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I saw HOWIE last night on a late night episode of Blind Date. too funny.

Posted By: WNYMT on 2005-08-24
In Reply to: Howie or Rachel? - KYradMT

I'm thinking if they are smart they'll boot Rachel.  I think she's really smart and a good player.  I don't think Howie is all that smart or able to be a winner.  I think this could force Howie to hook up with James to go for the final 2.

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Outback Steakhouse for DH & I - it's date night. Kids get...sm
Pizza Hut delivered at home.
Wednesdays at 10 p.m. Last night came on 1/2-hour late though.
Funny show! I agree about her plastic surgery but her hair bothers me more than anything. I liked it much better red and curly than dark and straight.

anything beats crying children .... particularly from home late at night ...

oy!  Those poor kids, not asleep in bed yet, and exhausted mom or dad are tryyyying to catch up with dictation ... imho -- the worst ... though I admit I personally have never had from-the-car-on-the-freeway dictation which I gather beats the band! 

Wailing children are so heart wrenching.


ROFLMBO..jsut saw my blooper..guess i shouldn't type late at night eh?
Blind date 30 years ago, love at
first sight, still happy, happy, happy.  Moved in together about 5 days later.  Never looked back.  Got married and living happily ever after.
It's taco night! (again.....) We had taco pizza last night, southwestern chicken soup before th
Maybe I'll just have a salad.
65 at night - 70 in day
We had that last night.
I was just bored today since I'm not working.  I like cooking different foods as a hobby.  LOL 
yes, I got it last night...sm
sure do wish they'd make up their minds.  When I first started on DQS, from Cottage, I got "yelled" at about NOT putting 2 spaces, now I'm used to 2 spaces, and they go and change it again.  Oh, well. Guess I'll get read to get "yelled" at again!
About last night...
last night
This was a great article. I think she hit the naile on the head in her assessment of each one of them.

Tks for posting the link.
Just on TV last night sm
I'm in California and DPSS Department of Social Service did this exact same thing and did not want to shred so out in open to recycle, 93,000 people to be notified. Shameful disregard, no wonder so muc IF theft. The TV station esposed this happening.
AI - CNN Last night
They had something on CNN last night where they had four people talking about Chris being voted off. One of them was an AI contestant from last year and she wasn't pulling any punches which was nice to see. She told it like it is. She didn't side step any questions like some people. She said Katharine should have gotten voted off instead of Chris and she and all the others said that Katharine would win, not because she was the most talented, but because she was the most marketable. One reporter said Chris got voted off because he was creepy! Of course, it was a man.
Get a PT job at night, then if you like it and - sm
they will let you got FT, then go for it. Never quit a job before you have another in the bag.
CSI NY last night... anyone see it?
So, on CSI NY last night, MAC sure did a good job using a shoestring to tie up that agents artery, didnt he?   Even if he WAS in the service, I was impressed.  Although, he's no Grissim.  Speaking of which... CANT WAIT FOR TONIGHT! http://www.cbs.com/primetime/csi/  if you click here:  http://www.cbs.com/primetime/csi/producer_picks/ you can watch the producer's favorite episodes for free on your computer. :D
Yes, I saw this last night
My husband is one of those Vets that could potentially have his identity stolen. :( Very concerning! 
Other night job
I dance at the local "Dancing Bare"and am known as the cellulite Grandma.
up all night?
Has anyone ever pulled an all-nighter and typed through the night after your shift during the day? Please tell me how you did it! A strong pot of coffee is a given and some carbs are probably a given.

Also, those of you who work the midnight shift, do you have any tips for staying alert when the house is quiet and the neighborhood is fast asleep?

Thanks in advance!
up all night
This will really mess with your circadian rhythm and make you crazy. No kidding. That is why they outsource now to India (among other things) because when we sleep, they are having their morning coffee and are ready for their day.
up all night
I've been on nights for over 20 years.  I suggest keeping yourself well-hydrated - tea, whatever - and every 1-1/2 hour or 2, get up and do a tiny bit of QUIET exercise - walk door to door, make some jello for tomorrow, sort a laundry basket, etc.  Amazing what you can get done in those 5 minutes and it boosts productivity.  It may take me a week, but I've cleaned out cupboards, etc. a half-shelf at a time and I've stayed awake.
Had one last night
I'm typing a chest/abdomen/pelvis for a MALE john doe.  The resident mentions a missing uterus.  Then he makes a big deal of making me go back and change that to a "very small" uterus.  Wonder what it really was?
What Night Owl said! :)
Bah, humbug! Greedy, lying jerks.
70 degrees day and night
Average Joe Won Last Night!
There's hope for me yet!
I saw it last night--it was great!! sm
Vince Vaughn was hilarious!!   I loved the movie and highly recommend it.
Try again Monday night.
I'll keep trying. 
We had it last night. It was wonderful.
Yes, I wish I could get them to sleep at night, too.
I had one kid wide awake until after midnight, and another one woke up at 4:30 this morning with a bad dream.  This was after one of their friends pestered me every five seconds yesterday so I had to get up early this morning to finish my work.  It was, "Hey, watch me.  Hey, look at this.  Hey, look what I can do.  Hey, look what I built.  Hey, hey, hey."  Tap, tap, tap on the shoulder.  How 'bout, "Hey, go bug your own Mom because I'm working"? 
Well, I did watch it last night
I thought sure it was going to be Claire.   Can't imagine what they could do for the finale.  They've already done it all.  I hope they don't kill anyone else off.  Nate sure did leave a mess, like you say.  Makes you think about yourself and not wanting to leave such a mess when you go yourself.  Maybe I'm just being maudlin, huh?  Anyway can't wait for next week.  Really got kinda nervous, though watching Brenda and Billy.  Glad it was just a dream - whew!
1st night on 3rd shift and still
but i started at 11 p.m., and notice that my line count for first hour was credited to yesterdays work.  so -- is this just a fact of life for 3rd shifters? 
Wow, that's great. I was just in awe last night sm
watching them chopper those little critters out of there. They had dogs, puppies, kitties and even a bird. It was great. The Humane Society said they were even going to go in and get the displaced gators and snakes and whatever else that was in there and take them to safer ground.This is a great place we live in, everyone chipping in and helping out.
BB Thursday night.
It was Howie (sniff). And Janelle is the new HoH.
Good night.
Good riddance, bite the big one junior.
Good night to you, too.
Oh, believe me, there are no stables in my life. That is all about you. You and your animals. So in love! So, happy together.
Night splints
Have you tried wearing rigid wrist splints at night to keep your wrists from bending while you sleep?  That really helps me when my wrists are hurting. 
Good night all!
Did anyone see Primetime last night???

