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I have more than paid for VR. I achieve 1200 lines in 3 hours. No need to hate sm

Posted By: VR user on 2005-07-15
In Reply to: could mass producers be using technology? (sm) - curiousMT

the MT to use technology to its full capability. Do you think a company cares if you type everything no. The bottom line is you have to get you line count.

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    Hours per 1200 lines

    Just want to get some feedback on how long it takes to do 1200 lines.  I did clinic notes and was an IC for four years and work on and off throughout the day, so I really never had to work straight through the day to produce.  I am now going to do acute care-hospital work minus lab and radiology reports.  I have about four years experience.


    I can do 1200 lines in 5 hours so with 2 full time jobs
    I work on average of 9-10 hours a day.  When I sit down to work, I do not do anything but work.  I do not surf the net, etc.   Also, I am single and I live for my weekends so during the week I work hard.  I also have 2 kids so most of my work is done during their day at school and after they are in bed for the night.  I have a ton of short cuts in my Expander program too.  If I type something twice, I come up with a short cut for it.  Its not that hard.  I would try the one full time and one part time and see how your time is first and if it is okay, then I would bump it up gradually.  You don't want to burn yourself out but if you can do it and you have good accounts, go for it!!!!
    I have 17 years acute care experience and don't make 1200 lines in 6 hours. sm
    I work for a company that is VERY picky about their work, 100% QA everything.  I have been with them over a year, and have to go back and listen to my work a second time while proofing.  I only make 160-170 lines an hour, but the pay is good for that, and I have learned so much in the year that I can go to work anywhere without problems.  For me it is worth the extra time to put in the few extra hours a week to have really top QA.  There is room for all types in this business, the really fast ones, and the slower ones who work differently, you just have to find your place.  Ideally, we should all type 200 lines an hour and have 99%+ QA, but I don't thank too many of us make it.  Good luck to you.
    Is 1300 lines biweekly hard to achieve?
    I am considering an offer that sounds good but it requires 1300 lines biweekly.  I have been away from transcription for quite a while. Wondering if you'd have to kill yourself to achieve it or if easy enough to do.  I guess it would depend on account, also.  Any opinions??
    between 1000 and 1200/day in 5 hours. VR and
    straight typing. Depends on work type and account.
    I usually average 1200 in 6 hours. But
    I end up surfing the net and take a bathroom break every 2 hours, so it ends up being around 1K. I should be doing better, but some days are so boring on I am here way too much, when I should be typing.
    1200 lines per day.
    Need to type 1200 lines on new

    I just started new job about a week ago.  I need to type 1200 lines/ day to reach my income goal.  How long does it usually take to reach this amount of lines?  I can't seem to find a comfortable routine.  I want to work nights but no luck with that.  I am straining too much to see the work because the eyes are just too tired by the end of the day and day time is full of interruptions.  Thought about splitting it up with 4 hours in the day and 4 hours at night.  Anyone heard of doing this? Any other suggestions?  I have an Expander but I haven't put all of the shortcuts in yet.

    thanks for input.

    well, some newbies are getting 5-6 cpl; so, 1200 lines day = $16,000
    Diff between 1200 lines/day with MQ vs Spheris:
    If you type 1200 lines a day for 5 days of the week with each company, here is the incentive difference:

    MQ: Incentive would be $0.
    S: Incentive would be $24.

    That is for the entire week.
    How long does it take you to type 1200 lines?

    On a normal good day it takes me about 5 hours, somedays I just can't stay focused so it takes longer.  I'm still debating about getting an Expander so just wanted to see how long it took people on average. 

    Most expect 1200 lines a day, but I think I've seen 1100.
    How hard that is depends mostly on work availability and how good the platform is.
    1200 lines should be a given. You could be making superb money!
    Our department does 1200+ reports a day. They average 11 lines. nm
    This is for 2-3 line normal chests to MRIs. They look longer, but if you take 65 characters with spaces, you will be surpised. Here's an example:


    INDICATION: Chest pain.

    FINDINGS: Heart size within normal limits. Lungs are clear.

    IMPRESSION: Normal chest.

    This is 116 characters with spaces, which is 3 lines (if you round up - actually 2.55 lines). If by the line, you would make $0.30.

    Something to think about.

