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In InScribe

Posted By: Hope this helps. on 2007-08-24
In Reply to: Inscribe help... QA marker and fields - sm

If you F1 into the bracketed fields and then hit the space bar, the bracketed field will delete. I avoid this by just starting to type after I F1 into the fields - No need to hit the space bar. The blanks being bracketed are helpful when you need to go back and listen, you just F1 to it, find your place on the voice file, and fill in the blank. If you're not hitting the space bar, I'm not sure what the problem is.

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Has anyone heard of the company Inscribe? If so what is your opinion on them. Thanks
I just started with them a month ago - I work weekends only.  They are family-oriented company, about 100 employees.  Everyone I have dealt with have been super nice.  They have mainly hospital accounts - some clinics.  Not too hard to learn.  WGMs are very helpful if you get stuck or have questions.
I actually just got a job with them. They had called me and set up the programs but they had told me that I need to take a training class and someone would contact me. I have not heard anything yet. Hopefully it will work out. I am not even sure what specialty I am typing on.
About a week or so. They just called me and ask me when I wanted to install their program.
Can I get Inscribe's website please?
Using IT with Inscribe

Hi Heather,

Did you download the latest revision for Instant Text? If so, the next step would be to establish your Link Options to tell IT to recognize & link to Inscribe. From that point, it should function as normal. If you are still having trouble, it would be best email tech support directly at support@textware.com

Kind regards,



Laura,  Are you working for InScribe right now?  Did you get everything set up?

I use InScribe...sm
and I saw this new option in the "upgrade", but my company, thank God, does not try to screw us out of money by using the "Qualified Lines" instead of the "Standard Lines".  I also watched the flash demo on Emdat's website.  It clearly stated something to the effect of--with this new option more money goes to the MTSO and less to the MT--that may not be word for word, but it is pretty darn close, because I remember thinking, "WTH?!"  I thank God for my company and their integrity for not taking advantage of me, but I bet there are a LOT of companies who won't be so decent about it.  Disgusting!

I'm lost. This is something I don't think I've heard of. Could someone explain how it works and where I would have to get it?



It is not something you go and get unless you are starting up your own business. It is a type of VPN that some MTSOs use. Personally, I hate EMDAT and Inscribe is not much different. I have worked on both and disliked them both. I have yet to work with either that provided anything less than a sub-rate spell checker. You can add words of course, but that takes time that you do not get paid for. I rely on auto-complete in my Word program, which you cannot use with either system. Overall I give it a thumbs down, but that is just my opinion. I run from any ad suggesting EMDAT/Inscribe.
I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to know that I am not alone in my feelings about EMDAT/Inscribe. I quit a job after just 2 days because I hated it so. The MTSO could not understand why I wasn't "in love" with her system. I told her why, but she refused to listen. Maybe there are MTs who love it, but it is on my highly dislike list. Will never work with it again unless I am forced to.

How difficult is this platform to learn?  Also, is it difficult to get a good line count if you have a decent account?


Why do want to type in word? I use this program also and type reports in the window provided by the program. Maybe I am not understanding your question.
Yes, I have noticed that also. What I do is listen for the info needed, then access wherever it needs to go. Sometimes I may need to write it down if its alot. Pain in the you know what I know.
Inscribe is great!
Although I've never used another platform :) I started working as an MT in June and have 2 jobs which both use Inscribe. I love it and found it very easy to use. There is an online tutorial that will walk you through everything. I don't know anything else, so I have no comparison's for you.
InScribe upgrade

I sent this question to Inscribe and the answer I received from this is below it.  I'm going to upgrade and then "back up" if I have to until I can in get a pedal.  This does at least give us warning that the upgrade will be forced later on. 

Q:  I have not upgraded to 4.91 InScribe, but still use 4.3.202. I have been told that the upgrade will not allow Express Scribe?

A:  This is mixed results. I know some people are using express scribe sucessfully, but there are some issues with windows Vista and espressscribe

I believe they meanwith the new version. Also there is a USB configuration tool for footpetals built into InScribe that may work for you as well.
The only way to test it is to really just try it out. You can always uninstall the new version and download the previous version, although in the near future the new version of InScribe will be a forced update.

I just use the F keys with InScribe

Go to Options, Set actions, and select which F keys you want to have which function.  I thought I would die at first, now I don't think I would go back to the pedal!


