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I agree with this post above.

Posted By: Platforms are nonproductive. IMO. NM on 2008-09-09
In Reply to: Word, wav pedal, FTP site to download - and upload files...plain and simple....nm

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I agree; thanks for the post.
I agree with your post
I work for a national company other than Medquist or some of the others posted on the board and they treat me like gold and pay me just as if I was. When I first started out as an MT, I did not make much either as it takes a little time to learn dictators. I think people think that MTing is something you can just go to school for 1-2 years and come out making 40K plus a year. If that were true, instead of hearing about a supposed shortage of MTs, there would probably be more MTs than needed. I would get your old job back, but in the interim keep with what you are doing in MT on a part-time basis. Believe me, experience does pay off:)
thanks for the post - I agree with you...
and to think, I actually wanted to pursue RHIT years ago.

actually, one of the reasons that turned me off was the attitude I used to sense from many of them. great ladies, socially and on a personal level, but always the tension, just as you described, between the MT.

many times I saw resentment towards MTs because we are not (now, this is NOT ME saying this) well, college-educated. RHIT is 4 years, right, and at least 2 for ART, and for us it was not necessary.

I totally agree about the QA as well...in the past I have come across that many times...where, rather than black and white, cut and dry, clear-cut specifications (as I do have now) there was only attitude and pay based many times on a person's mood. very bizarre...

thanks again for the post!
I'm going to agree with that post -
That's exactly what I would do, at the end of the letter. Looks good to me. Good luck.
I agree with your post...

I am one of those who was faced with the horrible decision to terminate my 3rd pregnancy due to the baby being severely deformed with spina bifida and much, much more.  It was the absolute worst experience I have ever had in my life, my whole family was affected by what we went through. It was 10 years ago when I had to terminate my pregnancy and I had to go through labor and give birth to my stillborn baby boy...I was almost 6 months pregnant...My parents had pictures taken of him and I still haven't the strength to look at them, but they say he looks just like my oldest when he was a newborn. We had his remains cremated and have them in a small urn with his name and birth/death date engraved on it. He's our angel in Heaven now!

However, it is not up to us to judge a person's actions regardless of how we feel about it. I agree, say a prayer for the mother, doctor, and baby and consider what the mother may really be feeling when she has to go through something like this...

I do not agree with post who says 12 cpl...

I cannot say what a newbie should make today but 12 cpl is what many ICs are charging and most ICs have decades of experience. 

jes' sayin....

Good luck to the OP!!!  28 years ago, they were paying 5 and 6 CPL in the SE and today they start MTs at around 7.5-8 CPL in the same area working for a national that is.  *S*


I agree with every post here
It is all so sad, but true!  I used to work in-house and wanted to get away from the politics and back stabbers, now work from home.  Thinking of also getting out and into a different field.  You are married to your job when you are at home, no life.  Sif and type and type Monday through Friday and then always asking for more because this account or that account behind and then can you work the weekends.  Enough is enough.  Not being nice anymore.  Used to be a sweetheart and try to help out, did not get me anywhere, no incentive to work extra or work the weekends.  What is the use?  Pay is lousy anymore and for some that have been in this business for years, well we can see the writing on the walls.  Experience should count for something, obviously not.  Pay seems to be going backward.  Someone is making a killing and it is not us!  I used to love what I do.  Changing my tune lately though.
I agree with this post (sm)
The closest I've had was foot surgery, and by following instructions to the letter, I have had excellent results. Okay, I did go back to work (at home) after only 1 day off after surgery, but I kept that foot elevated 24 hours a day with just trips to the microwave, just as ordered. It would be a shame to go through the surgery and not have it heal right because you didn't follow instructions. And I purposely did that surgery while I was young so I'd have fewer problems (knew I would have to have it eventually), and it was still tough on my back to work and take the sit-down showers I insisted on taking.
I agree with this post.

They are just MTs who either have a bit of experience, or are elected to do this job because they have volunteered to do so. 

Quite frankly, QA wouldn't have a job if there were no blanks for them.  So, they should be happy someone is sending something their way. 

QA is just highly over rated.  They are no better than the MT. 