    Do the same with an MRI of the knee. Copy and paste it into word and count it. A very long one I had was only 15 lines.
    Sounds amazingly stressful. I'll stick to my 1200 lines a day, thanks. nm
    I do 2000 lines in 6 hours - so maybe 3 hours - nm
    At the hospital, I did - only not 39 hours, 40. But I was a paid SM

    employee (production only) with benefits. It was always kind of an iffy thing as far as labor laws went, as I was considered an employee, but we did it nonetheless for the whole 2 years I worked there...until the day I did 3000 lines and was chastised because "other people need to work too" meaning the 4 in-house people who sat there on their tails and yakked all day.

    Yep, I bailed. :-)


    If you are paid by the line and make over $25 an hour, then I hate to say it

    but I am wondering if you are doing full QA.  By the line is NOT fair pay for QA.  I know I mentor new MTs on a very difficult account and there is no way you could earn a decent wage on any amount of line pay, no way!

    Don't go telling someone they could do better if they are paid by the line.  Quality specialists MUST have ethics in their work.  You can do a decent amount of reports a day and give feedback and mentoring, but you certainly would not be earning $25 an hour on line pay that I have seen....just no way!  The most I have seen QA paid is 7 cents a line and still those women do not average that amount. 

    Now, I don't know what you do or if you listen 100%, but most QA positions I have had have had megablanks, 100% listen as well as 100% feedback and you just cannot produce that much doing your job in a proper manner.

    462 lines in 2.5 hours.

    need lines not hours
    do you do radiology?
    I personally have never run across a company that pays by the hour. Most companies assign you a shift, but you get paid by the lines. So, it is UT to you if you take a lunch or breaks. How long you stay off your computer will have an impact on your line count of course.
    2200 lines in 3-4 hours?
    IMPOSSIBLE! NO WAY! unless you are counting lines with 5 characters as a line?
    For all the extra hours I put in on DQS to get my lines, no way.
    where do you work that you just do lines, not hours?- nm
    1,100 65-character lines in four hours.
    I was doing 1,100 65-char lines in four hours. Unemployed now and big nationals don't pay enough. Why do all the great accounts go to VR or newbies and I get stuck with ESL garbage?
    How many hours a day do you work? Are you still paid per gross line?

    Not saying I don't believe you.  One has to consider too that you have 20 years of experience, that makes a BIG difference in production.  I'm about four times faster now than I was when I first started out.  Newbies need to consider this too when contemplating MT as a career.

    Well, I just transcribed 1500 lines in 3 hours. sm

    I work on the same account every day, same dictators, lots of templated reports I did myself and put them into auto correct.  I get up early, start at 7 am and today I was done by 10 am.  Cleaning the house now.  Also, the line pay is slightly higher than most, so 1500 lines is fine for me today. 

    On harder days when the account is really behind,  I get up and vacuum the house after 3 hours of transcribing then come back for 1 hour.  If things are caught up, I stop for the day.  If not, I will go back in the evening. 

    I can't sit for 6-8 hours straight.  Making $160 bucks in 3 hours is good for me and enough.   Tomorrow is another day!

    Use templates and short cuts - that will help!  I have whole reports in my auto correct, but you have to listen through and change and correct things as each patient is a different case. 

    I do have to tell you, I do not get this many lines every day in such short a time.  It just happened that today was a good day.


    Hope this helps.

    Yes, I'm back. 3 hours=255 lines. Think I'm just a little upset here!!!!

    Yes, I am - worked 7 hours @ 3218 lines.
    It all depends on your account and worktype you transcribe, as well as your expander. I am an MT with 25 years experience also, transcribing all acute care, mostly op reports.

    As far as tricks, I don't have any. I consistently do at minimum 2500 lines in 5-6 hours daily. I think the key is the account you transcribe.

    I have been where you are now, and it is not fun. I finally found my company/account and have for the past 6 months. I have to enjoy while it is here, tomorrow may be a different story.

    Keep looking for that right company/account. You will come upon it soon. Good luck.
    3000 lines - 6 hours- VR editing. nm
    I type 1000 lines in about 2.5 hours (sm)
    I type on a gross line and I can type 1000 lines in 2.5 hours +/-.  When things were good at MQ on the Cottage program, I could type 450-500 lph.  Everybody's situation is different.  Sure some people stretch the true, but it is still possible, but you have to take into account all the different variables.  I utilize my word Expander to the fullest.  Any little thing I can think of to save me Keystrokes I use.  I checked my stats for my shortcuts the other day and in 3 hours I had actually saved 56% of my keystrokes.  Can speak for anyone else, but on most days, I can type 900-1000 lines in 2-2.5 hours.
    That's it??! Doesn't sound like a lot of lines to me in 4 hours. nm
    It took me 8-10 hours for 100 charts 1000 lines sm
    This was with ExText, 20- to 45-second (give or take) reports. I did have distractions. I was completely bored with soooooo many short-short reports. Also took some time in the document info screen because company I was in did not have their act together. Had to search and recheck that I had the correct visit and location.

