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I think the original was speaking of VR as

Posted By: Kathy on 2007-09-22
In Reply to: I've never done VR. nm - MT50

she was told to use her function keys instead of the mouse and starting on VR I was also told that but just thought would take more time than worth.

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I was going to say unless you were the original 3 brave souls named on the original suit.
I still had heard lately that no one else, not one person, had been allowed to join in, so you must be in a separate class??
speaking as the mom of a 15 YOD

TELL THEM!!! This is way too dangerous...tell them pronto! They will thank you and you will be able to sleep at night!


Speaking of which...
Great - not only does this guy have a thick accent, he mumbles, not to mention all the coughing in my ear he is doing. I'm only halfway through and have about 20 blanks. Hopefully the second time through will be a little better. Oh, and it's about 15 minutes long. Looks like a three or four time proof to me :-(
If you are speaking to me...sm
I didn't say I am THE BEST, I believe I said I am quite good, because I am. Happily, there is still room to grow and learn for me. It is not yet as good as it will get.

What makes me the "tops" if you will, is that I am willing to share what I know. I am happy to take the time to help ANY OTHER MT who wants to learn. I know a fair amount about Expanders and I share that. I give away my glossary to anyone who asks me for it. Newer MTs who take me up on my offer of help thank me and tell me that they come to MTStars because they don't know where else to turn. Often they are greeted by nastiness and rudeness!
Speaking of which...
...since settlement of the suit, has anyone been contacted by AHDI to see how they want to receive their pittance in '' benefits'' from the settlement?  Or are we supposed to chase them down and demand it?  I really have no intention of pursuing this, but wondering how they are supposed to be distributed.
Oh, how original! nm
Maybe not original but ...................
Speaking of Aruba....
You are EXACTLY right. Good post. We're both going to be crucified for this.
Speaking to yourself? Because I'm not leaving here ... :)
Speaking of Nike/Just do it
I heard on some news channel doing a flash back thingie, that a young woman athelete is the one who actually created the Nike Swoosh logo...sold her swoosh sketch to Nike years ago for get this..........35.00, period! All rights, etc.  Must not have had any advise or she'd be rolling in the $$$ for the rest of her life
Speaking of trailers, what exactly does
Eminem mean when he says, "Two trailer park girls go around the outside."  Not even Whitetrash.net had an explanation.
Speaking of information...
I just called the phone company to move some old lines off my property from when I used to have three phone lines here to work.  The lines really hang down low, so it's a safety issue.  The guy gives me the third degree saying that I have to answer his "CI information".  He asks me if I'm married, if I'm employed, where I work, for a relative's phone number, and all sorts of stuff.  I asked him what he needed to know this for since I pay my account in full every month, so he tells me it's for the 9-1-1 system.  Why would they need to know all of this?  He never did set up the service call or tell me if there would be a charge.  Most companies only update information if they think they're going to need to put legal action against someone for not paying a bill.  Mine's paid!
Speaking of MedQuist
I got a check today for $114.60 and I haven't worked for them in over 2 years.  Well, I do appreciate the check. LOL
Maybe it's just the thought of it. Not speaking for
I walked into the lab to have my blood drawn and the phlebotomist set a glass of wine down and said I'll be right with you.  I'd even feel the same way if I went into the dry cleaners and the woman at the pressing machine had a glass of wine next to her.  It's all in the perception, I guess.  My perception is that if there was nothing wrong with it, even if it's just 1 glass of wine...or a half a glass of wine for that matter...if it was a perfectly acceptable standard to drink a glass of wine while working, you'd see it in work places everywhere.  The standard shouldn't be any different just because we work at home.
Speaking as MTSO...
As MTSO and having 20+ girls who work for me, here is my slant:   I never give out more work to my MTs on a Friday than can actually be DONE on Friday.  I would spread it around before I would make someone work a weekend.  Now occasionally -- every few months -- there might be some weekend work, but that is unusual, and I always ask who wants it and who does not.   Note, none of my clients work weekends either -- all private practices M-F.    You did 1000 lines -- at your skill level, that is a full day for you.  If she ended up doing "most of it", then she is not fully staffed enough to cover her clients.  Not your problem.  Unfortunately, they probably scream at her.... so she uses you as excuse and screams at you.  Still not your problem.   I would much rather have my MTs tell me "I don't do weekends" right up front -- then I can plan around that.  You should do same -- then there won't be problems in future.    Hang in there!
Speaking of Yeehaw
If you don't think docs think "Yeehaw off to the bank I go!" think again. Consider their three week yearly cruises on the finest ships to Europe, complete with stateroom and balcony, jetting off here and there both personally and professionally, waterfront homes, Lexus, boats, mama's daily shopping trips, junior's tuition to Harvard and juniorette's tuition to Brown.  I say the MT should say Yeehaw. She works hard, like the doctor, so they both deserve it.  
Speaking as an MTSO
All I can say is the work has to be done some how, some way. Do you realize that there may be a $ penalty involved if the work is late? If the work is not on the medical record it may impact patient care? What gripes me is many complain that we are sending work out of the country. Those out of the country do not complain about the workload and are willing to go the extra mile even if it includes working on the weekend. People are sick on the weekends too. That is the nature of healthcare. Documentation of medical records does not depend on how much time you want to spend with your family on Saturday and Sunday. If your family member came into the emergency room on a Saturday would you not want their medical record to be available for healthcare professionals in a timely fashion? What if the doctors and nurses decided they wanted to be off with their families every weekend instead of taking care of you or a loved one? Please look at the big picture here.
Speaking too fast
Wake up call -- they speak too fast so they can blame you for any mistakes. The same with those who write poorly - "That's not what I said." Another reason is they are too cheap to take the time to speak slowly, have to keep making those $$$. It's all about the money - not the patient. It also gives them a sense of "power" over you. You'll catch on.
Speaking of bonuses...
We were getting $3 extra per rad report when out of TAT, but now it is 25 cents. Talk about going from filet mignon 2 horse meat!
Speaking of Survivor.
Anyone every applied before or know someone who has, my Niece is trying to get on and is going for an open audition this coming Friday, any advice?
speaking of carrotts

