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I like it. Very easy to use.

Posted By: ebbie on 2007-01-29
In Reply to: PowerScribe - Patches


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  • PowerScribe - Patches
    • I like it. Very easy to use. - ebbie

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The easy answer, taking all the easy work and
Well, Word is easy to buy and easy to install. Word 97 works great. Cheap. SM
I still would not work anywhere I could not use a spell checker with grammar checker and a Steadman's Medical Spell Checker.

IF they want people to TRANSCRIBE MEDICAL REPORTS, then I guess they better get the programs they need.

It's like probably 110% easier to buy and install Word 97 than to try to program their own programming. And, yes, I do mean Microsoft Word 97. Why? Because you can install it unlimited times, in case you need to install the operating system again. And it has a few features that Microsoft, in its un-wisdom, took away in Word 2000 and 20003 and 2007. So, yes, I'd go with Word 97 for its cheapness and it works better than the later versions. Just my opinion, with 20 years experience being an MT. So what if they "don't have it" on their computer? It's easy to get.
Easy easy money they are!

I don't mind seeing those puppies filter in at all.  Same for H&Ps.  They are always different though, so can't really pop in the same pre-formatted autotext, but it's usually WHAMMO 2-3 pages at a time.  Give them a shot...you may just be pleasantly surprised! 

I think I smell either VR on the easy stuff, or offshoring of the easy stuff.
it's all easy to say when it's not you

If the mom wasn't in Aruba throwing a fit and crying on TV, we would all speculate about why she wasn't there and why she doesn't care.  Either way, whatever she did, there would be someone there complaining about how she was doing it. 

I would say until it is your daughter or son, maybe we should just keep our mouths shut and not pass judgment on them. 

Also, I don't care what kind of bad decision or how drunk the young girl was, wrong though it may be, that doesn't mean she deserves to be murdered or raped.  It makes me sick that we are always so eager to jump on the victim and the family at times like this. 

We are doing it now - it's not so easy for my DH

He began the process of buying a new business in April. It was supposed to be completed by July 15, but there have been so many delays and things getting dragged out, it still isn't done.  At first he was very excited about spending the some time home with the kids this summer, but I can definitely see for the last month or so he's gotten very depressed, sleeping more, not getting motivated, doesn't want to do anything with the kids anymore.  I think men in general need to be productive (at least the good ones do), and unfortunately, raising kids doesn't offer a lot of immediate gratification.  It's fun for a little while, but they eventually need more.  I can't want for him to be gone so I can be "mom" again.  


That's easy enough to do when you get the
same dicators on a routine basis. I type for a very large hospital with many outside facilities and rarely do I get the same dictators on a regular basis. Therefore, my paycheck is considerably less than cherry-pickers. What these people do is listen to a few minutes of the report and, if they don't like what they hear, they send it back. Also, of note, these are not necessarily the mumblers, ESL, or speed talkers. Many of these are reports that have a problem, i.e., wrong MR# so I have to enter all of the demo info (not paid for), wrong report type so I have to change it and make a note to send to the hospital, no date of service given with again a note to the hospital, etc. All time-consuming, frustrating, and cutting into my paycheck.
very easy. I have my 2 as well as
my parents next door networked, a total of 4. make sure to have your network password protected.
that's an easy one
Worked for an owner-operated MT company and the owner was an alcoholic. She expected no less than 18 hour days 7 days a week and if you asked for even ONE day off per week, she would start cursing and carrying on and saying she would give the accounts away. Then when she got really drunk, she'd start messaging all this personal stuff about her husband and former husbands and their sex life and all that. She was this astrology nut who hired on the basis of the "signs" of the transcriptionists and if she would call to curse you out about something (even if it didn't pertain to you) she would say it was the person's "aura" that was bad for the company. Yup there are real nuts out there.
That's easy. sm
I have been a fry cook, nurse's aid, farm worker, receptionist, clerk in a U-Totem.  I kind of enjoyed all of them.  My worst job was waiting tables.  It's grueling work, for little pay and you have to rely on your tips to get you through.  It's more demanding physically than most people can imagine and you never get to sit down.   Plus, you deal with attitudes all day long.  Never again.
That's an easy one...
Congratulations!! You are now qualified to do most every job in medical records, except for the supervisory roles. We, MTs, would make awesome coders!! We are also qualified to do positions in medical offices, receptionist, coder, referrals, etc. Start putting out your resume!! You'll see!! And, by the way, when the Transcriptionist is on vacation, you are the automatic fill-in. More money!!!
Not easy, but this is what we do. . sm

