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I hope you

Posted By: jt on 2005-09-19
In Reply to: No check from 07/16, 08/01, and 08/16..no response to e-mails - what do I do next?

are not still doing any work for her.  If you and she live in the same area, I would pay a friendly visit.  It's very easy for people to ignore emails.  If you speak with her face to face, even if she is unable to pay you during  your first visit.  She will find a way to get your money if she knows that you will come by again. I would continue to drop by occasionally and just say, I was doing a pick up in your area and thought I'd stop by to check the status of a few outstanding invoices.  It couldn't hurt.

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I hope this applies to companies like Medquist. I hope there
isn't a way they can get around it. I REALLY hope.
I hope so
I really want to do IC where I am a stay at home mom with a very active 2 yr old and hate to commit to hours until he is older. One other girl did not do IC because of this
Wow, a ray of hope
that's very encouraging to hear! Even though you didn't take the job, at least they seemed to be concerned as to why! Good job!!!
I hope this is okay
A friend of mine is in second place right now in the Staples invention contest. Please vote for Julie Savage and her Glue Swabs. Right now she is neck and neck with a musician, who has the online musician community bucking for him to win.

Hopefully MTs have more pull than musicians.

Oh, and you can vote once a day from each email addy you have.
I do hope it gets better for you.
I am struggling tremendously myself and working many, many hours to get my quota. But like yourself, I have got to have the insurance. It is so frustrating, but I will do what I have to do - and that has been a lot of praying here lately!

I hope so,

Oh boy, I hope I have this right...sm

He was told to follow up.

He presents for followup.

Yes, that's my only hope
Maybe enough people will quit that there will be work.  I'm going to wait for the packet and read things over, then decide what I'm going to do.     
Still hope
I've never worked for a National - they turned me down years ago which was a blessing. Sent out letters to 75 local docs and now work for 3 at .15/line. Have you tried doctors in your community? Have to buy my own medical but still well worth it!
That gives me hope...
MQ is "rewarding" me for my dedication and expertise by routing the longest reports and foulest dictators to me simply because "You're the only one who can do them - you should feel complimented." I'm paid by the report so no matter how much I am paid - I'm screwed. Your post gives me hope that there are companies out there that don't operate like this. Thanks!
I hope you mean I just DID it. nm
Some hope
I don't exactly agree. I think the best MTs, those that save MDs the most time, have the best chance of continuing to work in this field. I found a job in RADIOLOGY, for goodness sakes, and because the MDs are confident that reports I produce make sense (and these particular MDs actually care) so that they can concentrate on their other work, I believe they will keep me around. I think the MTs with large vocabularies (especially for the dying language of ENGLISH), will be able to find work for years to come. Make sure you continue to educate yourselves and don't daydream while transcribing just because you've done this for 20 years and know all the terms. When you are not valued in one job, look for a place where they DO care about quality. It helps to be where the MDs can talk to YOU instead of a medically uneducated supervisor. Just my experience.
I hope you don't....
shop at Wal-mart or other organizations/companies such as that!  You can't talk out of both sides of your mouth!
I hope someone else says it....
hope this will help....sm
Well, 3 is what we have...hope that is

it! She seems to be doing ok with them so far...she is so young we were worried about her, but so far so good! We live in the country, cats get dumped here all the time..so unfortunate because not all cats can survive as some people think. We live on a very heavily traveled road, there are coyotes, and other hazards for them to avoid! We will keep her and her babies, actually have someone who wants one of the kittens. Mom will get spayed ASAP, babies when ready. We also have 7 other cats, all male, who were stranded out here also, they are getting neutered next week. We have a barn cat/feral cat program in our county so it is a reasonable price for spaying and neutering, plus I am hoping to get a quantity discount!

I hope so.

My other two pregnancies were totally different.  I had energy throughout the entire nine months.  However, this is the first pregnancy that I am actually working from home so I believe that is the difference.

I have one of those, and she is an ESL. I am sorry, hope your day goes better!
I hope you are okay...

Let us know what happens.

I sure hope so.
thanks for the support!  I'm just not too keen on OPs even though it can be part of the job.  I just find the majority of them boring!  Hopefully I'll slide past them.
Now I hope I don't cause
a commotion with this post, but I have to ask. I have 9 years of MT experience, what should I be making per line? Sometimes I feel like I'm being shorted. Any input is appreciated.
I hope, but ...
I'm glad if your hubby's cellulitis is getting better, but "pocket of infection" sounds like abscess to me??

I hope so cuz...sm

I don't know why it would matter which cable my internet comes through as long as I have DSL, which I do.


Yup. Thanks. Hope you get some
help also.

Must be nice to have a job where you can decide somebody is a nut case so you won't have to figure out a diagnosis, right?

