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I got rid of my HUGE desk...sm

Posted By: cx on 2009-02-16
In Reply to: What's your desk like? - QAMama

i use a 20 inch widescreen laptop and i just ordered a very small rolling desk.  i use wireless keyboard, mouse, and headphones. that way, I can roll my office outdoors when the weather is nice or in my bedroom or any place I will be comfortable as I suffer from chronic back problems.

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I had a huge in-house type desk, but

I downsized to something smaller and more simple. I like this better.  I didn't like my work space to take up so much room.  I have my printer placed on a mounted shelf above my desk. I work in the guest room of our house and this way I have room for all the other furniture as well. 

My desk...
is 5 inches from my bed - but I hate the long commute!
Go to desk top
Double click MyComputer.
Right click on drive you want to look at and click properties. This will bring up a pie graft of how much used or free space is available.
What's your desk like?
I am in the market for a new desk.  What type of desk do you have, i.e. U-shaped, L-shaped, armoire, etc. and are you comfortable/happy with it?  Any recommendations on where to go to get a good deal?
old desk

I have an old antique desk that was in my grandfather's accounting office.

If I were going to buy a brand new desk, here are some of the things that I would look for. 

Space on top of the desk - do you want a lot of stuff on the desk, or just room for the monitor and a cup of coffee.  I have a TV and 3 cat beds on my desk, so large works for me.  I would sit at the desk and check the height of the keyboard tray or the positioning of the keyboard.  Is it too high, too low, if you are seated appropriately, will it work for you.  Does the tray pull out and if so does that bring you too far away from the desk itself to see the monitor?  Is the tray adjustable at all?  If you have arms on your chair, will the arms fit below the desk, or will they bump into things.  Measure the space in your office where the desk is going to go and make sure you have those dimensions with you when you look at any other desk.  Is the monitor position exactly centered in front of the keyboard?  It amazes me when it is not.

Check the drawers.  Do they pull out easily and are they sturdy enough to hold all the stuff that inevitably ends up crammed in them.

Is there a designated space for the CPU?  If so, is it easy to get to the back of it in case you need to plug/unplug peripherals?  That part is important - I worked with one of those big computer desks and it was a PAIN to have to change things or plug things in.  What about spaces for the computer speakers (if you have peripheral speakers.)  Do you plug your headphones directly into the computer or do you plug them into the speakers?  Is the plug easy to get to?  I have to unplug my headphones and put them away every night or else they'll get gnawed on, so ease of plugging them in is important to me.

When it is delivered, will they put it together for you either for free or an extra cost?

I am a HUGE fan of online shopping, but I have to say that this is probably one thing that I would not buy online.  For something this large I would want to be able to see it and sit at it to see if it really works for my needs.

Happy shopping!

I have a desk for that
It is called an AirDesk. I use it in my recliner when my back is bothering me and I can't sit up straight at my desk. Google it and take a look at it. It was a little pricey, but it was well worth it to me. They make a version for laptops and a version for a regular sized desktop PC, which is the one I have.
They chain U to ur desk!

I have them at my desk but no, I don't bring anything
to the living room to work. I've been on my same accounts with each company I work for since I started with them and I know the dictators extremely well.

I have an advantage with Spheris that I don't with MQ in that I can look up past reports by any criteria - by dictator, by patient, etc., to find anything that is a pattern.

The only book I occasionally reference is Tessier's The Surgical Word Book. Other than that, I have many online refences provided by both companies that they specifically want me to use.

I've done this over 20 years and I'm very fortunate -- I just don't have to look many things up anymore. When I do, it is usually a new product - instrument, drug, procedure, treatment, etc. Yesterday, I had to look up "Fansler speculum", which I had never had before. Probably refer to that book maybe 2-3 times a week. Spheris always sends me a new updated word list that includes newest information about every month. MTDesk has some really good references.

I have well over 70 websites that are "favorites" for reference.

When I travel and want to work, I only take The Surgical Word Book with me.

But everyone had ash trays on their desk :)

The cafeteria was a blue haze of cigarette smoke too even though the smokers could smoke at their desks.

The nonsmokers had to go outside to breathe during lunch instead of the smokers going out to smoke.

Now THAT is a change for the better.

