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I support the Admin...I don't need another space.

Posted By: Uhmmmm on 2005-09-27
In Reply to: Go get your own space - Ex-MQ'r

The unhappy MQ MTs are not the ONLY MTs on this board.

You can leave if you want to. The board will continue because there are plenty still left.

Same theory with the MQ job position as with posting on here -- if you're not happy with it, go find another job or another board....or work for yourself/create your own board.

Silly to expect others to accommodate you in your job and on the board. Check with Yahoo and MSN or even your local ISP -- they can provide you with a website and you can run it as you wish.

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    Only the Admin or a Moderator can edit posts. Email admin@mtstars.com or
    MedQuist? Ctrl+shift+F, period, space, tab, period, space, space, change all. nm
    I meant "One space or two", not "l space or two" nm
    TY, Admin. nm
    Thanks ADMIN...nm
    Not admin but I can help.
    Click on the sticky note at the top of the page, click on the "click here" and log in.  Now at the top of the page there will be an "edit profile."  Click this and change what you want to change.  I did the same thing at first with my name because I thought that was what they expected.  After seeing it the first time, I knew better and changed it.  It will change your avatar on every post when you do this, so your name will be taken off all.  Hope this helps.
    Admin, pls sm

    The Gab Board does not have a button in the *jump to* list, it is only listed on the boards to the left of the screen.  I never had the list of boards to the left, and maybe others don't, and so they would not find the Gab Board.

    I did not get the list of boards to the left until I updated my antivirus program.  I even followed the instructions listed awhile ago from your web master and did not get the list to the left.

    At least this is the way it is on my computer; maybe others also, in which case they would be posting on the wrong board, or not using the Gab Board.

    admin -see message
    If Spheris is not allowed to post here because they offshore -- how did they get my E-mail address to send me E-mail asking me to come to work for them????
    I'll second that...thank you admin! nm
    Monitor/Admin - sm
    Please see message on Monitor board.
    Admin - can you please clarify? sm
    I thought we could not post any places that have MT chats? I had a post deleted because I gave a link to the (place) where you get your CMT credentials.
    Thank you Monitor/Admin !! nm
    Agree, thanks admin.

    Thank you for clearing that up Admin. I appreciate it! nm
    admin / moderator
    Don't let this thread fall away - move it to the top and lets get everyone to take action - send to news, Glenn Beck at me@glennbeck.com - bombard the media and lets see if we can finally do something. This time it is not just the MT word against others, it is actual video that must be seen by all - Everyone;'s job in jeopardy - not just the MT. Move it to the top. Thanks Hayseed for your post
    No Admin here but think U should have chance
    Admin. Info

    Thank you! 

    Do you have the information for the Admin. on anything to send information?

    To New Admin---you NEED a moderator

    on the MQ board....the resident troll is back and as annoying as ever.  While we hate the overzealous banning....please, please, please remove the troll.  Disagreeing and trolling are way different, and the trolls DO need to be banned. 

    To Admin - See message
    When I go to www.mtstars.com, my norton antivirus blocks a browser exploit.  Norton says the risk is MSIE ADODB. Stream Object File Installation Weakness.  Is this a virus on the site?
    Then why not E-MAIL admin?

    Admin -- how did they get my E-mail address

    I do not belong the AAMT, I was contacted by Spheris by E-mail asking to fill out an application.   And this is the only place that I ever post anything about being an MT -- so they got it from here.   This has been mentioned before and somehow our E-mail addresses are gotten and I would like to know how.    Like I have said, I have never posted a resume, never applied for a job and only have posted about 10 messages in the past six to seven months.   So how they got it, I don't know.



    No admin didn't. confirm that!
    You can tell that you obviously are them.
    Well, there is an answer on that board from Admin
    that states a physician does answer and just doesn't sign his name off as Dr....

    I think we should be made aware of which advice comes from the physician and which comes from other users. I agree.

    I was just thinking that a legal board would be nice that had an attorney and/or DOL expert to answer questions.

    I hope you were not thinking I was making a reference to your post. I wasn't at all.

    Just a suggestion for a legal board, that's all.
    No, I didn't think that at all. I did see Admin's response there.
    I do agree that you can't differentiate if the licensed physician doesn't identify himself from the average Joe on the board.  Otherwise, you think it's just another MT so you won't necessarily take the advice seriously.
    Admin: I get cut off a lot in the subject/name fields.
    you want the admin. to take time out of her entire day

    Telerecruiting Admin Services
    Has anyone worked for Telerecruiting Admin Services, or do you know someone that has. A friend keeps getting email from them, and wants to know if they actually hire or pay people the wages they advertise? TIA.

