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I'd rather be scared & safe than sorry!

Posted By: Indy-MT on 2005-09-16
In Reply to: Thunderstorm!!! - scarrrd

I have surge protectors & an APC battery back-up system; however, I have those so I will have an alarm & time to close my applications safely without loosing info during a storm (Hopefully). That being said -"I will not work during a thunderstorm/bad lightening." When my APC beeps - I backup & close what I've been working on, close all applications, log off & unplug everything!

NO - it's not safe to work during a thunderstorm/bad lightning!! Your time and/or comittment at work will have to play seconds to saving your life - & I'm not kidding that this is a possibility. Anything plugged into an electrical socket, including a phone, has the potential of being hit with lightning. I just won't risk playing with Mother Nature !! I've read of too many who have and have lost !!

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Which one scared you the most? Night of the Living Dead - still scared
Really scared now.
I have accepted a position with the initials PS.  I have just left another national with which I was not happy, and lied to make it a smooth transition.  I will keep looking until I find the right fit.
Now I am scared
I just applied to make the same switch - thinking now maybe I should not. Hope it gets better for you.
Scared off
Scared off? More likely disgusted with the narrow minded, hate filled posts on this subject.
Just Scared
I have about 2 years' experience in MT but I do not have much experience in ESL dictators. I am just scared that I won't be able to hack it if/when I finally do find an MT job. Plus, I cannot get DSL or high speed internet and am stuck with dial-up and that hurts me a lot too.  Right now I have a DA-126 (C-phone compatible) but no one seems to use them anymore!
RE: Just Scared
On the job seeker's board on this site, this job is available - Transcend Services - Acute Care Using Lanier For Voice - Transcend
The doc is probably scared, but...
I had a cholecystectomy done and had to sign stating that I understood the risk of liver damage, spleen damage, etc., but nothing happened, but had to sign the consent. Hope your cousin gets better.
Like you I was scared at first but then
my boss back in the 80s got really upset with me and she put me on straight operative reports. Did she ever do me a favor! I love them, my favs and the easiest really to do. Repetative type dictations. On the account I have can just breeze through most of them. I am really grateful to her.
Now I am scared......
Can we get a 'virus' by logging into the MTStar.com website? So many members with viruses running around. I really want to know! Scary!
scared of the MQ pay plan

I think its going to be a raw deal for those of us who have been here awhile.  Only because it will be based on higher pay for harder work.  In all honesty, I do not see them paying more than 10 cpl, and if they hand pick the worst of the worst, all day every day for those of us who can eek by and do them, we will be screwed.  Honestly would rather have lower pay (no lower than 8 cpl) for easier work to keep my line count up.  I've already been told many times that they give me the harder work because I can do it, but all day every day I would lose money.

They should base pay on experience, period the end!  Keep the pool completely open to whatever work comes up, do not special assign harder work to those of us who can do it, because it slows us down incredibly!  I agree, newbies need a chance to get their foot in the  door with some easier dictation, but how are they going to learn if thats all theyre getting, and how about those of us who  have been around the block, how are we going to earn a living for paying our dues in this business.  Thats why i'm scared.  Buh bye experienced MTs or what?  What do you guys think?

I kept waiting to be scared on that one
but it never happened. The ending was SO incredibly stupid that I can't believe I wasted $2.99 renting it.
scared to death...what to do

Okay, now that I have job offers, I have to figure out what to do.

Right now:  I am employed on site as an admin asst with great insurance, good pay, people I like, and job security.  The downside is missing my family--I only see them about four hours in the evenings and most of that is bathtime, cooking supper, you get the picture.  I also have quite a drive to work and parking is HORRIBLE.  I feel I work LONG weeks and then have little to show in the way of my emotional outlook and cash left over after buying gas, etc. 

What could be:  I have job offers to come back home and type full time.  I would be here to see my children and be close to their schools if something happened.  Also, my husband has built me a gorgeous office by closing in a porch, so there's a big three-paned picture window that overlooks my garden.  I can envision myself at home, but there's a tremendous amount of fear that's holding me back. I am AFRAID because I remember how long it took to get lines in every day.  I worry about the security of benefits, PTO, and just the job itself.  I don't want to be sitting in this office 7 days a week from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.  I hope I'm more capable than that, but sometimes it's not the MT, it's the conditions, and if I give up my other job... 

