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I wish we had a big button we could press that went BZZZZZZTT!!

Posted By: whenever docs make up words. Yeesh! on 2005-11-27
In Reply to: exophrenic..can't document this word but I know it means outside the kidney..sm - me


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just press the Ŗ" button to slow it down
The "3" key speeds it back up

Are you willing to give any info?  Did you work for them?  Thanks!

Where's the press release?
We should all send this to the Associated Press too,
which would be published in newspapers across the whole country.

Press the FN key and Scroll (next to F12)
has anyone heard of x-press transcription

i took a test with them last week and hadn't heard anything.  any info?



Of course not, the press release has already been released...sm
and it's all over the local news. Couldn't even tell my family until the press release went out. Actually, couldn't even tell my coworkers before the press release went out. Thanks for your concern, but I'm well versed in security, etc.; particularly this past week.
There is an Associated Press article in today's sm

paper about increasing car sales in India.  The Indian people are enjoying higher wages and are now able to purchase cars.  Car makers are scrambling to get pieces of this new, juicy pie. 

I wonder how long it's going to take before sending our work to India is not cost effective for the MTSO anymore.  The Indian MTs won't be able to live on their 2 cpl anymore and will need more, and more.  It's going to be interesting to see this evolve. 

There's hope for us!

Hold Shift and press F3 twice
F3 cycles through sentence case, uppercase, then all lowercase.
Sent It to New York Times and Associated Press
Send this or your own letter.  Let us know if anyone gets a response.
I sent it to 2 staff writers for the Associated Press plus...
Forbes Magazine, 60 Minutes, USA Today, Washington Post, NY Times, and a couple of others.  The Editor who e mailed me did not know I was an MT but that's okay - you investigate one offshored industry, you investigate them all.  I asked him to check into any credible sources he had.  You may have noticed in my letter it constantly said, "See what you can find out."
You can still highlight your word and press Alt-T-A to... sm
get to the Autocorrect dialog box in 2007. Your highlighted text is already in the With box. Just type your abbreviation and tab to the OK button and hit Enter. A lot of the old shortcuts still work even though the menus are no longer on the ribbon.
accutype, x-press transcription, Medquist

Help!  Need some info please.  I have been an MT since 1992 first in a clinic setting, and now in hospital since 1996.  I have been doing Radiology transcription and love it.  I have been looking for an at home job for the past couple of months and have been offered a couple positions.  I currently get paid by the hour and have no idea how to convert my work to line count.  I have been offered .075, .08 and .09 no spaces?  Anyone type PET scans and know what the line count is on a report like that?  They told me they would give me 9 reports and I would be busy all day which I can't believe because I can usually type 25-30 reports an hour of MR, CT, US, MN and general x-ray. 

Thanks, TLB

Have always heard good things about X-Press
and have heard they pay really well
Any current info on X-press Transcriptions?
I was told that I passed their test and was sent an IC contract out, but just wondering about any good/bad experiences before I sign for sure.  Also, how are the pay and accounts?  Thanks! 
Press Alt + F9 to toggle on field codes.
Or go to tools, options, and check field codes on the view tab.
You need to press shift key and caps lock. You may
need to do it a couple of times.  I transcribed for many years and never had a problem, but the last couple of years I have this happen about once a month.  It isn't a malfunction of the keyboard - it is user error :).
Ordered from Medical Arts Press catalog
on a previous job. They have different styles and sizes to choose from.
My Dictatphone settings are Ŗ" to slow down and ŗ" to speed up (you can press these mo
Sorry - do not know what happened to my above post. I press 2 for decrease, 3 for increase. nm
Moderator, it is not copyrighted, it's a press release, sent to me via email. However,

the link is included and can be viewed at MTIA's web site.  EVERYONE should read this....it affects our future.  I do not doubt the hundreds of resumes MTSOs receive today in response to job postings will dwindle to a handful.  The entire credentialing process is geared to one way only, and that is lining the pockets of those who have led the way to destroy a once honorable profession.  Why would anyone want to go through the process to earn a substandard living today, certification not withstanding?  Does anyone think the MTSOs are going to pay a much higher premium for a credentialed MT?  Come on...get real.  If they are outsourcing today to make more money, does anyone really think they will bring those jobs back and pay EACH AND EVERY credentialed MT a livable wage, money out of their pockets? 

www.mtia.com...if the link does not work.

