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I have always worked 2 except for when my daughter got sick - sm

Posted By: Laura E. on 2006-04-16
In Reply to: Anybody working at home, that - works more than 1 MT job at home?

last year. Then I worked very sporadically for 1 job, very PT for about 6 months. I went back to 2 in Sept 05-- both are PT, one is close to FT though. The very PT one is mine now and my other PT job is my B&B though. Planning on branching out and sending out some flyers/brochures though and see what happens this summer/fall. But is is safer (and smarter I think) not to work for just 1 company. If they can you or get bought out, etc. and you are without a job, then what?

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My 9 year old daughter has it now. Two other kids in her class were sick this week also.


Of bad dictators and QA that takes up for them!!!!  I am sick to death of:

1.  Doc saying paragraph after every sentence.

2.  Docs never dictating the first name of doc they are writing to.

3.  QA asking us to insert certain sentences in certain places for certain doctors who do not dictate them.

4.  Docs wanting their own specific headings but not dictating them.

5.  Docs who ramble, never saying period.

6.  QA asking us to **fix** their grammer, mistakes, fragmented sentences, and verb tenses and sometimes when we do, we are docked points for **not transcribed as dictated.**

7.  QA not wanting anything sent to them, stating **researach medical terms and facilities you are not familiar with.**  If they are not there to help us out, what are they doing there????

8.  Docs, NPs, and PAs who do not know how to dictate, pronounce, or spell.

9.  QA asking us to use BOS, but not knowing it themselves.

10.  Doing work I do not get paid for.

Before QA became involved, in years gone by, if a doc's dictation was awful - then that is what he got for transcription and more times than not, they would straighten up and make a better effort.  Not now - we or QA has to almost do the dictation for them!!  They are the ones with the medical degree - not us.  What happened to us just transcribing what is dictated.  Why can't they be responsible for what prints out??  If someone could let them know how much trouble their dictation style causes, it would cut my transcription time in half.  My list could go on and on.  It is a terrible time to be thinking about getting out of the business, but if this crap keeps up - I have to give it some serious consideration.  The job just AIN'T what it used to be.

Every company is different -- I worked FT for one as an employee but worked a split shift - sm
So I never took breaks. I would work 5 hours, break for about 4 hours then do another 3. Another company I worked for did not care what hours you worked (IC) but wanted a min. amount of work each day, 500 for PT and 1000 for FT-- BUT they paid you by how many lines an hour you put out, the higher the lph the higher up the scale you made per line in pay; they have since changed everyone to a flat rate with incentive. But bottom line, if you are an IC it does not matter what hours you work, though many ask for a schedule and ask you to stick to it, they just want you to meet line requirements daily, i.e. 1000 per day, 1200 per day, whatever it is.
I got up early, worked during naps, and worked when DH got home.

You have to be disciplined to make yourself work when baby is napping instead of maybe watching TV or doing housework, etc.   

I might also go the route of having a teen come into your home, or either trying a mother's morning out program at a local church/daycare.   I've been home since my youngest was born and he has never been in all-day daycare, but I did have him in a mother's morning out program 15 hours a week at a local church.   It didn't help a lot with my work schedule because I had an older son in school and was a room mom and tutored other kids, but that might be an option.  The only problem with the mother's morning out program is they are around other kids and tend to pick up every germ.  I finally took my DS out of the program because he stayed sick.  You were supposed to keep them off if they had green nasal discharge and I did, but no one else did.  Every time I got him well after 2 to 3 days back he would be sick again.  Other than that it was very good for him because he would not have had a chance to be around kids his age otherwise. 

49 years old/self taught/daughter 20 years old/self taught. I'm a CMT, and daughter is studying t
take the test soon.
sorry you are sick
You should probably try something orally like Pepto or Imodium, doubt the other would work but if you call pharmacist they would know for sure
Yes, you do seem a bit sick. Maybe you should

Small talk is a bridge that connects us to people, and let in what might be a close relationship, whether it be friends, or mate, or whatever.  This is how people break the ice to see whats deeper. 

I, like you, became defensive and withdrawn being out of it for so long, and thought everyone was the enemy and out to get me.  Once you change your perspective, you'll realize its not them, its you, you're the one who needs to change to become happy. 