    Admin, any way we "geezers" can have our own board? sm
    The question another "oldtimer" posed this past week got such great responses, I'd love to have a board like that to visit all the time.  We are truly our own special breed, and it's so much fun sharing our past.  Why, even our equipment had character!  We could poll for the perfect name for it.  Whaddya think? 
    Admin: Problem with Avatar SM

    Hi!  I signed up, but need to edit it as I must have misunderstood and now my real first name is posting next to my avatar.  Guess it's no big deal, but would prefer that my board name post instead.  I keep trying to log in to change it, but it doesn't work.

    Thanks for your advice,


    it's Google ads. don't think Admin has any control over them.
    Monitor/Admin answered that below
    email admin@mtstars.com
    Great post by the Admin!! also, know....sm

    You can rest assured that it's far better to raise a child in happy divorced home than a miserably married one. 

    My daughter was only worried that she'd be the only one in her class coming from a divorced family, and I really reassured her that, unfortunately, every other seat in a classroom back then (15 years ago) and today (in my area) is a divorce situation.  She came home almost immediately relieved that what I had said was true and that she didn't feel ever like she was a misfit. 

    Best of luck!!!!! 

    your defensive posts of this admin = the most..
    you'd be wrong, I saw ADMIN today put sm....

    Just today, someone had thanked MTStars for the AMEX gift certificate and the administrator from here did have an *sm* either in subj line or name line and nothing was inside.....and SHE DEFINITELY KNOWS HOW TO RUN AND POST ON HER BOARD....don't be so quick to jump on the draw......please.

    Like we said before - it's mostly a simple error....we all do the best we can.

    ask admin. I am sure I have seen that posted previously. nm
    Thank you Admin for the cute cursor--sm
    I just love the cute little christmas tree!  kind of brightens everything up!  Cute idea! 
    Hope the admin comes back soon
    Unbelievable. SHAM ON YOU HENRY SMITH
    Admin was busy "pruning" again...

    There were some wonderful posts to lift my spirits but alas, they are gone now.  It doesn't matter because my spirits, they are alift ;-)  Thank you posters, and especially ERMT who gave me a fun horoscope reading!  I hope she saw my post before it got deleted...even though it was completely clean and had no naughty words at all.  


    Admin, can we get a blooper board?

    I think everyone really could use a good laugh these days and now with ASR, MTs can contribute as well as QA. I get some really funny ones but forget to write them down so was thinking it would be neat to have an ongoing blooper board on this site. The comedy board is great; and being an MT site, I think a blooper board would be very appropriate and appreciated.  Thanks for your consideration!

    admin....ha! aka bean counter
    Admin posted a download sm
    The administrator posted a download at the beginning of the new year. She realized one of them had problems and posted the best operating available. See the old posts wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Good luck with it.
    Evidently Admin. has the pudding.
    Just fax Admin proof, your documentation, that
    U were vindicated, fax all to Admin. If no proof
    Who puts the "flames" on certain posts? Admin or OP?
    You are starting up again. Admin had deleted you before and now you start up again. sm
    You are pitiful.
    Why does the admin of this board leave the impression that I

    I replied to the post above that says I have lied.

    My post where I replied with information to show I had not lied was removed - I figured because I put the recruiter's name and phone number (which the rude poster had requested) so I reposted and gave directions on how to reach that same information/recruiter I received the information from.

    Now that second post has been removed where I reposted and only put that it was a specific state recruiter of MQ who told me such information.

    So why is MTStars administrator wanting to give the readers of this board the impression that it is a lie that MQ cuts off work to SE when work is low, yet does not tell the SEs? 

    I have not lied.  It is what I was told when I called.  I think it's information people considering that company should know and probably do not know.

    I have not been ugly to MQ and I have not been inappropriate.  I merely shared a policy I found quite interesting and important.

    I hope you give explanation here for your action.  I thought this board was for transcriptionists.

    Thank you.

    Why are we protecting OSI's reputation from truth admin?
    for both, how long has it been? Didn't you see the admin's note
    If you don't get anything after a long time, send an e-mail to find out why.