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I only have dial up too - no high speed is available either - sm

Posted By: XXX-not OP on 2006-02-18
In Reply to: Dial-up - Kimmie

for those of us in the boonies it is unfortunate we are limited in this way. Believe me if I could get DSL I would.

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Can you get high speed?
That's VERY expensive for dial up.  Most high speed services cost about that.
My speed is really high but this job is not what
it was years ago. With being an engineer, it would seem that the money should really be good there. I have done this now for over 30 years and if I had to do now and raise a family, I would have to work more than 1 job, possibly 3-4. It is really not the money maker it was once, not at all. The work is not easy, not just a typist job, in fact after all these years I still am always trying to make sure my QA is not lacking, otherwise your job is lacking as in gone. My speed is around 140 wpm but the speed is not what is really important. I found it extremely difficult starting out and trained for over a year inhouse before I ever earned production. This would not be a job I would recommend now unless you just want to stay at home with a child, do part time, retired, in other words where you want to put in time and really don't need to make a living doing it.
High speed internet
If you have an internet-based platform, you don't need to use a phone line with high speed internet.  I managed to get rid of a second phone line that way.  The company pays for the intenet. 
High speed internet
My high speed internet is received via a small satellite dish mounted on my house.  It is pointed toward a tower where the signal is sent.  It does not require a phone line at all.  It works on the same principle as a satellite dish, only for internet.
high speed internet
I have satellite and thought it couldn't be used for MT work at home....do you use it for MTing? Thanks for reply!
high speed cable
Hi, I work for Medquist and they pay up to 50$ a month for high speed cable (DocQscribe platform).
Aced out no high speed
 I think I am going to get aced out of my job because I do not have access to high-speed internet.  Are there any companies out there that allow satellite?  Any suggestions?
Yes, way too much! Try high-speed cable.
I use Comcast cable - introductory is 19.99 per month for the first 6 months, then 49.95 after that.
High-speed DSL or cable
I am posting for a friend and wanted to see if anybody else has run into this problem.  We live in a very remote area where we are unable to get high-speed DSL or cable.  My friend, who has a lot of experience and would be an asset to any company(over 15 years experience), cannot find a company that does not require high-speed cable or DSL.  Also unfortunately because of our location, she really is unable to pick up tapes, especially as high as gas prices are - but that is another issue!!  Fortunately for me, because of the location of my home in conjunction with a "main road" (in country terms), I was able to get high-speed cable, but because of how far her home sits off the road, she cannot.  Any suggestions?
I doubt my speed would be as high as it is now, despite not having
a light touch keyboard....I'm from the old school -- learned on a typewriter many, many years where ago one had to pound the keys to get the text to  show up. I'm not concerned about my keyboards not lasting long; they cost under $20.00.
Does your son have high speed internet???
If so get vonage for your long distance. I just unplug my Vonage and take my router and I have my own phone line anywhere I have high speed internet.
I have high-speed now, but only got it 2 years ago. Before that I
worked with dial-up and my company still allows dial-up.  They aren't hiring though. 
if you have high speed internet
you shouldn't have any problems - I typically download a 43 minute file in about 2 minutes ... the bonus is the file is always there waiting for me so I can take a quick bathroom break, I can "rewind" to hear problems again, etc. To me, downloading files is MUCH easier than doing Dictaphone but JMO.
With Vonage you need high-speed

internet so if that is not available to you then Vonage, voip another digital phone provider would not be an option for you. 

If you buy a calling card at Wal-Mart it is 4 cents/minute and I think Sam's Club may be 3.5 cents.  I couldn't afford to work if I had to pay 7 cents/minute.


High-speed conversion
see link.

Pricey. Maybe there's a cheaper one out there. Guess it would depend how much of this kind of work you'll be doing.

Use high speed internet. No offense taken. nm
If they want that access, they would have to pay for the computer, the high-speed and the
portion of electric. Just my opinion. I own and run a national service and think this is ridiculous and a HUGE invasion of privacy. If worried about trust, how can they trust you with patient information. Refuse.
I am not yet networked, but I just download via high speed

and then disconnect and take my laptop where ever it is I want to work.    When I get through with my work I go back in and upload.   