The world is not negative, dreary, and awful, that is just how you see it because you're isolated and scared.   

I am far from a know it all, just sick of MTs like you who cannot think.
I have some great MTs that take feedback, get their scores up, and go completely off QA. But then there are the ones like you who think your own low scores are the editors fault..you couldn't be at fault oh no!! LEARN YOUR JOB! You are on here arguing with people when you should be figuring out how to be a transcriptionist or better yet, a manager at McDonalds!
I used to do that, cause I was so sick of it, but
supposedly now our company started where they will deduct from your paychecks any reports that are sent back, so I just do them.   A lot are still being sent back though, so I doubt if they are enforcing this.
I know what you mean. This is so sick.
How about we discuss too when the world is going to end.
sick cat
Help. Our cat stopped eating about 5 days ago. She will eat maybe 1 bite a day, does drink water.  No upper respiratory signs, no vomiting/diarrhea, she just sits very still for long periods.  Can't get her into vet for a couple more days.  She is getting very thin, not grooming herself.  Tried fancy food, things she likes, not interested. Any suggestions?
sick cat
Please see your vet ASAP! My cat, recently deceased, exhibited these same signs and it turned out she had pneumonia. I was lucky and she ended up living for another year and a half. Yes, if your vet will not see you on an emergency basis, get another vet! Good luck to you and Boo!
If you think I'm sick
then why are you on my site.  Go elsewhere.
If you think this is sick
you should read my journal.
sick son

Emetrol for nausea.  Always worked for me.

Bo sick?
What's wrong with him?  I love him.  He was my pick on the last AI.
sick of it?
I don't think I will ever get sick of it, and I have been at it for over 20 years!   The only thing I regret vocation wise is not sticking with my nursing school.  You know the story... got married young... decided I wanted big $ instead of nursing school and there it went!  So i guess i get my nursing vicariously through transcription!  I do love being at home and being my own boss though!
I am so sick of this!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't help but vent. I was at a family picnic last weekend and YET AGAIN someone approached me about "doing what you do at home".  Uh, you mean my JOB?!?!?!?!?!?!

She said she is trying to get some family member of hers to "do what you do at home". I gave her a bit of a blank stare at first and then as NICELY AS I COULD I explained to her that it is a great job but anyone considering it should know that working from home isn't as easy as the advertisements make it sound. (this is someone who I don't know well, picnic was at my sister-in-laws and she had her side of the family there as well). Anyway, I explained to this lady that I have been doing this for 20 years and I went to school first, then worked in doc office 6 years, then hospital 4 years, then home.  I told her that companies want people to have at least 2 years hospital experience before working at home.  AND, most hospitals want someone to have some MT experience before hiring them.  So I told her not to think that it is easy for someone to just starting ~typing at home~ right away

She then *explained* to me that her sister lives near Cleveland (we are from a small town) and that she would probably have a better chance to work from home being from a bigger city.  I then tried to explain that I work for a national company and that is the standard for the entire country.  She didn't say a word.

HONESTLY I think people really think that we have a nonskilled job, like anyone can put a desk and computer in their home and sit down and start doing this.  UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  I just wish people would understand that it is a real job!!!!!!


sick of MT
Totally. The people who run these companies are total scam artists, and their QA and staff are a bunch of brainwashed illiterate idiots who believe they are "wonderful". I hate these people so much, I will collect welfare before I submit to slave wages and condesencion from perky housewives with GEDs screwing honest skilled workers out of money and loving themselves for it.
Everyone needs to take a sick day now and then!
It truly sounds as if you are sick to me. You might feel better sooner if you rest more and actually need to take less time off in the long run. I have to say that I have typed many times when sick and always thought I could, but the one time I had strep I was so ill I actually had to take off three days AND the weekend in order to begin feeling better. Do what you feel you need to do! :-) Hope you feel better soon.
When you are really sick, take someone with you.

This is one reason that I advise anyone who goes to a doctor when he/she is seriously ill, to take someone with you.  I mean, bring your own advocate right into the examining room, if possible.

