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I'd like to know what company too....sm for onc links...

Posted By: OncMT on 2005-11-30
In Reply to: Guess nobody wants to help us. Can I ask what company - MI-MT

I'm also looking for oncology work and would love to find out where you two are working.

Here are some links for you:

http://www.cancer.gov/dictionary/   Dictionary of Cancer Terms

http://www.chemocare.com/bio/index.asp   Chemo Drugs

http://www.cancer.gov/cancerinfo/pdq/cancerdatabase   National Cancer Institute

http://www.cancer.gov/search/clinical_trials/   NCI Clinical Trial Search

http://www.bioscience.org/atlases/tumpath/staging/llist.htm   Tumor Staging

Hope this helps!

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Actually, It starts there, then carries on will all the company links and ads.
ob-gyn links

you come up with the best links!
Here are some links for you

http://www.enchantedlearning.com/crafts/christmas/handwreath/    You can use any paper, but if you use tissue paper it may not even make it home. 




Don't have time to look for more, but one time in school we had cheap glass bulb ornaments and we wrote our name and year on them with glue and then sprinkled with glitter.  You could probably get bulbs/glitter at dollar store.

You might also want to go the dollar store and look for craft kits.  I buy kits every year from a craft store and they usually make 6-12.  If the tables in the room were in groups you could just take a paper plate and pour 1 kit out on each and they could share, or you could divide up the items into a baggie and make copies of the instructions.

You could take bagels (from the bakery outlet stores and cheap) and smear with peanut butter and then press in bird seed, attach some thread and hang on a tree near their classroom - unless you are wanting them to have something to take home.  Can also use pine cones for this.

Buy some plain gingerbread man cookies and tubes of frosting and sprinkles and let them decorate them.







Do you have any links?
Here are two links
Meditec.com Free Trial Offer, MT Mini Course
http://www.meditec.com/free-medical-transcription-course.pdf (pages 9-27)

Candidate Guide for the AAMT Certified Medical Transcription (CMT) Exam
(has sample questions, page 11)

If you’re going to test people through actual dictation, I recommend that you make sure they all transcribe one report by the hardest dictator you have. If they can do that, then they’ll have no problem doing anyone else you have.

i did not get all the links until i (sm)

until i upgraded my antivirus software.  strange as it seems.  

had nothing to do with my browser.


I like these sites...

TheGreatDictator.com  All kinds of links!

OneLook.com  Awesome if you want to do a fuzzy search (part of a term)

TheAGAPECenter.com  Hospitals and clinics by state

Of course, Google.


Good luck!

Where do I buy one... links?
Can you save me some time and give me a link. Thanks a bunch!!!!
you also need to fix the links

Starting from mtstars.com, clicking Forums, clicking Main Board leads you to page not found.

Thank you for the links
Will research them
Here are a few more links:
I've gotten some decent help at these sites: http://www.mtsamples.com/ http://www.mt-stuff.com/sample_reports.html http://www.medword.com/samples.html http://www.mtdaily.com/mt1/samples.html

Wow, these are all great.  More to add to my already long list of resource links. 

Always nice to have new things to explore. 

Thanks so much for the links you two!! nm
What are ALL the keyword links, please?
Links for terms
Try this link...it has almost anything you might need.
oncology links
janet mills
plant city fl

check out these links






obviously the other 2 links didn't......sm

the other 2 links I provided evidently didn't hold your interest because voterfraud.org is loaded with the FACTS state-by-state.......if it's too lengthy for your reading comprehension, just open up Ohio and Florida...



Send them the links

As an MTSO, you should never give the "answer", but the way you found it, i.e., the links.  This way they will 1.  learn how to find it themselves and 2.  stop bothering you.  It does work, even though I must say that every day is a learning process in this field.

Provide me with the links. NM
This site has some links
You can find some links on this page - docs and others.
Cannot get your links to work
Please double check.  Thx
Thanks for all the links! - No message
I found the other links I had written down.
digiscript, transcripts.tv, and fantastictranscripts. You can Google them to find the websites. The only place I actually ever worked was emediamillworks/FDCH.
links on left, but on my Dell I don't....nm

FYI on links from message boards
Please be careful when opening links from anyone on the MT boards. I had a word question and posted it to XXXXX (this is the board that the company I work for prefers us to use). Instead of answering my question, someone posted to look at the link that they listed. This link had the answer to my question, but it also transmitted spyware/problem to my computer. Just a warning, especially for new MTs - I had to learn the hard way - and am going back to my books instead of searching the internet or message boards for answers to my questions.
Here are the best 2 non-commercial links for bariatric

Lots of information out there. Good luck on your research.
Re your comment on CS's site/links
The reason the companies listed don't have MTec and Andrews showing is because they are being posted on CS's webpage and are being paid!! And Not only that YOU get paid some type of commission for being an affiliate, right?? Come on... you CS guys are becoming indentured servants working before graduation for these companies... with the enticement of getting a job with them. How much would they have had to pay a non-student MT to produce this work??? Also take a look at CS's "Board" -- all business people in it for the buck it looks like to me -- how many of them have been MT's LOL...(and also of the same religious affiliation...)it appears more like a telemarketing site. I believe Michele A. started this company out with good intention, but now it appears the company is in it for the buck -- Sorry if I've offended anyone, but that's my perspective. MTec and Andrews not only have their reputations, but they have class and style!!