In the mountains you might have problem with any type of wireless signal, but if you have high-speed internet there and you are using a wireless router and network card it shouldn't affect the signal as long as you are within range of the router.   By wireless if you are thinking something like Clearwire which operates much the same as a cell phone then you'll probably have trouble, or if you are using an air card you might have issues too, provided there is even service in your area.  A lot of people say wireless and they are using a router and network card and others think wireless is like the air card.   No sure which you are thinking about. 

Turn off - especially if you are on high-speed internet
This will prevent you from contracting various illnesses on your computer.
I'm having the same problem, have high speed DSL and it has been crawlinggggg....


Thanks for your response. I do, however, have high-speed cable. nm
question about wireless high speed

When a job says high speed internet is a must but no satellite, should I apply if Iím using wireless high speed through a cell phone carrier?

We have direct TV and directway internet for high speed and luv it!!!! nm
I agree - high-speed cable is great....
I use Adelphia and am very pleased.  They offer an introductory rate of $26.95/mo. for first 6 months, and were recently also offering a $50 Visa gift card for "joining".  The fee after that is $44/mo., I believe, but you can group it with a digital cable package and save more money.  I have been very pleased with their reliability thus far.  I went with them literally from day one when they came to my area, and at first the outages were frustrating, but now it is extremely rare for them to go out at all (knock on wood!!!!). 
Vonages requires high speed internet...

so you would need either DSL/cable or broadband.  I have broadband and hooked up to Vonage for 2 months for C-phone use.  The audio quality was frequently poor and I would have to reboot.  Some days I would just hook up to my home phone line to avoid the hassle.  The kicker was when I went to disconnect this month, they charged me $97 TO CANCEL!  Its all in the fine print, apparently.

My audio problems may well have had to do with broadband/satellite service more than anything.  If you have cable/DSL it may be worth a shot, but know that if you cancel after their 30-day trial you are going to pay! 

just some information for MTs in rural areas where high speed is not available

Hi all,

Was just on the Sprint website a little bit ago and checking out wireless cards for my laptop since I will be moving to an area that doesn't even have landline service available yet.  Sprint is now offering a wireless card that is a USB card and apparently will work with both a laptop and a desktop as long as you have an available USB port on your computer.  Might be something to think about


Any experience using Embarq high-speed internet?

Hi, wondering if anyone has experience with Embarq for phone/high-speed internet access.  They merged/absorbed Sprint a while back, apparently. They are the only provider for a nearby small town and I'm wondering if it's even a good idea to move there...


My high speed internet is through our local t.v. cable company. nm.
Well, the first thing you'll need is a high speed internet connection if you don't already hav

it.  You'll want to invest in a foot pedal that you can connect to your PC.  I'd check out the pedals on transcriptiongear.com or check out Ebay.  I've found a lot of useful MT equipment on ebay for really reasonable prices.  I have an Infinity USB pedal that works nicely and I bought it off of Ebay.  You'll need to download ExpressScribe or another program so you will be able to play back sound files using your pedal.  That will make it a lot easier for you to test with some of the national companies as they generally have .wav files that you'll need to transcribe and send back before they will make an offer.

Once you've landed a job, the bigger companies generally will provide you with whatever software required to do their work and some provide you with all the equipment you'll need.  However, some will require you to use your own PC and will want you to have the latest version of Word.

That should get you started.

Anyone on the high speed internet that has found it just crawling along for some reason. All of a
sudden my just goes into web sites at a crawl and my computer is fine and modem seems fine.  No clue what is going on. 
I have a KVM switch and using cable for my high-speed internet so what i needed ... SM

to connect my second computer to the internet was simply the ethernet cord along with the KVM switch box.  I actually work with a router, but it was simple to set up and works like a charm. 

Lots of other factors too. They might need MTs with specific specialties or high-speed only or FT o
It seems to go in waves. Lots of radiology jobs, then none. Lots of operative note jobs, then none. Lots of oncology jobs, then none. Then lots of openings again.

