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I did many moons ago

Posted By: Backwards typist on 2009-06-26
In Reply to: Has anyone ever worked for a temp agency? sm - CCRider

I was signed up with 2 agencies and worked for some large companies like Exxon, Goodyear, Alcoa, Van Heusen, etc. Most of the jobs were 1 week in the summer to cover for secretaries or other employees on vacation. Other positions were for someone out for major surgery. Other positions were transitional; i.e., they try you out and if you work out, they have the option of hiring you permanently. I was offered a couple  permanent positions, the fanciest was Administrative Assistant to the President of the company and me, like a dummy, turned it down. One of the permanent jobs I did take was working for the one temp agency! Then I had some personal problems and had to leave anyway.

 I had to take a typing test and some sort of "computer" test and they were all timed.

If you do it, make sure you know how long the assignment is and what it pays. Also, if you are only looking for a certain type of work, let them know.

One small temp agency put me in a job that was supposed to be secretarial, but it wound up being a packer in a shirt factory!  I worked it a couple days then we had a very big snowstorm and I couldn't get to work. I then went on unemployment (yes, you CAN collect unemployment from temp jobs), which they fought but I won because the job description was not what I was hired to do. It also helped because they said I quit but I had photos of the snow to show I couldn't get there, and I hadn't quit.

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