Four kids. Birthdays are 2 in mid September, 1 end of October and 1 two weeks before Christmas!   We now have a new grandson who is just a month old, so we can just add on to the pre-Christmas insanity for next year as I'm sure he won't expect much this Christmas. :) 

My poor hubby's birthday is 2 weeks after Christmas. We usually just make him a card or something. :)  Nothing until my birthday in May, but I get the homemade cards too. Must make mental note to buy construction paper. :)

I never bought BIG for my kids at Christmas. I spend about $500 total. I make a lot of stuff too. My parents are gone. His parents just want school pics of the kids.

I guess I'm lucky. Our whole family from grandparents right down to my youngest don't see Christmas as "I want, I want." They know that Christmas is about giving and that presents should come from the heart. I still have every badly glued Christmas ornament that my kids ever made me hanging on the tree every year.

Every year, no matter how much or how little money we have, we always pick a name off from one of the local "giving trees" to buy a gift for a child from a needy family. Usually these requests are for socks or  boots or something, but we always include an age appropriate toy or book or game.

We donate food items to the Christmas food drive and  would never even dream of walking by a Salvation Army Christmas donation kettle without putting in at least a dollar or two.

These furniture ads that scream, "WOULDN'T DAD LOVE A NEW FLAT SCREEN TV FOR CHRISTMAS?" make me ill.

Re: Not easy...

<<we always pick a name off from one of the local "giving trees" to buy a gift for a child from a needy family. Usually these requests are for socks or  boots or something, but we always include an age appropriate toy or book or game.>>

I'd like to share my story about those 'giving trees.'  Last year, I was going through a divorce.  My ex decided to stop paying child support, dump all our bills on me and leave the state.  I was also sick and racked up several thousand dollars in medical bills.  The school counselor put my kid's names on the giving tree at Wal-Mart.  My kids got really, really nice gifts, and it was wonderful.  Those gifts meant the world to my kids.  It really made them feel great that a stranger cared to give them something when we were going through so much.  This year I've pretty much gotten back on my feet financially and things are much better.  We were at Wal-Mart last week, and my kids saw the giving tree.  They both decided to spend their birthday money that they have been saving on a child from the giving tree.  They each spent $40.  My daughter, who is 10, said that she thinks the most important present she is going to give every year is to the giving tree.  It was really hard going through my divorce and the financial difficulties, but I think it taught my kids a really important lesson that they couldn't have learned any other way. 

Not easy 50K

I can't say it was an easy 58.5K this year but I did it.  It was 50K for me as I paid 8.5 to my subs who work 5 to 6 hours per week for me. That is all they want to work.  But I did it and hoping to go above 60 next year, we will see. 



UR very welcome - nobody said it was easy biz.NM
something easy!
I just can't get into heavy duty cooking.  I  think it will be chicken fajita salads, have the chicken thawing that is already southwestern spiced!  Hubby will eat about anything, lucky for me!
It is easy enough

At first it was a little difficult but once you get a routine established it is okay.  My daugter is 3 months and we have it so I nurse her more in the morning before I start to type and  she sleeps for a food 4-5 hour stretch.  It will just take a little time.  Be patient, it will all work out.