My DH was putting together my new desk and he had

gotten to the deep drawer where files go.  He put the frame of the drawer together without putting the bottom of the drawer on.  Fortunately I happened to walking through the room at this point and told him he has to put the bottom in the grooves on one side before he can finishing putting the drawer together.  He tells me that the directions don't say anything about that.  I told him common sense dictates that you have to put the bottom before you put the second side on.   Poor man.  He is very bright, but has zilch common sense.  I'm not very book smart, but have been blessed with my share of common sense and then some, so I guess we made a good couple - LOL. 

I believe MT Desk has samples.
height of desk
But aren't most hotel desks sort of high? That is what I was wondering.  It does seem like a convenient options.  My husband travels a lot, and once the kids are both in college, I would like to start going with him some. 
MT Desk clan? More like...


...be prepared to do your own searching for the answers. 

MT Desk participants will offer you thinking and researching ideas, but they will not toss you the answers as easily as it is done here or other MT sites.  It is managed very differently than other MT sites and the participants adhere to the "teach them to fish" rule.

MTs, especially those of us that work at home, should be able to be self-reliant in this field and possess decent researching skills. 

As you've all just experienced last week, what happens in the future if both MTStars.com/net just *poof* from web again?  Who will give you the answers, when you are so used to having someone else do the researching for you? 

Surely there's been exchanging of harsh words now and again, but I've seen the same thing happen here on this site and others.  Major difference is, on THIS site, you can't tell who is making the comments, because on this site, you can hide who you are by changing your name for each post you make, whereas on MTDesk, each person has 1 identity for every post they make.  So yes, on MT Desk you WILL see the same folks replying on 'hot' topics as they do not have as much flexibility to name change between posts as is so easily done here.

Clan?  I think not.  I see it as a group of folks helping other MTs hone their researching and thinking skills, helping you to hopefully become a self-reliant MT.

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with MT Desk.

LOL- What does an "organized desk" mean????
desk wireless
My desktop is wireless and connected by a router to the modem downstairs in our house. The wireless network is passworded. People can steal from unsecured wireless networks, but a good hacker can probably steal from any network.
I have an armoire desk

I love my armoire desk when I am done with work....It closes up so I don't have to look at work at night or on weekends when I don't have to work.  My old desk was all open and every time I would walk past, I would get a guilty feeling because I was not working. 

Also, when company is over, they don't have to look at all my sticky notes.  On the inside of the doors, I stuck some corkboard on them so that I can tack up all kind of notes and a calander, things that I use often.  

The only drawback is it does feel a little cramped when sitting there for more than 8 hours, and my books are on a shelf up a little high, so I have quite a stretch to reach them. 

Overall, I love it.  Hope you find one that works for you. 

Keyboard, lap desk, etc.
How have you got everything else set up? I am assuming you are not using the laptop keyboard... I can't do that. I have to have a real keyboard. Have you found a lap desk, or how are you situated that makes it possible to work in bed? I have fibromyalgia.... on flare days, I sure could use the comfort. Thanks for the tip about the foot pedal!
laptop vs desk top

Mercedes  -- not sure how others do it, but I have both a desk top and a laptop.  I started on my desk top and moved to a laptop, as I make frequent trips to the Chicago area and could take my work with me.  I use a zip drive for some of the lesser used materials, so as to cut down on my files on the laptop and basically use my desk top as a backup and where I house my invoices, etc.  Just thought this might help.  It has worked for me for almost two years.


MT Desk also has samples.
YUP, huge fan!!!!
OMG, thanks!! That would be a huge (sm)
mistake personally for me, as I do not know how I would make out with the kids, and then to go through all that, train, and not have it work. Will look elsewhere. Thanks for the input!!
Just had early dinner at my desk, so
my keyboard and mouse are no longer starving.  Would not be me if I didn't spill my coke and drop at least 1 fork of food onto keyboard.   But at least I keep them well nourished and hydrated. 
Our cat (yes we have a zoo) plops on my desk right in front of me - sm
usually on my note pad or a patient list, makes it interesting too. But she doesn't usually stay long, and if the dogs are in she hides ---her and the Husky are mortal enemies, granted it does not help that he tried to eat/kill her a couple weeks go-- our signals got crossed and my husband let the dogs in before I could up up the gates to ensure her safety. Luckily I was right there and was able to grab the dog before anything really bad happened. So my husband learned an important lesson that day...communicate with me when you let the dogs in, or put up the gates first.
If that were me, I wouldn't be able to reach the desk soon! nm
How did they get past the front desk and
where was security when they didn't take no for an answer the first time?  Having worked in a psych facility (which has a higher level of patient confidentially) and tyring to be "forced" into giving information not able to be given, it became natural to just say no.  NO ONE on my watch got the first hint of information they were not entitled to.  People may want information but getting it is something different.
For work, I have it as a desk setup

