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I've had this happen when I was running Win98

Posted By: me on 2006-12-27
In Reply to: WP51 help - Trish

I would hit the Windows button on my keyboard a couple of times and then exit and it would work again.  Not sure why it did that. 

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I've never had that happen either.
And we wonder why we've let this happen? It's because of
I've had this happen too. sm
I think the dust bunnies start to interfere with the connectors or whatever thingies make the foot pedal work. With 2 dogs and 4 kids, we have voracious dust bunnies around here!
I've had this happen too...So, do tell...how did you fix it? NM
I've had that happen in my neighborhood too!

It's a bit scary when you can't even get home because of the cops!

I've had exactly the same thing happen, where (sm)
the doc jumped around in the report, asking you to insert things here and there, and just ASSUMING that you had the correct template and/or adequate samples in front of you, and that you could read their minds.
But, you've already let it happen, so it's too late now.
change that.  Offshoring is here to stay, as unfortunate that that is.  Use your efforts to get into another career instead of wasting your time.
I've had that happen but it was just hiding.

It wasn't saved under .doc it was saved under .rtf 

Very annoying and caused much grief, let me tell you.

We've had that CD burner thing happen too
We build our own systems instead of getting prepackaged ones so sometimes it is absolutely agonizing trying to get everything to work together. I have a CD-ROM (not burner) that I've had for probably ten years and when all else fails and I just need access to a CD, I use it. It's still chugging along.
I think that is a WIN98 deal (sm)

Here are 2 links that can show that is more than likely a windows 98 feature. 



What I did is Google "scandisk for error" and some of these sites came up.  Hope this helps. 

In general business're running slower than usual but running. NM
Help! I have Win98. I have Quick BksDrug and Stedman's Dict. If I upgrade my Windows 98 up
started worrying about that as I thought about spending this $250 upgrade I'm fixing to have to do in order to have WORD and WINDOWS-XP.  I still want to use the drug book and Stedman's but now I wonder if they will run.
I use EXText with my current job and I've used at a couple of other jobs I've had. I've ne

used DocQscribe, but I have used Meditech, Cerner, Vianeta, the Precyse platform (I can't remember the name), Dolbey, and  Lanier platform I think was called Cequence (?). 

Out of all the different platforms I have typed on, I have liked EXText the best.  In my opinion, it's very user friendly, easy to learn, and I really like ESP which is the built in abbreviation expander.  Plus it is very easy to create your own normals which I love.  My fingers literally never leave the keyboard because there are macro keys for everything.  You can use your mouse if you prefer or learn the function macros.  I love it.  I think I'm more productive on EXText than with any other platform.

I'm running XP pro w/sp2 and I keep
my machine in tip top condition w/regards to antivirus, antispyware, firewall updates etc...

everything is running well except for DQS which is still lagging today..

Running and cardio in general is really awesome, but make sure you are doing some weight training.  You will have faster results and not so flabby when that fat starts coming off.  Cardio will burn calories when exercising, but weight training will help burn 24 hours.  Burn the butter baby!!!
He might not know about running a
top notch company, but he knows about being a good lover. That's for sure.
They must be running more than 1 ad.
I saw the first one and now it's got the airplane.
What happens when the do get th EMR up and running
Then you won't have that account.  Sounds like they needs something fast and temporary.  Stick to your current rate.
I can see what is running, but how do you them off?
Is DQS up and running now? nm
now we see who's running this
You're right.  You're best bet is to wait until payday to quit.  These people are nasty.  Do you think she thinks she can take advantage of you because you're foreign (your words, not mine)?  You obviously aren't that foreign (my words this time) or you wouldn't be able to get the job done correctly.  $10 an hour is not enough for the crap you're putting up with, and you could be doing way better.  IC is supposed to be where the money's at because you don't get benefits.  I say drop and find something better!
Running on MT
First of all, I love your little avatar!    Second, thank you so much for the weblink.  It is greatly appreciated.
It just keeps running...
but nothing on the screen...The Geek Squad said it was the internal modem that you would use for dial-up and they removed that and it started fine...now it is back to the same thing...I am thinking it is the video card as well...I am taking it back to them since I literally just got it back a few days ago...
All boards are up and running.
I agree with the others about maybe running an ad in the
newspaper to see about doing private housekeeping instead of hotel housekeeping.  It pays more and there's less yuck factor.  Also, what about selling on ebay or Half.com?  I supplemented my MT income for a while selling stuff from around the house.  After that, I went to yard sales and bought books and collectibles to resell.  I did OK, but it got to the point where I had to do one or the other due to time constraints.  MT won out because I don't have to package anything or drive to the post office.
and they are running out of work
I have been switched accounts 3 times now, because mine keep running dry.  Promises, promises.
yes, and running water too.
Hey! Me Too. Hospital is running over! nm
running a fan helps too
It drowns out the rest of the noises while everyone else is up and about.
I think they have had one running since 1996!
Running away fast...
Thank you as well NM, I will certainly take your advice!!!