Too easy...
You do control K, then control B, and type in Physical Exam how you want it to be, and then controk K again and unbold. I had this problem not long ago, and someone on here helped me, so will pass it on.
Very easy
to use. Microsoft word based. I loved it when I worked with it.
Not easy
I don't blame you.  For 20 years as an MT, I thought "boy I'd like to work in administration, that's gotta be easy."  Boy oh boy was I wrong!!  I had one person I just had to let go who claimed to have been head of QA for a larger company and honest to goodness, my new grad does better work.  I simply told her that her work did not match her resume and the proofing time was too extensive for her to continue working for us.  After she called me every name in the book, she said it was my fault for not paying her enough!  I could have paid her 20 cpl and the work still wouldn't have been good.  We hear the moaning about how we don't reply to emails...that's another issue.  I put in my ads exactly what I expect to see in the email and what I want in the subject line and maybe 1 out of 20 will follow the instructions.  I give out a detailed information package on the accounts and they don't read them. I had one CMT who said she had never followed specifics and wasn't about to now, that she knew what she was doing.  I had one hired on Monday and on Wednesday she asked for a week's vacation.  I get them who sign up for a specific number of lines then don't bother, a good portion "forget" to send in their work.  I had one lady hired who lived only 6 blocks from another MT and she didn't work for 3 days claiming they had severe storm damage and no power.  I had one say her father was going to be sick in July so she needed time off.   It's really sad because the good people get worked to death while we constantly try to fill in the gaps and keep the accounts going.  If we are too easy going, people don't work at all.  If we try and toughen up, then I'm a you-know-what.  Salaries just aren't going to go much higher, if at all higher, because the work is leaving and it's leaving fast.  I get no less than 4 emails when I post an ad, emails from foreign companies offering to do the work for 3-8 cpl.  At 3 cpl, it would be cheaper for us to send it out and then have it totally read through, but we are trying like h*** to keep the work here.
They are so easy and you don't get
PAs and NPs dictating them. 
Definitely not easy
It is hard enough to *train* our own family to respect the fact that we are WORKING, so of course it is practically impossible to get visitors to understand. I would definitely think about a different location. If that isn't possible then maybe just a different location when the in-laws are visiting. Short term fix for that week or 2 anyway.

Good luck!

Hi...I use a very simple method with my two accounts.  I use Olympus digital recorders.  Two of my docs are using the old ones, the DS330, and one is using the newer one, the DS2.  Of the two, I prefer the DS2.  I provided the recorders for the docs.

Anyway, the recorders come with software that you install on your computer.  It is very simple to use.  The docs dictate into the recorder just like they would a taper recorder, but there is no tape inside, it's all digital.  Then they just connect the recorder to a computer with a USB cable and the work is transferred into the computer via the software program, DSS Player.  After the voice file is transferred into their computer, they can then attach the voice file to an email and send it to you to transcribe.

I don't know, maybe others have better methods, but this has worked just fine for me and my docs are happy.  I've never had a problem.  I used to pick up tapes and deliver work too and this is sooooo much better.  I hope I explained it well, because I'm having one of those days where I don't know if I'm coming or going, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.  Good luck.

No one said it would be easy.

But, you can make the best of it.  I have been there, done that, and still doing it!  Whether you work on-site, off-site, in your basement, or on your roof, when you are a mother/wife/caregiver, you will have obstacles!  Bottom line.  Any others agree?  I mean my daughter was sick the last two days!  Oh my, I still got my work done, gave hugs, kisses, ran to the store for soup, Motrin, etc.  She's 6-years-old for goodness sakes.  If you have enough fire in ya' to work at home, then know that NOT all of your expectations will be met, and just go with it.  No one on this board has the magical answer.  I think Minnie is just trying to express that why work at home, and then say you are not meeting your line count and expect someone here to fix that for you.  Lower your expectations a little, geez.  Thanks for listening!  Kimberly will find her way.  Maybe she was just feeling like she needed some support.  Well, you've got it.  There are so many others here doing the exact same thing. 