I guess I am just venting and worrying and wondering.  After a two-year break, can I come back home and be productive and accountable as an MT?  Can I count on the industry?    I really wanted to come home, but now I'm afraid.

TIA for any and all suggestions!

Supposed to be scared?
I went to a dermatologist's office about a week ago. The PA saw me, guess physician on vacation. Lesion on face, was told possibly to have morphens and PA wanted to do biopsy. Have been MT for over 30 years but had never heard this diagnosis. When asked what it was, was told "possible connective tissue disorder," could be one of several things and not to look it up "because it would scare me." Then is when I was really scared, thinking malignancy, worst thing that came to mind. I went back this week for results of biopsy (not diagnostic of morphens) and told PA I did not look up as she did scare me. She then said that was what she and the physician "were supposed to do, scare the patients." I shook my head no, saying she was the first person in the medical field to have ever scared me. I had lots of lab work done to make sure this is not the diagnosis and go back next week for those but was given a hand out - if I had read this from the start would have thought did not fit most of the criteria listed and would have slept a lot better for the week. By the way, hope they don't give this to lay persons. Asked my husband to read a paragraph to see if he could comprehend it and he said absolutely not. Apparently morphens of the face supposedly sometimes related to scleroderma (which I did know) but mild form and this is the one I really love, when people die, usually die from something other than that. Know would not do any good to say something to physician about the "scare part" - would never be believed, my word against hers but after the lab work think that will be the last visit there.  
Who is scared? Who has bitterness on their
sleeve? Not me, thank you! I am trying to point out, as were other posters, the legalities of your profession. You are an IC - obviously you do not know what that means, or you would not be asking about working hours - YOU make your hours. You also are obviously sorely lacking in knowledge on legalities of medical records in your home. Do you think I am referring to your cats reading them? Not at all - but there are laws to follow regarding how long you are to keep the records YOU transcribed - your copies - how and where you have to format them, etc. Nothing to do with your cats - I am not scared of my job - just because you don't get the answers you want or are expecting doesn't mean we are afraid. I am not worried about my job or any of my professional peers - but do think there will be some regulations for others who are IC down the road as long as there are those who do not know what they are doing when they think they are an "IC"... And by your original question of wondering if you have to work, you are not savvy on your own company. If I had to sum up my feelings with an adjective as you have chosen to do first, I would say disgusted sums it up - at first, amused, but at this point, disgusted.
Scared about future
Hi all, I've been wondering this for some time and especially these past couple of weeks when work has been low, I'm 33 years old, do you all think MT is a profession I could retire from? Or do you think that MT'ing is going to be phased out before my retirement age? I'm just worried about in the near future when I'm in my late 40s, early 50s, I will no longer have a job and then what will I do, it will be too late to start over. Does anybody else think about these things or am I just being crazy?
I have too been scared to turn them in....sm
Some reports just have to have some blanks if you aren't clear what they are saying. But it still makes you feel like you are like you are just not adequate and you hate to send it in. You know, also they may want to see if you are gonna guess to try to figure it out and guessing is worse than the blank. When you aren't familiar with a doctor to begin with and he is slurring and unclear they can't expect you to just know what he is saying.
Gastro MT or any others that would know . . . I'm scared . . .
My mom had a colonoscopy and gastroscopy a couple of weeks ago and she read me the results over the phone and is very upset. It showed "Atypical lymphoid infiltrate with features highly suggestive of MALT lymphoma of distal esophagus. Also present prominent band-like infiltrate lymphocytes subjacent to the squamous epithelial." She's very scared and I haven't had time to look everything up yet, but is this serious? Does she have cancer? I/she are really scared. She's only 61.

Her doctor says she has to pump up on antibiotics and they are going to do a repeat gastroscopy in December.

Help me out here . . . .