    Hope this helps somewhat.
    Absolutely. If I need someone to transcribe 500 lines between the hours of
    8 am and 5 pm, it's up to you to take on that contract as an IC or not. But if you agree to do it, it's your responsibility. You don't have to accept the position as my IC if you can't or don't want to provide what I need.
    I type no less than 1500 lines in 7 hours

    On my slowest day, I will not allow myself to get less than 200 lines an hour.  Depending on the worktype, I can type up to 400 lines an hour.  It is hard for me to consistently stay at that speed as I have orthopedic issues!!!  I also can type extremely fast, (120 wpm).  I also use a lot of Expanders and shortcuts. 

    I had 2256 lines yesterday in about 7 hours...
    I just had a deadline I had to meet and worked my butt off...I use my Expander to the max...I can do 1200 lines in 4 to 5 hours...
    Average about 2300 lines in 6 hours but
    this is a mixed bag of editing and straight typing. The split is usually about 75% editing and 25% typing, If that helps any.
    What do you call it when you do your 1100 lines in 4 hours? sm
    and I call it normals and I call it lots of canned dictation.

    Unfortunately, I am employee and I can't take the rest of the day off. Had this Saturday, had this today. IT NEVER HAPPENS and I have had it twice in a week.

    Looking for my super streak to end now, go back to being a typing machine on a chase for work.
    I just type 250-275 lines per hour and transcribe about 6 to 6.5 hours a day.

    I am a seasoned MT who back in the day 2000 lines was nothing to achieve.  I sat for 8 straight hours, barring potty breaks and 30-minute lunch.  But now that I am pushing 50, I can hardly stay in the chair 2 hours at a time.  I have set my goal at 1600 lines per day as that is what my employer pays 9.5 cpl for.  If I drop below that, my cpl drops also.   In addition, I have a backup up IC position with another company (to compensate when I run out of work on my FT job)  that pays 10 cpl.  I type 2 hours  on that account  (usually at night) and get 600 lines per day.  Fabulous account, fabulous "internet software" everything is right at your fingertips, and they count spaces, headers and footers.   Actually both jobs count spaces.

    My advice to anyone wanting to get more lines- first and foremost priorty is check out the software the company uses.  If it is not user-friendly... forget it.  There was this one company who paid 10 cpl, and I could hardly get 500 lines in a 2-hour period.  They said they counted spaces, but it was hard to tell, and they surely did not count footers or headers.

    Usually lines produced and not hours. Have seen 600 lpd for part-time min. nm
    Good so far, 1000 lines in 2 hours. Busy!
    So sorry to hear there is now work for you MTs at MQ. Maybe time to find another job with another company.
    Do you work outside your scheduled hours to get extra lines?
    Or do you stick to your schedules and just roll with however many lines you make during that time?
    Darnit! Should read 񟼨 lines in 8 hours?!'
    Poop...hate it when I do that.
    yes, but get paid lines for doing it. nm
    Yea but are we getting paid for all those lines in SH

    My job is easier using ShortHand and I do over 50% but my paycheck is not any larger and my line count is the same.  

    Are any of you actually making more money and producing more lines even though you keep adding to your shorthand macros and your percentage rates are going up? Just would be curious to know.

    2-1/2 hours a day, 1300 lines/day, $150 a day, 7 days a week, IC status
    I have a friend who consistently does over 3000 lines in 8 hours on the basic four, so yes it is pos
    yes, daily, but get paid lines for it. nm
    My bad. Would get paid for lines discarded if I
    They DEDUCTED MORE lines than they paid (sm)
    In other words, I typed 100 new words on one job, and because it goes on a "template" format, the company deducted 250 words for the old/not used template that I deleted because the doctor did not use that template.

    So, I just spent 5 minutes, and was paid 100 words less 250 words, which is a net DECREASE of 150 words per job. The doctor has ten of those jobs. So I spent 45 or 50 minutes with a net decrease of 150 words per job times 10 jobs, which is a total NET DECREASE of 1,500 words for the 10 jobs for 45 minutes of work.

    After 45 minutes of typing and 10 jobs, they REDUCED my pay. Hope I explained it more clearly that time. If it was so correct of the company to do that, then I will gladly transfer that net decrease in pay for those 10 jobs to YOUR paycheck so that you can share it with me. :)
    I also want a living wage for MTs. Don't mind hard work and longer hours, just want to be paid