Easy to say when there's always someone
Unless you are pretty sure the account will keep you.  You risk losing that account to another MT who will type for cheap.  JMO.  One other thing, be ready to explain why you need the raise other than the fact that you feel you are underpaid.  
Easy does it -- if you do it right -- Thanks nm
here's an easy way to do it
Do control K then hit control B, type your text that needs to be bolded, then do control K again and then control B for unbolding it, that's all folks
it was easy to get used to actually sm
The day I got it, I hooked it up and never missed a beat. The number pad being on the inside is kinda wierd though. That took some adjustment.
It was not an easy day
...it "snowed" in my neighborhood on 9/11, it was ash from the towers when they collapsed. Entire pieces of paper floated over to where we lived, and that was across a river. I remember walking with my husband outside where it was "snowing" and saying, "this is local to us but I think it's going to make national news." He looked at me like I was crazy and said, "What, are you kidding -- this is international news!" Then for the longest time I never knew if we were being bombed when I heard any noise -- once a ConEd (our power company) transformer blew up down the street and I thought we were being bombed.
very easy
but its taken me awhile to catch on to a few things, like having the cursor outside the text box to get page-up and down to work, or noticing the link on the screen to the transcription manual that had some tips i could have used for expansions earlier...but program is easy and MT friendly.
yes. possible and easy sm
I have my work computer hard plugged. Daughter has computer for school, and DH and Mom share a computer for just surfing and stuff. Those 2 are connected via router. I use Belkin. Would not advise that brand. They wear out approximately annualy. Thankfully, they replace it free, but while waiting, DH, Mom, and kid are out of service for anything they need online.
This is easy enough to do yourself.
Buy a router (I have a Linksys) at Best Buy or wherever and follow their very simple directions to set it up. Since you say that both computers are used for work, make sure you directly hook the computer to the router instead of using wireless. The basic setup is cable goes to modem, modem connects to router, router connects to computer(s).
I think it is easy
to me pathology is like radiology - very repetitious, very routine, depends on situation.

It usually goes like this: specimens come in to get "accessioned" or numbered. Either a technician or a pathologist will give "Gross Description" of specimen, size, color, etc. A microscopic slide is made and next day, examined by pathologist who dictates diagnoses.

You could be transcriping Pap smear results over and over if working in an outpatient lab OR if in a hospital, it could be a bit more interesting - biopsies or gangrenous tissue, etc.

You can get very familiar with the group of dictators and make plenty of macros or templates, etc.
It's easy
Type the name, then hit SHIFT-F7. Then if you want to also put something at the right margin, ALT F7
not so easy
Well, the problem is I live in Canada and all the hospitals are government. The five hospitals that I live near are all one union and are on a hiring ban right now. It is extremely difficult to get into them and they only have about 5 MTs per site. Those are all about an hour drive in each direction. I think I will try some specialist's offices. In the USA I think you have about 20 times the opportunities we have in Canada. Anyways, I'm just looking at my options. Thanks for the input it is always helpful.
Not easy
I truly do understand what you are saying since I mentioned that I owned my own service... and I'll just say again, that there are no real solutions for either the MT or the MTSO. It's a very difficult situation either way.
It is very easy.
You're training should take about 15 minutes tops.  One of the easiest platforms I have ever used.  What I like about it is that the patient info page and typing page are all one.  The Bayscribe Expander is also very easy to use.  Very transcription friendly.
easy for you to say!
How do I get practice? How do I get better?
MT is not that easy.
Years back when CEOs were taking over hospital transcription departments many had no clue about MTs. One even hired a hair stylist because she said always wanted to be an MT. In his mind, a hair stylist had what it took to succeed. She didn't last long as she never dreamed it would be so hard. He hired quite a few RNs thinking they also would have what it took. Most of the RNs had a hard time also and decided to leave. This CEO was so disappointed that these people didn't succeed because he liked them. He often treated seasoned MTs with 20+ years experience with disdain and dislike as these women were older, not as pretty and not as apt to kiss his .... as they knew what they were doing and felt they should get some respect. Sadly we are not respected enough or appreciated enough as not just anyone can be hired off the street to do our work.

