Hope this helps.
Absolutely agree with Olympus ws-110
My local doctor uses that and he sounds crystal clear. I love it. It comes apart in the middle and has a USB connection. He plugs it into his computer, downloads the dictations, sends them to me. Easy.
I only know that the Olympus foot pedals
does not work with eScription/editscript. But this was some time ago and they told me that they will work on it. Maybe now it does.
If I were you, I would try to get into contact with your doctor's software provider.
Olympus is one of the most expensive foot pedals, I have one myself and I could not use it.
Equipment Problem! Olympus Pearlcoder! Help!

Okay, I am ready to give up on these transcriber units, or whatever they're called! I recently bought a used Pearlcoder Olympus unit to play microcassettes.  Its used, but supposed to "work perfectly".  Well, it came with no instruction manual, so I am hopeful that I haven't been "duped", and that maybe its just me! When I stop while transcribing and try to rewind a second with the footpedal, it freezes, doesn't rewind and "beeps" in a really high beeeeeeeeeeeeeep!  It does NOT rewind, only once in a blue moon! Can't see any rhyme or reason to the BEEEEEEEEPP lock up. Try throwing salt over my shoulder, have my lucky charms, but no help! I have to either turn the power of the unit off and on, and then it MIGHT rewind, or else I have to hit "eject", let the little tape door open, shut it again, and then it rewinds - one time. So I basically can never go back and relisten!!   IS THIS ME?  I think I know the answer, but wanted to double check...Something I'm missing? At least this piece of garbage was $50.

To add insult to injury, I bought a "refurbished" Sony transcriber which is GREAT, as long as you don't stop for more than 30 seconds and/or take your foot off the footpedal.  It, too, locks in place, and BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPS the same lovely pitch when you try to just even go forward, let alone backwards! There is no cure to that - unplugging, punching, praying, sobbing, begging - it just unfreezes itself when it darn well feels like it, and then I type til I have to take my foot off the pedal!!

HELP!! Double duped? Double brainless as I'm doing something wrong??? How complicated can this be, right??? 

Its a nice little doc's office that uses tapes, easy $$, as long as one can get the STUPID little machine to play the tapes!!

Thanks for your help!

It won't interefere with using my pedal for other non Olympus stuff, right?
See I only use my pedal for online work and only use it one way w/Bytescribe so I'm kind of fumbling around with this.LOL. Thanks!
Does anyone have any opinions on Olympus digital cameras and how they like them. nm
I have an urgent question regarding Olympus DS2 recorder...SM please

I have a new account and the office manager called me because the doc is off who usually uploads their DSS files to my site.  I'm not familiar with this process and am wondering if anyone can help.  The office manager got directions from the doctor before he left, but I believe she is missing one step.  These are the directions she has.

Plug in the recorder with the USB attachment, make sure the recorder is on, go to the Olympus program, highlight and drag over the DSS file to my site.  Well, the problem is that she can find the voice file.  It seems like the file is not uploading from the recorder to their computer.

Is this something that is done automatically or do you have to manually upload the voice file, name it, and save it to their computer?  It doesn't seem right to me that you would just plug the recorder in and it automatically uploads, names the file, and saves it.  Maybe I'm wrong.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks! 

i'd check into the olympus as the other poster suggested. sm
it comes with the software to upload the dictation to office computer, most come with docking station, etc. then you'd need a program that would encrypt the files like hypersend or cryptext or something to that matter to return the work to them. you can also get efax for free and someone in the office can fax you the pt lists that comes into your email or fax, whichever you choose.
Mine also uses an Olympus DS330- they send me the - sm
voice files through "mydocsonline" (which notifies me when anything is uploaded to my account). My docs have me email the work back (encrypted), I could just as easily upload it to my account and have them pick it up that way but they prefer this other method. Any new accounts I may land I will most likely use one of the new models of the Olympus (the DS330 is no longer available). As said below it is basically pretty simple to do and a few different ways to transfer data, another method not mentioned here is getting a FTP site, which is an easy secure way to tranfer data back and forth.
Ive been using Olympus DSS player pro headphones since Feb w/o any problems
I used Olympus DDS for a clinic and it worked fine.
Not sure what you question is, but the dictation and transcription using this system should be acceptable as any other. I wonder what would be the alternative and how it could be improved. Sounds to me like at 3-months behind, you should do a temporary outsource to get caught up before a needed report not on the records comes back and bites the manager.
No! And boy do I know where you're coming from! I tried to get the Olympus pedal to work, but..
wound up pulling my hair out instead.  They don't make it easy on us, do they?!?!?