I'd also like to see (which I know when I get no feedback) how many of the QA people I have worked with really get the blank.  I work on an account who is a garbler, and I know when the e-mail never comes that QA couldn't figure it out either.  Why I add this you all ask?  Because we are all human. 

I also get annoyed when a QA person comes on this board and claims that an MT has not tried.  Hello?  Most companies take money away from MTs due to blanks, so why would an MT continue to leave blanks on purpose?  JMO.

I agree with this post...
tax person/accountant that has experience with small business than he/she can guide you on how to take care of your expenses.  A simple trip to the bank to cash a check paid to you is a write-off.  When you drive to your tax appointment or need to see your accountant, the mileage is a write-off.  Look into doing this, and even the charge for this by your accountant is a write-off.  So you see, it is worth the trouble of finding a good tax person. 
Agree with post below, Dr. can set the TAT - sm
they say they want the work back by noon the next day, or whenever; you just need to meet TAT. They could care less if you work from 9-12 or 4-7 in order to get it done, as long as it is in by the deadline. All my accounts are 24-hour TAT, so they dictate it at 10 a.m. I have until 10 a.m. the next day to get it back to them. I could do the work at 7 a.m. and still meet TAT, they could care less.
Agree with above post
I started with my company on a different schedule but then once i got into it decided a split shift would be more to my liking.  I sat down and came up with what I thought would be an ideal schedule for me then called the scheduling manager at my company and we negotiated from there as it pertained to my account and its' needs.  I ended up only having to compromise on 1 day but got the rest of what I wanted
I agree with about 100% of your post....
The continuous contributions even for an employee you BARELY know, the office politics, having to commute in various types of weather from extreme cold to extreme heat, "brown-bagging" a lunch every day, and all of the other rituals associated with working in-house make it quite preferable for me to work at home. Plus the added bonus of having my little chihuahua curled up on my lap while I work and being able to smell the wonderful dinner my boyfriend is cooking...

Some things you just can't put a 'value' on.
I agree somewhat with your post..sm
But I doubt your statement that students have called you and admitted that they could not transcribe the final examination? That's weird.

Bottom line, we both agree that hundreds of MT schools are to be blamed for this situation by luring people into their insufficient training programs by false pretenses.

I stated already in another post that VR and EMR will clean this up.
Oh I so agree with your post!....nm
Agree, good post!

Good post. I agree.
I didn't care for his last sentence tho!
GREAT POST and I agree.....nm
I do not agree w/your post.....sounds....sm

Hypochondriacs can be huge manipulators, sympathy seeking, game-playing people.  I wouldn't waste one minute of my time or even a breath until your neighbor GETS HERSELF TOGETHER - it's NOT your responsibility......and she probably had these problems before she became your neighbor or you became her neighbor....some people are just comfortable in their negativity.  If she has this history, I wouldn't go near her with a 10-foot pole unless she apologizes for her bogusness and means it......

I have little tolerance for game-players in the life......

I agree. Good post. sm
"I do not understand how medical documentation ever transpired into a production-oriented job. Production WILL have priority over quality when it comes to a paycheck. Why bother looking up terms in reference books or on the internet? That takes a lot of time and can affect an MT's paycheck. "

I agree 100%. Though I remember back in the olden days when I worked in the hospital, some people would work and others would socialize and not work. Maybe this is a backlash of that. But mostly I just think its corporate greed.

I like your post and totally agree
My wanting to do my job, make the money I want and my loving to work at home now (althought plenty of years in work force before allowed to work out of my home) gives me the get up and go that I want and need to work like I do. I am amazed at the people who take care of everything else around them and then wonder why they are not grounded, able to focus, making a decent salary and the list goes on. I could care less about outside interference- does not bother me and never has. I am much more grounded, I guess, than lot of these posts.
Good post. I agree with you.
I think someone mentioned once about the garment industry workers, when they started rising up in the 70's (remember "look for the union label"?), some people thought it was much ado about nothing, others ignored it, but people did not change their spending habits. And now if you want US-made clothes you are in for a real challenge finding them. The winds of change...and it ain't good.
Agree, but then there are some peole who only post
and I could certainly do without those. Hopefully they've all left with the previous owner, but from the looks of things in posts above it seems we still have at least some of them still here. :(
Absolutely agree 100% with your post!
Great post and I agree with everything you said.
I make above 75K a year for the same reasons. If you are highly motivated and work into a good focused schedule I know it can be done, improving your production and your paychecks.