I have a table that doubles as my sewing craft table and my work desk, depending on the day.  I set up my laptop for work as such:  laptop used as a cpu and monitor, external keyboard and mouse attached via USB/PS2 adapter cord, placed ergonomically, and footpedal attached through a USB port.  It works pretty well for me, especially once I had everything set up comfortably.  When the work day is done, I can grab the laptop, disconnect all of the wires, and sit on the couch with it and surf the internet or whatever via my secure wireless connection.  I know some people take more advantage of the flexibility of a laptop, but I just cannot type on the integrated keyboard for more than a short while and it is nice to have a comfortable set up for work, and the convenience of my written reference materials next to me on the table. 

I have used it on the road in a hotel with hotkeys, but I still brought my external keyboard with me!

Good luck. I love laptops - so much less bulky than a regular PC. 



Get a keyboard tray for under your desk to keep it low.
I use a pillow that I prop against either my desk or my

keyboard tray and then put my keyboard on the pillow.  It helps my fingers, wrists, back, and shoulders, which helps my production.  I find that I sit back with back against the chair, which helps ease shoulder and back discomfort. 

I use a standard-sized bed pillow and isn't too fat or firm. 

Try propping your pillow against your desk or

or keyboard tray.  I'm short and not much lap, so having it in my lap doesn't work for me.  I don't have issues of chasing my keyboard when I prop the pillow.

I think a sort of squishy pillow works better.  If you have a fat one I think there is too much bounce in it and then you will be chasing the keyboard.   

My desk came with a keyboard tray, as do most of them

I've seen.  It is just a flat piece that slides in and out maybe 4 inches below my desk surface.  My parents bought me an adjustable tray years ago for Christmas.  It has levers that I can raise or lower it or tilt from side to side.  It recently broke and I'm using it in a fixed position now and not able to push it up under my desk when not in use. 

You can check any store like Office Depot or Staples and they have various kinds of keyboard trays.  You can look on-line, but they also have various ones setup in the store.  You can check e-bay too. 

I have tried working sitting up in bed or in a recliner.  I put something heavy on the bed and then prop my footpedal up against it and that works fairly well.  In a recliner I put the pedal on the leg rest and used my heel to push it, which I didn't think worked very well.  It kept slipping and I spent a lot of time messing with it to try to adjust it instead of typing.  I read a few years ago about an MT who had rigged her pedal so it was nailed to the wall.  I don't have a space to do that, plus I don't see how you get close enough to push the pedal if you are in a recliner.


I keep the unpaid bills on my desk
and put the college tuition bill right on top. Money motivates.
I have too much junk on my desk for a lamp LOL
i guess i need to make room!
actually, the one I got clamps onto the side of the desk!! nm
Exercise Ball at Desk
I sat on my ball at the desk a lot during my third pregnancy. It really seemed to help with some of the back problems I was having.

My brother gave me the idea - apparently many people with office jobs in Europe sit on balls all day at their desks.

I am using a regular chair now because my ball sprung a leak, but I plan on replacing it very soon.
IT desk stalker/hacker
I work for a hospital in town, make great money, more than any other job I've had MT'ing, (20+ years experience), great benefits. However... I work a night shift and have had repeated incursions into my computer, with malicious changes, that I have become convinced are originating from the Hospital VPN, namely the sole IT desk person who also works at night. Hospital dept. head says, oh no, you have an internet virus/bot/intruder, none of our employees would ever do such a thing. But I've rewired my house, had computers wiped down, and still the little hack jobs, and only when I'm hooked up to the hospital. Things like, my printers disabled, files deleted, etc. I talked to the IT person twice and it raised red flags, because he seemed kind of sarcastic, and also seemed to know more about my computer's workings and programs than he should have. Has this ever happened to anyone else? What would you do?
My guess would be she's chained to her desk.....