I would not be holding press conferences criticizing the government I want to help me find my
daughter nor offending the citizens of the country I wanted to support me.  She has clearly lost her mind and needs a spokesperson and she should vent to her husband not the world, although her vents and concerns are unfounded according to their attorney and the prosecuters.  They did not have EVIDENCE to keep these brothers.  No EVIDENCE.  What part of this doesn't Mrs. Twitty get.
I have given my kids cell phones..and taught them how to press and hold the key to call me..so that
My kids are only 6, 8, and 9 and i used to think it was silly to give kids that age cell phones, but not anymore!!
Press Ctrl+Shift+8 or click on the pilcrow on the toolbar (looks like a backwards P). nm
press Control and at the same time turn tthe wheel on your mouse..nm
Did not know about the button at the top
My eyes usually do not go up there. I reported it too.

YUCK, YIKE. He or she is probably too cheap to put an ad in the paper.
Is there an OKAY button there?
I was thinking there was something you needed to do to verify changing the volume, speed, etc., before you closed that box but I can't remember for sure.

Ellen S.
Autosum button
Is the autosum function part of Word?
Where is the JUMP TO button?
I no longer have the boards on the left either, and have tried all of the fixes suggested by MTStars. I did see a JUMP TO feature when I checked out a message posted on one of the state boards a couple of days ago, but it only allowed for jumping to another state. Would really like to be able to use this feature. TIA for any help!
Use the Load button.
Find the Load button in the toolbar, navigate to where the file is saved and load it into Express Scribe.
hit the "view" button
Pause button!
Sorry have to vent. Why is it doctors are completely incapable of using the pause button!  I mean honestly and I quote. "Hold on, hold on just hold on one second" followed by mumbling to herself.  "hold on for computer change, hold on for computer change, (insert 4-letter expletive beginning with the letter s) radiology isn't on this computer, hold on, hold on" and then switches sections entirely.  And last but not least, "hold on I'll get you the length of time of dosage of the Vantin, started on 04/12/2008, 13, 14, 15 (insert same expletiive), 13, 14, 15,16, so for a total of 6 does of the Vantin."  Bear in mind I'm also having to put up with a doctor who sounds like Fran Drescher with a head cold!!!!  This doctor always does this I mean honestly I have better things to do with my time (like make money) then have a doctor have the audacity to tell me to hold on one second and listen to them curse!!  Sorry had to get that off my chest.
Go to your "Start" button
on left bottom corner of screen > Open Menu for Programs > Shortcuts will be there to open the dictionaries.
There is a Print Screen Button..
at the top line of your keyboard. Press it and then go to your Windows paint and > Edit > Paste it there.

Did you by accident hit/click the Pay button twice? That will do that if you are not
Pry off the caps lock button.
If you have your belly button pierced, where do you buy
You have to push the transcribe button.
we had a suspend button we could use on our Lanier.
report message button has been there
cant you use your browser's back button -nm
Do a Search from the "Start" button. sm
Do a search from the Start button. Click search, type in a phrase or name that is in your template, click on search documents or entire database. There is where to find it. You will see the search in progress and on the right-hand side, the files with that name or containing part of whatever you typed in, will be there.
I have a search button on my keyboard--sm
that will open the search task window without having to go through the desktop program. there is another way to access it with key functions, but I am not sure what exactly that is, as I have only found that by accident and I was not particularly watching what key codes I had put in. Perhaps someone else knows that. and perhaps you can assign a key combination to open that for you on your keyboard. sorry I couldn't be much more help.
on the toolbar, next to the Bold button
There should be a little box with a number in it and a little black arrow. If you click on the arrow, it will bring up a bunch of font sizes. I would pick 12 as it is a standard size for printing. Hope that helps.
there is a report message button .....

Just FYI from me, just another poster...

when you feel like reporting a post, and you are reading their post - at the almost top right is a button that says REPORT MESSAGE.  This way, you merely report that particular message without having to post to the administrators/moderators here.  I've been posting here for 4 years now....and they added that button a couple of years ago.  You see the button when you are INSIDE someone's post reading it....

Just trying to help....have a GREAT day!!! 

You are hitting the Ctl button by accident..sm
happens to me too, until I figured out what I was doing.
what about the Report Message button..NM

Click the More button on the colors tab so you can
further customize the color in the right window.
Submit/save button

Hello out there all you knowledgable techie MTs.

My submit/save button is not working and I need any (easy) suggestions!

All suggestions appreciated as I am at a loss, having tried everything I know.

Thanks very much!

built in shelves, cute as a button!
Love it plus it is small with a built-in desk too!
Oops. Hit the send button too quickly.

How long before the person asking if you "want flies with that" will be from another country?

I can also understand why someone would move to another country to work because of economic reasons.  We're approaching a time where the cost of a gallon of gas may be higher than the hourly minimum wage.