#1 should be easy as pie. (sm)
You should be able to simply plug the USB flash drive into a free USB port on your PC and then either navigate to the file within the drive from ExpressScribe, or transfer the file from the drive to your hard drive where you normally keep your voice files. It *should* work either way, AFAIK. Once plugged in, the flash drive should just show up in your Explorer windows just as though it were another physical drive on your machine alongside C: (which it is, really). :-)

I'll leave #2 to someone else, I'm afraid. HTH
It's really easy to do...sm
I just went through this same thing. I went to Radio Shack and told them what I wanted to do, and they sold me a cable that connects into the headphone port on my transcriber and also into the blue port (I think this is the speaker port - maybe) on the back of my computer. The cable was around $6.00.

Then I downloaded RecordPad to use as the software to convert it to digital format. I looked at a few other programs, but this one was the simplest to use. Also, it is from the same people who offer Express Scribe.

There's an easy way to tell.
Look in the employment section of your local paper. Count the number of ads looking for MT's, then compare it with the number of ads looking for cardiac techs. I think you'll know what direction to go from there.
Easy enough to do...
... I am copying and pasting the instructions I posted some time ago over at Productivity Talk.

First, instructions by Cheryl Flanders for finding the files:

Backup/restore or transfer AutoCorrect, AutoText, Macros, and other critical files from one version of Word and Windows to another.

The four critical files to keep backed up are:

1. Normal.dot: Stores formatted AutoCorrect entries, AutoText entries, keyboard shortcuts, menu customizations, custom toolbars, styles, macros.

2. .acl file: Stores unformatted AutoCorrect entries (the majority of your AutoCorrect entries).

3. custom.dic: Words you add during spellcheck.

4. Templates you create (.dot files).

Where these files are located depends on your version of Word and Windows. If you are not sure of the location of files on your hard drive:

1. Right-click the Start button and select Find (Search in Windows XP).
2. Type the file name in the Name box. To locate the .acl file, type *.acl (asterisk dot acl) in the Name box.
3. Change the Look in box to your main drive.
4. Click Find/Search Now.
5. When your file(s) appears in the search window, right-click the file(s) and select SendTo to back up files to floppy/Zip/CD.

If you forget the location of a file when you need to restore it back to its original folder, use Find/Search again.

To locate the folder for templates you create: Go to Tools/Options/File Locations tab to see where User Templates are stored. Word 97 will only show one location for all templates.

Note: Some installations of Windows XP hides various files. If your search (Find) does not reveal certain files, go to Windows Explorer/Tools menu/Folder Options/View tab and check the box next to "Show all hidden files" and search again.

Word 2002/2003 does not reveal the normal.dot file until you make a valid change to the file (such as changing the default font or adding an AutoText entry). If you still cannot locate the normal.dot, acl, or custom dictionary files, make changes or add entries and search again.

Transferring AutoCorrect files: The name of the .acl file depends on your version of Word. The easiest way to locate your unformatted AutoCorrect entries is to add one entry and look for the most current modified date of the file in your search. You may have to switch your View setting to "Details" to see dates.

Prior to transferring the .acl file to a newer (or older) version of Word or another computer with a newer Word version:

1. Add one AutoCorrect entry in the new version.
2. Locate (Find/Search) the .acl file and note the name and folder path of the file.
3. View the backup file on your floppy/Zip/CD and rename the file to match the new one if transferring from Word 97.
4. Copy the backup file to the appropriate folder on your hard drive.

And now, here's what I had to add:

I used the Windows "search" function to locate my critical files, and copied down all their full path names.

Then I created a batch file that I stuck on the desktop. (If you need help creating a batch file... Google "batch file" and you'll find out everything you need. The critical bit is that you create it in Notepad, but you have to SAVE AS "all files" type and put the extension .BAT on the end of it, instead of .TXT.)

I created a folder called "critical" on a rewritable CD that happens to be sitting in my F drive. That is where the files will be backed up to. You could also send them to a thumb drive, a floppy drive, whatever you choose.

Here are the lines of my batch file. Your mileage may vary, depending on the exact path names of the locations of YOUR versions of the files:

cd Documents and SettingsAdminApplication DataMicrosoftTemplates
copy Normal.dot f:critical
cd Documents and SettingsAdminApplication DataMicrosoftOffice
copy MSO1033.acl f:critical
cd Documents and SettingsAdminApplication DataMicrosoftProof

Now, all I have to do to back up those files is make sure the correct CD is in the drive, and double-click the shortcut to the batch file that sits on my desktop.