Rewind InScribe
okay...as I use Express Scribe instead of the built-in player, can't say for sure, but when I played around when the built-in player, to decrease playback or increase playback in InScribe, you can do Shift/Control/+ to do either one and you can do Control R for regular playback...that's according to the Shortcut help that I read. Let me know if it works. There HAS to be a way to change your rewind to 0 or 3 or 5 or whatever you want it to be.. In don't see why your company won't allow Express Scribe. It doesn't interfere with a thing. The only keys that can't be overridden is F2,3, and 4 and if you are using those keys only as play, RW, and FF, then you don't need ExpressScribe.
USB ports and InScribe
Thanks.  That helps so much.  I'm really leaning this way.  Did you buy direct from Dell or from a dealer?  I guess as scribes we need to learn computer lingo as well.  I really don't know what people are talking about when they talk about 9-pins and USBs and such.  I use InScribe and Express Scribe.  You do believe the pedal I'm using now will still be fine?  Anyone with the same situation, but using Vista instead of XP?  Everything I read seems to say that XP is so much better, but maybe they are just the ones being vocal.  I do know that a lot of people do NOT like Vista. 
IT and Emdat Inscribe
Every since upgrading my Inscribe I can no longer use my Instant text. Is there a way to fix this? I am totally lost now. Are there any other programs that will work with this? I have tried several times the patch or whatever it is called but still not working. I even tried to uninstall and reinstall IT without success. Any suggestions?
Emdat inscribe
Anyone know if either ShortHand or Shortcut Expander program will work with Emdat Inscribe?  Thanks.

For anyone who has used the Inscribe program - if you have more than one report on a dictation file, do you know how to get the voice file for the 2nd report after you have got the demographics for that report?   I can get the 2nd format but not the voice file.  Thanks. 


Thanks. I will try this.

If anyone uses this program...could you please let me know what text Expander program you can use...If this question has been answered before...sorry...I don't get on here every day, and have been using Inscribe without any text expander because the one I have does not work with it...so I thought I would get some input as to which ones are able to be used with this software.


I use InstantText without any problems.
How to use Intantext and Inscribe together
Can anyone tell , me how to get Instantext to work with Inscribe? Thanks
Inscribe help... QA marker and fields
On my acct I am supposed to put brackets and put the time of the marker inside [1.12] for QA to review.

When I put this in and continue, my typing jumps to that field and erases over and over.

Can someone tell me how to prevent this??? It is driving me insane.
Inscribe/auto Text
I would like to print out my expansions in Auto Text, Inscribe. I am needing to make changes and clean it up and for me it would be easier to make the changes on paper and then go and do the changes.
Any ideas?
Can you use Instant Text with Inscribe?
I've been using the Expander build into Inscribe, but wondered if this program would work and increase my speed.  Thoughts? I'm open to any other programs too if there are any other suggestions.  It's hard to remember all my shortcuts!
The latest InScribe from Emdat sm
Will work with my USB Infinity pedal as I have just set it up. It will also run with InstanText. QUITE the upgrade from the Emdat I tried to use about 6 or 7 yrs ago I can tell you that. It is MUCH better, user friendly and I think I'll be more productive on it.

EMDAT/InScribe question. sm
Does anyone work with version 4.91? From what I understand, this latest upgrade will not work with Express Scribe or any other outside player. I need to purchase a USB foot pedal and would like to know if anyone has a particular brand they use and are happy with (and company where purchased). Thanks!
Inscribe foot pedal
If you go to Dictation on toolbar, there you can cut the playback time. It took me a while to get used to it, but once you have the playback to where it works for you, it's actually not bad at all. I used the F2 instead of the foot pedal for a while, and when the upgrade came, my foot pedal now works with the new version. I have my playback at 2 sec, and I cruise now. Good Luck. I think you will like it once you get used to it.
Inscribe foot pedal -
I think I found something that will help. Go to options and click on Set date/time values, there it had where you can pick the seconds on the recall. I believe the reason why those other options were in the gray is because you have to be in a report to make those changes. Try and let me know.

Anyone work for Inscribe in Kentuckey?
I was just wondering how the process went when being hired?  I was told to get my paper work back and then they would call me and set up for an installment appointment, but it has been several days and I haven't heart anything.  Is that just how the process is or should I be worried?  Thanks!
Emdat InScribe & Footpedals

Hi everyone,

Emdat InScribe 4.3 works only with foot pedals that can be configured or programmed for specific keystokes.  F2 is play, F3 is Rewind and F4 is fast forward by default in Emdat.  If you have the ability to configure a foot pedal to these keystorkes (function keys), then that foot pedal will work with InScribe 4.3.

Emdat InScribe 4.91 has a "configure foot pedal" utility that allows you to configure any USB foot pedal.  This is a newer release of InScribe and we have been informed of some issues with this configuration feature.  InScribe 4.92 is in beta and if you have a foot pedal (such as Infinity) that did not work with 4.91, please contact beta@emdat.com to get 4.92.

