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Here is what you ask them . . .

Posted By: don't believe it! on 2009-02-17
In Reply to: salary per line - just me

Ask the person you are negotiating with what current rate are they paying. Then you need to ask them what the other service they are using does for that rate, e.g., print and delivery, turnaround time, electronic delivery, etc. If they pay by the line, ask them how many lines per month are generated. If they pay by the page, again, how many pages generally per month are produced. This will give you a clear idea how large the account is and you can go from there.

Rates vary according to location. Usually as a MTSO, the fee would be $0.14-$0.19 per line (gross or 65-character . . . ask them how they are paying the other service). They will be more than willing to share that information with you. Tell them you want to give them the same rate or do a penny better if less tasks for you. They may decided to have you deliver electronically, whereas the previous service did a delivery. You may want to charge A LITTLE LESS but do not undervalue your worth. It is hard to ask for an increase.

Hope this helps.

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