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I believe Transcend had an ad that said they

Posted By: were compatible. Don't quote me on it! on 2008-01-21
In Reply to: Any companies with platforms that allow using Vista? How about a Mac? NM - MT

You may want to contact them. 

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I've been there almost a year and I've never had a problem with bending my schedule by a couple of hours.  They would like you to work the hours you committed to, but no one has ever said anything to me about starting earlier or later or ending my shift a little early.  But, I make sure that my lines are adequate before I stop for the day.  I have had a couple people tell me that they will get an email or a phone call about working their committed schedule, but it was mostly for people who are not producing enough.

Hope that helps!

No to Transcend
I tried to work for Transcend for 1 month (I also had 2 other jobs transcribing to see which co. I liked to stick with) anyways, I was put on 3 accounts, of which only 1 had work consistently and even that account ran out. And the work I received seemed cherry-picked as I had heavy ESL, which I have experience with, but need high volume to pay the bills! I decided that I would stop working for Transcend and see how long it took for them to realize I no longer was working. Well, about 1 1/2 months later I was still scheduled according to their website, and had received no contact regarding my absenteeism. Eventually, I received an e-mail about missing work. However, even after another 2 weeks, I was still on the schedule and receiving CEO emails, birthday cards, etc... I sent the computer back and am working for a company that knows my name. I figured I would have that experience with a national. At least the co. I'm with now mixes my work with moderately difficult dictators to easy line accounts to compensate. Good luck.
Can anybody tell me if Transcend allows you to be "flexible" with the hours you work (meaning, are they very strict about keeping certain hours or are they more lenient about having a flexible schedule as long as you get your hours in)?  Also, do they require you to work one day on the weekend on a regular basis?  If so, do they give shift differential?  Thanks for your replies in advance!
Transcend/Beyond TXT

I know that a lot has been said about the changes at Transcend and their platform for some accounts going to Beyond TXT.  It is a VR/typing platform.  It has received some negative publicity here on MT Stars.  I just want to give another opinion of it for all those who might have or are considering a position with Transcend.  I believe some of the posts may have scared some people off. 

I have been working on the new platform now for a little while and I have to say that I absolutely love it.  The platform has been designed specifically for MTs with many of our suggestions implemented into the making of it.  It is quick and very easy to type on.  The thing I love the most about it and the company is that they are consistently making changes to it.  The changes are generated by emails from MTs who type on it, making suggestions to make it better and better for us.  I have never worked for a company that goes to that length for us. 

This is my experience at Transcend and I understand not everyone has the same experience.  No need to start flaming me for my experience.  Just wanted to give my side to the changes that are happening at this great company.  And NO I am not management. 


But if it is transcend, you will only get about 600
lines a day because of the system being down, overstaffing, and then they will pay you a whopping 60% of what you make because you only "edit."
Any OSI or Transcend MTs out there? (sm)

Have tested for both. Any pros and cons from either (or both) would be greatly appreciated.  TIA..

No offense, but read the archives on these two companies...there's not much good about either. I worked for both, and if I HAD to go back to one or the other, OSi would be the lesser of the two evils.
Are you with Transcend?
looking into Transcend
Any info on them before I apply?
Hey all...my husband recently lost his job, so I need to find more work.  I'm looking into Transcend and OSI...what is your take on them?  Thanks so much
Is anyone able to work??
Transcend bought MDI-FL. 
Transcend has an ad out for
night MTs and VR editors for 12 to 15 per hour, but minimum requirement.
Transcend already has more than 80% of its
is doing the same.  It isn't just radiology either, it's all work types.  I think it's moving along faster than we expected, but it will never replace MT.  It will just leave all the unintelligible dictation for the MT.
I am PT with Transcend and I was
told if I need to change my schedule, I must talk to my team leader about it.  They need coverage on your committed hours.  Otherwise, you need to talk to you team leader. 
Are MDI and Transcend one and the same?
Anyone doing VR for Transcend?
If so, is your work load consistent?  I see they advertise nearly daily and I am curious about why they have so many openings.
Transcend is by far the worst company I have ever worked for so I totally agree with the post above.  They treat their employees absolutely horrible and I would never tell anyone to apply for a job there.  A lot of promises that are never kept....
MQ and Transcend both use VR
I am about to start working for them.  Anyone know anything about them or OSi?
I work on their typing platform and have 7 accounts and NONE have any work!
There's no work on the typing platform!
don't know about Transcend
a big difference; if you may, say 7 c/l and do 1000 lines a day, that's $70/day; if you make 9 cpl and do 1000 lines a day, that's $90/day, or $20 more a day, $100 more a week...make sure it's the same line rate though, such as 65-character line with spaces included.
Has anyone else had problems with Transcend?
Sorry, that should be Transcend.
I just started working for Transcend. Are they OK to work for? I like it so far, just hope I can get up to par. I am kind of old to remember all this stuff.
Transcend :)
I held out for this one... I had a couple other leads but Transcend was the best offer. I can't wait to start!