Must haves... an organized desk.

Also space heater; love that; more cozy especially since I'm in our partially finished basement/family room.  HAHA!

My nails bother me too if they get too long, and I do my own little manicures when that happens, so I can feel more comfortable - I agree on the nails.

Coffee till around 9:30, shower, and then soda all day long, but it usually just sits there.  I have to have lip stuff in case my lips get dry, and I also have pictures of my kids, my husband and I, and my nieces and nephews, just to remind me that I'm not out of touch...

Thanks Happy MT - need desk space!
Thanks for the reminder, will paste it on my desk! nm
I use a space heater, but my CPU isn't under my desk.

Mostly I need the heat to warm up my hands, so I sit my heater on my desk top blowing directly at my keyboard.  The electric blanket is an excellent idea.  I may have to look into that.

One thing to consider, when I first plugged in my space heater, my circuit couldn't handle my CPU, printer, heater, going all at once and I tripped the circuit breaker.  So, I've had to run an extension cord from another outlet on a different circuit for my heater.  My house is pretty old though and needs some wiring work.

I have a space heater under my desk but

my computer sits on a "second hand" counter (bought at an discount home supply companyfor $35) that sits on 2x4s. I bought the counter top 2 x 8 feet marked down because of marks, etc., and placed all my printer, scanner, extra computer etc., on 2x4's cut down; i.e., 1 2x4 8 foot long give 3 sides (left,right, and bottom) to securely sit everything on top. I have 3 computers, a printer, a scanner, 2 transcription machines, a calculator, and CDs and a whatchamacallit for holding bills, etc. sitting on it. It's held up for 8 years.

I have a ceramic heater under my desk and it doesn't get hot enough to travel up to the counter.

I use a small rolling desk as well
At first, I didn't think it would be large enough, but with a little organization, I find it holds my cable modem, a Lanier system, my 20-inch monitor (I put the tower on the shelf underneath the desk top), and still has room to comfortably put my coffee, notebook, etc.

We're in a small 1/1 waiting for a 2/2 to open up so I can use the extra bedroom and bathroom as my office area. I'll probably upgrade to an armoire when I have the space, but I've actually enjoyed my little cubby in the living room with my rolling desk.
Huge, I think it's small on my end (NM)
:::huge applause for you::: nm
DH is a HUGE fan! I watch only for him.
the SEP IRA is a huge deduction...
but I can't say that I've seen people frequently posting they take $10K in deductions. That also means they spent $10K. You may be imagining that. Maybe do an archive search and then try to repost and contact them?  As has been frequently said on this post, the only difference between IC and SE is an IC pays another 7.5% self employment tax but then takes deductions. Don't see how that adds up to 10 grand.
I smell a huge rat
Is your husband up to no-good with this loser? First of all any "my baby's daddy" situation has scumbag written all over it. Second of all, if your husband doesn't mind being used by this lazy bum for a free place to live, he has to be getting something out of the bargain. I'd be doing some serious checking around if I were you.

Meanwhile, you're right to keep this piece of crap away from your kids. If your husband likes him so much let him live with this waste of oxygen alone.

Good luck.
So what if it's with huge templates....
600 lines an hour is 600 lines an hour whether it's straight typing or using templates. I WISH I had huge templates.
Anyone here Bayscribe? Have a huge ?

  for you.  When you hit SUBMIT and go into the spell check, and say there's a spelling error it picks up (for example, it's a medicine that I need to look up and verify), is there ANY WAY I can do this without having to completely close down the spell check, go to another window, look up the word, and then re-hit SUBMIT and spell check again?

I've still new to Bayscribe, but so far this has been a huge time eater-upper.  For some reason it won't let me do anything but close up the spell checker, look up the word, and then re-spell check (and of course it doesn't remember any of the fixes I've already made so I need to go back through them again). 


Ideas??????????? THANK YOU!!  

Well there is already a huge thread...
Why keep it going and going?  If you all are just now realizing that AHDI is against the MT, then have you had your head in the sand the past few years or what?  Get a grip!  Life is what you make it!  This OP obviously wants to keep bringing it up and bringing it up blocking the entire board with this crap.
You can't. It's a huge ripoff.
It sucks plain and simple.  If you're not terribly interested in making enough money to pay the bills it might be okay for you.  Not for me.