Good luck and happy tinkering!
there, easy as pie, you are a lifesaver!

Yes, very easy to get slower. SM
I have to take a good break. I also have to re-psych myself up. Hahaha

If I don't break and if I don't re-examine what I need to finish for the day and plan it, I won't get it done.
Here's an easy way - in Word sm
hold down the control key and push your mouse wheel up or down to make screen larger or smaller.
You are very welcome..it was so easy and so delicious and
the kids actually LOVED it (which is amazing), i figured that HAD to be shared. Told all my friends about it as well. I had found a book at the checkout (LOL) with slow cooker recipes. There are some REALLY good ones in there. Next one i try, i will post if it is good!
It's pretty easy (sm)

My DBF is an "IT guy", & set ours up for us.  He's on a conference call right now, so I can't get him to explain it, & if I tried to I'd probably have you and I both confused all to heck....soooo, I found this site that is pretty thorough...


If you still have questions, if you have a Best Buy or Circuit City nearby, you can ask them to help you out...they're pretty good about this stuff.

Hope this helps

Here's one fairly easy
I was once a "head on a silver platter" - Got a big square box top, bought some cheap fabric enough to drape over the box, cut a slit and a hole in the box top enough so it would fit over my head. Then I also cut the fabric to drape around the box and decorated my face up  in white face paint with red lips to look like the blood had all drained out of my face. You can embellish it anyway you like. I made the platter out of a bid cheap silver tray like you get at Thanksgiving to put the turkey on and a I pasted plastic fruit around on the platter. The point is just to make your head from the shoulders up look like it has been cut off and put on a platter. Everyone liked it. I could email you a pic later if you would like. It was really fun.
It's easy if all the demographics are
there. Some docs don't like it. One doc says, "this is not a very user-friendly system." You could hear the frustration in his voice. Another doc pulled out as a client...never to be heard of again. It's got its own Expander but not very reliable.
easy to handle

Merely sent an email. In the subject line put MTSTARS (company name) so when you get a response you have the details.


Merely say, I have a couple of question prior to sending in a resume or testing taking.  This saves time on both sides. 


May I ask, what is the lowest to the highest rate of pay. What pay rate formula is used, for example, by the line, by the minute, by the word, by the gross word.  Are spaces paid, ALL spaces.

some in their ads say "we pay for ALL spaces"  so I guess some companies pay a percentage. 

For instance Medquist does not pay for the demographic screen, the CC notation or the headings. and prob more that is not known. .

You need to know how to convert this to an hourly rate so you know how much you actually are making.

Below is a quote from a company in Texas TSI and I sat down with the calculator and figured some of the hourly rates.  For the most part, way too many lines for most MTs

Below is the quote in email from TSI.  The calculated figures are mine.


Less than 1000 lines per day average = 6 cents (these we consider to be part-time positions and we really prefer to work with full-time employees.)


1000-1100 average lines per day = 7 cents


(this is $70 for 8 hours ($8.75 hr)


1200-1399 average lines per day = 7.5 cents


This is $90. for 8 hours $11.25 hr and 150 lines an hour about almost 4.5 pages/hr.  This is a lot of pages/hr.


1400-1599 average lines per day = 8 cents


This is 1400 X 8 = $112 per 8 hr.

8 divide into  $112=$14/hr

1400 lines divide 8= 175 lines/hr

Figure 34 lines/page+ 5.41 pages an hour.


No way I could do this. I would not work for 6,7,8,9- no less than 10 and this is not really great.  You cannot predict what you will end up with. You could be on target and lose it all, wham. .


1600-1799 average lines per day = 8.5 cents


1800 or greater average lines per day = 9 cents  So then this would be:


225 lines per hour, about 6.61 pages


112 lines 30 minutes, 3 1/2 pages


56.2 lines 15 minutes 1.65 pages


greater than 14,625 Keystrokes per hour


nearly 4 lines per minute


Well over one million keystrokes/8hr