I am with them too,and 76 years old, working parttime.  I am not as fast as I used to be, but they seem to be tolerating me 



Just a word to those who plan on leaving Transcend for whatever reason --- be sure and give them their full 2 week notice.  I had a death in my family and had to leave before I had a chance to give the full 2 week notice and now I have a do not rehire on my personnel record posted by the ROM as I did not give them a 2 week's notice.  Just a heads up as it is awfully nice to be able to give a reference to future employers that is good.  After over 3 years, it is surprising but goes along with a post a couple of weeks ago that the ROMs are the nastiest in the industry.  I can say that 2 of them are indeed worthy of this title but they do have more ROMs that are the BEST in the industry so it evens out - if you get one of the good ones, you are set for life because the company isn't all that bad to work for at all and the CEO and all the TLs and everyone else is there to help you at any time but a couple bad apples can ruin a place.  Of course that VR platform isn't anything to brag about but that is not their fault unless they do not change it to something better for the MLS. 




Be patient.  Transcend has plenty of work.  Try calling your ROM rather than e-mailing.




I worked at Transcend for 2 weeks before I had any "real" work.  I was told the first 2 weeks I could only transcribe 5 reports a day until I was released from training.  Things are going well now, I have plenty of work my main account rarely runs out of work and when it does I have 2 backup accounts.  There is a lot of VR, but if you learn it you can make as much as you do typing even though you have to do double the lines, it has taken me almost 6 months but I am doing it.

I work at Transcend also --- there has been little work available this week at all --- management claims to have no idea what is going on --- this is so frustrating. Those of us who are just qualifying for benefits now do not have enough work to do. What a rip they are!!!
I work at Transcend and work is slow all across the board right now.

Been there over 4 years, cannot recommend it. Very hard to make any money.
RE: Transcend
I worked for them about 2 weeks. They said I could do DS, H&P, OPs, Consults. They gave me EMG, EEG from a foreign doctor that I could not understand one word he said.
I work there too and work is not slow right now if you are willing to have a few different accounts in your pool.  You get enough work.  I also don't do ops or procedures and have worked here for over 3 years.  They are nice people to work for and flexible. I
Transcend Help - Thanks :)

Thanks to both of you.  And I didn't want to know anyone's salary per se, just if there was a general pay scale, but sorry if I offended. 

I do appreciate all of that info and it does help.  I like what I have read in business jouinals, etc., and it was a company I was looking forward to hearing from, so this other info really helps add to that. 

Thanks again :)

Question about Transcend
Can anyone give me info regarding Transcend and scheduling. Do they make certain that you work the exact hours you are scheduled to work or can you adjust your hours as long as you work your required 8?  Do they "watch over you?"  Any info would be appreciated.
Yes, Transcend is very flexible. - sm
You can pretty much choose the schedule you want to work, but then have to consistently work the schedule you chose instead of jumping around during the day. This works better for everyone involved because then it's easier for the managers to find coverage for accounts. If you just work whenever you want as long as you get your hours in, you're taking work from people regularly scheduled during those hours you don't normally work.  The work week goes from Sun. to Thurs. or Tues. to Sat. Yes, they do pay shift differential. 
wanting to know more about Transcend.

I have been curious about them as well because I have thought of applying to work for them.  I am with a company now but feel I need to make a change for the better.  It is a small company and I feel I need to be somewhere else.  I just was not sure about the company.  I would welcome any input on this matter



Sounds like Transcend to me, eh? nm
Pick Transcend
You'll like it.  Great company.  Great platform designed for us specifically.  Pay is good, always on time.  No problems.  I love it!
I tried Transcend and also had to quit after just
2 pay periods. There simply wasn't any work. I can't just sit around and wait for things to pick up so had to go to a company that doesn't overstaff. Other than that, I thought I was going to be happy. Loved the account they put me on (when there was work). It hadn't switched over to BeyondText yet so I can't speak to that. Just basically agreeing with your post. Experienced it personally.
Sounds more like Transcend.

Even though there are almost daily complaints about it, nobody cares.  This is as good as it gets.

Transcend does not offshore
but they are going to voice recognition which has a lot of bugs along with a paycut to about 4 cents a line. There are some other posts on this page about good companies because somebody else asked about them and they made a decision about it. It is probably your best answer. Sorry about the job loss. Why do things always happen around the holidays? Good luck to you.
Transcend does NOT outsource!
Transcend has never sent work out of the US.....sm

 I've been with Transcend for over 7 years now and we've never used offshores labor.   Please e-mail me with the information regarding which recruiter supposedly claimed that we did. 

Transcend Interview
I tested yesterday online with Transcend.  Got an e-mail today stating they would like an interview so I called and scheduled one.  Not sure yet about quitting MQ but am very nervous about their new plans as I am a SE.  Anyone been interviewed via phone by Transcend and what can I expect?  Heart is pounding so nervous.
Just curious about Transcend
I am not looking for a job but am curious as to why about every month or so you see so MANY jobs listed for them and usually on or about the same date. It looks like about every month or so they clean house.If I were looking for a job, seeing all these postings on the job board would certainly be a red flag for me.
Happy at Transcend
I have been working for Transcend for three weeks now. I am very happy. The training was very thorough. The regional managers are very responsive, and really do want their employees to be happy. IT always has the answer I need also. I will admit it is frustrating when you are trying to get your lines in and you have to sit and wait for them to get back to you, but I have worked in hospitals where it is the same way. They have to respond to many people having problems and it takes time. The Beyond.txt platform has not been a major problem for me yet, I am happy to say. I just want others to know I would not hesitate to go with Transcend if you need to make a move.