Instead of steaming them, roast them in the oven:

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

Spread carrotts in one layer on a baking sheet--make sure it has edges

Drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper; coat well

Bake 35-45 minutes until carrotts are tender...they come out sooo very sweet and delicious,much more flavorful than steaming and still healthy!

Speaking from experience (sm)
Save yourself the headache and heartache by not thinking of getting help from your siblings. We went through this with the illness and death of my mother and if I had it to do over again, I would not have contacted half of the ones I did to try to get help. It was awful. I severely disliked several of them because of it. I would get so angry because they weren't helping a woman who brought them into this world. The excuse I always heard "I have to work. I don't want to take off vacation days. I can't leave so and so at the office by herself if I take off; she'll have to do it all herself." Oh, that list could go on!!!! I finally took wise advice from a friend who said to quit asking them for help and just plan on going it myself. It made a huge difference!! There was no more stress of me worrying about their next excuse or worrying whether this was going to get done or not. All that mattered to me, mom needed care, health care, and if I had to be the one to do it, with a few others in the family, then so be it.

The rest of your family will never get it, so sorry to say. It will save you headache and heartache but not depending on them and trying to figure out WHY they don't get it. You could spend your whole life wondering and still never figure it out.

So sorry you're stressing like this.
Speaking of Elliot.....
Have you heard he was at the Beverly Hills Hilton hotel taking pictures and Nicki Hilton had security stop him! Those Hilton girls are just pure white trash who happen to have money - I don't know who they think they are!
Speaking of Nip Tuck, anyone know when
Can't wait!
Speaking from experience...sm
If it doesn't directly concern you or effect YOUR job, stay out of it. Everytime I have ever done what I "felt" was the right thing when it didn't concern me, it backfired. If the policy is that strict and there are only the 4 of you, this MT will be busted eventually. Someone earlier mentioned that "if" you have a good MTSO, they will do or say the client contacted them or handle it to where you won't be effected. No one knows what what your MTSO will do, good or bad. Even if this MT does have a private agreement with the client, the key word is private.

I've been in similar situations and you will end up having someone mad at you no matter what you do. If she does get busted I would plead the 5th as to even having any knowledge of it. Just keep transcribing.

Just curious, do you work at home?

Good luck! Keep us posted.
Speaking from someone who has never had such hardship, huh?
By the way, I do not complain about my line counts. From what I can remember, I've NEVER made a post ever about such. I am complaining loudly because most of what you say stinks, period...and I do get my line counts done, every day. I do have a paycheck I am happy with. Yet, you stated that I proved your point that all of us are not professionals and could not make it in a job outside of the house because I chose this profession to stay home. You assume so much about me and others, yet know nothing...only assume.
Speaking of wireless
Do any of you use a laptop to be able to work while on "vacation".  I realize that most people don't work when on vacation - but I am wondering if MTs are doing this.  If so - how does this work?  I'm thinking of buying a laptop to be more mobile and want to know what I need in order to work this way (what I need to hook up the wavpedal, etc.)  Could anyone who does this recommend a particular computer brand and model?
GENERALLY speaking

first shift is 7 AM to 3 PM

second is 3 PM to 11 PM

third is 11 PM to 7 AM

this is general - it may be +/- an hour or two.

shift differential would probably be based on company policy.

naturally speaking 8

If anyone can help me.  I am working for a Dr. that uses naturally speaking pro 8.  I have downloaded the main disc onto my computer, but it will not let me access his files.  If anyone can help with getting this set up, I would really appreciate the help.  Supposedly, I am supposed to be able to open his files with my pc.  Thanks for any help I can get!!


speaking of laptops
how do you sit outside when you need a foot pedal??  laptop knowledge is  sort of new to me also.  Thanks!! 
Dragon Speaking
I am totally baffled at how "you" can use Dragon Speaking when it is the doctor's voice that you are using.  How can you do that?  How can you edit someone else's voice?  I have been wondering how this works for a while, so figured this is a good time to ask.  TIA
Speaking of AutoCorrect....