I was shocked and horrified!  If you saw it, you know what I'm talking about...if not, here's the short version...

A 16 or 17 YO female employee of a Kentucy McDonald's was strip searched, beaten, and sodomized (sp?) for over 2 hours...by her well-over-40 manager and the manager's bald, fat fiance!  The manager got a phone call from someone claiming to be a police officer, accusing the young girl of steadling a customer's purse...the manager proceeded to strip search the girl, have employees come in to watch the girl, then called her fiance to come in and watch the girl.  They talked to this person on the phone for hours and he was giving them instructions on what to do to the girl...the fiance sodomized the girl, hit her repeatedly on her bare behind until she developed whelps on her behind, then forced her to perform sexual acts on him...all under the direction of this person on the phone!

This is the short version, it goes on, but I was so shocked, I could not believe it! The manager, the fiance, and the caller are all being charged with various crimes against this child.  It is just sickening to think that grown people, adults who are supposedly halfway smart, could do something like this to an innocent child. And the manager was on the show, claiming total innocence in the whole thing...the manager was a female, if I didnt mention it already...

Sorry this is so long, but I am still shocked.  If anyone else saw this, please add your thoughts!

It worked for me last night, but
I have no idea how to grab from the bag. I paid through Paypal.
Thanks I tried that one last night too and it didn't get it either
I was born at 1:17 am, Night Owl here.
Born at 1:23 p.m. and definitely a night owl! nm
Like Jay Leno said last night (2/14), sm
"For women, today is Valentine's Day. For men, it's Tuesday."
night shift
My life currently revolves around babysitting my 15 month old grandson all day, somedays he arrives at 5:30 a.m., others it is 7:00 a.m. stays with me anywhere until 2:00 to 5:00 pm. (his mom is in nursing school with somewhat irregular hours depending on her clinical days). I get on and transcribe from 7:00 p.m. until midnight or sometimes 1:00 a.m. five days a week. I absolutely force myself to take a one hour nap before my shift starts(never more than 1 hour). It helps so much. At first it was hard to do, but it really does help me stay awake and now it is almost natural to do it. Darken the room and keep away from the TV, unplug the phone. Of course, I can't live without caffeine either. Good luck with you new job/new shift
did you see him in the audience last night?
This was Mandisa's last night. nm
I turn off every night.
Saw on the news last night
That companies are now recruiting American college grads to go over to India and work for the same pay. The students that have agreed to go overseas and work for a cheaper rate say they feel it is necessary in order to get job experience so they will be more competitive. Did anyone else hear/see this report?
You will definitely make more than $9 and do try it PT at night just to see if you like doing it
before you give up our other job. I did that, left an office, and never looked back. I make an average of $20-25 also and quit a job where I made $15.50, and at the time, I thought it was great money but now I realize I can make more at home and not have to deal with office politics, high gas prices, clothes etc.. its worth giving a try.. you might like it. I never missed having people in my face all day.. but if you like the social part of getting out, being at home will get to you.
I saw that on TV, too, last night. Yuck! nm
last night on HBO was a new documentary..sm

Hacking Democracy on HBO last night - all about voting today in the USA and the Diebold machines and all they found out from 2000 and 2004 (pseudo)elections.

Very sad indeed :(

Most (in this country) have no idea what went on - preferring to keep heads in sands quite like ostriches actually and very unfortunately.

blackboxvoting dot org comes to mind actually as I think some of those folks were on this show yesterday


Night Shift
I have a 3 year old and I work late hours, but they seem to work for me. I work for a few hours in the a.m. and then I go back to work after she goes to sleep and work until about 4:00 a.m. I take Friday nights off. I've been doing this for so long it's second nature. I usually sleep from 4:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Saturdays and Sundays my husband lets me sleep in. I also have a soon to be 13 year old and she's very helpful on weekend mornings. Once she goes to pre-school I'll change my work hours.