You don't have to sacrifice your life either. I work less than 40 hours a week, but those hours are spent on focused WORK.
I totally agree with your post...

It takes someone with terrific grammar skills, and even those of us who have been around a while still take an initial period of growing pains when put on a new account, new platform, etc.  So, I say dive right in.  What has this OP got to lose?  Nothing. 

I would again as above recommend just sending those resumes with a cover letter that is personal to that particular advertisement. 

The rate of pay has gone down, but the technology has come such a long way that I find myself making more money now than I ever have and I've been doing this for 20+ years.  It is a very good field for me, and I am happy with the part I play in today's healthcare.  I feel accomplished at the end of the day.  I really do. 

I agree with part of your post, we do sm
enable them by answering them. Yes we did ask coworkers to listen.

Here is where I differ....those of us (most of us) who work for MTSOs had to be at home and find our own words meaning we had to buy books (at that time) and search and search again. It is part of the job.

Nowadays there is the internet and different things and I think people are just getting lazy. I see some things on the Word board that are not because the MTs cannot understand it is because they don't have a clue as to what would be in a particular exam or review of systems etc. This is stuff that if they are going to school they should be learning.

The way I see it if an MT has to ask what DTRs are in a physical examination, they should NOT be working at home but should be in an office where they can be mentored.
I agree with part of your post, we do sm
enable them by answering them. Yes we did ask coworkers to listen.

Here is where I differ....those of us (most of us) who work for MTSOs had to be at home and find our own words meaning we had to buy books (at that time) and search and search again. It is part of the job.

Nowadays there is the internet and different things and I think people are just getting lazy. I see some things on the Word board that are not because the MTs cannot understand it is because they don't have a clue as to what would be in a particular exam or review of systems etc. This is stuff that if they are going to school they should be learning.

The way I see it if an MT has to ask what DTRs are in a physical examination, they should NOT be working at home but should be in an office where they can be mentored.
I agree, thanks for your nice post...n/m
I totally agree with your observations and post...sm
Did anyone else see the movie "Wag the Dog?" If so, you will share my strong doubt about the validity of a lot of the information coming from the Bush Administration in general. I'd also like to know what happened to bin Laden after that conveniently-aired video the week before elections wherein he threatened the safety of every state who voted for him. Not that I want any more attacks, but it does seem "strange" that nothing ever materialized from that, don't you?!!!!!
That was a good post! Totally agree.
BEST POST ON THIS TOPIC. I agree wholeheartedly. nm
I agree with many of the points he makes. Why post this here? nm
agree- hope the OP reads your post
Sisters may be reaching out in a friendly way and to rebuff that would be sad. Even though forwards are irritating, I think most people agree, some are informative and some are good for a smile anyway
totally agree with this post by noyb
very well put - a voice of reason !! :)
I agree. I think we all wish she'd just post her house pictures and get it over with!
Excellent post. I totally agree.
Bravo! Good post. I totally agree. sm

I too have been in this business for a long time (almost 20 years).  I also have a good friend who is an RN who will ask me questions about certain things that she hasn't read up on because it is not in her field of "expertise". 

If someone I know says something like, "I have this pain that won't go away. . ..", I say, "you need to make an appointment with your doctor.  If someone says the doc put them on a drug and can't pronounce the name, I can give them the correct way to say it.

But in my experience, I can tell (in my areas of expertise) when something is wrong.  I would never say, "I think he has this or that."  I would say, "I really don't like the looks of that and it might need to be looked at by the doctor. Even if I do know from experience what it may be. 

In the case of an NP ignoring the MT's concerns, I find that disturbing.  That seems to say that personal objections are getting in the way, which should never happen in the medical field, regardless of what level you are at, if there is even what may apper to be a valid concern.