Twenty-five years ago I was working at a nursing home on the night shift.  Part of my job was to recopy the doctors' order sheets each month.  They were then mailed to each doctor, who would sign and return them.  Part of this page was provided to Medicare as PROOF that the patient had been seen during the required time period of 60-90 days.  Without the required visits by the doctors, the nursing home did not receive the money from Medicare.  I reported this situation to a long-term care advocate/ombudsman.  Nowadays, I understand that there is a main physician at the facility who may or may not actually see the patient, but he signs the papers.   



You make me sick!  You are obvious.  "A few" are legal. "Good luck finding a decent, well groomed, good hygiene one who is illegal. Alot of them are thieves also"  - how dare you.  I live in South Texas and have lived in California and in Chicago, where the populations of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans are dense, and I probably more than you have had my fair share of contact with "those people" becauase I am one of them - so I guess I'll send myself back to Mexico because my ancesters 125 years ago came across illegally, right?  You mask it well under the pretenses of "oh, my taxes," blah, blah, blah.  Yes, we have a problem with illegal immigration, but sorry, honey, you will not send them all back; yes, they need to be stopped; but because you've had bad experiences with some Mexican nationals, does not give you expertise in all things illegal immigrant - and STOP CALLING THEM A FREAKIN ALIEN!  If you'll notice even the media has stopped that nonsence!  Peace!


I'm sick of it 2...
It's not like we're salaried workers who get paid the same amount of money whether we sit around and eat bonbons or work ourselves into the ground. I can't AFFORD to be lazy and try to "get away with" something - if I don't produce much I don't get paid much - why don't they "get" that concept? THEY are the ones who get paid a set annual salary no matter what they do. One day very soon it will all come back to bite these CEOs who sit around thinking of ways to nickle and dime us while insulting our intelligence and skills, which are considerable - and I personally cannot wait until that day.
Car sick
I'm out of town 3 days a week working as a nurse and do MT from my motel room. I just know I couldn't do this from a moving vehicle. I've always been prone to car sickness and it's gotten worse over the years, especially if I try to read or look down at something. UGH. I'm thinking working on a plane or train or maybe an RV would be different since the smaller the vehicle the worse it affects me. Ooh, and I can't ride in the back seat at all anymore. Let me know if it works for you!
I'm sure they get sick
but I doubt that Indiastanippines really requires (for their own patients) the degree of documentation that is demanded in the US by insurance companies, the  malpractice system, etc.
I am so sick of all of this.

This has to be the most underhanded, greedy, bold-faced attack on our salaries that I have seen in my lifetime.  It is just a ploy to keep more money in the MTSOs grubby hands. 

Our fingers are still hitting that spacebar.  Our fingers are still hitting the tab key. 

How about this -- we don't touch any keystroke we are not paid for!

But people will stay and people will take it until all the work is eventually offshored to some other stinking country. 

I can't wait to finish school.  I have had it.  I already left my MT job with a national for a smaller local hospital that still pays an hourly rate.  But I am just keeping this job until I get through school.  And it is not related to medical or typing or transcribing or anything close. 

This industry has become one big scam!

Most of us are just sick of talking about it
I am so sick of ESL dictators!

What a lousy day!  I am sick to death of getting 100 different doctors a day and maybe one of them speak English.  Makes for a very long frustrating day.

What are you sick of, the truth?
Someone finally not letting you trash MQ? If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen, seriously.
What makes me sick is all of you big
digusting MTs trying to make people see things your way and if people don't, you jump all over them. So, here is a dose of your own medicine. If you don't like it, don't read my posts! See ya!
What a SICK outlook! Why would she need to...

"suck up," as you so graciously put it???  She likes the software.  She said so.  Why would you think you are in a position to judge HER????? 

Perhaps you have done some sucking up yourself, so you are thinking EVERYONE is not sincere with a compliment????  Not everyone is as transparent as you are.    Do you feel better when you slam someone when you think they might be exhibiting a trait you possess???  Counseling may help you.

sick cat reply
Sandy --

Take your cat to the vet and get its teeth checked. My mom's 1 cat recently started acting the same way and when they took her to the vet, she had an infection towards the back. My mom got her on antibiotics and since then the cat has been eating and drinking like crazy and is back to her normal self.
YOU ARE A SICK FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOLOL, sick.
Or did somebody or on vacation, or did somebody get sick, or
Ok, are ya sick of turkey about now?