I had a client where I used my regular Word, so I have all my medical shortcuts in there. I no longer have that client but I use Word for other things. I know how to save my custom AutoCorrect, but how do I restore the original AutoCorrect?

If I move my custom one to the C drive for storage, will Word automatically use the default one?


p.s. and i'm not speaking of this board
just in general
Why are you speaking for Sheri?
Who made you team leader of the hijack news?  This gets more strange by the minute.  I feel like I'm watching an episode of LOST.....cause I'm LOST!!!!
Personally speaking... sm
and don't hit ME over the head, but I love it when the ER docs talk fast.  Once you're used to their dictation, which you have to remember they have repeated over and over again a bizillion times, you will wish they would hurry up because you already know what they're going to say before they say it.  I have done ER work for many years and I will make a suggestion, if I may.  If you have this option, ask for samples of every ER doc and their usual ROS and PE sections.  Once you have this and can follow them along and figure out the holes, the holes will become less and you will say "ahAA" to what their mumbojumbo.  Then after you're used to them, you'll actually find yourself speeding them up to mickey mouse speed.  I find that the faster they talk, the faster I can get through the dictation and make money.  For me, it's better than them sitting there, eating their dinner, reading the newspaper, while trying to find the patient's vitals or something.  That's just my personal opinion, of course.  Take it or leave it.  But I think there is hope and you may grow to love them after while. 
Right, but practically speaking,
nowadays, when saying EMR 'point and click' is understood, AVR is automated voice recognition and then there is standard transcription.

When O says 'EMR', he means '
point and click'.

You better believe it.
that was the point of the original
poster on this "thread", everyone does have a right to their own opinion....but they do NOT have the right to personally attack, insult or intimidate other posters.  Thank you.  Please re-read the original post. 
As for the original question...
How do they get hired? Well they have someone help them with the test, easy as that. I have also had work from one MT come across my desk and you can tell that more than ONE MT did the work. Sadly, on some of them, whomever is helping is no better.
All the original stuff. nm
thats you. the original poster is not you.

Yes I am. That's what the original topic was, after all.
agree with you on the Nagin/Blanco thing. Did you want to change the subject?

I don't have tunnel vision.
Um, did you see the original post..
...."the reason I'm buying the house tomorrow.." I bought a house. I'm leaving.
I believe my original post came
before the news of so many lives lost. Excuse me and I appologize again for not making my OP politically, humanly, sympathetically, empathetically, correct. Just forget I even posted it.
original poster
My heart goes out to you.  The sexual harrassment i'm going through is not comparable, I couldn't imagine dealing with this if I were a child..  In a way, they are taking something from us, no matter what age, when they cross that border.  I have told someone, so its out.  But my mother is another story. She has been abused emotionally and physically by men.  Like I said above, she is in a horrible state of mind, depends soley on this man.  Thats why removing myself until I figure things out would be best.  I do notice on his side of the family, he is not near his grandchildren, or great grandchildren, and over they years, they have expressed their hate for him.  I just don't understand at his age how he could still be doing something like this and not learn from it, having lost his own family? He is a master at getting people to like him...my family would raise eyebrows at me if I brought this up.  But like I said, I told someone, she understands, and it has leaked around. Actually talking to my mother, she would do something to hurt herself.  She wouldnt be able to handle it.
Very original!! Can only imagine what it would be
It is in the original post. :)
It might not help the original poster (sm)
but if you think you need to have a hysterectomy, find a physician who can do it laparoscopically. I had that done in December 2003 and I was back on my feet within a week. I didn't go back to work (outside the home at that time) for three weeks, but I had to convince the doctor to give me that much time because he knew how fast the recovery was from a laparoscopic hyst.
Sorry, should be under original post. (nt)

To the original poster.....

You said "She was voted off because she sang a Christian song."  That is absolutely not true.  She was voted off because this week when she sang country she did not get enough votes.  If you want to get really technical with it, "She was voted off because she sang a country song." 

This had absolutely nothing to do with religion.  The week that she sang a christian song she did not get anywhere near being in the bottom three.  She was in a singing competition in which she would get a record deal if she won.  I don't think God would mind if she sang a song "out of her element" in this competition.  She did not commit any sin.  You sing what you have to, to get through the competition, if you win you chose whatever genre of music you want to pursue for a record deal.  Ruben did.  He sang all types of music during the competition and won it, then he made a religious album.

Don't come blasting on something you know nothing about.  You said you weren't an Idol fan, so why do you even care and why did you have to make it out to be something it wasn't?

By the way, I am a Christian.  I just hate it when people try to put religion in everything and twist things to make them look evil!!!!

Original poster. nm
P.S. to my original post...sm
We do things for our kids like take them to occasional movies, day trips, buy them a clothing item etc in addition to spend a minimum of 1 hour quality time a day per child with them. Hugs & kisses are handed out and we tell them each day that we love them. So, while they have to do chores and work on being self-sufficient they also know they're very much loved and we want them to do well in life.