Oh, I totally agree, but go up to the "Good Morning" post. I'd rather have your input.
Didn't see your post but apparently we agree it is a good site! lol
I agree, nasty and rude people lately, where are the grownups is correct in a former post.
I agree with all you said. I come here sometimes just to share thoughts, experiences, and to really help others as it helps me to help. There are some unnecessary, hurtful responses on here. The admin cannot police all and she should not be expected to. Have a little consideration, people, we are all in the same lifeboat here. As for leaving the profession, think about it. I have been tempted many times, have tried working in other fields but totally boring after hearing all that I've heard as an MT. I can't read a non-fiction book as it all seems so shallow and ridiculous to me. For too many years I have shared the lives of people on a real, non-fictional basis through my work. It is an interesting and informative profession and even doctors are amazed at how much information I have  in this little brain of mine. I have on occasion saved many people in my family (including myself) from unnecessary harm or eary intervention. Please think about it before you leave us. As for this board, I llove it except for the nasty posts, but that's life. As we all know, it takes all kinds. Most people here belong in the helping profession. If they're in it for the money, it shows. Character shows up in the positive posts on here. We are, after all, supposed to be in the helping profession, not the kill or be-killed attitude some have. I would say most of us come in here for  knowledge, friendship and just plain sharing. If we have a little laugh once in awhile, it helps, but not when it turns into a cat fight. IMHO, of course!
Great post and i agree 100%. As a former depressed person myself, ,I learned that the most depressed
people are self-centered whether they want to admit or not. I stayed in my cave and only talked about me and my problems and I was severely depressed (runs in family)
After I found God and started attending church regularly, I have completely changed and am off medications. I also give lovingly now to my husband, children, family, and friends and have recently taken over teaching a large woman's Bible study class locally and have never experienced such joy, peace, and happiness in my life.
It wasn't until I began taking my eyes off of me and started looking around at others in more desparate situations that I began to learn the true meaning of life.
Great post. I, too, think fasting is a life-changing exp. When I fasted from food for the first time (I am very overweight :) it was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. There's just something about withholding something that you truly desire or want - it's like putting out flames to a destructive fire within you and it feels GREAT!!!!
Should just post all their open positions in one post and only be allowed to post one of those a day
Agree, agree, agree! Just listen to Benny Hinn..

he speaks perfect English, especially when asking for money!  Also, in my opinion, blanks should be left in the doc's dictation if not able to be transcribed, maybe then they will know that are NOT understood.  With QA fixing them, what need is there for them to care if we understand them or not? 

NOTE: The above sticky post prize changes as someone wins. Inside that post is
I don't understand what your post has to do with original post of TIMED tests. NM
Post deleted -- Do not post e-mail addresses. (NM)
Ignore my post. I finally found the post on how to do this. nm
Yes, I tried to post same last night about 10 times, and it won't let me post.
I used to breed lab puppies (please no activist flames)! I had a champion female white Canadian lab, and people would be on a list for years if by chance I bred her, which I did twice, and so that I could continue her line.  Anyhow, she's my sweet Skye who passed away 2 months ago? At any rate, we had the same problems with kids in the "hood" who wanted to come over and play once the puppies were old enough to be exercised daily and played with.  At first I thought, how cute, right? Puppies and little kids - what better picture! Well, the majority of kids were adorable, but there were always 1 or 2 sick ones who would smack the pups, smash and hold their heads in the dirt (a real common thing, but I don't know why - psychiatrist anyone).  At any rate, I finally had to ban the whole group due to the 1 or 2 creeps, had to call the police, the whole 9 yards, and that's EXACTLY what the police officer told me - next thing is there will be poison meat or a donut in the yard. He told me to always go out and patrol my yard, especially alone the fence line every day before I let the dogs out, particularly at night. I went out with a flashlight.  It was about a month later, but sure enough - poison meat.  Because there were so many kids involved, we obviously couldn't pin point the exact family, but the police went and read the riot act to them all. It would stop and not happen again for a year or so, but every now and again we would find something. My dogs were NEVER out and barking, so it was nothing like that - it was just over the puppies and the cruel kids.... Not trying to freak you, but that's the way these kids and their families are.  You can really judge someone's character by ill treatment of a PUPPY, of all things. And the parents??  They sound whacked.  Please be careful.
Sorry, I posted this post under the wrong post
The job post has been removed and they are unable to post further.