Oh yeah, I am soooo scared!
What are you gonna do, ride your horse over here and get me???????
Candyman and the Exorcist scared the cr@@ out of me. nm
The last man on Earth scared the dickens out of me when I was a kid.
scared into trying harder or leaving?
Why do some QA folks think they can really make you feel this way?  It will eventually lead to leaving, I think.  I have never QAed or feel qualified, but geez, leave the poor transcriber a little positive feedback to go on.  Anyone else share this thought?
scared into trying harder or leaving
Well, it is simple things really, more style than anything. I am not a newbie, I have 5 years under my belt. Gosh, what co. do you work for?
scared into trying harder or leaving
I forgot to add: it is the way the make the feedback, like are you attempting to look anything up... or I can't believe you didn't hear what I heard....ugh!
Thank goodness... I was scared there for a minute (sm)

I WISH I was fast enough that I could estimate with the "add a zero" thing.  300 lines in 30 minutes... WOW!  I have also been doing MT about 1-1/2 years, and I find that 60 minutes of dictation = 3 hours.  I am in a neurosurgery clinic, though, so it's pretty tough stuff.  I have all American docs, though, so that helps a bit.   

As a note:  I do want to point out that -- according to my QA reports -- I have not fallen below a 99% accuracy rate since my 60-day probationary right-out-of-school period and I usually maintain a 100% accuracy rate.  I have VERY rare blanks (1-2 a month).   I take the time to research anything that is not totally familiar to me.  In other words... I may not be fast, but I'm definitely GOOD.  (When I go on vacation, my doctors tell my MTSO to hold their work until I get back, because they don't want anyone else doing it for them.)   

If I could be this good AND super-fast, I'd be in heaven! 

Congrats from here, also! 2 years -- I have 14 and have been too scared!
You must be awesome!
Hi, I used to be so scared of Ops, grew to LOVE THEM.....SM
Have you gone to the MTDaily website? On the homepage, they have a link to loads and loads of samples of all kinds of operations and procedures, or you could go to MTDesk, samples there also that you can print out. I also think there may be samples at MTBot.com, but sure, though, many links there...hopes this helps, good luck, you'll learn fast!
Oh, please, most children have to be scared into submission. sm
I've never used a shock collar, but there are settings. It may just depend on the breed of the dog. Akitas are so head strong that an invisible fence won't even hold one. A little negative reinforcement has saved the lives of many dogs.
Ever get scared to turn in a job test?
I want and need the job I am applying for so badly, but I am scared to turn the test in because I don't want to fail it. I just keep checking and checking the test over but not sending it in. Three were easy, and one was hard because of a slurring doctor, so I had had to leave a lot of blanks and am scared that I might not get it because of that.
I was scared that was going to happen when the first Gulf War
unless the Stock Market allowed buying stocks on credit, like they did back then, it probably won't come to that. I do think things will continue to get gradually worse, though, until (a) the US can kick the foreign oil habit, and (b) the words "Made in The USA" mean something once again.
put scared penis...should have been scarred.
Can you get the picture in your head?
It never was safe. nm
To be safe, 30,000-40,000 (NM)
Neither one scared me because they're both fiction!! (Sigh)

I know what ya'll will probably say. I am scared right now. For the past 2 weeks or so sm

I've been having chest pain off and on or waxing and waning as they say?

Anyhow, it is just a tad bit to the right of my actual heart which is why I am thinking possibly GI. My right arm hurts a bit too, almost a numb feeling, but I am attributing that to typing all morning.  Mild case of carpal tunnel.

2 years ago was told for 1st time I have a weird kind of heart murmur.  When I went walking up a long hill to get exercise a year ago I became dizzy, almost fell down, sweating profusely, sat down, rested, and it went away.


What do you think these signs are showing? Oh! My history.  I am a 31-year-old female, mother of 3 young children, height 5'2, 155 pounds, not under too much stress (or should I say I deal with it well).  Right now, it's hurting pretty bad.  DH is out of town and I don't want to call an ambulance!  I have 2 of my kids home right now.  What would you do? 