Some expert already e-mailed me with a site that has treatments people have tried for this in case that's what mine turns out to be. Apparently there is a long incubation period between the appearance of the sores and the worms popping out of the skin. Lovely, right?

I cannot imagine being the first people to get this disease and having nobody who had ever heard of it. I would have assumed I was nuts and would have had myself committed.
I hope you can help me out on this
My husband ordered a Dell and there were 3 packages that came, the first was a very small 1 that had some wires in it plus ?? The next 2 were bigger boxes. The smaller package was opened and I have misplaced. I called Dell last night and they did not know what was in the first. He bought off 1 of the shopping channels. Do you know by any chance if you got a little box first and was it absolutely essential for running the Dell? I am in BIG trouble I think if I donít find. Thanks!
I hope you don't use your

personal PC for this - you could get a nasty virus. At least with the company PC, they can fix it or replace it!

Thanks everyone. Hope I get the job! nm
I just hope...
that since the Indian MTs are reading this board and seeing what the US MTs are charging, that they may up their rates - especially once they realize that while we can just pop up a civil suit for payment (pain and if judgment proof, you're also out legal fees), but they don't even have that recourse. I wouldn't even so much mind the offshoring IF we were on a level playing field. Anyway, just hope that they are beginning to realize that the more they undercut us in cpl, the more likely they are to get more of the "sharks", too, but that they have basically NO legal recourse, which is only further encouragement for the predators to deal overseas, leaving us with more work from the reputable MTSOs. When they started this "price war", I don't think they foresaw the pitfalls, and while I hate seeing anybody (US or Indian) stiffed, it will hopefully awaken them to the fact that undercutting prices does nothing but hurt everybody in the field in the longterm, and I really don't believe that the new Pres is going to be able to make large strides in this area, regardless of who is elected, as I don't see it passing congress, though I could be pleasantly surprised.
Is there hope for me?

I have been an MT a little over a year.  I have multiple acute care accounts ... some easier than others, but usually get a lot more of the ones that slow me down.  I have many dictators and still haven't typed for all of them to date.

With all the various things that I see as a problem from night to night (tired, foggy brained, fumble fingers, etc.)  From what I can tell, it mainly comes down to the report content and which dictators I happen to get that determines how many lines I can type.

I have trouble with some dictating in a goofy rhythm, changing their minds continuously, saying things in the wong place (and having to figure out where I should put it), being just plain difficult to understand, etc.  (Also getting a bunch content I am not familiar with and having to look a lot up.)  I know time and experience is a big factor, but I have been told by an authority figure in the company that many people are faster at this point into their career.

I just don't know how to get past all that and have a consistent line count, and I am losing all motivation when day after day my line count is pathetic.

I use lots of expansions and tweak them when I see a better way.  I am at a loss here and would love any helpful, ecouraging advice.    Thanks! 

I hope...
I would definitly hope that you are wrong considering the tons of us who are currently in school to get into this profession. I have found that for every person here that is unhappy with the world of MT, and looking to get out, I meet 3 more who love their jobs and aren't concerned with the future. I don't doubt that things will change drastically in the next 5 years, I just don't see there never being a need for MTs. I hope that you find yourself much happier in your new venture. Decorating cakes is fun!!
no hope
So I threw my MT certificate in the garbage today. I don't ever want to look at that thing again.
You are both very welcome, hope I can really help, been there!,,,,nm
I just hope she is an ESL! nm
I hope you take something for that
high blood pressure, it is really a killer. I would never have a snake in my house just because someone told me it took care of others. My husband goes out of his way to hunt them around here and does away with them.
Lord, I hope she's not an MT sm
talk about giving us a bad name! sheesh!
I hope you don't come to regret
your good heart. Why did the father just sit by and let his daughter continue to lie? He was ready to let her ruin you until he learned that you were able to prove his daughter was lying. If he really is remorseful, why did he not bring her over to apologize to you? How do you know any of what he told you was the truth? That little monster sounds like a bad seed. What's next? A false accusation of molestation? She got what she wanted from her lies--the excitement of being the center of attention and the thrill of causing all that chaos, with no apparent consequences. She has been essentially allowed to get away with it. How do you know she won't keep looking for more of the same? And--that remark she made about the dog being killed is just chilling. Not to mention her original cruel treatment of the poor puppy. That is the sign of a depraved heart. I'd keep her as far away from my family as possible. She's scary, and her father is either too cowardly to see her for what she is, or he doesn't care what she could do to others. At the very least, he should have made her confess and apologize to you. I'll be praying for you that nothing bad comes of your kind impulse. Please look out for yourself. Your kindness does you credit. It would be heartbreaking if you came to harm because of it.
Would you believe there is HOPE? - www.flylady.net
Try www.flylady.net for ONE month, and do the very simple things she tells you to do, and I swear on my next paycheck that you will begin to see order coming over your home.  The first month I did it I couldn't believe it myself!!!  No dishes in the sink, laundry caught up, floors swept.... it is an organizational tool, and true to my word, it works... check it out!  It will work, especially for the "SHE's" (sidetracked home executives)... This site is SO cute, SO fun, SO encouraging, SO much a blessing... it is all about setting routines for yourself, following through, and appreciating your own efforts!  You will get lost in the website, it is really a lot of fun... so take an hour break and just surf it!! 
I hope that isn't the case; however, if it is SM
then I will move on. I know what I need and whnt.