I just got high-speed in my subdivision; I think this will open a lot of doors for me that were not open previously. Dial-up only hurt me pretty bad in terms of who would hire me. Could not get flat fee long distance either, so I was a recruiter's nightmare. I was ready to move. Now I can get both through Comcast. Doing the happy dance in MN!!!
VOIP - If I am not mistaken VOIP requires a high speed connection.
I was told I would dial directly into the system/Will I need to get dial up internet service?

increase speed 3, decrease speed 2...sm
increase backspace 9, decrease backspace 8. At least that's what mine does.
C-phone speed help! PLEASE! Speed key!
I am in tears - typing speedy gonzalez - a total knee replacement, not a standard, dictated in under 1 minute - FULL REPORT!  Can you imagine? I have a C-phone that is just hanging in there, but lost all its programming.  Isn't there a # key on the number part of the phone that reduces speed?  I need it way slooooooooooow!! I'm afraid to just start hitting numbers, though, cause I've lost reports that way!! Anybody have a # to hit for me???
How do you dial in...lanier, Cphone???? I'm wondering will this work with a Lanier voicewrite EX
Dial Up
They do make surge protectors that will protect your phone line. You can find them at Best Buy or any other local computer store. Don't but the cheap version either, I made that mistake once. Look to spend about 20 dollars or so on a nicer unit. This will protect the phone line, but I still would not trust it in a thunderstorm.
Dial up
Looking for an at home position but have dial up internet. I just moved to an area where no high speed internet is available (which is killing me) and did not know before we signed our lease there was no high speed internet. Does anyone know of companies that employ MTs with dial up internet access. Any information is greatly appreciated.

You may want to look into satellite. Dial-up is a dinosaur. Most hospitals are VPNs and web sites. You would be lucky to get anything dial-up. It is not MQs fault that you cannot get anything but dial-up. Look into other avenues and get with the program of the future.
Dial up for DQS
How does DQS work with dial up?  The manual does not state you have to use DSL, just an internet connection.
DQS on dial up
I had dial up the first couple weeks on DQS.  The worst part was the first download of the day -- sometimes it took an hour or more!!  I just switched to high speed and love it.  However, if you can't have high speed, the dial up works okay, it is just the first time you download for you day/shift.  I wold recommend dialing into the system an hour before you want to start to actually transcribe.  Really, the first download is the worst; once you get going and start uploading it isn't too awlfu bad.  Good luck!!
DQS with dial up?
I don't believe you can use DQS with dial-up - you need a fast internet connection. I believe this is what I was told as I had to get a cable internet connection.
dial up-56 K
Not sure which board to post this on. I would like a list of MT companies that accept dial-up.  Anybody know of any.  Can email me or list on the board.

Are you using dial-up?  When I was using dial-up Bellsouth was going to put a whopper of a bill on my phone because of all the usage (unlimited long distance they say.... yeah, right!).  I went with AT&T and they never once said there was a limit on my long distance usage.  I was using MEGA time on my second line for my dial-up usage (working 7 days a week, 12-14 hours a day!).

Precyse solutions does - I have the same situation as do many others I work with. You would probably need to sign up for a high speed though, which is only a few more dollars per month. FYI - they are hiring!
I am an ME/MT for MQ and am still on dial up. sm
I have a feeling that if you are a new employee they will require high speed. I have looked into getting a part time job with another company so as not to put all my eggs in one basket so to speak, but most companies are now requiring high speed/cable. Dial-up has never been a problem for me, uploading, downloadint, whatever, no problem. An afterthought, how would they even know what kind of internet service you have as long as you can produce?
I don't know as I have dial-up BUT if it is 10 Gig - sm
then I highly doubt you will ever go over, if it is 10 meg then you will go over. I download about 200-300 megabytes of sound for a small local account, i.e. ~1000 lines a week, in 1 month. Is the $80 on top of your cable TV or is that all-inclusive? Personally I'd just tell them it was for personal use and leave off that you will be using it for work, none of their business.
I'm on dial up also.
Stuck in the past.
They are different, but you can use a DVI to dial into SM
a Dictaphone system.  The function keys will be a little different, if I remember right.
not dial-up
high-speed cable.