PS:This is not a joke.  I don't want to make a big deal out of all of this, but I am so scared that I might be sorry for not taking action.  Heart disease, heart attacks VERY prevalent in family history, but in older relatives! Thanks guys~!

I'm scared to death for my 29 yo beloved neice!

Her insurance will not pay for a first, baseline mammogram even though strongly ordered (and fought I might add) by her ob/gyn because of some cystic type lumps in her breast, so we (uncles, aunts and her dad) are paying for it and she goes tomorrow. 

Now, her insurance co, BS, has all the info and would rather "deal with it" if she has an issue later on?  We did a family tree of sorts when she went to this new ob/gyn and it looks more like a family time bomb!

Paternal side: 1 cousin and 2 second cousins diagnosed with breast CA in their early 30's, grandmother had it, great aunt died from it, great grandmother died from breast and cervical CA, great great aunt died from breast CA and uterine CA.  I am her only paternal relative not diagnosed and the rest were before the age of 50 & I have mine yearly (also having mine with her tomorrow) just because of my side of the family but hers gets multiplied!

Maternal side: Her mother was diagnosed at 39, fought for 5 years and died 3 years ago from breast CA.  One cousin (26) with fibercystic disease is closely watched, and went into POF, premature ovarian failure at 24 causing infertility.  Aunt won her battle with breast CA only to lose it to ovarian CA at 42. Two other aunts went into premature menopause in their 30's (which the doc said is a red flag to watch) Then her grandmother died from it, great aunt died from breast and brain CA, great great grandmother died from breast CA.

After the mammogram, her ob/gyn wants to seriously talk about elective mastectomy's with reconstructive surgery to just not even give this God awful disease a chance to hit her because of having 13 relatives total diagnosed.  After watching the devastation in her mom and aunts, she has no problem with surgery but the uphill battle will be the insurance company.

She's still my baby and it just scares me to no end the inheritance she's been cursed with!


Not scared - I've already been doing acute care
for 7 years and would like to go to clinic.  Personal preference.
NO child "needs" to be scared into submission
how ignorant to suggest such a thing.

Kind of scared of Ebay, no experience with them.

The cost differential makes them quite desirable.  My only concern is reliability, but at these prices, I'm willing to give ebay a try.  Thanks for your responses. 

I think it's safe. We do it all the time. You
sit right there with them and watch everything they do as you talk to them. Once you terminate the connection, they can't get back in without your help and permission the next time.
Better safe than sorry - money aside - LM
Way, way back when I was a student in college & lived in a dormitory, I started with right-sided pain walking back from classes one day. Next morning I was doubled over in pain & running a fever. Roommate called our floor "House Mother" to get me some help & for some unknown reason she thought I was "faking" it when I said I couldn't go to my classes - got me no help & told me to go to my classes. Thank God for my roommate "who knew me" & knew I had never missed any of my classes & stood up to our "House Mother". My roommate just happened to have an older brother (a coach at the local high school) She called him - he came to the dorm, saw the shape I was in & carried me out to his car & took me to the campus hospital. After all their examinations - they shipped me to the city hospital & thankfully the doctor there felt it was imperative I have surgery & did so with phone permission from my parents - thinking I "did" have a ruptured appendix. Come to find out, I had a ruptured ovarian cyst, was hemorrhaging internally, & was a mess. I was 18 - they took part of my ovary & went ahead & took out my appendix while they were in there.

Simply put -if I had had pain for 3 days which was not improving - regardless of the price, I'd have it checked out. I'd rather pay $100 to find out nothing was wrong & have my peace of mind than suffer the possible consequences of ignoring it. You just never know!

If I knew I had done nothing strenuous or out of the ordinary for me to cause this pain, i.e., all of sudden from sedentary to working out 24/7, I'd check it out- immediately !!
OMG...these are hilarious...I think it's safe to say we all have

So no real safe way to put...
a "bug" in their ear that you're available if they want you huh?
Melatonin can be useful and safe for some ... BUT
there can be side effects. I used it several years ago to help with sleep problems and it did help, and I thought I'd finally licked the problem. Unfortunately, I began to suffer from depression, which I had never experienced before. Since the Melatonin was the only change I had made before the depression, I stopped it, and the depression subsided. I later learned that depression can be a side effect of using melatonin for some people. I hope this is not the case for you and that you are able to continue to enjoy the sleep benefits of melatonin. However, if you find yourself becoming depressed, consider that the melatonin might be the cause.
Is Red Bull safe? sm
Does anyone know exactly how it works chemically? Is it different than caffeine?
I am glad you are safe

You said:   "I know the definition of an addict, and I, in no way, resemble or exhibit an addicts behavior."