Sick of no work
In the past 9 hours, I have been able to get 300 lines.  I have been out of work all day.  Every new job I get, same problem.  Where does it end?  How does one pay bills like this? 
I am so sick of transcription!

After 24 years I am just so thoroughly BORED with it!  It is all I can do to sit here all day and do this.  I have stayed with it all these years because where else can I make this kind of money?  But I wish I had learned to do something else.  Does anyone else feel this way?

Working while sick!
Well, it has finally hit my house, specifically me, hard!  The flu has come.  I have coughed and gagged so much that my ears have popped and now everything sounds like it is in a hole or muffled.  Any ideas on how to get my hearing back to normal?  I haven't worked in 3 days as I have not been able to even sit up.  Today is the first day I have even felt like attempting to do anything and I need to get back to work.  It is so hard to work when you can't hardly hear your dictation.
Sick of being asked to
work on a Saturday afternoon and then logging in to do so and there being NO JOBS!!!!  I really don't mind working on Saturday every once in awhile.  I agreed to work today as I didn't have any prior plans with my son and my family.  But I feel it is ridiculous for them to ask me to work because they "need the coverage" and then there is nothing for me to do.  Next time, I'm saying NO WAY!!
Obviously a sick individual, but
is he just saying that to get attention.  They don't know if he really did it.  Only the tests will show on the DNA.
also funny this should come up, as I, too am sick--
today and yesterday with fever, malaise, aching, etc. I worked 14 hours yesterday and told my employer that I was sick. She asked if I wanted less work for today and I said yes. I got four hours worth of work, have been working since 7:30, it is now 4:30. I took an hour to go to the doc though. He told me it was probably a virus and to ride it out...gee thanks...100 down the drain...I know I make more mistakes when I work while sick, but my mind is on my bed and not my job. We should be able to take a day or two here and there. I don't abuse it. I have taken two days in two years and that was for funerals. but I feel guilty too. name of the game, I guess.
This really BUGS me, & I'm getting sick of it! - sm


Why is it that MTSOs can't get at least MOST of their QA people on the same page when it comes to style, format, spelling, abbreviations, etc. etc.???  I have 4 different people editing my work, and I keep getting 4 different opinions on what is correct and what is not!  Half the things they *correct* were right when I typed them, and now are WRONG once they're edited!  Yet it's MY initials on the page of the final product, so whoever reads it will think I produced that trash.  Gaaaaaaa!


Love it! I am so sick of them too. nm
What was sick about the truth?
Just plainly stated. The house was swarming with police. EMTs so that is the truth. He died and I closed down the job for that day. This is true.
Reply to sick of it

I'm finding it difficult to believe that you are an MT.  Actually, you did not claim to be one.  But, you are obviously totally clueless regarding the points made by the original poster of this thread. 

I make you sick?
LOL!! I obviously have struck a nerve with you. I should have known it must be personal. Of course: You are a Mexican American. The majority of Mexicans where I live are ILLEGAL. You are obviously legal. I am not referring to you. I am sure you are a decent hard working person of Mexican descent. There is nothing wrong with that. I am talking about illegal Mexicans who come here wanting something for nothing. Looking for a handout. Honey if you don't believe there are plenty of them come over to the southeast United States. About the comment: alot of them being thieves yes they are. The ones I have come into contact with. My dad has gave them work and let them stay on his property and they have stole him blind. Stole his tools out of his shop. I mean down to every screwdriver everything. When Hurricane Katrina came some people who live nearby had illegals come working on their roof. They stole the lady's radio that was on her back patio. I mean alot of them who came here to work after the hurricane WOULD steal. No not all but many. I am not referring to you. You are a legal stable citizen. You dont go around stealing I am sure. It is so bad in Georgia immigration has to go in Walmart and arrest them. There are THAT many illegals there. They havent resorted to doing that where I live. Maybe the Mexican people you have contact with are decent people. I know some legal Mexicans who are the nicest people you could ever meet. As a matter of fact I know more than one. But for some reason the illegals I have come into contact with are all the same. It is honest to goodness my experience. I can not help that. And no you are not one of "those people" unless you are illegal. And no taxes and freeloading is alot of it. Everytime they come over here and go to a hospital Emergency Room instead of a doctors office for something like an earache. They are causing our hospitals to go under because they don't intend to pay. They don't even try to set up payment plans. Once again, they just want something for nothing.
And once again they are illegal ALIENS. They will get respect when they learn to become citizens instead of sneaking in the country. Personally I dont see anything wrong with the word alien though. It is just a term. I will give them respect when they learn respect for our rules and regulations. When they become legal then I guess they wont have to worry about being called aliens. If it bothers them so bad no one asked them to come and they are free to leave. Simple solution. Become legal or leave and you wont have to be called an alien.
I'm sick of seeing those words
I put the first letter, the appropriate dashes, and the last letter. I am so sick of seeing these words written everywhere you look, on a picnic table in a park, scrawled in a library book, etc. etc. ad nauseum. And, if I lost my temper, spouting off at the emergency room doctor and saying horrible things, I wouldn't want it all spelled out in my medical record forever and ever that I'd made a fool of myself.

