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I emailed you.

Posted By: Amanda on 2009-05-13
In Reply to: overseas - Mary


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I emailed you
Emailed you.
Just emailed you. NM
I have emailed you.
I emailed you.
I emailed you again. :o)
Thank you, I just emailed. nm
I emailed you!
I emailed you...nm

I emailed both of you
I emailed you.
I have emailed you.
I emailed you... nm
Thanks for the tip! (And to others who emailed me)! nm
I emailed you
I emailed you. nm
I emailed you
I just emailed you.
I emailed you. (nm)
I emailed you (nm)
I emailed you...NM
I emailed you

I am not sure how to PM you from this forum, so I emailed you instead. 


I just emailed you (no message)
WonderinginCT - I emailed you - nm
No problem. Just emailed you again!
I emailed you Patii.
Thank you, Kathy. I just emailed you.
I have never heard of that. When I emailed
the phone company, they did not even mention such a product, but I live in the boonies so that could have something to do with it. Does it cost a pretty penny to get? TIA:)
I have emailed you and have more info. - sm
if you want it.
I emailed my "boss"

This is what was forward to me. It comes from the accountant -  

I have not heard about the IRS pushing for this.  However, I seem to recall hearing that the FTB is pushing for this in California.  Basically, it is easier for the tax collectors to get their money from employer contributions as opposed to quarterly payments.  The independent contractor status has been under attack for a number of years and this may be the way to finally eliminate it.  Check with your accountant to see if he/she has heard anything.


That's funny, because I just emailed her--sm
and asked her the very same thing, except for the power part, I know how that works. Guess I am not the only one!! :^)
I already emailed you with a company to fix

Hey there - I just emailed you w/some info...nm

per your request, I just emailed you *S*

To the person who emailed me...

Thanks for your reply and your time in replying, but I totally disagree.  (I don't reply back in email, as I never know WHO it is replying back to me... could be my MTSO!)

Just because I'm an IC for an MTSO does not mean they own me.  If they want to own me, I had better be getting a hefty salary, insurance, 401K, paid vacation, sick leave, personal days, season tickets to the Cowboys games, and a company car like my husband gets from his job. (And they do own him sometimes, up to 80 hours a week and more, but he sure doesn't get paid per line! Not hardly.)  It was all IN MY CONTRACT. 

You are right, she does not care that I have children. I DO. Which is why it was IN MY CONTRACT that I do a 24-hour turnaround, no less without prearrangement.  I am not asking her to care about my family, but I am asking her to care about the contract.  Sorry, but I refuse to do what you did and have someone else take care of my children.  That is why I do MT rather than make a lot more using my college education.  This is why it was, I repeat, in my contract. 

It does not just come back to what the boss wants.  She's not my "boss". I am my own boss, working within the bounds of our contract.  She is the one who keeps wanting me to go beyond my contract with no consideration for it, and it's not going to happen. 

If, like you seem to indicate, that's just how MT is... then yes, I will end up leaving the business.  However, judging by the other responses, this MTSO needs to learn the difference between IC and an employee/slave combo.


emailed you the link.

Same boat here, emailed you. You know there is something sm
to hide if MTs weren't notified about this. Sad we hear about it from other outside sources rather than our own company. I always tell my children if I hear of something they did wrong, I darn better hear it out of their mouth's first! No loyalty here. Guess it is back to the job board for me.
Still not opening at all for me. I emailed
THey emailed you through not site.
They don't know what your actual email is.
To Susie who emailed me...
I tried to reply but it was sent back!
One of the male MTs emailed me his pic. sm
I didnt know he was sending me a pic of his little willie.  I didnt want to see a penis when I looked and then just ROFL @ it. 
Piglet - I just emailed you....

Thank you, yes, I emailed you but it came back (sm)
as undeliverable and I never got your response. Thanks for posting here. I appreciate it
Emailed owner....
Thank you for the offer. That is so nice. I just emailed the owner asking her if she had this information for me or if any of the other MTs there have it.  I will let you know and appreciate the help so much.
I emailed you yesterday. nm
Hi. I emailed you. If you didn't receive it please
let me know on here so I can try again. THX
Have you called or just emailed? I call and
Smartype for WP 5.1 DOS - I have emailed a few people here - sm
in the past, it's been a while, with instructions on how to get Smartype for DOS to work on computers with XP.  I am hoping that someone out there has a copy of my email or a print out of it  that they can send me.  My computer died tonight, spent about an hour on the phone will Dell (in India of course) trying various ways to bring it back from the dead....it appears the hard drive conked out... it boots up so far and is loading stuff on my desktop then cuts to a blue screen with the reason why it is doing this.  So it's off to a computer geek locally to try to salvage what I can from the hard drive and have a new one installed. Of course this means I will have to rebuild my desktop from scratch (which I dread) and of course I never kept a copy of the instructions since I had it in my sent email files. Totally dumb I know.  (I get to be real dumb tomorrow when I contact my account and ask them to send me copies of all the work I have done for them over the last 10 days so I can bill them next week, fun).  I have my notes still but would love to get my hands on a copy of what I need to do step by step to reload my old floppy Smartype for DOS.  I checked my laptop, my backup computer, for a copy of any of the emails to no avail unfortunately.  So if some kind soul out there has a copy of one of my old email I'd greatly appreciate you sending it to me.  If you happen to have it printed out and not on your computer, you can fax me (if you can) at XXXXXXXXX as well.  TIA.
cut apart chart notes & I also emailed you
Hi Patti.  when you say you cut chart notes what exactly are you referring to?  Thanks.
I emailed a link to you. It gives a listing
Video - emailed senators
I have just forwarded this video and a message to my 2 senators - and would encourage everyone who reads this to do the same - and then send it to your state representatives and your local city officials.