I question whether you do know the definition of addictive behavior.  Going away by yourself in a hotel room without telling anyone where you are in order to withdraw from opiates is not what most people would do if they do not have something to hide.  Being a pain patient does not exclude one from becoming addicted.

Safe Family Act

The case I referred to was settled perhaps 2 years ago.  In that case, the grandmother already had custody (not adopted) of the older 2 siblings by filing in court herself.  In the case of the youngest child, he was premature, in a different county, and as the bio already had a history of not being able to take care of her children, the child was taken to the foster home the day he was released from the hospital.  This grandmother is a kindergarten teacher and grandfather has classification clearance in the Air Force.  Even though the grandmother had the older 2, they did not give her the opportunity to have the 3rd child.  She hired lawyers and finally did everything herself by terminating parental rights (bios don't like having to pay child support to the grandparents!) and then was able to adopt the 3rd child. 

The act gives the state 24 months (period) to close a case on children in state care.  If the bio is not agreeable to giving custody to relatives, the case can remain open and the bio has the opportunity to go to drug rehabilitation, parenting classes, get a stable job and prove they can independently provide for themselves BUT while those children are in foster care, the clock is ticking.  Some bios don't want to do all those things or cannot in that time frame.  If the state realizes the bios are going to make the time frame, and no relatives are involved, then yes, the child can be adopted by the foster care.  The case workers are overworked and under a lot of pressure to get cases closed so the state gets a good Federal score and gets bonus money...so yes, there are cases when it is easier to adopt the child to a foster parent than to relatives...then relatives have a fight they should not have to be fighting.

I knew when my GD was born that someday this was going to happen and I put myself in a position to be available and willing to take her.  I listen to her night terrors.  She asks why mommy doesn't call - I tell her mommy has to take a test (drugs) and then mommy can visit again.  It can be maddening because now I have to supervise the bios visiting the child.  No overnight visits.  Some states require background checks on other people who may care for the child.  Can't place her on my insurance as she is not adopted.  I got state benefits and part of that means I have to take my own daughter to court to get child support (bio dud has his own court case).  Some states make relatives become foster parents to keep their own grandchildren.  I'm single so now I work 2 jobs. The state closed my case as it became a private petition.   But whatever I go through, what she gives me is priceless. 

A Cross pen or pen set is always safe. :-)
Thanks for the help. To be 100% safe I'm going to call my tax guy
Frosting is safe....for now!

How bad is that?!  I've eaten leftover frosting after the container was opened so it "wouldn't go to waste," but I still have the cake mix to make cupcakes and am too much of a tightwad deep down to waste it like that...and I'm just not in the mood to bake nuthin' today. 

So I ate a couple of teaspoons of straight-up honey and called it good.  Grocery run...gotta make one!

Safe mode sm

Have you tried to delete program under safe mode?  That is your best option right now. 

Also, when you said you accessed task manager and you have 37 running, do you mean processes running?  Because if you will under task manager, you have "applications, processes, performance, users, etc." 

Oops, meant to ask first, what operating system do you have? 

Let me know.  I will be in and out of this site, so it may take me a bit to get back to you. 

Going to safe mode now
Just found a site that walked me through how to try the safe mode route. Hope it works... I don't have my laptop backed up for work yet!
As for 37 task managers, that's what I meant, as if I had pushed ctrl/alt/dlt 37 times. Lots of other processes running, but 37 task managers open (that were not there before). I think the gremlins were having a party!
And I have Windows XP. Wish me luck and hopefully I'll talk to y'all tomorrow. Thanks for all your help.