Not running out of work

Actually there seems to be tons of work on the account I am on, but I just can't get my line count up.  I know I am doing quality work, just not quantity, and would rather quit than be fired!  It seems like for the first hour everything is great then every report I get is a different dictator.  Just can't get the hang of their Ex-Text system fast enough either.  At my other job, which is online based through FTP, I did about 300 lines/hour during my shift last night, so I am really not THAT slow :) 

I did e-mail my resignation this morning but still have not heard back...At this point, I don't even want to finish in 2 weeks, Just want to be done wasting everyone's time. 

exactly!!! They are all running factories...nm

yeah, but we do that, and they will be running an ad--sm
on here and replacing us with newbies who will gladly take the 7 cpl just for the experience. BTW, I make less than that, but gross line, and do quite well with it. gross line does make a difference. just have to work harder, I guess. I don't mind, but that is just me...not stepping on anyone's toes or looking for an arguement. JMO.
No, you'll keep running into the same (sm)

problems with Unlimited LD, regular phone service.  VOIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol.  Instead of having phone lines, you get a box from AT&T Broadband that allows you to make calls using your phone connected to the Internet.  This is a completely different part of AT&T; it's not a long distance phone plan.  Someone else mentioned Vonage, which is also VOIP.  It cut my business phone bill by about 60%.  You can use it with a C-phone, too. Here is the link to AT&T CallVantage.  Hope this helps...


Running Vista
Same happened to me when I recently got new laptop with Vista. Wav pedal worked but had to have Dell go remote to install a reader for my files...I use Express Scribe. I also had to adjust my settings for the pedal.

Hope this helps.
They are running businesses SM
and a new MT is costly to train in the way you want.  As far as making sure EVERY report is 98% or better, I'm sorry but there is no medium or large company doing that.  As long as MTs are paid on production, errors are going to be made.  I think you probably need to focus your attention on the work you are doing, don't bother with other people's reports.  As for people working more than *they should be,* again, production is the key and the more an MT types, the better their paycheck is and the better the supervisor likes them. 
What anti- anything are you running?

Kind of hard to know without more information.  What antispyware and antivirus programs are you running first off?  Have you defragmented your computer?  Have you run your updates?  That is why it is good to do the things it states in that tutorial, and yes, that is not the end-all site, of course.  Like I said, others may have better ideas and sites, programs, etc.  Sometimes, the companies we work with have us download software that our operating systems will not sustain well and make them unstable.  Just a thought.  Hope this helps.  Let me know.  Talk to guys tomorrow. 

Both programs running (sm)

will make your computer run slow.  I tried One Care, didn't like it.  Also, I don't run PC Tools Spyware Doctor, just put it on when I'm finished for the day to scan computer at night.  The One Care combined with Spyware Doctor are the culprits.  Try turning them off and see what happens.  Good luck.

re running with the big dogs
that goes for ANYONE in ANY profession, if you can't do your job well, do something else! but I think your attitude of lumping all podiatrists in with a couple lousy dictators calls for an attitude adjustment! I have worked for some very intelligent good podiatrists who were also good dictators, and learned a lot from them!
Also, I have XP and he is running ME. Wasnt
Not running out of work.
The department is not running out of work at all. I am trained on a few other accounts as well with varying difficulty.

I will keep you updated. I'm sure if I am fired, I will be coming on here to vent, but hopefully that is never the case. I really like my job :)
5 accounts and running out of work

What's wrong is not on your end.

What's wrong is each of those 5 accounts having 17 people on each of them who have to switch back forth and maintain productivity.


Production and TAT improve if the MT is on one acount long enough to get a rhythm going.


There is also the problem of recognizing doctor's names. If 4 different doctors are mentioned in your report and you are on 5 different hospitals....well, you know where I'm going with this one.....

anyone running low on work at MQ today

These are the clowns that are running our companies!
It's no wonder the US is going down the toilet.
At Spheris, if the work was running low
I would get an email from my supervisor stating such and telling us we could flex our time or use PTO. She was very much in communication with us at all times.

I personally think that the best communication between employer/supervisor and MT would be an email stating the workload is low, asking if you want to flex your time or use PTO and when do you want to make up your time so they can staff accordingly. Would be nice, huh?! :)

Keep running out of work. I think they overhired.
I can't think of NOT using it - I never heard of not running it. I do every time. nm
Who has the longest-running account?
I have an account I have been transcribing since August 1997. How bout U?
I think Pete's Pond is up and running again...can anyone..sm
tell me how to have this play so I can watch it while working?  I did it last year but can't remember how I did it!  Thanks.
Running of the bulls? nothing but bull
This is once again an example of senseless slaughter of a poor defenseless animal.  Shame on you Spain, for allowing this as well as bullfighting to to go in this day and age.  Any one who gets thier jollies watching animals suffer is a deeply disturbed individual and I believe this says alot about our society and where we are and where we are going.  And we call ourselves civilized? How different is this from throwing the Christians to the lions in ancient Rome?  ITs just reversed, only the animals are getting thrown to the humans.