I've never had a doctor complain, anyway.
Sick to death of this!

Now, I'm sure that this has been covered again and again, but I am so upset that I just have to say something!  I am so SICK and TIRED of every single job listing saying, "New graduates need not apply," etc.  It's like a slap in the face...you're not good enough, we just know it, don't even THINK about submitting you resume to us you subhuman.  I have worked at previous jobs in which I was as good after two months of experience as some who had been working there 3 or more years.  (I'm sure everyone has had this feeling.  I'm not trying to insinuate that I'm a genius or anything.)  Why can't anyone just give me a chance?  How do they know that I'm not good enough?!?!?  Meanwhile, I've invested a moderate amount of money and a huge amount of time into this for what???  Anyway, that's my rant.  Thanks for listening and sorry for the negativity.

Sick of QA crap
At this company I work at, I get so sick and tired of QA. I am sure that there are a lot of wonderful QA people out there and I commend you. But it seems like where I work at, the QA do not follow all the same rules and change what they want with your reports. I get feedback about once a month and I was just looking at my feedback and I am so irritated. They changed things on my report that if you look in the account specifics it is the total opposite. I am doing it right and they are changing it wrong but b/c they make a mark on my report it looks like I am the one at fault. Like we are supposed to place all numbers in arabic form and dates also, but QA went and changed on my report numbers 1-10 to written form and also spelled out the dates and it specifically states not to in specifics. Or like with fractions, it is supposed to be 18-1/2 (a dash in there) but QA changed to 18 1/2 (no dash). And they also change little nitpicky things, for ex. how they think headers should be, they change words around, add commas in stupid places. And what one QA person will mark as wrong, another QA will mark as right. Where do they get these people? I emailed the supervisor for clarification, but I have done this times before and nothing has changed. I really like this company other than the QA. The QA just act like they have all this power and they can change what they want to. It is total bull.
I get extremely car sick
I posted on the gab board and while I was typing this message moved, so am copying my reply here too in case the other message gets lost -

I get extremely motion sick in a car. I cannot read at all. I can't even read maps to help husband in areas we don't know (can't tell you how many arguments we still have over this and it's been 25 years), and if there are a lot of road signs I can't read them, therefore I would imagine that if you can't read due to motion sickness typing would be hard, because as an MT I am always reading what I type to make sure there are no typo's or I don't hit a wrong key. A couple years ago we took a drive to the Mendocino coast in California. Lots and lots of curves. I thought maybe I had grown out of it (motion sickness), but my DH had to keep pulling over. I was so sick it was awful.

If you take a product like dramamine it will make you drowsy (I should know cos I'm the Queen of Dramamine) Taken enough of it at different times and I end up sleeping through the trip if I take it. I'm not sure if they have any non-drowsy. A lady did tell me once that I should eat a little carbohydrate before I travel and that might help. Again, a big "might" and I don't want to take that chance.

I think the biggest problem with typing while a vehicle is moving is the constant movement of the keyboard. If you go over a bump or hit a rock or swerve, your sure to hit a wrong key. I'm not sure I know of any employer who would allow this. I'd be more apt to be looking at the scenery rather than concentrate on what I'm typing.