"The industry has definitely jumped on-board with Career Step, which has the other schools scrambling. You can visit Career Step's page about industry partners to learn more: www.careerstep.com/site/type=mt/page=companiesrecommend-mt (Click on the links, and see for yourself which school leading MTSO's refer you to for training. If even one of them recommends Andrews or mtec, I'd be surprised
Trouble with links on these forums anybody?n/m


I am starting a blog..need links
I am starting a blog about this offshore deal. If you have any links to stories related to the downside of this, links to contact the government or news sources, please e-mail them. I will post a note here as soon as i have it set up...probably later today.

The good news about links...sm
"missing" on that site is that you can add more yourself. That appears to be the whole purpose of the site - to provide links to references (ergo MTReference) that one might need while working.

Anyone can find anything on the internet; you're right about that. But I'd prefer not to be worried so much about that and more worried about doing my job correctly with appropriate references and answers.

Don't register if you are not interested in the site. I, for one, appreciate that it is there.
You should NEVER reply to or open any links from those
That's why they should be immediately removed from this board the minute they appear.
Found links inside....sm

(several here, some that cost, others for free)

You could probably find others by doing a Google search for "shareware fax programs" or something of the sort. Good luck!!
Medical grammar links?


I'm not sure what exactly you're looking for, but there are a lot of links here:


Also, I like:



Here are some links I found for lotions and creams...sm



You could probably find more. I did a Google search with the words "scented lotion recipe". As for the solution to your bottle dilemma, I would check with Hobby Lobby or Michael's to see if they can help you.
I have met some great guys online. Here are some links. sm

I find this to be very good.


This is for everyone, but I find millionaire match a cut above.

Don't waste your money on PerfectMatch.com as it literally is not much at all.

I would go with the above two. To me, eHarmony is no good. I've tried them all and I have met more men who are very truthful on the above two.
Are we allowed to post links for other sites?
I thought we could not do that?
does anyone have good links for lab/path words and
equipment words and pharmaceutical words?  I hate to spend so much on books that can't be kept current.  I found accessdata.fda.gov and rxlist.com in a post farther down and already have them book marked. TIA!
to lemmings and sheep-see links inside...sm







see links inside about voter fraud.....sm

don't you mean the 2nd stolen election?  It's all over the newswires and for years!!










Is it just me, or have the links (on the left side) been eliminated?

I may have done something to cause how may page loads but I do not get the list of links, like the technical link, equipment, etc., showing up along the left side any longer. Is this a recent change or is is just happening to me because I did something??? If it is just me, how would I change it back. I can't get to any of the other forums unless I click on home and go from there. :(


Here are 2 good links for Lap Band forums. sm



The links inside may help answer some of your questions:
You might wan to check out the CMT Candidate Guide: http://www.aamt.org/scriptcontent/Downloads/CMTCandidateGuide.pdf

To paraphrase from the CMT guide regarding retakes of the exam: If a candidate fails and wishes to retake the CMT exam, they must wait until 6 months have passed to re-apply to AAMT. There is no limit to the number of times a candidate may
retake the exam (it just cannot be taken more than twice per year). The registration fee is charged each time the exam is taken.

You can also check here for more info on the exam and answers to FAQ. http://www.aamt.org/scriptcontent/chub.cfm

You might also want to check out the CMT Review Guide, available from the AAMT: http://www.aamt.org/source/Orders/index.cfm?section=Orders&task=3&CATEGORY=INV%2DPRO&PRODUCT_TYPE=SALES&SKU=STED%5FCMTREV&DESCRIPTION=&FindSpec=&CFTOKEN=65179116&continue=1&SEARCH_TYPE=find&StartRow=11&PageNum=2

Good luck! :)

LOL, 2 other people gave her links to the list
The OP should never have a question regarding dangerous abbreviations again. (It was kind of you to offer, btw.)
You'd find links to some good ones on this site
go to Medquist.com, click on QNet, then follow the links (sm)
this is what my new message this morning said.  I haven't tried it yet, so let me know if it works.   I think this is what they're trying to do to our brains!
post your email address and I will send links to you (nm).

Hey we did that last night! Belgian waffles & sausage links (nm)
Links with blue background still on left side for me...
How I got my links back (in the left, blue area!)

I went to Tools, Internet Options and deleted Files and Cookies (although I don't know as though this had anything to do with it as I have done this MANY times in the past). I then experimented with my Norton Antivirus. You must do this at YOUR OWN RISK! Down in the right-hand corner of my screen, I chose "Disable Norton Internet Security" which when I reloaded the Main page here (after I had gone and done the above steps in Tools) it didn't make a difference. So, then I went back down to Norton Internet Security and chose "Disable Antivirus Auto-Protect" and reloaded the main page here and BINGO I had the links all back! I then Enabled all my NAV I had disabled, reloaded the page again and everything is still there! So, if this happens again, at least now I know how to get it back.

I thought I would share this info as I know there are others out there that has experienced this same problem and I have done everything the administration has suggested and it did not resolve the issue. So, apparently it has to do with Norton and I am not clear why Norton Antivirus (I would expect it more to be an Norton Internet Security issue) but in any event I am elated it worked! I hope it will work for someone else as well - again at your own risk. :)

I hope this might help administration/moderators to help others as well in the future. :)

This just made my day! :D