We apologize for this issue and believe it is resolved in the latest version.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Emdat Help Desk at 630-743-0500 x1.

Word & Emdat InScribe

Word can be used with Emdat InScribe, but in a limited fashion.  On the InScribe toolbar, there is a WORD icon. When you press that icon, it will open Word (if you have Word XP or higher) and you can type in a bare Word editor.  Your spellchecker will work as normal (if using Stedmans or any other 3rd party spell checker). 

The problem with Word is that Emdat strips out many of the formatting that Word creates.  Not all the formatting is stripped out, only the major formatting features such as font size, font color, and fonts.  If you are in Word and setup margins within the document, they will transfer back to InScribe without being stripped and sometimes (not always) cause problems for the person viewing the final transcription.  To avoid this (and use Word), simply don't use ANY word formatting, but instead, just use Word to type.  This will work fine with InScribe.

InScribe 5.0 is Word based.  It is due out later this year (2008) and will replace the existing Editor (where you type now in InScribe) with Word 2003 or higher.

I hope this information helps.  If not, please call us at the Emdat Help Desk at 630-743-0500 x1.


Emdat Help Desk

Emdat/Inscribe-Is there a way to decrease
the rewind setting? It rewinds too far every time I release the play button or if I push rewind button. I have looked at all the options and I can't find a place to set the rewind amount.
Inscribe + Instant Text

Do you have the latest version of Instant Text Pro V with the 5.44 update?  More information is available here:



Anyone work for InScribe in Kentucky. nm
Instant Text and Inscribe

You definitely should use Instant Text V Pro if you transcribe in Inscribe.

Instant Text III came out in 1998 and it may be a bit old :-) for this platform.


EMDAT InScribe -- not friendly
Terrible platform. 
Does anyone use InScribe? Not everything on template is credited to MT.
This typing program is a software application from EMDAT. I just found out that they are presenting their applications to to MTSOs as a way to increase their profits but, of course, decreasing our income by not paying us anything for text on the template.

Is this the trend and goal now, to take away as much money as possible from MTs. I know companies have to make a profit, but are there no moral values anymore? Why is greed so prevalent in our society today?

I wonder if Michelle Obama sat down and transcribed one dictation and then counted her lines, if she would be appalled to learn how much knowledge it required to do so and how little we were paid for it. What would she advise us to do?
If you are talking about Emdat Inscribe..sm
that's the way the system is. It is not you or your computer. It is not designed to help you make lines, but just the opposite. I hated it.
Scribe and Inscribe are two different platforms...sm
Isn't Inscribe used by an MTSO in Kentucky??

Anyway, just wanted to clarify that. :)
What is your opinion of the Emdat, InScribe program?

I may have an opportunity to work for a company that uses this program. If you have used this, I would like to know what you think of this program, etc. I have worked in DQS and I liked it as it was very user friendly. If you have had experience with each of these programs, I would really appreciate the pros/cons, comparison of each as well.

Thanks so very much.

will Infinity pedal work with Inscribe?
I'm switching companies and foot pedals and don't understand.  I'll be using Emdat-Inscribe, and the pedal I have is an Infinity USB1.  Are these compatible? I've done what it says to do on the site for other pedals and it still won't work.  Does anyone know if this Inifinity foot pedal will work with Inscribe?
Emdat/Inscribe foot pedal?

Does anyone have any experience with what foot pedal to use for this? I went to the site and they suggest a DicTran pedal that is pre-programmed to work with your keyboard. Also, when you do use it, do you need to press the F1, F2, etc. keys on your keyboard or just use the pedal and that's it? It's also been suggested to use a Gearsplayer, but that's kind of expensive with getting the software, totalling $200. It would be $106 for the DicTran pedal. I have a Dictaphone pedal right now, but was told that would not work with Emdat. Please help!


Emdat foot pedal/Inscribe
I've read mostly negative comments about this.  Does it work with Microsoft 4000 Keyboard?  Is it decent to use as long as demos are pre-filled?  Is it hard to learn?  Thank you for suggestions. 
what are company names, is Inscribe one in Chicago?
Integrity's EmDat/Inscribe platform..sm
I have never used this platform in any of my employments, and I was wondering about the learning curve, is it easy to use/learn, what are its good/bad points??  Any and all responses really appreciated!!  
Instant Text works with Inscribe

Yes, IT works with Inscribe, and you may be able to convert your Inscribe list into an Instant Text glossary.

For more information about Instant Text click on link below.

Marianne Kleen
Textware Solutions