I'm willing to give them a good try first.

Congratulations! I hope you like it here.
I have enjoyed all of my time with MQ.

If you're fast and experienced, I don't think you will have a problem getting your lines.

Some offices seem to be low on work. I work on 2 hospitals out of Texas and have plenty of work. The main thing is to just keep at it.

If I can help in anyway, let me know!
Like I said we all have our days! Hope your day gets better!
I hope it is Kaysar.
I voted for Kaysar at my 6-year-old's insistence. I really like him, too, though. You are right the whole thing with Eric is a little off. As far as that thing with Ivette, I don't think he was going to hit her. And just because she is female doesn't mean it is okay for her to get in people's faces and talk the way she does.

I don't know what the allure is of this show. I am so glad they added this twist bringing somebody back.

I hope James doesn't win HOH!!!
I hope she does--thanks for the info..sm
I love BB, and I have fallen in love with Kaysar.  He is a cutie pie and cool as a cucumber!!  She better keep her deal.  We just got Kaysar back.  I enjoy looking at him and am not ready to give him up yet.  I think they will go for James again.  I can't stand James.  He is dirty to me.  Maybe James and Ivette again or maybe Howie and Rachel.  I don't care who it is--just not Kaysar!!!!
Hope things get better for you soon. NM
I really hope you stick with it
If you ever want to talk to someone who understands this, i've left my email.  I have many coping strategies that seem to work for me that helps me be around people more, so I don't get too isolated like I used to.  Being alone is just too depressing for me, even though I need to be for the most part.  Take care. 
Hope this helps...
I have a Stedman's 3rd ed. (2003) that I purchased new (still in plastic) off of Amazon for $22.  I like the HPI books, but I have never used the psych one, so I don't know how much difference there is, but I do know you can get the Stedman's cheaper than $36.  Another book that I used a lot is the PDR Drug Guide for Mental Health Professionals 2nd ed.  I bought it at Books a Million.  I don't use it as much now since I am familiar with the meds, but it was great when I started doing psych because it only has the types of meds related to mental health in it.  Check ebay and Amazon for books.  They are SO much cheaper.  I have bought almost all of my ref. books that way.  Good luck!  I love doing psych. 
Hope I'm asking in right forum. sm
How much would you charge for a "normal" report? Had a GYN doctor ask me that. She wanted a special rate for normal reports. I said that I would charge whatever the line count came up with. Sometimes they adjust their "normals" and add on, and then I would not consider it a normal. If they did not, what would you charge?

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
WOW!!!...Hope you get your $..Thx for info..nm
I hope it all works out well for you . . .
but I doubt very seriously that you will be able to get the best rate in a year.  Unfortunately what someone tells/promises you can be very different from what can/will actually happen.
Hope it all works out for you
My son was diagnosed with GERD at the age of 9 months. He went through a multitude of tests before they diagnosd him. The reason for so many tests was because the only symptom he had was vomitting about every 2 or 3 minutes ALL DAY LONG. There was no slow onset of this. Three days after I stopped breast feeding, I noticed he would constantly vomit. Like I said, he would vomit literally every few minutes, and this went on for over 4 months!!! After trying Zantac and it not being effective, he was scheduled to have a fundoplication with a feeding tube at about age 1. However, our last hope prior to surgery was to try Reglan for 2 weeks. My husband and I were hesitant because of possible severe side-effects, but at that point we had no choice but to try it, as surgery was already set up. Amazingly, 10 days after starting Reglan, his symptoms 100% resolved and have yet to return. The doctors were absolutely amazed. His pediatrician and specialist have never seen a infant with such severe reflux that had such a quick onset and then have it so severely, only to be cured 100% by Reglan in 10 days.

He was even so underweight from 9 months to a year of age that his weight would not even register on the chart. Needless to say, he is now 3.5 years old, is not on any medication and is at about the 98th percentile for height and weight. The best thing you can do is hope your little one outgrows it and keep trying different meds.

Best of luck to you and your little girl!

Hope he gets to stay.
It won't be the same without him.
Hope it helps